Please Don't Fix the Shower


"Mom, Dad it is okay please just let me be will you?" Joe pleaded with his parents to just let him deal with it all on his own as his mother squeezed him tightly.

"Oh baby I think I know what you need to do, to get over this." Lana said in a sultry tone as her husband looked on with an approving nod. She slowly moved her hand from Joe's shoulder to his crotch.

"Ah mom? Please stop what you're doing."

"Shh baby just relax, Momma knows what she is doing. This poor teenage cock is all hard and needing relief." She says as she rubs Joe's cock through his ever tightening jeans.

Joe looked over at his father Steve only to see him looking on with an approving grin. "Oh mom that feels good."

Lana smiles as her son becomes more responsive to her advance. She slowly unzips his fly and gasps in surprise as his thick young cock springs from his pants. "Oh my Joe, it is so damn big!" She exclaims with great excitement.

"It's all for you momma."

"Mmm good cause its what I been wanting all day long." Lana opens her mouth wide and swallows her son's whole cock in one gulp easily taking his thick 9 inch cock all the way down her throat. Her lips wrapped tightly around it as she begins bobbing her head up and down fast. She slurps and slobbers all over his cock as she keeps him all the way down her throat, gagging on it some as he wraps up her hair and starts thrusting upwards into her mouth.

"Oh yes!" Joe exclaims as he begins to thrust into her mouth. His confidence growing with every slurp and gulp of his mom's mouth. As he watches his father begin to strip his mother nude in front of him.

"You like this boy?" Steve asked in a perverse tone as he finishes stripping his wife nude and begins squeezing her large breasts from behind.

Lana sucks her son's cock like a total whore occasionally pulling him from her mouth just long enough to run her tongue up and down the underside of his shaft as she plays with his balls.

"Oh fuck it feels so good!" Joe moans as he pulls his cock from his mothers mouth and picks her up off the floor. He tosses her on the bed and spreads her legs wide as instincts take over he places the head of his cock right on the lips of his mothers pussy. He playfully rubs the head up and down the lips making her squirm with anticipation, before plunging his cock balls deep inside her.

"Oh damn!" Lana moans loudly as she is suddenly filled with Joe's long thick meaty cock.

Steve sits in his chair slowly beginning to undo his own pants allowing his own cock to spring out from his pants. He grips his shaft and begins to pump his hand up and down as he looks at his son standing in front of him fiercely fucking Lana.

Joe's pounding speeds up as he nears cumming, as he cannot hold back. "I'm going to cum mom!"

"Oh fuck yes fill me up baby, fill your mom's cunt."

Lana's words were just what Joe needed as his cock begins exploding huge streams of cum inside her. She wraps her legs around him to make him keep his cock inside of her, as she writhes under him loving the feeling of his cum filling her. He eyes clinched shut as her nails dig into his back as she reaches her own climax a mere few seconds after her son.

Joe pulls his cock out covered in his mom's juices as well as his own cum as he catches his breath and moves around the bed to lower his cock into his mom's mouth. Holding his cock tightly looking down at his breathless mom laying on her back her breasts heaving he places a knee on the bed and guides his dick into her mouth he grips her breasts squeezing them roughly.

Steve still stroking his cock looks at the cum dripping from Lana's pussy as he lowers himself to his knees and spreads her legs wide and places his tongue on her freshly fucked pussy. He begins working his tongue up and down her well fucked slit tasting his sons cum and it drips out. He spreads her lips wide as he begins ramming his tongue inside her getting good taste of her and his son.

Lana tries to moan as her pussy is pleasured but her mouth crammed full of Joe's cock will not allow it, the harder she tries the more her son moans and thrusts his dick downward into her throat.,

Joe pulls his big cock from Lana's mouth griping his shaft tightly he begins slapping it on his mom's lips and tongue as her moans now fill the room. He strokes his shaft slowly as he slaps her face all the while staring at his mom's large tan breasts. He again moves around the bed pushing Steve to the side as he climbs on the bed straddling his mom, he squeezes her large breasts together as he places his cock in between them. He grunts hard as he begins pumping his cock using her breasts. Every upward stroke his cock head is met with his mothers tongue trying to lick the head. "Oh fuck yeah mom, I love your tits!"

Lana smiles as her son pumps away at her breasts. Her mouth wide open trying to lick and suck the head as he pumps away. Her whole body still shaking and quivering with sexual excitement, she had not felt like such a slut in a long time.

Steve looking up from where his son pushed him aside seeing Joe's ass tightening as he thrusts forward. He playfully sucks Lana's toes, before getting up off the floor his own cock still hard as he walks around the bed he takes the same position his son had earlier feeding his cock to his wife's hungry mouth while helping his son by squeezing his wife's breasts together for him.

Joe grunts as his balls tighten up as he is about to cum again. "Oh mom I'm gonna cum again!" Joe gripping his shaft tightly begins pumping himself as he moves up on the bed his cock inches away from Lana's face as his cock begins to explode. Another large stream of cum explodes and then another bursts from his dick covering his mom's face as well as his dad's cock. He then takes a deep breath before rolling off his mom to lay there next to her.

Steve feeling Joe's hot cum splashing all over him and his wife loses control of himself as well as he begins to cum inside Lana's mouth, his load is large but he cums no where near the volume of his son.

Lana lays there smiling as she takes a finger and wipes her face trying to suck as much of Joe's cum off face as she can. She swallows it all as she smiles, she see her son laying their breathless with a cock still as hard as can be and then rolls over to see her husband standing there still pumping his dick fast and hard. "You want fuck me to honey?"

"I need to fuck you baby!" Steve says lustfully as he eyes his wife's body.

"Ask Joe if you can have this pussy." She says playfully pointing to her son who has caught his breath and is now standing on the other side of the bed holding his own cock in his hand again.

"Oh he can have your pussy mom, because I am going to take your ass!"

Steve and Lana both are filled with excitement at the sound of that as Steve gets on the bed and Lana slowly lowers herself on to his hard cock. She lays her body against his trying to get her ass in the air nice and high for her son as she rides her husband's cock.

Joe smiles as he hears his head board crashing against the wall as his mom fucks his dad, he climbs on the bed cock in hand as he spreads his mom's ass cheeks. He leans down and spits on his mom's asshole before pushing his cum covered cock into her ass. He grunts and pushes hard forcing himself deeper and deeper into her.

Lana's body racked with pain and pleasure all at once she can't hold back as she lets loose a loud scream. A few small tears form in her eyes as she tries to take Joe's large cock deep up her ass as she also is taking Steve's in her pussy.

The tightness of Lana's ass does not stop Joe from continuing his pursuit to be balls deep inside his mom. As he finally gets all the way in then begins pulling out and then thrusting again. His mom's yells and screams only seeming to fuel his urge to fuck her harder. He grabs her hips and begins thrusting faster and harder his balls slapping against her as he grips her hips tightly.

Steve holding his wife tightly kissing her deeply he can taste his own cum as well and Joe's as their tongues swirl together. His cock barely able to stay inside her dripping wet pussy his sons thrusting is so powerful..

Lana pulls her mouth from Steve's as she looks down at her husband. "Oh god baby he is so damn big he is ripping me up!" She says in between gasps and moans. "His dick is so big!" She says again

Steve holds Lana tighter feeling a little jealous as she has never said that about him before. "I can't hold it any longer!" His cock begins to shoot another hot load of cum inside her pussy. His cock almost immediately goes limp as slides out of her as he lays under her while she is take a hard ass fucking.

Joe feeling more and more in control grasps his moms hips as he begins to lay backwards pulling her up with him. His cock still firmly planted in her ass as he makes her begin to ride him. His hands gripping her tight as he thrusts into her. Her body bouncing around like a rag doll on his cock.

Steve lays on the bed playfully rubbing his limp cock, Lana stares at him rolling her eyes as she can tell he can't get it hard again for her.

Sweat pours off Lana's body as she cannot seem to stop the rush of orgasms running though her body. They hit her one after another each becoming more and more intense. Her eyes clinched shut tightly her long brown hair matted to her sweat covered body. "Please baby cum for me!" She pleads with Joe as he is forcing her body up and down his cock fast and hard.

Joe trying his best not to cum can't keep hold it back as he stares at Lana's ass making her bounce up and down on him as he feels his cock jump and spasm inside her ass. "Oh yes!"

Lana moans hard as it feels like fire being shot up her ass, as Joe empties his cock inside her ass. "Oh make thank you." She quietly moans to herself as she rolls off her sons cock. She lays on the bed on her stomach her gaping her asshole up in the air. Sweat pours from her forehead as she can't seem to stop her body from shaking.

Steve can see how gaped Lana's ass is as he begins to feel even more jealous of Joe. He could have never done what he just did to her ass.

"Eat it dad." Joe says as he catches his dad staring at Lana's ass.

Steve freezes as he breaks his gaze and moves his eyes to his son laying at the other end of the big king sized bed, Joe's cock only showing a few signs of going limp still more then semi-erect as he watches his son stroke it. Steve is not sure why but he feels like he should listen to what his son says as he gets on his knees behind Lana and lowers his tongue to her asshole.

Lana jumps at her husbands touch before beginning to moan and almost purr from his tongue working its way inside her ass.

Steve licks and sucks Lana swallowing all the cum he can get out of her ass. He grips her ass cheeks tightly trying to get his tongue deeper.

Joe sits on the end of the bed as he watches his cock getting hard again as he looks at his dad swallowing his cum. "Just think dad if you fixed the shower none of this would have happened."

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