Please, Don't Make Me Do It


“You know you are an utter bastard. I trusted you and you said you would go. You have raped me for the second time today and you are a PRIEST!”

“Ah, yes I am, but I was NEVER a Boy Scout” he grinned “and you are MUCH better than a choirboy.” His cock twitched and began to swell again at the sight of her naked defenceless body.

The music still played softly but suddenly the announcer’s voice broke in dramatically.

“The first reports are coming in of a massive explosion to a house and property to the south of the city. Witnesses speak of a gigantic explosion followed by fire. Emergency services are at the scene. It is believed that the property belongs to Sir Bernard Cranfield, the Chairman of the scientific animal-testing laboratory, which has been the subject of protests and demonstrations by anti-vivisectionists over the last 6 months. More information will be brought to you as it becomes available. Meanwhile it cannot be confirmed whether the property was occupied at the time of the explosion. Sir Bernard and Lady Cranfield recently celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary and are said to be a devoted couple”

The priest called her, compelling her to come to him, his cock readying to take her protesting yet willingly submissive body once again.

Carol smiled to herself. Why did men always MAKE her DO things she wondered? She must find out where this priest lived and worked. Men never learned.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous08/19/17

Murder Was NOT the Answer!

30 years of marriage doesn't deserve confrontation,explanation, and some communication?!
Some loving wife she turned out to be! I hope she and her priest burn in hell for eternity!

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