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Please Me, Amazon


"Please me, Eve." were the words spoken just a short few hours prior by the Amazon Queen, Varia. Eve had given herself over as a slave gift to the Amazon's in order to gain her forgiveness and retribution.

As she lay in her naked glory at the feet of a new mistress named Varia, her mind began to open up to the days she once spoke of. One day in particular... a day a young blonde Amazon had been brought into Livia's bed chamber. The time when Livia spoke as Varia spoke, only her words were...


"Please me, Amazon!" Came Livia's harsh voice of demand to the young Amazon.

The Amazon refused to make the slightest movement in acknowledging Livia's command towards her.

"Such a hard one are we?" Livia coxed as she gently stroked the Amazon's smooth beautiful face.

"You know what I think?" Livia grasped the Amazons hair tightly in her hand and pulled her closer. "I think you're only trying to act tough and unbreakable, when inside, you're ready to shatter into a thousand peaces."

Livia laughed lightly at the Amazon who was on her knees and making a foulish attempted at resisting Livia's command.

"I really do think you should consider dropping this bad girl act." Livia poured herself a goblet of wine. "It really doesn't suit you."

The Amazon shot a glare at Livia, and caused a shred of laughter to erupt from her.

"Maybe you should also consider what will happen if you do not do as I command."

The Amazon looked away as Livia came closer knelt before her.

"I have a guard outside whom loves doing my bidding, no matter how inane or dispicable it may be."

As if on cue, the door to Livia bed chamber aboard her cruise ship opened. Two guards, one tall with short hair, and the other short with long hair walked in.

"The tall one there, Lucifer. He's been know to do ANYTHING I command of him."

The Amazon felt a tinge of fear shudder through her entire body.

"Do as I say or I'll command him satisfy himself in you... and we sure as Hades are not talking about the average sack rump here." Livia laughed at her dialogue.

"Still no clue as to what he'll do to you on my command, hmmm?" Livia made a nod with her head and on momentum, the guard Lucifer removed his armor and followed it with his cloths.

"Now... before I lose my temper, will you give yourself to me?" Livia's not so caring voice sang through the Amazon's ears.

"No?" ... Livia motioned Lucifer near with her finger. "Fine."

In an instant the Amazon felt herself lifted off the floor and thrown over a wooden table in the corner of Livia's bed chamber. If the pain of the wind being forced from her upon contact with the wooden surface wasn't enough, she felt her foul skin skirt being ripped from her body.

"Do you understand what he is about to do to you?" Livia asked... "Demonstration!"

The Amazon cried out in surprise and horror when she felt the tip of Lucifer's prick push against her back orfice.

"NO!!!" She screamed into the chamber.

"Wait!" Livia's voice gave Lucifer a halt.

"Please, no." the Amazon finally broke into a sob.

"I take it that part scares you." Livia raised the wine goblet to her own lips. "Well... will you surrender to me?... or shall I order Lucifer to complete the journey so to speak?"

"I... I'll please you." The Amazon lightly sobbed.

"Good." Livia made a twitch with her head towards Luficer, ordering him to withdrawl from the Amazon.

"Ace, Lucifer, wait outside, until you are NEEDED." Livia emphysized the worded 'needed'.

As Ace and Lucifer left the room for that moment, Livia reached her hand to the chin of the tear stricken Amazon.

"Now, tell me your name Amazon." She ordered.

"My name, ... my name is Alissa."

"Such a beautiful name. It suits you." Livia rose and walked to her bed. "Now, remove the rest of the clothing that hides your body from me."

Slowly Alissa let her hands rise to her foul skin top and reaching for the ties, she slowly and gently let them come undone.

"How often does somebody tell you how beautiful you truly are?" Livia questioned.

Feeling a warmth surge through her body, Alissa let a smile escape her lips without thinking. She then let the top fall from her body, now rendering her completely bare over her body with the exception of the band around her head and the knife sheath around her left thigh.

"Leave them!" Livia ordered. "I like them."

"What will you have me do now?" Alissa asked with a hint of hope for more in her voice.

Livia laughed at the girl. "I see you're already warmed to me." With her index finger, Livia motioned for the Amazon to come to her. "It's been my experience, that sometimes, people have to be cruel to be kind."

Alissa gasped as she felt Livia suddenly grip the back of her neck with feirce speed. Then Livia's face seemed to change from hungry to seductive as she slowly but ever so gently brought Alissa's face closer to her own.

"I can make you more than a mere Amazon, Alissa."

Livia's warm, lust hungry breath sent life into Alissa.

"I can make you so much more."

In sudden intake, Livia's lips pressed firmly and ever so passionately against Alissa. Their lips swimming together in glow of love, their tongues wrestling with each other, as their breathing became a panting union. Hands roaming over their soft flesh, moans escaping their lips.

Livia broke the kiss. "You certainly have become warm to me haven't you."

"I want more!" Came Alissa near whispered, breathless demand.

Livia lowered her head to the blonde beauty's right breast and in a firm suckling, Livia lips entrapped Alissa nipple between her teeth.

Moaning, Alissa threw her head back and let the sensation of being taken by this hateful woman, course its way all through her limbs.

"Mmmmm" Livia moaned as she kissed Alissa breast before moving to the next.

"Oooh!" Alissa squealed as she felt the sharp tinge of pleasurable pain thrust through her as Livia's teeth tugged at her left nipple.

All of the sudden, Alissa's eyes opened wide to the room as she felt Livia's three fingers force entrance to her pussy.

A loud cry escaped Alissa's lips as followed by a loud roaring moan. The feelings that shuddered in her body as she felt Livia's fingers working her pussy over while Livia's lips pursed themselves all over her body.

"Oh! Ahhh, yeah! Don't stop!" She began to let her words trail out in a babble as she thrust her hips up into Livia's fingers, her own fingers reaching for Livia's hair and holding tightly as the empress's lips sucked once again at her nipples.

"AHHH!" Alissa began crying out and groaning hard as her orgasm started to climb throughout her form, driving her made with lust.

Crying out loud, Alissa threw her head back in pleasure as Livia's fingers worked faster and deeper inside of her.

"I... yee Gods! I'm cumming!!!" Alissa cried out as her body convusled in Livia's arms.

Her moans were blocked as Livia's wet lips sucked against Alissa's. Alissa moaning hard into Livia's mouth as her orgasm surged through her enitre body. Shaking the boards of the ship so it seemed.

Alissa collasped unto Livia's bed, panting and moaning, as her body tried to calm itself with very little effort.

Livia laughed hard as it seemed. "I thought I was suppose to go to extremes to win you over. But the moment my lips touch you... you become nothing more than moosh."

Alissa had to laugh at the event. Seeing how she tried so hard to resist, but failed miserably.

As Livia's laughted calmed, she let her fingers touch and trail over Alissa's bosom. Her hands roaming over Alissa's flesh.

"Now it's my turn." She quickly roused herself to her knee's and holding the Amazon on her back, Livia let her knees rest on both sides of Alissa's head. Her pussy just barely an inch from Alissa's face.

Livia had not the chance to command the Amazon before she reach up with her lips and tasted the sweet nectar of Livia's pussy with her tongue.

Livia let a low moan and hiss seethe its way through her teeth. When she felt the skillful tongue of Alissa's slither in her inner folds.

Alissa reached with her hands and gripped Livia's buttocks tightly as her mouth reached even firmly into Livia's cunt.

Alissa's lips and tongue seemed to be trying to french kiss Livia's pussy with a wonderful effort. The Amazon's finger working over Livia's clit as her lips sucked and pulled at Livia's pussy lips.

The Roman bitch was ridding the naked Amazon's face with a fierce passion. Livia began tearing away at her clothing, working to remove it completely from her body.

"AH FUCK!!" Livia cried out hard while her hands gripped Alissa's hair, holding as she thrust her pelvis over the Amazon's face. Feeling her pussy throb from within at the young blonde's touch.

"Mmmm, oh GODS!!! OHH FUCK! AHHHH!!!!" Livia was screaming out in pleasure. Her entire body shaking rapidly while the Amazon continued to eat away at her cunt.

In and instant, Livia rose up and removed the last piece of her clothing, and turning around, she lowered herself on Alissa's face again, only this time to lay on top of the Amazon's body in a 6-9 position.

Alissa moaned out as she felt a wet hot tongue flicker on her small clit. Her own hips shooting up at Livia's face in short thursts as she felt her clit being sucked away at by Livia's lips.

Both women moaning and writhing about on top and below one another. Their mouths tasting and teasing away at each others pussies. Both women driving the other to the brink of maddness in lust before calming away to begin again.

Livia raised her head high as she groaned out loud, her fingers rubbing away at Alissa's pussy, while she rode her face.

"Oh gods! FUCK! I'm cumming, oh gods! Alissa, that feels sooo good, don't stop! I'm cumming... oh GODS YESSS!" She cried out as her juices flowed down over Alissa's face and into her mouth at the same time.

Alissa was too occupied at eating Livia's cunt that she was unable to cry out as she felt her pussy convulse in yet another strong orgasm brought on by her mistress.

Both shaking and convulsing on and below one another as their orgasms surged deep in their bodies. Both crying out, one into the air, and the other into one's pussy.

Finally... the moment had calmed itself and Livia climbed off of the Amazon Alissa. Coming around until they were side by side and holding each other in one anothers arms.

"Oh Gods, it doesn't end here!" Livia panted with the Amazon in her arms.

"Ready... *pant* for more?" She laughed, while Alissa looked questioningly into her eyes.

"Oh Ace... Lucifer!" Livia called out.

Alissa's eyes opened wide at the thought of what was to come. More of her new mistresses pussy, and two cocks all at once.

Livia laughed into Alissa's face when seeing her eyes widen.

With sudden intake, the chamber door opened and in stepped the two soldiers.

"Play time is far from over..." Livia said before pursing her lips to Alissa's as they began sucking the air from one another.

* * * * *

To be continued in "Empress's Desire."

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