tagNonConsent/ReluctancePleasing Dad's Client

Pleasing Dad's Client


The Adventures of Brooke

Pleasing Dad's Client

Brooke should have known, when her step-dad insisted that she accompany him to see a client that something was up. But this was not the first time he had wanted her to ride with him and she had no other plans for that evening.

During the half-hour ride, her step-dad mentioned over and over about how important this contract was. That it would assure him a position for much more lucrative work in the future.

He even mentioned that getting the contract would mean that he could get Brooke many of the things that a young woman her age should have. Money, jewelry, clothes and even the new car she wanted. Brooke listened to him but really didn't listen to him. She had heard his sales pitch before.

When they arrived, she had to admit, the client's home was big and spacious. The lawn was well maintained, leading up to a very nice house. The client's name was Bill Tanner. And her step-dad made a big show of presenting her to him.

Brooke couldn't miss the way Mr. Tanner's eyes seemed to devour her body as he looked at her. She walked behind the men as they talked. When they stopped at the bar that was in the living room, Mr. Tanner made Brooke a drink right along with the drinks he made for him and her step-dad. And her step-dad smiled and urged her to accept it.

As they talked, Brooke looked around. The house was spacious indeed. It had a well trimmed backyard with a big pool sitting in its center. Mr. Tanner left her step-dad sitting in the living room with his drink and walked over to Brooke.

"Let me give you the ten dollar tour, young lady." As he said this, he slipped his hand along Brooke's shoulder. She looked back at her step-dad to see if he was going to accompany them. He just smiled and sipped his drink.

Mr. Tanner had no sooner closed the patio door, when he turned to Brooke and smiled. "Your step-dad made a wise decision to bring you along with him. He knows that without my contract, his business will not make it thru this season."

As he talked to her, Mr. Tanner let his hands slide up and down Brooke's arms. He wasn't just looking at her, he was leering at her; undressing her with his eyes.

"You do understand Brooke, that you are the pivot point in whether he gets the contracts or not? If you are nice to me, and do what I wish, I will award him the contracts. If you don't, well let's just say that he can start to sell off his business right now, because I will make sure that no one else does any business with him."

Brooke looked at Mr. Tanner. "Just what are you saying Mr. Tanner?"

He smiled at her, this time, letting his hand slide directly over her tit. Brooke had wanted to impress her step-dad's client so she had worn a dress that was appealing without being slutty. It was white, with a plunging neckline. It showed off her tits without allowing the nipples so show.

Mr. Tanner's smile slipped just a bit. "What I'm saying to you young lady, is that either you are nice and do what I want or I will ruin your step-dad. He will not be able to get any business in this town if I don't recommend him. Why do you think that he brought you with him? You're his ace in the hole!"

Suddenly, things began to make sense to Brooke. She held her anger in check, as she looked up into Mr. Tanner's face. Smiling at him, she held up her empty glass. If she was going to have to please this man to help her step-dad she would need another drink. She also wanted to see the look on her step-dad's face, when he saw that she knew what he was up to.

Brooke walked back inside, smiling and laughing with Mr. Tanner as they walked thru the door. Her step-dad looked up at them. He could instantly see that Brooke knew what was up. He looked down into her glass without letting his eyes meet hers.

"Mr. Tanner is going to show me more of his lovely house." As she said it, Brooke slipped off her shoes and left them in the middle of the room. She noticed that her step-dad looked at them without a comment. Mr. Tanner led Brooke directly to his bedroom, which was not far off from the living room. When he moved to close the door, Brooke stopped him.

"Leave it open! He brought me here for this, he can listen to it!"

Mr. Tanner smiled, slowly unbuttoning his shirt. Brooke stood in the middle of the floor watching him. "Take your clothes off" Mr. Tanner told her.

Brooke smiled. "Say it louder. I want him to hear everything."

Mr. Tanner smiled. "You sound exactly like someone else I knew." He looked at the door. "Take your clothes off Brooke. Let me see your body."

Brooke looked at the door. "Please Mr. Tanner. Don't make me do this?" Brooke was looking directly at Mr. Tanner as she said the words. Even as they left her mouth, she was slowly sliding the zipper down on her dress. She let it fall to the floor.

Bill had shed his pants and was pushing his drawers to the floor. Brooke looked at the size of his dick. Not especially big but it would give her a nice fuck. She could feel the juices starting to flow in her cunt already.

"I'm only doing this so that my step-dad will get the contracts." Seeing just what Brooke was doing, Mr. Tanner smiled. She was purposely humiliating her step- dad. She wanted him to know that she was aware of what he had done. He had brought her here only to pimp her pussy out to get his damn contracts signed. Well she would show him!

Bill tanner had played this game before with other people who needed his services. But none of the other people ever brought their daughters or step-daughters to him as a sacrifice. It would normally be their Secretaries or sometimes their wives if Bill had a notion to fuck them. His dick throbbed at the thought of fucking this young woman. And since she wanted her step-dad to hear everything, he was gonna make sure that he enjoyed her to the hilt.

"Come over here and suck my cock! Damn girl! You are a fine piece of ass!"

Brooke walked over to him and hefted his cock in her hand. "Damn Mr. Tanner! You have a big cock! Please don't hurt me with it." Brooke knelt down and took the head of Bill's dick in her mouth. Being a woman that loves to suck cock, she let her tongue start to pleasure the older man.

Bill groaned. "Damn! Where did you learn to suck cock like this? Oh shit! Take it deep! That's it Brooke! Suck this big cock!"

Brooke, not to let the opportunity go by, started to moan and whimper as she made loud lewd sucking sounds. She was purposely giving Mr. Tanner a wet sloppy cock sucking. She wanted her step-dad to hear her sucking and slurping on it. That should fix the son of a bitch!

Mr. Tanner pulled Brooke up and bent her over the bed. His fat cockhead slid easily into Brooke's wet pussy. "Ohhh, Mr. Tanner! You're shoving that big cock so deep in my pussy. Oh fuck! It's big! Oh, it's going in so deep!"

Bill pulled back until just the head was inside the young woman. Then he slowly pushed his fat length in till he hit bottom. Brooke moaned out loud and grunted as he bottomed out in her cunt. "Oh gawd! It's in so fuckin' deep! Oh Mr. Bill, you're hurting my pussy! It's so big!"

Her words were getting to Mr. Tanner. He knew that if he let her continue he would be shooting his cum up into her cunt much sooner than he wanted to. Pulling his dick out of her cunt, he pushed her to the bed. "Get up on that bed. I want to taste this fine young pussy. Damn girl! Your cunt is soaked."

Brooke looked towards the door and she could see the faint outline of her step-dad. "Your big cock made my pussy wet so I could fit you. I want to feel you fucking me deep Mr. Bill! I want you to ride my cunt hard and make me scream! Make me a whore! A whore for those contracts! "

This was turning out so much better than Bill Tanner had ever thought it would. This girl was openly pushing his buttons. And it was all just to get back at the bastard of a step-dad that had brought her here. Pushing her legs up and back, he did something that he loved to do. Feast on a young girl's dripping pussy.

If there was one thing that Bill Tanner loved, it was eating pussy. And the younger and sweeter the pussy the better he liked it. Brooke had a sweet dripping young pussy and Bill's dick was hard as a rock, thinking about making it shoot off in his mouth.

Thoughts about humiliating her step-dad forgotten, Brooke moaned out loud as she felt Mr. Tanner's thick tongue begin to slide up and down her slit. When he reached her clit, he flicked his tongue back and forth. Brooke cried out and grabbed him by his hair.

"Oh yea! Lick that pussy! Stick your tongue deep in my cunt! Taste it! Suck my juice! Oh fuck, Bill! Drink my cum!" Brooke was no longer concerned about her step-dad hearing her. This man was making her pussy feel so fucking good!

Pushing her legs back even further, Brooke's ass was lifted up off the bed. When Mr. Tanner's tongue licked her puckered hole, Brooke screamed. "Fuck! Stick your tongue up my ass! Oh shit! Yes! Tongue-fuck my asshole! Oh shit I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum in your mouth! Don't stop! Don't stop!"

Brooke started to convulse, as Mr. Tanner sucked her clit. Just as she started to cum, he pushed his fat finger deep in her ass. Her scream sounded throughout the house. "Ohhh! Fuck! Shit! Your fingers all the way up my asshole! Ohhh shit I'm Cumming! I'm squirting you bastard!"

Bill tanner waited until Brooke stopped jerking. Then he climbed on top of her. It was time for some serious fucking. Holding her legs up, he slid his thick cock into her pussy. Not caring who heard him, he began to pound Brooke's dripping cunt. And the girl was primed for it.

"Oh Yes! Hump that pussy Brooke! Give me all that young cunt!"

"Take it! Fuck me! Harder! Deeper! Shove that fat cock up my cunt!"

They held onto each other as they fucked furiously. Looking over Bill's shoulder, Brooke could make out the shadow of her step-dad in the doorway. Let the bastard look! Brooke dug her nails into Bill's back.

"Harder! Fuck me like you mean it! Ram that cock in my cunt!"

It didn't matter how long they went at it. Brooke had cum more times than she could count. And still Mr. Tanner humped her cunt over and over. Damn! Was the man on Viagra or something? Suddenly, with a shout and a grunt, he announced that he was gonna cum.

Brooke had experienced a lot of men Cumming in her cunt. But Bill Tanner took the cake. When he started shooting off inside her, she felt like he was filling her pussy with thick crème. Damn! Spurt after spurt shot from the tip of his dick and filled every crevice of her cunt. Brooke had never felt so full of a man's cum before.

Exhausted, he rolled off of her. Brooke lay there gasping for breath. They looked at each other and laughed. Getting up, Brooke reached for her bra and g-string panty. Bill put his hand over hers. "I'll just keep these as a memento of the best piece of ass I ever had."

Laughing, Brooke put her white dress back on and walked out into the living room. Her step-dad couldn't even look at her. Brooke smiled at his humiliation. Mr. Tanner laid the signed contracts down on the bar. "Let's drink to a long relationship of doing business together."

As her step-dad smiled and reached for his drink, Mr. Tanner dropped Brooke's bra and G-string on the bar. Brooke looked at her step-dad as he looked up at Mr. Tanner. Mr. Tanner smiled at him. "She was even better than I remember your wife being."

Brooke's head snapped around and she looked at her step-dad. He was so embarrassed; so humiliated; he couldn't even lift his head to look at either of them. He slurped down his drink, picked up the contracts and headed to the door. When he looked back, Mr. Tanner was giving Brooke a kiss goodbye.

The kiss was a deep, tongue twisting one. And Brooke was sure that her step-dad noticed that Mr. Tanner was slowly fingering her pussy as he kissed her. She made a show of fucking her hips against his intruding finger as he kissed her. He had her dress up so that her step-dad had to see it.

Brooke didn't say a word all the way home. When she had gotten into the car, she could feel Mr. Tanner's cum slowly oozing from her cunt. She pulled her skirt up so that it wouldn't get ruined. But she knew that it would leave a big stain on her step-dad's car seat. By the time they reached his house, Brooke had left a big gob of thick white cum on the seat. As she got up, another gob of cum dripped from her pussy and plopped onto the seat. Brooke slammed the door and was walking into the house. Her dad had not even gotten out of the car yet.

Realizing that she had forgotten her shoes, Brooke turned back and opened the door. She gasped, as she looked into the car. Leaning over the spreading gob of cum, her dad was scooping it up and pushing it into his mouth with his fingers. He looked up at her with a lost puppy look on his face. Brooke said only one word as she turned and walked into the house. And she was sure that her step-dad heard her. "Cum-Slut!"

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