tagBDSMPleasure and Punishment

Pleasure and Punishment


My punishment was one week, one week locked in the chastity belt. My master was a loving, but stern man. He did not take kindly to mistakes or sloppiness or laziness, and I paid the price dearly when I slipped up. Conversely, when I pleased him, which was often, my reward was unparalleled.

But I had screwed up, and I knew my punishment would be harsh. First, I wore my ballet flats to the grocery store, and I was forbidden to wear anything but heels out in public. Truth be told, I wasn't supposed to wear anything but heels even in the house, but occasionally, my master would allow me to wear flats, especially after a grueling workout he might put me through, or a particularly long "session." The worst part was that I lied about it. Okay, the worst part was that I got caught.

Why'd I do it? Well, on this particular morning, he had put me through one of those "sessions" I mentioned the night before, and my calves were killing me! Walking in heels was simply out of the question, and I chose to disobey him.


He had kept me tied for a long time, making me stand on my tippy toes, my arms tied tightly above my head. He loved to play games with me, games I usually lost, but he always took loving care of me afterwards, and I relished in it. When he came home that night, I could see a look of mischief in his eyes from the moment he arrived.

"Let's play, my little pet," he said. "I'm in the mood to watch you squirm tonight," and he smiled down at me.

I was already wet. He had such control over me. His eyes, his voice, that look . . .they all did me in. "Yes," I whispered with both fear and excitement gripping me.

I never knew what he had planned for me, and I loved to please him. I loved when he did what he wanted, when he wanted. I loved when he exerted his power over me any way he saw fit. I loved the feeling of absolute helplessness in his presence. The way he made my body ache and tremble and pulse, I needed it. I loved that I belonged to him. I loved him, period. And most importantly, he loved me.

"So eager," he laughed, knowing the effect he had on me. "My cock is already hard, just thinking of your squirming body at my mercy. Suck it," he ordered, and I complied all too willingly.

When he had started coming, he had ordered me to drink all his cum. "Don't spill any of my cum, my sweet," and I saw his sadistic smile. I knew right then that he was going to really toy with me. Oh god. Sometimes he tortured me so. I was dripping with anticipation, and of course, he purposely moved his cock to allow some of his cum to spill from my lips.

"Tsk, tsk, my disobedient girl. Go stand in the corner. Hands over your head."

I moaned from fear and longing desire. I was already dying to come, to feel his fingers on me, his lips. I had no idea how long he'd make me wait.

I went to my "punishment" corner and immediately put my hands in the air, staring at the restraints hanging down, taunting me as if they knew the glorious pain they would bring me. I caught a glance back at him, naked from the chest up now, wearing only his jeans. He was an intimidating man, so strong, so tall. His sandy blond hair and deep blue eyes mesmerized me as he walked toward me, sensually, commandeering. I was so drawn to him, spellbound, intoxicated by him. I would do anything for this man, and he damn well knew it. I quivered as he got closer to me.

He stood behind me and slowly put my hands in the restraints. "Hmmm," he teased, running his fingers up and down my back, lightly, tortuously, tickling my overly sensitive flesh. "What to do to make you squirm tonight, that is the question." His imagination knew no bounds.

He started to kiss me, tenderly, gently, behind my ears, breathing his hot breath onto my neck, my shoulders, my back. He wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling my ass against him, never taking his soft lips off of my body, as I groaned and moaned.

"You're too easy," he chuckled. "You squirm so easily. I love that. I'm already getting hard again."

He pushed me away from his body, as I stood there, breathless, panting. I wanted to feel him in me, anything. His fingers, his tongue, his cock. Him. Anything. I belonged to him. Already I wanted to beg. "Please, Master."

He walked around the front of me. He smiled wickedly, and I dripped from desire. "First, a game."

I shivered. Oh god. His games could be long; his games could be devious and wicked and cruel and . . . fun.

"Yes. I do so love to watch you. Tippy toes, my dear."

Oh dear god. This was going to hurt, and I desperately knew he was going to make it very difficult for me to achieve orgasm. I hesitated; I couldn't help it.

"Now!" he said less playful. "Did I stutter?"

I got on my toes, trying to find balance.

"That's better, pet," he said teasingly. I knew he wasn't really angry with me. After I disobeyed him the next day, then he would be angry. But right in that moment, he was just toying with me, playing with me, teasing me until juices of arousal were running down my legs.

He leaned in and began to kiss me, passionately, his tongue finding my tongue, dancing in my mouth seductively until I was moaning again, uncontrollably.

He pulled away to see if I was still standing on my toes, and he smiled. "Do not get off your toes," he ordered.

"Yes, Master," I panted.

"Good girl," and he began to tickle my underarms and sides, lightly, tortuously, as I began squirming, his tongue finding mine again. "That's more like it," he smirked. "I would like to make you squirm for quite some time. Would my pet like that too?" he teased, knowing full well I wanted to come already.

My calves were already beginning to ache, as his fingers moved to my breasts, lightly touching them, too lightly, as I squirmed and struggled to press into his hands harder, to relieve some of the pressure off of my calves, as I rested against him.

"Up," he ordered. "Let me see you," and he pushed me away from him and stared at my flushed, burning body, as I stood there, trying not to place my feet onto the ground fully. "Beautiful," he said, melting me, as I saw the desire he felt for me in his eyes.

"Oh, Master," I said desperately, praying he would have mercy on me soon. I was aching from both physical and sexual pain.

He stepped in closer to me and began to play with my nipples, tauntingly, tickling them like a feather and then pinching them. Now he had me right where he wanted me. I squirmed feverishly. "On your toes," he reminded me as I lost my balance. "I have no intention of allowing you to come if you can't follow simple directions." He brought my face up to look at the devilish smile in his eyes. "It's going to be a while, my dear." He kissed me hard, and I thought I might pass out, I was so dizzy with desire.

"Please," I said, knowing it was useless to beg.

"Games, my pet, should not be easy to win. You should know that. You will come only if you can stay on your toes for me. You are strong. Just look at these calf muscles." He stroked up and down my calves, tickling me. I loved to be tickled in this way, and he knew it all too well. He loved to tease me so. I was in agony, blissful, euphoric agony.

He continued to draw his fingers up my body, lightly, slowly, and then ran them through my pussy like he was running his fingers through his hair. I let out my breath in a gasp and accidentally put my feet down to catch a quick break. My muscles were cramping, and my pussy clenched in wanton, painful desire.

He didn't say a word, but instead, spread my legs slightly and got on his knees. He licked my slick, dripping slit in that perfect way only he knew how, as his fingers found my opening. He slid his tongue along my lips and danced it across my clit, sucking it into his mouth like a vacuum, as his fingers thrust up into me, causing me to let out a scream so primal, I almost didn't recognize my own voice.

And then he rose, with a wet smile across his face, knowing I had not yet reached an orgasm. I squirmed uncontrollably from the unfulfilled pressure pulsating between my legs. It pounded excruciatingly. I moaned and began to beg like a fool, tears pricking my eyes, my emotions fully taking over. "Please. Don't stop," I whined.

"You have no idea how much it pleases me when you're like this." He kissed me. "Squirm for me, my love."

And his fingers and mouth tortured my body in the most beautiful way. He tickled me, bit me, stroked me, pinched me, and licked me into oblivion, as his eyes smiled at my predicament. I yelled out and writhed from the exquisite torture, tears now streaming down my face, but I found no release. My body instinctually flailed to avoid the brutal teasing he inflicted on me, but it only made him laugh and become more determined. After what felt like hours, he finally stopped and went over to the restraints.

"No," I begged. I didn't want him to stop. I was sweating, devastated with deep need and longing. I was aching everywhere. God I wanted him. I loved to feel this deep, painful emotion of need.

"Don't worry, pet, I'm not done," and he kissed me sweetly. "I told you I would let you come if you stayed on your toes. You didn't. But now I will make you. And then you will get to come." He paused. "Now calm down. No more tears," he ordered.

He tightened the restraints, forcing my arms up tighter, higher, and I was forced onto my toes. "Oww!" I complained. "That hurts."

"Yes," he smiled sadistically. "Do you want to come?" he asked firmly.

"Yes," I said meekly.

"Then rules are rules. Twenty minutes on your toes. Then, you shall get to orgasm. Or, you can quit now. It is your choice." Of course I didn't want him to stop. And he licked my nipples, exquisitely, bringing me right back to the brink again.

He left me, panting, full of want and desire, and even a little angry. I loved my Master and I wanted to please him more than anything else. But he was so unfair sometimes.

He came back and sat opposite me in a chair and just watched my torment, as my calves and arms ached. He drank a glass of wine and just stared. He unbuttoned his pants and began to stroke his cock, and I whimpered watching him. I wanted to feel him in me. I prayed he was getting himself ready to please me, as he beautifully touched his cock.

My eyes were beginning to glaze over from the exhaustion, from the pain, and his eyes worked their way over my body, as he casually continued to play with himself. I dripped, wishing he were touching me instead of himself. He knew it was torture for me to be so close to him and not be touched. He was so god damn sexy, so erotic, so maddening. And he was mine, and I wanted him, I craved him, I adored him.

He could see my discomfort becoming unbearable, as I started to squirm and struggle, real groans emanating deep from within me. I fought back tears. He smiled. "I love that you will do this for me, that you endure these things for my pleasure. Soon, my love. Very soon I will please you. Your pussy is so wet, your body so perfect, perfect in every way. Though I'd love to continue to admire you in this way, I will be fair tonight. You're such a good little pet."

"Thank you, Master," I said, relieved. I loved when he praised me.

He stood. "It's been twenty minutes, love. You did it. And you didn't even beg to be let down. For that, I am going to reward you. My cock is more than ready again."

"Yes, Master, thank you," I was almost delirious.

He kissed me and stared into my eyes, as he untied my arms, painstakingly slow, still a look of teasing and amusement in his eyes. But I refused to beg. I so wanted to do as he wished.

I collapsed when he released me, and tears flowed freely from my eyes again. He immediately picked me up into his arms.

"Sssh," he soothed, stroking my head and kissing away my tears, and I calmed completely. "You are such a sweet, obedient pet. You make me so proud."

I nuzzled into the soft fur of his chest, feeling full of love and longing and need for him. "Thank you," I said again, feeling soothed.

"You're so easy to love," he breathed into my ear, kissing me, as my heart skipped and my stomach tightened with desire.

He brought me into the bedroom and placed me on the bed and spread my legs, wide, as I panted, waiting, ready, impatient and needy. My breathing became shallow. I tried to control my excitement. If I had to wait another minute I think I would have died.

He lightly started to touch between my legs again as he lay on top of me, his head between my breasts, his tongue alternating between nipples.

I arched my back and moaned. "Please, Master. Please." His lack of touching me for those twenty minutes hurt. I was on fire, a fire that needed to be quenched. But I knew my begging was useless, that he would please me when he was ready and only then. I loved his power, his control. It only fueled my arousal to know how helpless and at his mercy I was.

"Yes, pet. In due time."

He stood and removed his jeans entirely, his cock fully erect, his naked body towering over me. He stroked his cock and then knelt over my heaving, panting body, sweat glistening, my mind begging him internally.

"I . . ." he kissed my lips . . . "Love. You. " he breathed, aroused. "Keep your arms above your head and your legs spread. Do not even think of moving them."

"Yes, Master," I forced myself into position.

The anticipation was beginning to make me lose my mind, as he trailed his tongue down my neck, between my breasts, over my navel, and then, yes, between my throbbing, wet thighs. I didn't say a word. I squeezed my hands together in tight fists above my head. I tried to control my breathing, and then he licked and licked and licked. I screamed out his name, and begged, "May I come, Master, please may I come?"

"Not yet, pet," and he stopped to trail kisses back up my body, as I quivered and shook. I did not know how much more I could take, and yet I knew I had no choice. I wanted to beg with all my might, but I knew that would displease him. I struggled to stay still, not to beg, not to scream, as he finally spoke, pulling me back to reality.

"Is this hard for you, my sweet?" he toyed, smiling up at my red, swollen face. "Is it hard for you not to beg?"

"Yes, Master," I admitted.

He smiled between licking my nipples. "It pleases me how hard you try for me. How much you obey me. It pleases me very much."

His fingers found my pussy again, and he licked my nipples with his expert tongue, biting them occasionally, not harshly, teasingly, and then he flicked and flicked my clit, stopping only to slide his finger back and forth across my slit. Oh god, please, I screamed inside. "Master!"

"Yes, pet. It's almost time. But not quite yet." He grinned up at my red, flushed face, my watery eyes. I thought I might actually expire from his torment. I tried to breathe, I tried not to cry, I was becoming desperate, desperate for release, and it only made me wetter and more aroused.

My cruel, wonderful Master. Oh how I loved him. Oh how I loved his torture.

"I love how wet you are. How desperate. How much you want me," he said, tickling my pussy, my swollen, wet folds, as I squirmed into him, beginning to writhe, pant, and moan.

"Master," I whined.

"No begging, my pet. Don't make me stop to punish you." He spoke sternly and sweetly, if that was even possible, and I bit my lip to make me shut up.

"Yes, Master," I whispered, as I continued to fight back the tears.

He smiled.

I grabbed his face between my hands and kissed him as hard as I could between my pants, disobeying his order to keep my arms secured over my head. I stopped to look into his eyes for permission, and he let me. I ran my fingers through his chest hair and began to move my kisses down his chest, further and further until I licked the tip of his cock that protruded over his belly button.

"Up," he ordered. "Come over to the desk."

He grabbed my hand and I followed him in pounding anticipation across the room to the desk, my calves tight and almost unable to carry me. But I didn't care. I couldn't wait to find release.

"Bend over," he said forcefully, lustfully, and he slapped my ass, perfectly, not in punishment but in pleasure.

"Yes!" I screamed.

And again he slapped me and waited. "Spread for me, my sweet," and he slipped a finger in me, then another, and then another, rubbing and craning his fingers against my g-spot, as I grinded against him, so close to coming.

"Master, please, may I come?" I tried not to beg, to keep my voice steady, and he laughed.

"Not yet, pet. I want to feel you come on my cock, and I'm not quite ready for that," and he went back to his chair, leaving me bent over, exposed, dripping, and aching. I squirmed against the desk as I felt his burning stare on me from behind. It was excruciating.

Oh god! I was screaming in my head, my legs, my calves, my arms, everything trembled. After an eternity, he stepped behind me again and eased his fingers in and out of me, slowly, tortuously. It took every ounce of my being and concentration not to come.

I knew he could sense how close I was, but he was pushing me tonight. He removed his fingers and lightly caressed my ass cheeks, soothing the slight sting he had made on them. His cock pressed against my leg as he massaged and tickled my round ass, and I tried to push into him, squirming, dying from want and need.

"Yes, my pet," he teased and he slapped intermittingly between caresses. "That's right. Show me how much you need me." My head was spinning, my calves on fire, and my pussy clenching and aching in euphoric agony.

I began to lose my will and tears started to flow. My emotions were bubbling over in a flood of desire and pleasure and pain. "Master," and I couldn't help it. I sobbed.

"Yes, my pet," and he slammed into me, causing me to scream and gyrate on his cock. I pushed myself back into him, meeting him, thrust for thrust, crying and screaming out in ecstasy.

He found my clit with one hand and his other pinched my ass cheeks, alternating between them, and I couldn't turn back. I was going to come. If he didn't allow it, I would have to face the consequences; I was too far gone to turn back.

"Please, Master, may I come?"

"Yes, my sweet, sweet pet. Come for me. Come hard for me.

And I came and came, squeezing his cock, as his fingers pinched and twirled my clit through my orgasms. I convulsed and shook, screaming through sobs of ecstasy, as he pulled out. He spun me around and threw my back onto the desk, making my body contort into a half backbend. He groaned, as he shot streams of come across my stomach, my breasts, and my lips. I loved watching him come on me. He squeezed both his cock and his eyes, the last of his cum dribbling down the length of his beautiful, satiated cock.

"Stay," he ordered.

I didn't dare move.

He spread my legs, as my back arched and ached against the hard wood of the desk, but my discomfort was soon replaced with the licking of his tongue across my slit. With one hand, he spread my pussy lips open and licked my clit, lightly, sweetly, then picked up the pace, bringing the licks to a fast, circular intent.

When my clit was sufficiently swollen again, peeking out at him from under my hood, he let go of my pussy lips, and drew his hands to my nipples, never removing his tongue's contact from between my legs. He pinched and tugged my nipples, as he licked my clit, over and over, building me to another excruciating orgasm. My legs trembled, as I tried to remain in position, my sensitive nipples, tortured by his rough pinches.

I could feel myself building and building again, as I moaned into him. When he could feel my building, he would slow his actions, leaving me teetering on the edge, simmering. To the top, but not the climax, back down. Up and down. I couldn't take it anymore. I had, just moments before, been completely content, satiated, happy, and he brought me right back to the tip of insanity.

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