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Pleasure Me, Baby


Hello my dear friends. Yes, I know it's been almost 2 years since I last shared a story with you. Between raising the first one and having a second one, it was a very tiring but wonderful experience for me. But trust me....my sensual urges only continue to grow as I mature (as you men who check me our as I push a stroller can attest to - I was called a MILF. As I see it, there's nothing wrong for a "MILF" to dress sexy AND be a mom. So you can always catch me at a mall with the stroller while wearing a sexy skirt and top. Anyhow, I had some free time while the house was quiet one night (while the hubby was traveling). I was thinking of someone special, and this moment came to mind.


We're in the big city for a few days as part work-part play. I spend the day lounging in the hotel spa, but counting the seconds until you're with me....inside me. You're on your way back to the hotel to meet me, and I call you on your cell just a few minutes before you get there. I talk to you on the phone, and describe to you what would happen when you arrive, well sort of. Tell you a little bit about what I was wearing for you -- a long satin gown with a slit up one leg well past my thigh and a pair of heels -- and tell you how bad I wanted you right then, so that when you finally open the door to our suite, you would barely have time to close the door before I start kissing you hard and long. Deep passionate kisses that send tingles down my spine, to the tip of my toes and back up to the top of my head. I love those little tingles, the ones where I can remember what it feels like when you kisses my nipples even if you're nowhere near them. The ones that create a stirring between my legs, and really start to make me hot and wet.

It would be these feelings that would force me to start undressing you, with the door to our suite still open and in full view of anyone in the hallway. I pull your shirt up over your head and gaze at your beautiful body, and you'd kick your shoes off and grab me around the waist and carry me over to the sofa in the living area....taking me into the large bed 25 feet further was too long for you to wait.

You lay me down and place yourself on top of me and slide your hand up under my gown and gently check to see if there's any panties of anything else blocking you from touching my pussy. Your lips slide from mine and graze my cheek and to my earlobe where you gently suck on it, and then down to my sensitive neck, nibbling and kissing gently, and then harder. You kiss your way down to my breasts, and you tease me, kissing them softly around my hard nipples, tracing little patterns with your tongue.

When I start moaning in agony you bring your soft lips to the tip of my nipple and lightly pull it into your mouth, and swirl your tongue around it. Then you move to the other and do the same, and then you back off a little and stimulate the end by flicking your tongue over it quickly. I moan loudly and push my body harder against yours and tighten my grip on your bare back. You move farther down and plant little kisses along my tummy, breathing lightly on the bare skin, all the way down to the top of my panties. You tease me, tickling me lightly with your lips on my sides, and finally you take your hands and place them on my hips and lightly run them down my legs to my knees and then back up on the insides of my thighs, getting so close to my hot, wet pussy. Then you slip your fingers under my gown and gently slide them down my legs and off of me.

You are now on your knees on the couch between my legs, looking down on my bare body lying before you, wanting you so badly, and you know what you're doing to me - making me almost beg to be satisfied. You smile down at me, and then lift one of my legs up to your shoulder and start kissing around my ankle and up my lower leg, slowly getting closer to me. When you reach my knees you slide your hand up my thigh and lightly touch my outer lips, torturing me. When your lips reach my upper thigh you place your arms under my legs and place your hands ultimately on my hips. Your part your lips and breathe lightly over my wet pussy, only making me want you more. With my legs parted as they are, my lips are spread gently apart allowing for easy access to my love.

But you make me wait even more. Without a word, you pick up a body, my legs wrapped around your torso, and carry me to the bed. Our bodies are interlocked and our mouths only part to allow air to reach as our tongues explore one another. God I want you!

You gently kiss all around me, and when I start to buck my hips finally place your lips lightly over my wet pussy. I immediately moan, out of relief and because of the wonderful feeling. I feel your tongue slide into me slowly, in and out, in and out, and then faster, making me begin the rise quickly to what will be a very good orgasm. When you get me where you want me, your tongue slides slowly from my pussy up my erect clit. You flick it lightly and make me almost scream out. After a moment of that you slide your tongue down a little to the base of my clit and circle it with your tongue. You take one of your hands from my hip and slide it around gently push your fingers into my pussy. You match the pace of your tongue on my clit with your fingers sliding in and out of my pussy, slowly at first, getting faster and faster, and making me moan and pant and push against your warm mouth. I grip the couch as I begin to feel my muscles tighten and that tingling in my body begins to gather in the lower areas of my body. As I come to climax, you slow down for just a few seconds, and then switch back to a very fast pace making me scream out at how great it feels.

When my orgasm subsides, you slide up on top of me, and kiss me lightly on the way up. With your face next to mine, you ask me how it was, and I respond by simply kissing you. I kiss your sweet lips, and then slide my tongue down to your neck and suck on your sweet skin. I put my arms around your waist and we flip over, now with me on top and you beneath me. I kneel over you and unbutton your pants, and pull them off you and drop them into a pile on the floor. I come back to your lips and kiss you, placing my hands on the sides of your face, then pulling my nails lightly down your neck and over your chest and your abs to the top of your boxers, all the while slipping my tongue in and out of your mouth and tracing the outline of your lips with the tip of it. I slip my fingers into the waistband of your boxers and gently slide them down, exposing your aroused cock. I slip my fingers through your tickling hair to the base of your cock, and begin to bring my lips down your body to meet it. I kiss your neck and your ears and then your chest and your stomach, around your belly button, then down a little further to where my hands are.

I kiss you all over, and I slide my free hand up along the sensitive skin on the inside of your thigh. I blow on the tip of your hard cock, and then I stick out my tongue and barely touch the tip where some of your pre-cum has already gathered and pull a little of it into my mouth, savoring the salty taste. I blow onto the rest of your cock, moving down over it, and touch you occasionally, just barely, with my tongue or the tip of my nose. When I reach the base I start back up, kissing you a little more now, wetly. When I reach the tip, I look up at you, and if you look wanting enough, I place my puckered lips onto the head of your cock and slide down just a little so I am holding the head in my mouth, and I swirl my tongue around it, slowly at first, then speeding up a little faster.

After a moment, I take it out of my mouth, and begin to lick all the way down your warm cock. I lick up and down, and get it really wet, and then I put my hand around the base and take it in my mouth. I slowly slide it into my warm mouth, taking in as much as I can, letting you enjoy the feeling of it sliding in, my tongue pressing against it, and sucking very lightly. Then I pull back, keeping only the head in, and again swirl my tongue around the tip. Then I move back down, taking in a little more this time, then up again to the tip, sucking a little more each time when I pull back. I do this over and over, moving faster and faster, up and down over your wonderful cock. I could do this for hours, sliding my mouth all over your hard cock all day. But I can't. I pull back, and slide my mouth off of your cock, causing you to groan slightly in confusion. But when I move my body up some, so that my wanting pussy is over your hard cock you smile and wait for the feeling that is about to come. I take your cock in my hand and slowly guide it to the entrance of my pussy and slowly let myself come down on top of you. You slide your hands around to my ass and lightly take hold of me, and show me how fast to go. I push my body up and down over you hard, wanting you to fill me with your come.

I can feel my body tightening up again, preparing me for yet another mind-blowing orgasm. I lean my head back a little and moan out loudly as the feeling crashes through my body and I tighten around your cock. I start to ride you like a bucking bronco, my body pounding against yours. I cannot hold back the rushing sensation as you touch me, my body wanting more as you try to handle my growing moans and the headboard creaking as I ride you.

Seconds later you come inside of me, shooting your warm liquid deep inside of my pussy. Exhausted, I collapse on top of you, breathing still somewhat heavily, and stay happily in your arms. We lay there until we feel the need to get up and do something useful, which would not happen for a very long time if it were left up to me.

I wonder what your plans are for dinner.

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