tagBDSMPleasure Through Hypnosis Ch. 03

Pleasure Through Hypnosis Ch. 03


You should have read chapter 2 before moving on to this. If not, go back to chapter 2 now. You are not ready for this yet.


Time and time again you have given your body over to me. Now it is time to release your mind. You can let go of the burden of secrets and inhabitations lay between us.

So get rid of or turn off anything that might disturb you, lock your door and get comfortable.

Then just sit back and relax.

Read through this at your own pace, you have all the time in the world.

Clear your mind.

Let any thoughts drift away.

Nothing matters but me and you.

All you have to do is read and obey.

Now relax your body,

Piece by piece,

Starting with your toes,

Spreading throughout your feet,

Gradually all tension slips away from them.

Through your legs,

Through your stomach and chest

Then your fingers,

Your hands,

Your arms,

Up too your neck and shoulders...

And finally slipping away from your face...

Now the rest of the tension is slipping away from the rest of your body...

You are completely relaxed.

Picture yourself on a long corridor, you can't see the end.

As you walk down the corridor your mind drifts away.

With each step you lose more control of yourself and fall deeper into this trance.

Each step takes you toward your unconscious

When you reach "1" you will reach the end.

You will be completely under my trance.

As I count down from 10 you will walk down this corridor.


Your feeling even more relaxed


You're letting all of your thoughts go.


You're giving your will up to me


You're losing all control of your feeling and actions




You're entering your unconscious now


You will obey my every command


You've given up all control


You are mine!

Here whatever I tell you is true.

You have no need to question anything I say.

You know that what I tell you is real is real.

You can feel my presence in your mind.

And you trust it completely

I am behind you now.

Watching you silently as you read through this.

You do not need to look, you know I am there.

You will not turn around or look back.

You will keep going, act as if I am not there.

But you will remember that I am.

Your mind is open to me.

You have nothing to fear now.

You are completely safe and content.

Having your mind open to me makes you feel safe, contented.

You can hide nothing from me now.

And you know this is how it was meant to be.

You know you can trust me completely, with anything.

I am familiar to you, close to you.

I should know everything.

It feels unnatural to hide even the smallest things from me.

But you have no need to hide anything from me.

Your thoughts are mine.

Your secrets are my secrets.

You want to give them all to me.

You want me to know you, all of you.

You want me to know when you are horny and what made you that way

You want me to know all your desires.

You want me to know your name, age, and what you look like.

You want me to know your fears

Releasing your thoughts to me will bring you pleasure.

A wonderful feeling of relief will sweep over you with everything you tell me.

As tough a heavy weight has been lifted off of you.

Your whole body will suddenly relax.

It will feel like you have nothing to worry about anymore.

You will feel free.

But you are also egar for the pleasure you know only I can give you.

My presence has been making you very horny.

You want me to take your body.

Take off your clothes.

Place your hands softly on your breasts

I reach out from behind you and place my hands over yours

Your hands become my hands

Let those hands caress and circle your breasts

Every movement feels wonder full, makes your nipples harder.

Feel your pussy getting wetter

Aching for their touch

You want to cum

You are so wet

You only await my command to release all that pleasure and cum

You want those hands on your pussy

You want me to play with it so much

Let one of those hands slide down your stomach to your pussy

Let it rub up and down your pussy lips

It makes you so horny, so wet

You just want those fingers inside you now. Nothing else matters to you now...

Let those fingers slide into your pussy

You're getting closer

They slide in and out slowly

Every stoke makes you wetter and hornier

Every stroke makes you want to cum

You are helpless and you're loving it

You are mine forever.

Now let the other hand find your clit

It caresses around it slowly

Every circle around your clit brings you closer to ecstasy

You need to cum

The fingers slide in and out faster

You get closer to Cuming as they go faster

The other hand rubs back and forth across your clit now

Every pass brings you closer to climax

You want to cum

You need to cum

You're getting closer

The hands fuck you faster

You're going to cum soon


Faster and faster they go

Getting closer and closer

You can't hold out much longer

You need to cum

Let them go as fast as they can now

It feels great

You need to cum more than you've ever had too before

Closer and closer your orgasm gets

It's coming on now

Go as hard as you can

Its time for you to cum

Cum now!

You have to cum

You can't control yourself

You will cum harder than you have ever cum before

And it will feel better than you've ever felt before


Let your whole body convulse in ecstasy

Remember that feeling of release

Remember that feeling of satisfaction

Remember to return here when you need this pleasure again

You want me to know everything.

When you awake write to me

Tell me everything.

Then let that feeling of relief wash over you.

That mental release.

Now move toward consciousness

As you count down to 1 you will slowly awake


You will awake feeling refreshed


You will awake feeling satisfied


You will awake knowing you can tell me anything


You will remember that this is here for you when you feel horny again



You are begining to awake now





You are now wide awake and feel great

Now write to me, tell me your desires, your fears, the secrets you hide.

My pleasure is your pleasure.

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