tagErotic CouplingsPleasures Of The Flesh

Pleasures Of The Flesh


There comes a time in life when a simple photograph will trigger fond memories for us old folk and this one took me back some 20 odd years.

A couple of years after the death of my wife, my son chose to live with me and did so up until he went to university some 200 miles away. He was a popular lad and whenever he was back home the house always seemed alive, full of friendly, good looking youngsters. One of them was Gemma who at 21 was half my age and confided in my son that I was a good looking man for my age.

One Sunday I phoned my son just before lunch to find out how he got on at football that morning, his team was absolutely thrashed and he was going to spend the afternoon getting drunk or in his words plastered, I told him of my plans for a roast then an afternoon watching the telly; normally I would have gone for a walk but since the weather was foul I had decided against it.

About an hour later there was a knock at my front door, I answered and to my surprise found Gemma there holding a bottle of wine.

"Matt phoned me and he said you were dining alone and thought you might like some company. He told me a long time ago that you fancied me, it was weird at first, but I have grown to like the idea" said Gemma.

"Well, you've certainly caught me out" said I inviting her in.

Having stepped by me, I could smell her soft scent as I took her coat, before telling her how fantastic she looked in her short skirt and boob-tube, I could hardly take my eyes off her cleavage as her nipples slowly showed through, her whole body just oozed sex. I quickly put on a few extra vegetables and managed to stretch my roast to two ample portions, the gravy I beefed up with some of the wine and in no time the wine and conversation flowed. As we washed up our conversation began to get very erotic and the tension as well as my cock was rising. As I brushed past Gemma to put the dinner plates away she lent back slightly causing my cock to rub against her arse, at first I apologised but then after few other innuendoes we found ourselves facing each other, taking the 'bull by the horns' I cupped Gemma's face in both hands and kissed her, soon we were locked in a passionate embrace, our tongues reaching deep into each others throats.

Locked together we slowly made our way to the bedroom; living in a bungalow it was a simple transition between rooms. Slowly we parted and with our eyes locked she crossed her arms around her waist and stripped the boob-tube from her body. There standing in front of me where the objects of my masturbation for the past couple of years, her beautiful breast. They hung just right to her body, standing up so the nipple came up on top; she held her arms by her sides, waiting for my approval.

I reached out and placed my hands on her hips drawing her closer to me, her young nipples hardened and her whole body became clothed in goose-bumps with anticipation. I slowly ran my hands from her hips up her sides enjoying the smooth cool feel of her flesh as my hands first roamed up her back, she took in a quick breathe letting me know she was excited as I was for this to be happening then I let my hands slip inside the waist band of her skirt, pushing it down a little so my hands could slide down and cup her young arse. Keeping both hands cupped on her firm arse cheeks, I pulled her close to me, stooping slightly I pressed my face into her chest, feeling her soft breast on either side of my face; she moved her hands so they where on top of my head lovingly holding me to her body.

I began to softly kiss between her breast and she took in a deep breath and held it as I did. I slowly kissed my way across the top of each of them back and forth, relishing the moment I had waited for so long. My hands roamed over her arse as I took her nipples into my mouth for the first time, I could feel the heat coming off our bodies and I began to suck her nipples back and forth. I sucked her tits like a starving man, sucking as much of the whole thing into my mouth as I could. She was making cooing sounds and holding my head fast to her body. I could feel her fingers digging into my scalp as I devoured her breasts. My hands pushed her skirt down so it fell to the floor, with no panties to bother with I continued stroking her legs, shaven pussy and arse, enjoying her supple firmness whilst all the while never taking my mouth from her breasts.

Her body was hot, she was flushed red from head to toe, it amazed me at how responsive she was to my touch, and I could feel her yearning for me to enjoy her young eager body. I eased her back and stood up, my hand never leaving contact with body, I let them roam up her hips and sides until I could hold her firmly by the shoulders and then I pulled her to me so I could feel her body mould to mine.

The heat coming from her was incredible, I bent my lips to hers and we meet in a kiss that seemed to have no time limit. It started out soft and wet, and then I felt her eager tongue part my lips and meet mine. They danced together as my hands roamed her body, I could feel her hands holding my hips and pulling herself to me.

My cock was throbbing as she pressed her body into it, making it pulse with desire. I kissed her all over her face, open mouth kisses passionate to her young skin, I made my way down to ears kissing and licking them eagerly feeling her tremble and giggle at the sensations she was feeling. I worked my way down to her shoulders, planting kisses that I had wanted to place for so long.

I stepped her back to the bed, she felt it in the bends of her knees and yielded to its demand to sit. As she sat I removed my shirt then stepped towards her, my hard cock tenting my trackers. She reached up and felt it through the material, it throbbed at her squeeze. She looked up at me and smiled as she slowly pulled down at the seams until my hard cock bounced into her face. She took her young hands wrapped them around my swollen member, gently stroking me like I always dreamed she would.

She looked up at me with those big blue eyes, making me fall in love with her deeper than I ever should, as she took her soft lips and began kissing my cock all over with tender loving care. After showering my cock with kisses, she moved back to the head and took it into her mouth and began to softly work just the head in and out of her mouth, I felt like I was going to explode right there but held on not wanting this to end.

She did her best to work me into her mouth as deep as she could, I placed my hands on either side of her head just letting them rest there enjoying feeling her head move back and forth on my cock. She was really 'going to town;' her mouth was hot and wet. I knew I could not last long.

"You have got to stop," I said raggedly. "I am going to lose it!"

"Yes... that's the idea then your second round will last forever," she grinned out at me. Damn she was good.

"Okay," I said and gave into her affection of my cock.

She was wonderful, she went back to work on me with an attitude that said she wanted my seed. I held onto her head as she worked me and I began to feel my orgasm build and work its way to the end of my cock.

"Oh damn, Gemma here it comes!" I moaned as I went to move back from her.

She grabbed my hips and held my cock in her mouth as my load exploded into her eager mouth. I could see her cheeks swell as my cum, flooded into her mouth, she parted her lips and it ran out the corners of her mouth as she looked at me with those fabulous blue eyes smiling and seeking my approval.

There was a string of cum and saliva connecting my cock to her lips as she looked up at me. I bent over and forced it to break as I leaned to her and kissed her deeply, this time it was open mouth and my tongue went deep into her showing her my appreciation for her deed.

I went to my knees as we kissed so I could get back to her wonderful breasts. As I moved my tongue cum from our kiss covered her nipples and once again I devoured them each in turn. She leaned back on her hands as I kissed my way down from her breasts to her lovely tummy, showering her with kisses as my hands kneaded her body. I pushed her down onto her back as I made my way to her plump young mound.

She smelled incredible; I could detect a strawberry fragrance that added to the soft musk of her body. Her fat young mound lead to a deeply hooded clit, her pussy had full pronounced lips that drew my breath away. I leaned in and began to alternately lick and kiss her lips, tasting the sweetness of her young womanhood. I moved lower and began to use my tongue to penetrate her fresh pussy drawing moans and coos from her that let me know she still wanted this bonding to continue. Hooking my arms under her legs I placed them on my shoulders then pulled her forward, I moved my mouth to her eager young clit and took it completely into my mouth sucking and licking, her hips came off the bed and she screamed as a wave of pleasure passed over her.

"Oh Ken, I love that so much...it's amazing, please don't stop, please keep kissing me!"

I followed her orders and kept up my entire mouth sealed around her clit as my tongue work it feverishly. As my tongue worked her clit, my fingers found their way to her willing pussy and I began to slowly slide one finger then two in and out as I kept up my licking of her clit. She began to buck her hips wildly as I finger fucked her pussy and occasionally her arse, the sounds and jerking motions of her approaching orgasm could not be ignored.

"Yes, Oh, Yes!" she cried as tears streamed down her face as her body shuddered with sexual bliss.

Her hands flew to my head pulling my face down as she drove her hips to me. I gladly let her smash my face into sweet young pussy as she rode out her orgasm. She finally released me and lay flattened as her body lay spent from my oral attention.

My cock was rampant and I stood up so she could see I was ready to complete our first coupling. She smiled at me as I stood before her naked young body then looked at me with a deep desire and passion, as I reached and pulled her to the edge of the bed.

"Do you want this?" I asked teasingly as I held my cock at the entrance to her womanhood. Her deep blue pools of young lust told me everything I needed to know.

"Yes Ken, I want you so much, let me feel you deep inside me!" she pleaded, placing her legs over my shoulders

Slowly head of my cock penetrated into her young pussy, damn was she soaking wet and seemed scorching hot. She shuddered as inch by inch I began to slide my full length into her.

"It feels so good," she moaned.

"Yes, I'm going to love you all you want!" I replied as I started to push in and out of her holding her hips so I could go as deep as possible with each stroke.

"Fuck me slowly" she cried.

Taking things slowly she began to moan with pleasure as I licked, sucked and teased her nipples with my tongue, now and again I'll just slip a finger in her pussy then finger fuck her tight arsehole.

She began to let out small whimpers of joy as I slowly made love to her, taking great care to be gentle and loving as she wanted. She began to urge me to be harder, and like a good lover I complied. I put my hands on her knees and stood then stooped with my cock still buried deep in her then I began to piston in and out of her like a man possessed.

"You feel so good; your pussy feels like it is on fire!" I mumbled

"Oh Ken...Make me yours!" "Oh Ken, please love me, love meeeee!"

I kept pounding into her, she was screaming as I went beyond love to an animal place that made me just want to totally possess her with my passion. I listened to the sounds, you could hear my balls as they slapped against her young arse, hear my cock 'farting' as she continued to beg me to fuck her.

Gemma screamed again, but this time it was to call my name. "Ken --- Ken ---you're--- you're --- raping me---don't stop---don't stop---I love it--- I love it."

Then as all the spunk that had been building up in my balls gushed out of my cock into the depths of Gemma's cunt; she screamed again.

"You're cumming! You're filling me with your spunk. I can feel you, it's so hot, and I'm going to cum too. Don't stop; keep on fucking me as hard as you can. I'm cumming! I'm cumming! Oh god, this is what I've dreamed of."

Her voice descended to a series of gasps and moans as I continued to ram her. The strain in my knees was so great I had to lean forward and lay full length on top of her. Her long legs immediately wrapped themselves over my ass and pulled me tightly against her, so tightly that I had difficulty withdrawing and had to content myself with short strokes that nevertheless helped to drain me out and kept Gemma's pelvis rolling and surging in time to her gasps.

I don't know how long it went on, but Gemma said afterwards she'd had nine orgasms. Or, as she put it, "I came nine times in a row and you only came once."

As I lay on my back she moved to me and wrapped her firm young body around me, I could feel her steamy mound pressed against my hip, with cum oozing from her, as she placed her hand on my chest.

"Wow Ken...that was some fuck, way better than I imagined it to be, wasn't it?" she said grinning at me looking for my opinion on what we had just experienced.

"Yes Gemma...I can't begin to thank you for what you just let me do to you."

"I think you deserve it, you have always been more of a daddy than my real father was, and I love you so much."


It was dark when we awoke, Gemma asked where the toilet was, I thought that that was it, one quick pee and she will be gone, out of my life forever but to my surprise she came back and climbed back into bed, I reached over pulled her closer, kissed her then began to explore her body, in no time I was soon hard, I told her to turn over and get onto all fours, I knelt behind her and began to caress her, I started with her arse, then slowly moved my hands along her back before looping under her to cup and caress her breasts before slowly moving back towards her pussy, the sensations I was getting was fantastic.

Suddenly Gemma asked me if I fancied fucking her arse. Now in the past my late wife had always enjoyed some anal play and I was no stranger to having things shoved up my arse, reaching into my bedside cabinet I took out some baby oil. Gemma quickly took the bottle from my hands and began to coat my cock and balls in oil which in itself was a turn on. I then told her to lie on the bed face down and to open her legs. Having grabbed a couple of pillows and propped her arse up, I very slowly began to work the oil all over her tight little rosebud, gently easing in one finger; then another until I had Gemma squirming with pleasure. Taking things easy I placed my cock at the entrance to her arse then slowly lifted her waist until my cock began to enter her, by this time Gemma was on all fours and gently pushing back until my cock filled her rectum, I kissed each cheek then waited to enjoy the feeling before I started to fuck her.

"Take it easy" she whimpered.

I slowly fucked her for what seemed ages before I noticed she was finger fucking her pussy for all it was worth, knowing a trick or two I replaced my fingers for hers and sought out her g-spot, within seconds she began to scream.

"Yes...Yes I'm coming"

With the tightening of her arse I was not long behind her as my seed spurted deep into her bowels.

For sometime Gemma just knelt there, her head resting on the remaining pillows as she regained her breath, slowly she extracted herself, turned over on to her back and pulled my closer, where we kissed, she then told me that I was the 1st guy she had ever let fuck her up there, and asked me never ever tell anyone, I agreed and before long we fell asleep

I woke up first the following morning, showered and shaved then returned back into the bedroom to just sit and stare at Gemma. We had a blissful year together before I called it a day, the sex was fantastic but like with all wild things there's a time to let go.

We still see each other every now and then whilst shopping; Gemma may be a few years older, but there's still that twinkle in her eyes and as for her arse; it's still the best there is, especially in a pair of jeans.

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