tagGay MalePleasuring Roger's Brother

Pleasuring Roger's Brother


This is a true story that happened back in the 1960s . . .

My older brother slipped into my bedroom and whispered that Gary wanted me to come lay down with him. He told me that Gary wanted me to play with his "dick." Gary was home from college for the summer, and was my friend Roger's older brother. Roger and I had both just graduated from high school. Gary was spending the night at our house, and we had been playing around and talking about girls and titties, until I finally went to bed.

Now I was wide awake and trembling with anticipation as I quietly got out bed, wearing only my underwear and walked into my brother's bedroom where I saw Gary lying on the bed. The only light in the room came from a street lamp outside the bedroom window. His was lying on top of the sheets wearing only white briefs. I could see a big bulge in his underwear in the dim light.

Quietly I walked around the foot of the double bed and lay down on the cool sheets next to Gary, resting my head on the pillow. I was shivering with forbidden excitement, yet I was totally inexperienced and did not know what to do. I did realize I had a deep desire to see his penis, which was clearly beginning to stiffen inside his briefs.

Gary reached over and grasped my right hand with his and placed it on his swollen pouch. I began to squeeze his erection through the thin cotton material of his underwear. His erection continued to elongate until the head of his penis slipped up and beyond the elastic waist band of his briefs.

My eyes were glued on his thick, swollen plum-sized glans. I noticed that a copious amount of pre-seminal fluid was flowing freely from the deep urinal slit on the tip of his glistening and perfectly circumcised cock head. Gary asked me if I wanted to see it. I just nodded as I rolled over onto my side and prop myself up with my left forearm as I waited in anticipation.

I was mesmerized at the sight of his wrist thick penis that flopped into view as he raised his hips and pealed down his white briefs. He was now totally naked as he lay back on the bed and placed his right arm behind his head, opening his entire body to my view. I could see the hair in his armpit as my gaze swept down his chest, lingering for a moment on his large erect nipples. My lustful eyes continued downward across his rib cage and bare stomach and thighs, then back up toward the object of my affection.

"What do you want me to do," I asked in a hoarse whisper, as my own penis began to swell into a full erection. "Take off your underwear and let me see your dick," he whispered back. I quickly stripped off my own briefs and now lay completely naked next to Gary, our thighs touching one another. I was amazed at the heat emanating from his leg. He reached over and began fondling my erection and scrotal sac, then asked, "Do you want to jack me," he asked?

In answer I reached over, my hand shaking nervously, and grasped the base of his swollen erection with my right hand, pulling his thick shaft downward slightly until his penis was standing tall. His tangled red pubic hair curled against my hand as I explored the entire length of his thick meat. He was much larger than I was, and his flesh was smooth and seemed to glisten in the dim light. His thick, hose length member stretched a good four inches above my fingers as I naturally began to stroke him lightly with my fingers, making sure I bumped the flared edge of his sensitive, exposed glans with each stroke, knowing how good it felt when I masturbated myself.

After a minute or two, I stopped masturbating him and reached down and gently fondled his heavy balls hanging low between his thighs. He spread his legs to allow me better access to his scrotal sac. As I continued to fondle his heavy egg -sized balls he hoarsely whispered, "Do you want to suck it?" Of course I did, so I whispered back, "Yeah."

I got up on my knees so I could better see what I was doing. My own erection bobbed back and forth and my scrotal sac hung low between my thighs as I leaned over and grasped his penis at the base and lowered my mouth to his swollen glans, which was glistening with pre-cum. I licked the clear liquid and was immediately pleased with its slightly salty taste.

As I sucked the bulbous head of his penis into my mouth I breathed in deeply of his musky scent through my flared nostrils. I was intoxicated with lust as I felt Gary reach between my legs and begin to fondle and tug downward on my scrotum as I bobbed up and down on his thick erection, masturbating him as I sucked the head of his penis. I knew how sensitive the flared rim would be and that he would not last long. I tried to be careful not to hurt him with my teeth as saliva dribble down his shaft and out the corners of my mouth. I found out that my saliva really served to be an excellent lubrication as I continued to worship his long and thick penis with my mouth and tongue.

Soon I heard Gary whisper that he was going to cum. I quickly decided I wanted him to cum in my mouth, and that I was going to swallow his seed, since I had never tasted man seed before. His pre-seminal fluid had a pleasant salty taste, so I was game to swallow everything he could give me.

Gary whispered that he was going to cum as he tried to gently pull my head up as he approached orgasm, but I refused to stop sucking him. Again he warned me he was going to cum in my mouth. I tilted my head to the side and allowed his slick penis to pop from my lips, just long enough to tell him that I wanted him to cum in my mouth. Immediately I slid his swollen glans back in my mouth and increased the rhythm of my strokes until I heard him say, "uhg . . . I'm cumming right now."

He now aggressively grasped the back of my head, holding it in place as he arched his hips upward, causing his rigid member to slide deeper into my mouth, bumping against my throat and causing me to gag slightly. He pulled back slightly and stopped moving, when suddenly I felt my mouth filling up with his warm thick gism which I began to swallow as quickly as I could. "Ugh, ugh, ugh . . .," Gary grunted each time he ejaculated, filling my mouth with more of his hot sperm. I did not allow a single drop to escape from my lips as I continued to nurse on his rigid member, swallowing his seed eagerly.

Gary finally sighed a long sigh of pleasure and lay still, my mouth still hungrily sucking on his deflating but still swollen member.

My own penis was as hard as a rock when I felt Gary reach between my legs and begin fondling my private parts again. He lightly grasped my penis in his fingers and began to masturbate me as I continued to suck his still swollen member. I simply could not get enough of his manhood as I licked and sucked on his thick penis. Gary continued to lightly stroke my penis until I began to feel my own orgasm developing deep within my loins. I could hold back no longer, and notified Gary I was going to cum when suddenly I could hold back no longer and involuntarily began to ejaculate all over Gary's fingers and hand.

I continued to suck on his now soft penis as my own orgasm subsided. Gary continued to stroke me for another few moments, allowing my sperm to serve as a lovely lubrication. Finally we lay back side by side, exhausted, but totally satisfied.

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