tagBDSMPledging Phi Sigma Nu Ch. 07-08

Pledging Phi Sigma Nu Ch. 07-08


Chapter 7 -- Watch and Learn, Final Session

"Please, no" she yelled and then woke up.

She had been dreaming, dreaming of the event she had watched last night. Only this time she was the one being violated. She could still feel his cock inside her pussy, feel his rough hands on her breasts. She didn't know if she could make it through one more day. She needed to cum. She didn't want it, she needed it. What she'd been made to suffer the last four days was cruel and unusual. Not only had she been made to watch the events in the fun room, but she had watched two of her fellow pledges get the orgasm she so craved. Additionally, it seemed her subconscious wanted to ensure that she was teased mercilessly, because every night since this had started she had been tormented by dreams of the things she had seen. Only in these she wasn't the one watching, she was the one being fucked. But even in her dreams she never quite got to finish.

Yesterday she had gotten unbelievably close to orgasm. As the girl had told her last night the only thing that stopped her was some deep pool of self-control she hadn't realized she possessed and strong pelvic floor muscles. She didn't know if she could make it through another session. But she was certainly going to try, she'd come too far to give up now.

Her appointment at the House was at 9:00 tonight. It was now 10:00, she had a final today. She had spent time studying yesterday and hoped she was going to be able to concentrate on her test. She showered and because she was in a hurry was able to not spend any extra time thinking about the last couple of days. Visions of the things she had seen randomly flashed through her head as she dressed and grabbed her books. Then she was out the door. Her test went well. She thought she had done okay, and somehow she had managed to keep focused on the task at hand. The only time that it got a little dicey is when she ran into a question about the purpose of the reproductive system. In her current condition the purpose of her reproductive system was to give her some relief and that was about it. After her test she grabbed a quick bite to eat and then went to the gym for some exercise. She had come here yesterday, and the workout had helped burn off at least a little of the sexual energy she had stored up. But then disaster had struck as she encountered one of her fellow pledges getting off in the shower. Today she was more fortunate. She spent 30 mins on the elliptical and then lifted weights for another 20 minutes. She showered in relative peace and the felt much better. It was now 5:00.

She still didn't trust herself to be alone right now. Even though she wasn't actively turned on, the hormones and experiences of the last few days roiled just below the surface. She decided to go shopping. She spent the next couple of hours picking out new clothes she thought would look good on her and few things she thought Robert might enjoy. As she picked out some sexy lingerie, her mind flitted to the experiences of the last several days and to her fantasies of sex with Robert. Finally it was 8:15 and it was time to head for the house for one last session. If she could make it through tonight then she should get some relief...at least she hoped so...no one had told her what came next.

She got to the house with about 10 minutes to prepare. She went in to the session room for the last time. She looked at the assortment of toys in the room, and her mind relived her close call last night. She had been so horny and had grabbed a thick dildo and before she knew it had been on the precipice of orgasm. Her mind had fought her body for control and she had won by only the thinnest margin. As her eyes ran across a strip of beads on the table, another memory flitted through her. The sight of Jocelyn, one of the other pledges with a dildo in her pussy, the beads in her ass, and a vibrator on her clit as her body exploded from the stimulation and she passed out. That had been last night too. She worried what tonight might bring. There were only four pledges left.

As the clocked ticked down to 9:00 the door to the fun room opened. Sasha walked in, she was wearing what Rena could only think to call a dominatrix outfit. It was a black leather corset, with black leather g-string. She wore four inch stilletos, fine black fishnet stockings that connected to a leather garter belt. Behind her she led a man. He was naked and she was leading him by his very hard cock. She could already see precum leaking from the head of his erect penis. He wore a ball gag, a blindfold, and what looked like earphones. She led him to the wooden cross in the room. It was more of an X than a cross. Quickly Sasha bound his hands and feet to the cross and then wheeled the cross in from of the window that Rena stood behind.

"He can't hear us," Sasha said. "But I know you can hear me Rena. Tonight you are going to learn how to really push a man's buttons. You see my boyfriend here has been on restriction for the last week. That means that he's gotten plenty of stimulation but no relief. I imagine he feels about like you do right now. You see I've slept next to him every night, but before I let him sleep he's had to get me off at least twice. Sometimes I've made him do it with his tongue, sometimes with his fingers, and other times with his cock. The last is my favorite and his too on most occasions. But those last couple of cock orgasms have been sheer torture for him as he's had to be right to the very edge before I came and then he had to hold it there through my orgasm."

Rena looked at the man and could see the look of lust she felt mirrored in his face. It made her pussy start to drip.

"Now my dear, the only thing he is currently hearing is the sounds of sex being played in his headphones. The sounds of women cumming, the sounds of being teased. Sounds you've been bombarded with for the last three days."

Rena remembered those sounds, her nipples puckered at those memories. Her hands began to rub her body. Softly up and down, sending shivers through her.

"Tonight you will learn how to determine when a man is going to cum, how to take him right to that point, and then how to leave him there. You will learn what a ruined orgasm looks like. And you will learn how intense the feeling of power in your relationship can be. So let's get started." Sasha said.

Rena almost felt bad for the man chained to the cross. If he was feeling anything near what she was she couldn't imagine having someone actually touch her and not being able to cum.

Sasha started by kissing down his body, paying special attention to his nipples. His small little nipples were erect and as she kissed them and sucked them he struggled against his bonds.

"Men's nipples are very sensitive, just like women's. It's important not to neglect them." She instructed.

She kept kissing and rubbing her way down his body, down his legs and back up. Teasing his body with her's. Rubbing her breasts down his body, the hard nipples of her breasts making him twitch. Rena imagined doing this to Robert. Imagined her body sliding down his, feeling every square inch of him.

"Now, as usual the first thing to remember is, you cum first. So to start with I'm going to remove his gag so that he can give me my first orgasm of the night. That's the other important thing to remember, the you cum first rule is really, you cum first as many times as you want, and then if you feel so inclined he can cum. Women are multiorgasmic, and the more orgasms you have, the more orgasms you'll want."

She took off his gag and rotated the cross so that he was now lying down. She climbed up on the cross and lowered her pussy onto his mouth. He didn't need to be told what was expected. His tongue reached out and explored the soft skin of her hairless lips. Using his whole tongue he lapped at her lips, running it up and down the outside of her pussy, carefully avoiding her clit at first.

"If he's doing it well and you feel so inclined you can give him some encouragement." She leaned over and took his throbbing cock into her mouth. Rena imagined how this must feel. Having Robert eat her out while sucking on his cock. This was something she had thought about often since she'd seen it during her first session.

He let out a long moan as she gently suckled on his cock. The vibrations of his moan increasing her pleasure. She stopped.

"It's important that you pay careful attention to his balls while you do this. If they start to pull up, that is a good sign of an impending orgasm. You'll want to stop what you're doing and just let him continue. Depending on how many times you've done this it's pretty torturous. Rena could see that he was now focused on Sasha's clit. Unconsciously she began to rub hers, her body's arousal returning to full strength. She knew she was going to need to be very careful tonight.

While she struggled with her own building orgasm, Rena watched as Sasha came on the man's face. Her juices poured out of her pussy and she ran her hands over her breasts. She let out a loud moan as her body shook with orgasmic bliss.

Rena stopped, knowing that if she was going to last for the rest of this session that she couldn't get too worked up too soon.

"Now that was good" Sasha said. So let's give him a little reward. With that Sasha leaned over and started to robustly suck on his cock. Playing with his nipples with one hand and keeping the other on his balls, gently tickling them with her fingernails. "Now watch."

Rena watched what was happening, his cock going in and out of her mouth. She wasn't deepthroating him but just sucking him at a leisurely pace. Then she started to move up and down quickly. His body shot up and she thought for sure he was going to cum, but at the last minute Sasha stopped everything she was doing.

"Did you see his balls, how they pulled up?" she asked. Rena thought about it, she had been too entranced in watching Sasha's red lips move up and down to really notice.

"Let's do it another time just to make sure" Sasha said almost to herself. Then she started the process again. This time Rena was careful to watch her fingers near his balls, his tight sack a deep purple color with a crinkly pattern. Occasionally Sasha would run a finger nail up the line that split is balls and he would jump. As she got him closer and closer Rena watched more intently, her own arousal forgotten for the moment. Then she saw it. His balls pulled up ever so slightly and Sasha stopped everything she was doing. From the head of his cock a large spurt of precum was released, but not the milky white fluid that would indicate a full orgasm. He moaned and thrashed about.

"Most men can only do this a time or two when you first start to train them. Any more than that and they won't be able to stop themselves. Fortunately for us, I've been training this one now for several years. So we've got at least a few more times before he's done."

In Rena's mind she thought about Robert, tied to that cross. His cock hard and weeping. His balls tight. She knew how much she wanted to cum, and strangely it excited her that she might be able to make him feel the same way. Yes it was torture, but it was exquisite torture. And then Sasha started again. This time she used her hands with a water based lubricant and spent time teasing the head of his cock. He jumped and twitched and moaned and begged for her to let him cum. Again just as his balls pulled up, Sasha stopped, and just like before a spurt of clear liquid shot from his cock.

"Now, we're going to make things a little bit harder on him. You see, this is getting me very turned on and I think he owes me another orgasm. But this time I want him inside me for it. Now this can be very tricky, and if you aren't careful your fun will be over. When you are first training him the easiest thing to do is engage him in a conversation. It doesn't matter what you talk about, you're just trying to keep his mind engaged. After some time then you can start to work on him being able to control it without the talk."

She slid herself down his cock. Her pussy sucking his cock deep inside. A shiver ran through him as she hit the bottom and he let out a lout moan. Again she put her fingers on his balls, trying to gauge the level of his arousal. After a few moments she began to ride up and down on his cock. He struggled against the bonds, the feeling of her velvet tunnel against his cock driving him mad. Sasha began to tease her clit with her fingers and she rode him. Rena followed her example. Once again she found the smaller dildo she had used before and began to ride up and down, following the rhythm that Sasha set. She turned on the small vibrator and let it buzz over her clit. Her body responded instantly, bringing her almost immediately to the edge of an orgasm. Just as she was struggling to prevent her body from crashing over the wall, Sasha pulled off of her man. Rena watched as her pussy pulled off leaving a trail of her juices glistening on his cock. Again she saw more precum released. They hovered there, on the edge of orgasm, Rena and the anonymous man, both being tormented by Sasha. After a few minutes Sasha resumed her ride. She put a small vibrator on her clit, similar to the one Rena held. Soon she was bucking and screaming as she rode his cock to another wild orgasm. Just as her orgasm started she pushed herself all the way down on his cock and then pulled on his balls.

"You'll notice his balls tried to pull up there. I needed him inside me to enjoy my orgasm, and since I didn't want him to cum, pulling on them like that stopped it. This is another thing that takes some practice. It also doesn't work every time, but with practice it works more often than not."

Rena was hovering on the edge. She was close to the point she had been last night, when she had fought so hard. She wasn't ready for that fight again, so she pulled herself off the dildo and stopped the vibrator. Her hands gently played with her nipples, keeping some stimulation going, but not enough that she needed to fight for control.

"Now that you've learned how to tell when he's going to cum, and you've learned how to stop that, it's time for the final lesson. This lesson is called a ruined orgasm. For you, tonight this would count as an orgasm, so I advise that you not attempt it -- besides its much more fun to be the giver of a ruined orgasm than the receiver of one. Essentially what you're going to do is tease him one to two strokes past that point where his balls pull up, so that his orgasm actually begins. But then you are going to stop all of the stimulation. The end result is that he ejaculates but he is not fully fulfilled. This works well if he's been especially bad, or if you want to keep teasing him for a longer period of time and need to take the edge off. Typically after a ruined orgasm he'll be ready to start teasing again in about 30 mins, but he'll be much further away and therefore you can do a lot more. The other option, is you could go the other route. I typically don't because I'm a teaser, but you could let him have a full orgasm but then immediately begin teasing him again. It'll usually drive him crazy because his cock is so darn sensitive. I've had grown men cry when I've done that to an especially bad boy. Sometimes I use that as punishment if he comes when I haven't given him permission. Now watch."

With that she once again went down on him. Rena watched intently, but she resumed her own teasing, bringing her body back down on the dildo. As Sasha's mouth glided up and down his cock Rena noticed her applying a silicon based lubricant to her finger. Just as she had seen in her first session, Sasha took the finger and stuck it into his ass. His body immediately tensed and for a moment Sasha stopped what she was doing.

"He's very close now. My finger is sitting on his prostate. If I was feeling particularly devilish I would just start rubbing that slowly until his cum dribbled out his cock. That's called milking. He gets very little pleasure from it, but it empties his balls making it next to impossible for him to cum for the next couple of hours. Again that's something I sometimes do if I need to punish him, as it means I can full on tease him mercilessly without having to worry about whether he'll cum or not. Here we go."

She resumed the blow-job and Rena resumed pumping the cock on the chair. She was getting very close, she both feared and was excited for the fight to come. As she saw his balls pull up, Sasha pulled her finger out of his ass and pumped his cock two more times. A large spurt of milky white cum shot from his cock, and his body went rigid, and Sasha stopped all stimulation. She watched as he screamed, he moaned, he humped the air trying to get more stimulation, trying to get a full orgasm and finding none. She watched as the cum dribbled out of his cock and down the shaft.

As his cum flew, she reached the edge, again the battle raged. She fought for control of her body, felt her pussy grip the dildo inside of her. She couldn't orgasm her mind shouted, and her body tried for all it was worth to do so anyway. But once again, her mind overcame her body's impulse. Her pussy felt like it was on fire, her whole body pulsed and hummed, but she didn't cum. She sat completely still, watching the thick white fluid as it ran down his cock. His balls still tight, his cock still partially erect. Once his orgasm had passed, Sasha bent down and licked his cum from his cock. He tried to get away, but the restraints prevented it. She didn't stop until all of the cum was clean and to Rena's surprise she found him hard again. She remembered what she'd learned about guys, they could cum a second time, but most wouldn't let you try unless they were tied up. It also appeared that a ruined orgasm made it much easier for him to get it back up.

"Well, I hope you enjoyed your lesson Rena. I guarantee you will be using it soon, so I hope you paid close attention. Good night."

Rena carefully climbed off the dildo that was still buried in her soaking wet cunt. The chair was soaked with her juices and she was amazed that she had managed to hold off this final time. Once again, she couldn't take the feel of panties and bra, so she pulled on the dress she had worn and looked in the mirror. She couldn't do anything about the fact that her nipples were hard as rocks and pointing through the thin material of the dress, but otherwise she looked pretty good. As long as she didn't sit down she'd be fine, if she did there would be a huge wet spot on her dress.

As she came out of the room, she heard the sounds of orgasm coming from another of the observation rooms, apparently there were now only three. She hurried home, wondering what tomorrow would bring. Hoping against hope that if nothing else it would bring relief.   Chapter 8 -- Hands On Training, Session One

Rena was so horny. She hadn't cum in a five days, but she had been teased to insanity by the sights she had witnessed in the fun room. She woke up Saturday morning, after another fitful night's sleep where she had dreamed of being teased at Sasha's hands and of employing Sasha's techniques on Robert. Her pussy swollen and wetter than she ever remembered, her nipples painfully hard, her brain unable to think about anything other than sex, her boyfriend and her need for an orgasm. As she walked from her bed to the shower, she found the note.

Dear Rena,

I imagine that at this point you are probably really feeling the frustration. Well it's time to take your frustrations out on someone else. Take what you've learned and put it into action. Use the skills you've learned to make your boyfriend as horny as you are right now. You may allow him one ruined orgasm today. Then begin to build him up to the level you are at right now for the next 4 days. By the time this task is over he should have a major case of blue balls. Make sure he understands you will be very unhappy if he can't keep his hands off himself. Record your sessions and turn them in at the end of each day to prove you are following the instructions and that you have learned the lessons your recent sessions were intended to teach. One last thing...no intercourse, sorry hon.

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