Plumber's Perks Ch. 10


"Oh shit, ohhhhhhhfffuuuuuccccckkkk," she wails as she shudders violently, chest heaving, breath shallow and rapid as she's wracked by a massive orgasm.....shortly thereafter I pump her cunt full of spunk, her pussy clenching tight rhythmically as my cock twitches while it's pumping it's load into this hot little fox....

"Holy shit, that's just too much," sandra exclaims as she looks at me with half closed eyes.

"Haven't finished yet M'am," I said as I pulled my softening cock out and immediately planted my mouth on her redhot cunt, licking her clit rapidly and sending her into orbit once more, albeit a more gentle orgasm this time. Softly kissing her well used pussy she just lays back and enjoys my oral abuse...then as I begin sucking her clit again she grabs my head and rams it into her soaking cleft and begins bucking her pelvis into my mouth, breathing like an athlete on a mission....

It takes a mere thrity or so seconds and she's groaning away in exstasy, bucking her pelvis at me and holding my head between her splayed apart thighs....

"Ooohhhyeesssssssfffuuuccccckkkk," she wails with an out of breath voice and promptly bucks violently into my face several times, nearly drowning me in the process as her cunt fair squirts me with a near odourless liquid. I thought she'd peed on me but it sure didn't taste like piss. Oh well, that's a new one by me I said to myself.

Sandra lets go of my head and just lays there on the bonnet of her beautiful silver Beemer, dripping cunt juice all down the left wing and onto the tyre...I just couldn't help but silently admire this woman smiling wide, flushed all over and just looking sooooo happy at that moment.

Helping her up I was rewarded with a big tongue lashing kiss, lingering for several minutes as she hugged me tight, running her hands all over my back and just resting her head on my shoulders. "Damn, that was awesome Nick," Sandra said quietly, "how about a shower?"

"Yep, let's go then," I said as I followed Sandra to the main bathroom. We hopped in the shower and soaped each other up and down, back and forth, playing with each other and just generally goofing around.

"You know, this was much better than I had hoped," Sandra said to me as she was drying me off, taking great care to dry my cock and balls about a dozen times. "I am so pleased you're not some stuck up stud who expects women to fall at his feet," Sandra said softly as she then kneeled in front of me to dry off my lower legs and feet.

"Uhuh," I said as she looked up with her big green eyes, opened her mouth to take my growing cock into her mouth once more and gave me a slow but ohhh-ssssooo sensual blowjob.

"Do me a favour please, Nick," she said as she momentarily took my cock from her mouth, "hold my head and fuck my mouth would you, and don't be too gentle, I like it a bit rough."

"OK," I said as I took hold of her head, then pulled almost completely out and plunged forward my astonishment my whole cock just slid right down her throat, my balls ending up against Sandra's chin. By the way she was groaning I could only surmise she was loving this as the rougher I got the more appreciative her groaning sounded.

"Fuck, I gotta cum soon," I said as a way of warning her, but this only brought her hands up to my butt, she gripped my arse firmly and pulled me into her mouth more forcefully, then as I began twitching in her throat, Sandra just pulled my arse into her, my cock was rammed down her throat, my nuts were up on her chin as I spewed the last of my cum inside her throat.....

"MMMMmmmmm," was all I heard as I looked down at her big green eyes smiling wide at me as I slowly eased my softening shaft from her mouth. Licking the last few drops from my shaft, Sandra got up and kissed me full on the lips, giving me a tongue lashing which I happily reciprocated in.

Once dressed she became a little more distant, she signed my jobsheet off for two and a half hours, she then handed me an envelope, hugged me tight and said; "Open it later, please, and my number is in there as well, just in case you wanna come back for some more fun in future. Now, on your way young man, I gotta rest up to recover from my ordeal."

That was about it, she closed the door behind me as I made my way back to my van, now almost lunchtime. I drove down the long driveway and didn't stop until I'd gone a few blocks away, opening the envelope I found a bundle of $100 notes. Counting them, it totalled $5000, shit I was staggered that a woman would pay so much money just to have her pussy licked and fucked....even allowing for the 20% for Kaye this was a small fortune for a young fella like me.

At the end of the day, Kaye called me into her office. Door closed, she said; "Just had a call from Sandra, she sounded tired, pleased and rather mellow. She was impressed with your performance and would like to become a regular. Your call. Nick, I am pleased with your start, it's entirely up to you how many ladies you satisfy this way, OK? Now about my 20%, I assume Sandra gave you an envelope?"

"Yes M'am," I said as I took $1000 from the envelope, handed it over and then left Kaye's office, leaving her smiling and shaking her head a little...

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