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Pocket Protection

It wasn’t going to be pretty, Katie knew that going in, but she had lost and she, the Queen Diva wasn’t about to back out on a bet. She knew she didn’t need to worry, surely Derrit was a virgin, so she wouldn’t need to worry about anything really nasty. She was on the pill, so the thought of replicating him was only a distant nightmare. The main concern on her mind was making sure Derrit understood what was about to happen.

Katie tried to propagate her image as a man eater, but in actuality she really was sensitive to people’s feelings. She’d strut before her friends with a lot of bravado, act like she just used the men she dated, but deep inside she cared, and it hurt her when she hurt someone. That was why she planned to tell Derrit everything, to make sure he understood that the only thing that would exist between him and her would be a single, brief sexual encounter.

She met him at lunch, at a park just outside her office, he had caught a bus to get there from who knows where. She had known him in high school, he was the classic nerd, heavy dark rimmed glasses, pants hiked up too high, white socks, clunky shoes and the pinnacle of nerdom, a pocket protector. Other than the abuse her friends showered his way, he remained pretty invisible to her. After graduating, she hadn’t thought of him until one day he showed up, delivering lunch to her office.

She said hi and struck up a brief conversation, learning he was a graduate student working on his masters in, what else… computer science. Yes, he was textbook nerd, well on his way to being a career nerd.

Katie did notice that he did seem a lot more comfortable while talking to her than she expected. He actually was very charming and in the short time they had to talk, he seemed quite interesting.

Now, walking across the street to meet him, Katie was intrigued about this odd man. Spotting him sitting on a bench she waved.

“Derrit, hi,” she shouted.

Looking up, he waved, “Hi Katie,” and as she got closer he continued, “It’s nice to see you again.”

“I’m glad you could make it.”

“Oh, it’s no problem, I’m off today, so I just caught the bus here.”

“You drive don’t you?” she asked.

“Of course, I just grabbed the bus because it is convenient, parking can be tough here at lunchtime. I slip into the delivery zones when I work, but in a private vehicle you just have to be lucky to park anywhere close.”

“Look Derrit, I wanted to talk about tonight, I didn’t want to give you the wrong impression.”

“Wrong impression?” he asked.

“Look, I’m gonna be honest with you. I didn’t ask you out to try to start a relationship or anything, it’s just that... well my friends… we, they sort of...”

Derrit smiled, “Ah, let me guess, it’s a bet thing.”

Katie felt herself blush, “Ugh, well, yes, in a way.”

“Okay, hmm… do you need to just go out, or is there more?”

“ More,” she replied making a bit of a face.

“Katie, it’s okay. It used to bother me back in high school, things like this, but now, it gives me a change to meet you under different circumstances.”

“It’s happened before?”

He smiled, “Yes, a few times.”

“For more than just a date?”

Laughing a bit he responded, “Twice. I am embarrassed to admit I let them carry through with it.”

“So you’re not...”

“A virgin?”

She nodded.

“No. I’m sorry, does that queer your bet?”

“Well, no, I just assumed...”

“You know what they say when you assume.”

“Yeah, yeah I know.. an ass of...”

“Okay, don’t worry, it’s not that bad. Look, you’re off the hook if you want, I’ll tell them you did me and it was wonderful.”

“Hmm, Derrit, what if I don’t want off the hook? I mean we’ll only do this one time, and we are not going to have a relationship or anything.”

He smiled, pulled off his glasses, held them up to the sky and then pulled a rag out of his pocket and cleaned them. He looked at her with stunning blue eye, eyes she never noticed beneath those godawful glasses. “You don’t want off the hook?”

“I don’t think so,” she said, uncertainly shaking her head.

He tilted his head to the right, “Don’t think so?”

“Well, I think I’m pretty sure.”

“Oh my, not exactly enthusiastic,” he said.

“Well, I mean, I’m not just ready to just blurt it out...”

Smiling, “Katie, Katie, I’m just teasing you here. I would love to... ah, help you win, or is it pay your bet?”

“I’d be winning if you...”

“Say no more, at least it’s looking up some.”

“When do you want to get together?”

He shrugged, “Whatever is convenient for you. I’ve got the rest of the day off, or tomorrow evening, this weekend…”

“Let me call back to the office, this afternoon might work,” she answered. Something about him was really attracting her.


Katie turned and walked away a bit, dialing her cell phone. After confirming there was nothing important going on at work, she arranged for the rest of the day off. She walked back over to Derrit and said, “I’m free. Will it be your place or mine?”

“My apartment is only a couple of blocks away if you don’t mind riding the bus.”

“I’ve always wanted to try the bus.”

After a short wait, the bus pulled up and they loaded on, Derrit paying for them both. It was fairly full so Katie took the only open seat and Derrit stood beside her. It was too noisy to really talk, so they rode in silence.

Katie’s mind was rushing, wondering if she was too accommodating, hoping Derrit didn’t turn out to be some sort of weirdo, but also hoping he was perhaps a little weird. Suddenly out of the blue she realized he didn’t have a pocket protector in his pocket today.

After the short ride, they stepped off the bus and he led her to a nice building about half a block away. “It’s not fancy, but very convenient with the bus stop this close,” he said as they walked.

“I wanted to ask you… ah, how come no pocket protector?”

Derrit laughed loudly, “The deli makes us wear one. They supply the shirts and they don’t want those big ink spots their cheap pens often leave.”

“But, you used...”

“Yes, I remember,” he said unlocking the door into his apartment. They walked into a spotlessly clean living room, sparsely, but tastefully furnished. Derrit caught Katie’s eye and whispered, “This is the only pocket protector I have now.” He waved a small, foil condom package.

Looking around, she curiously peeked into another room.

“That’s my office, where I do most of my school work. Here, come on in,” he said, gently taking her hand and leading her.

They entered into a room cluttered with books and software boxes spread about on a large desk with two wide tables. He had three computers spread over the work surfaces, two of them were on.

“This is more of what I expected,” she admitted.

“I have so many things going at once, I just gave up on keeping this place straightened up.”

They wandered back into the living room and sat on the couch. Derrit removed his glasses and leaned in to kiss her, as if hypnotized, she tilted her head and kissed him back. They kissed for a long time, finally breaking apart with an audible gasp from both of them.

“Wow,” he said.

“Yes, wow,” she replied, stunned at the feelings that surged through her now. She suddenly felt herself transformed from being mildly intrigued about him to simply lusting for him.

He leaned to kiss her again, reaching for her breast and Katie arched her back, moving her breasts to him. Rather than the inexperienced fumbling she expected from him, she was amazed at how he touched her. Gently where she wanted it, more firmly when she needed it and roughly when she ached for it.

Her blouse and bra were removed in a graceful swirl of her hands and his and she soon pressed her erect nipples against his smooth, naked chest. She felt flushed and knew her panties were getting very soggy.

Breaking from a kiss she gasped, “Derrit, I want you bad.”

He paused, his hands having just slipped under the elastic of her panties. “How bad?”

She looked at him, wrinkling her brow, “Very bad!”

“Would you want to do something adventurous?”

“Oh yes, just as long as it’s just you and me.”

“Well, I wasn’t going to do this, but somehow, I think you might enjoy it.”

“What?” she asked, now horny and curious.

“Have you ever heard of Nawa Shibaki?”

She shook her head and answered, “No.”

“Well, it’s Japanese, something I learned from one of my trips.”

“You’ve been to Japan?”

“Yes, but we’ll talk about that later. Nawa Shibaki is something very beautiful, very artistic. It involves some delicate ropes,” he paused making sure she wasn’t freaked out too much.

“Go on,” she said, a bit nervous, but definitely interested.

“It is basically Japanese bondage,but the idea here is not restraint, it is more about the sensation of rope on your body. The resistance to some of your movement is about submission, not restraint.”

“Okay,” she said, feeling an odd sensation in her stomach, something he hadn’t felt in years. Was it butterflies?

“I would like to try it on you, nothing extreme now, just a few things to see what you think. Many people find this very sexy,” he whispered. “Are you okay with it?”

“I think so,” she answered.

“You think so. Haven’t we been through this before?”

She smiled, “Okay, yes I want to try it. To be honest, at this point you can do anything you want as long as you finish by fucking me.”

With a mock stern look in his eyes, he replied, “Oh I’m gonna fuck you, but first I’m gonna make you beg for it.”

“Oh my,” was all she could say before she swept her up in his arms and carried her to his bedroom. Once again the room was immaculate, but it was the bed that immediately caught her eye.

“A canopy bed?”

“Ah, there is a purpose for the canopy bed,” he replied, gently placing her on the soft mattress. “You see, part of the excitement in Nawa Shibaki is aesthetic, the beauty of the rope as it is tied around your body. The canopy conceals this,” he said, folding back the top fabric and exposing a large mirror.

Sensing something extraordinary was about to happen, she whispered, “You are a complete surprise to me Derrit.”

“Hopefully a good surprise?”

“Oh yes, very good,” she said moving over to the middle of the bed.

He sat down next to her and whispered, “Now, this is very important. I will continue to talk to you, but you are not to talk unless I prompt you for a response, or if you ask me to speak. If you agree, just nod your head.”

Katie nodded.

“Now, the one exception to this is for you to speak one word. I want you to select a word, something that has nothing to do with what we will be doing. This will be your safe word. If anything I do becomes something more than you can handle, say this work and I will immediately stop and remove the binding. Nod if you understand.”

She nodded.

“This is the only word that will stop me before I finish. You must understand that if you say ‘No’ or ‘Please stop’ I will merely consider that part of the game. If you truly want me to stop, you will speak this word. That said, I also want you to consider hard before you say that word. This experience can be heightened when you endure more than you thought you could, if you go beyond the limits you set for yourself.

“Since you are only beginning, I will be gentle and we will not push your boundaries too much, but I will push a little, just to let you feel. Now I want you to select a word.”

“Rose,” she whispered.

“Rose, I like that,” he said, leaning forward and kissing her. His tongue entered her mouth, exploring her hard and forcefully. He then kissed down her neck and moved to her breasts and then her nipples. Katie felt her breathing quicken as she gave in to the sensation. She felt his hands at her pants as he quickly removed them and dropped them to the floor. He then removed her panties and dropped them on her pants.

He walked to a large hutch and opened the doors. Katie saw a wide assortment of braided and unbraided rope. Derrit grabbed several different lengths and returned. “Sit up and give me your hands please,” he whispered.

Katie sat up and reached her hands out to him. Derrit took them and moved them above her head. She felt the rope wrap gently around both wrists and then there was a slight tug.

“Is that too tight?”

She shook her head.

“I need you to answer my questions verbally,” he whispered into her ear before kissing it.

“Is it too tight?”


He then reached to her legs, spreading them apart and wrapping the rope around each ankle. He then took the rest of the rope and fastened it to something on each side of the bed. “Is that okay?”

“Yes,” she answered.

Taking the rope at her hands, he looped the rope through a hook on the canopy and he tied it off. “Is this okay?”


“Those were fairly common things I did, now the art begins.” He reached and gently caressed her breast running the palm of his hand over her nipples. He then moved a braided piece of rope over her breasts, even with the braid, the texture was very soft.

“This is the Shinji, or pearl,” he said, curling the rope beneath a breast and tossing it over her shoulder. He moved it around her back, over her other shoulder and brought it back down, crossing the other rope between her breasts. He looped it under her breast and cinched it.

Hearing her gasp, “Yes, that should hurt a little, but not a lot. Is it okay?”

“Yes,” she answered, feeling a bead of sweat trickle down her forehead.

He continued looping the rope around and over her breasts as she experienced sensations that ranged from slight pain, to feeling very constricted, to some more pain and finally to something very pleasant. He occasionally leaned and kissed a nipple as he tied.

After about twenty minutes, he stepped back and whispered, “Yes,” speaking louder he continued, “Look up at the mirror.”

Looking up, Katie caught her breath at the sight of the ropes splayed over her breasts. Tiny knots created slight indentations in her flesh and the rope had them standing up like no bra could ever do. Beyond the incredible sensations she felt, the sight above her simply turned her on. She felt a warm, wet aching between her legs and moved her hips towards Derrit, hoping he would take her right then and there.

But Derrit stood up and grabbed some more rope wrapping the first around her waist. “Now, this is called the sukaranbo, or cherry, a particularly tasty one,” he said, leaning down and running his tongue over her clit.

The touch of his tongue on her sent an electric pulse through her and she flinched. The flinch moved her under all the ropes at her breast flooding her with an incredible assortment of sensations, taking her breath for a moment.

She fought to catch her breath as he moved the rope around her legs crossing over her pubis. He continued as she felt the rope cinching along her ass, then at her thighs, then so gently at her clit. Katie felt almost dizzy as nearly her whole body tingled at the sensation.

She felt a final tug and saw Derrit stand up. “Take a peek.” he said, looking up at the mirror.

Once again Katie was stunned at what she saw. Completely helpless, she couldn’t help but stare at how the rope looked on her body. She saw a light sheen on her skin that looked so good. She could never remember ever looking so beautiful.

The feeling of helplessness intensified as she watched Derrit slowly remove his pants. His cock looked absolutely incredible to her and she ached to feel it enter her. But, instead of climbing on her and taking her, Derrit released the rope holding her hands in the air, letting her fall back on the bed. He checked the knots holding her hands together and then began to kiss her.

Starting at her mouth he moved to her breasts, running his tongue along the ropes, occasionally tugging the knots with his teeth. Katie not only felt his tongue on her, but his every movement seemed broadcast along the ropes feeling like his tongue was touching her in a thousand different places.

He continued kissing her, letting his cock slide over her constrained flesh as he moved. She wanted to feel him inside her so badly that her hips moved up and down. Soon his tongue reached her thighs and needing something to touch her pussy, to enter her, to fiercely penetrate her she raised her ass, trying to move her soaking lips to his mouth.

He dipped his tongue into her, but quickly removed it. She moaned, needing him, his tongue, his fingers, his cock, something, anything to take her. His tongue touched her clit and she grunted loudly, and raising her head, she growled at him. She began flailing her hips up and down, fighting the urge to beg.

He continued his slow tease, dipping a finger just slightly into her and then removing it, touching her thigh with his cock, sucking her clit into his mouth for just a moment. Katie’s ears were ringing and her cunt throbbed in need. She heard wet slurping sounds as she moved her hips and bit her lip, drawing blood.

Finally she screamed, “Please, please, oh god please fuck me. Please do it now.” Tears poured down her cheeks and sweat rolled from her breasts down the intricate rope work, as Derrit pounced on her, driving his cock deep in her burning, soaking cunt.

Thrusting in and out of her he moaned, “You can talk now!”

She moaned loudly and screamed again, “Oh yes, yes, fuck me, yes. Oh it’s so good, your cock is so good. Give it to me dammit, give it to me.” Her orgasm slapped her, fiercely rumbling though every inch of her body before centering on her pussy. The wet slap of him as he drove himself into her drew the sensation out of her, and she kept coming and coming, pulsing around his beautiful cock again and again.

In a strange distance, she felt him arch his back and head a soft moan. His weight came upon her, shooting the pain and pleasure quaking through her breasts again. He lay there only a few moments and then jumped up and immediately began removing the ropes.

It took several minutes for him to completely free her, letting her calm down a bit. Looking at the mirror she was stunned at the intricate red lines that weaved over her skin.

“The redness will wear off in a few hours,” he said, running his fingers along a raised red trail at her right breast. All she could think of was how incredibly beautiful she felt.

“It’s a pity,” she heard him say.

“A pity?”

“Yes a pity we can do this only once.”

“Only once?” she complained.

“Well that’s what you said back in the park. You clearly said, we would do this only once and we wouldn’t have a relationship or anything,” he said frowning.

“I said that?”

“You said that.”

“I must have been out of my head, look just forget everything I said back then. I want to do this again, hell Derrit, I need to do this again.”

“Hmmm, I don’t know.”

“Oh please Derrit, please let us do this again,” she pleaded.

“You know, I just love it when you beg,” he said with a broad smile. "And to think, we forgot my pocket protection."

"Promise me you'll never let me see you wearing a pocket protector again."

"What about this pocket protector?" he said, holding the unopened package.

"If you stay with me and only me, we won't be needing that." She reached down and grasped his cock, still wet from her and said, “Yes, we won't need that.”

“You know Katie, I think this may be the beginning of a wonderful relationship.”

She smiled, “Yes, a wonderful relationship.”

"Hmmm, I think I like that," he said, kissing her, and wrapping his arms around her, binding them together.

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