tagExhibitionist & VoyeurPoison Ivy Ch. 01

Poison Ivy Ch. 01


He stood in the shadows of her closet watching the object of his affections. He tried to prop himself up against the cold corner of the darkened shelter from which he had chosen to hide and take in the beauty of this 19 year old vixen. As he peered through the small slender wooden slats of her closet door, he wanted so badly to yell out and let her know that he was watching her.

His large rough hand slithered down and quietly unzipped the cold metal zipper of his sweat soaked jeans. He prayed that she would not hear him. He carefully pulled out his large aching cock from its restraints and slowly began massaging it. The view he was taking in was something he had only been able to fantasize about; until now.

Her name was Ivy Grant. She was 19 years old, but built like a classic beauty of at least 30 years old. Her long golden blonde hair cascaded down her perfectly tanned back. The tips of the small tight curls rested just above her ass crack. She was tall and had the most gorgeous legs, long and tan and seemed to go on for miles. Her ass was perfectly round with a small brown freckle resting on her right ass cheek.

John couldn't help but massage his cock harder just staring at her undressing, preparing to bathe. He bit his bottom lip to conceal his heavy breaths. He began to move his hips slightly, humping the air. But in his mind, he was humping that hot little teen vixen that stood just a few feet away from him.

John had watched Ivy grow up over the years. They had been neighbors since Ivy's parents moved into the neighborhood 12 years ago. From his upstairs bedroom window, John would often watch Ivy emerge from her palatial 2-story house, most times to greet a boy that had come over to see her.

But something had changed. Ivy was no longer a tall gangly teenager with braces. She had blossomed into a sex goddess, almost over night. Suddenly she no longer had braces, she was no longer flat chested and her ass was superb when she slid it into a tight fitting pair of jeans.

John began to realize that he was staring at her more and more. Often coming home early before his wife got home from work just so he could have an hour or so to take in Ivy's sexy appearance. He had jacked himself off more then a few times while watching Ivy sunbathe in her front yard.

He would often moan her name over and over as he jacked himself off faster and faster then depositing his cum all over himself and whatever happened to be on his desk at the time.

However, on this particular day, John wanted more then to just see the vixen from his tiny bedroom window. He wanted to be close to the woman that had been unknowingly satisfying him for months now. So, John quietly crept across the street and made his way into Ivy's backyard.

He could hear music coming from her open bedroom window, he hoped this would mask any noise that he might make upon entering her house.

Quietly he snuck up to the backdoor, jiggling it just a bit. He was relieved to find it unlocked. So with the precision of a cat burglar, John slithered into the kitchen, closing and locking the door behind him. He could hear Ivy singing along with the radio upstairs. He smiled as he began his journey up the winding staircase.

Getting into Ivy's bedroom proved easier then John had hoped for. Ivy was already in the bathroom running her bath water, so John crept into her bedroom and quickly made his way to her closet, shutting it as quietly as possible.

His heart jumped when he saw Ivy enter the room wearing nothing but a towel. She stood at her dresser picking out a white lace thong and a matching white lace bra.

She turned and tossed them on the bed before slowly removing her towel and letting it fall down her perfect body.

John was taken back by her beauty thus causing him to fall back just a bit into her clothes, making the wire hangers clank against one another.

Ivy froze for a moment, sensing she was not alone in the house. She began to look around suspiciously. After realizing the sound came from her closet, she turned and faced the white slatted doors. After staring for a few minutes, a sly devilish grin appeared on her face. She had a feeling she was being watched and this excited her tremendously.

She put her arms above her head causing her perfectly round tits to rise to attention. Her long slender fingers scooped up her hair into a tiny tight bun atop her head. She closed her eyes and seductively licked her bottom lip making it glossy and sexy. When she was satisfied it was wet enough, she brought her finger up to her mouth.

Her eyes never left the closet doors as she sucked in 2 of her fingers, rolling her tongue around the long nails and sucking on the saliva that had coated her flesh. Ivy let out a long moan as she slid her fingers down to her small tan nipple. She cooed and groaned as her fingertip circled the warm flesh of her sexy teen tit.

John's cock was becoming like a rod of steel in his palm. He didn't know how much longer he could hold on. How long could he just stand there and watch this hot sexy bitch standing there naked and rubbing her hot salty saliva all over her hot round tits?

His balls were so tight they ached and his cock throbbed as a small amount of pre-cum oozed out of his engorged piss hole. He bit his lip harder, tasting his own blood.

Ivy knew she was being watched and wanted to give the best show she could. So she slowly walked over to her blue satin waterbed and climbed on top of the covers. She loved the way the satin felt on her naked body. She wasted no time spreading her beautiful legs wide open, revealing the hottest pussy that John had ever seen in his life.

It was small but perfectly shaven with a small gold ring pierced into the clit. He watched as Ivy's nipples became hard like rocks and her pussy was beginning to get wet. She turned her head to the closet and closed her deep blue eyes. Her lips pursed into a shape of a heart as her slutty moans, once again, seeped from her mouth.

Her slender fingers found their way to her pussy and dove deep into the soaked hole. Ivy moaned out, "Oh God" as her fingers rammed and fucked their way inside her knuckle deep. She opened her legs completely, laying them flat on the bed like a fallen butterfly and continued fucking herself into oblivion.

John couldn't take this anymore. Before he could talk himself out of it, he stormed out of the closet and climbed between Ivy's wide open legs. He grabbed her thighs and pulled her slutty fuckhole closer to his mouth. His tongue jabbed at the sloppy wet hole, slithering in and out like a desperate snake.

Ivy never opened her eyes, she just kept moaning louder and louder and bucking her hips, fucking John's face. She reached down and grabbed a handful of his hair and yanked it hard, smashing his mouth into her pussy.

"Oh fuck me, mmmmmm god yes that's it, tongue fuck my slutty hole!!" she screamed out.

John's mouth continued assaulting Ivy's pussy, he never let up even though his tongue and jaw were beginning to ache. He had to bring this hot little bitch to orgasm, he had to taste her completely.

He reached up and slid a finger into her asshole, jamming it knuckle deep and fucking it like a tiny cock. This only excited Ivy even more causing her to grip his hair tighter and ride his face faster.

John slid his mouth up to Ivy's engorged clit, lapping at it like a lollipop, sucking the small gold ring into his mouth. He began to jerk and molest it with his mouth like a dog with an old shoe.

He felt Ivy arch her back and wrap her legs around his neck, pulling him completely into her pussy. She was now screaming like a whore in heat, bucking her hips savagely and flailing all over John's mouth like a fish out of water.

"OH FUCK, MMMMMMM OH GOD, OH GOD DON'T STOP, DON'T FUCKING STOP, I'M CUMMINNNNNNNNNG!!," she screamed as squirt after squirt of her slutty cum pushed its way into John's mouth.

Ivy's eyes remained closed as she rode out her orgasm on this stranger's tongue. John felt her grip on his hair release and her legs slid down onto either side of him. He looked up to see her completely spent. She had no more energy, all she could do was lay there and tremble.

John gave Ivy's pussy one more lick, lapping up the last of her cum. He raised his hips just a bit and slid his jeans down to his ankles. His cock was ready to fuck, moreso then it had ever been. He had never been this hard in his entire life.

As the music from Ivy's small radio continued to play and the bathtub became overflooded with the water left running, John prepared to fuck the shit out of Ivy, something he had wanted for so long.

He climbed up onto the bed and brought Ivy's rubbery legs up to his shoulders, opening her slutty pussy up for his cock. Ivy had no energy to fight whoever this was. Her petite body was still trembling just a bit from her massive orgasm.

John looked down and smiled, knowing he was about to feel what this bitch's pussy was actually like. No more fantasizing or wondering. With that thought running through his mind, he rammed his fat aching cock deep into her pussy.

Oh fuck, it was more then he had ever imagined. It was warm and tight and sticky. He felt Ivy's pussy walls engulf his cock the moment he entered her. He used the bed for leverage and buried his cock inside her balls deep. He just held his shaft inside her for a moment, taking in the feeling of this hot luscious pussy.

John reached up and pinned Ivy's hands over her head, again causing those hot tits to rise up. He could no longer hold back. With his body weight pressed down upon her, John began fucking Ivy with animal lust. The room filled with the sounds of music, water running and also the water beneath them in the bed. Everything was swishing around and John's head was swimming with lust.

Finally, Ivy opened her eyes to find her next door neighbor on top of her giving her the fucking of a lifetime.

"Shhh baby, don't say a fucking word, just lay still," John whispered breathlessly.

Ivy obeyed and kept her mouth shut, except to, once again, grin devilishly.

She had noticed John staring at her numerous times. She knew all about his tiny bedroom window. After all, she DID wear skimpy bikinis for a reason.

"I've always wanted you inside me, John," Ivy whispered.

John was amazed at this confession. But it excited him beyond belief. He began fucking Ivy harder, with brute strength. His balls slamming into her like a ship being thrown on an angry sea.

His grip on her hands made her fingers tingle, but she didn't care. She brought her legs up again, wrapping them around John's sweaty lean body.

"Fuck Ivy, I've never felt a pussy like this before, so fucking wet and tight and hot baby," John moaned before kissing his sexy teen bitch.

"I want this pussy to be yours baby, nobody else's," she moaned, almost panting like a dog.

"Mmmmm, you wanna be my baby, Ivy?" John whispered, "You wanna be Daddy's hot little teen baby?"

"Oh fuck, more then you know, John, YES YES, I wanna be your baby," she screamed, feeling another orgasm approaching.

John began panting as well, he couldn't hold off much longer.

"MMMM, You little whore, Daddy's gonna unload inside you baby," he moaned, ramming his cock into her like a machine.

"Do it, Do it, Oh God, do it baby please, please!!," she begged, arching her back and grinding down on his engorged cock.

"Ohhh, ohhhhhhhh oh fuck, here it cums baby, mmmmm here's Daddy's load, take it, take it all!!," John screamed shooting long stringy ropes of his seed into Ivy.

Ivy's body tensed up, her pussy clamping John's cock like a vice as she screamed out, "OHHHHHHHHHH GOD, MMMMMMMM GOD, I'M CUMMINNNNNNNNNG!!"

John let out a loud moan as he felt Ivy's pussy cumming all over his cock. He looked down and kissed her hard, sucking her lips into his mouth as she rode out her climax.

It seemed like hours before the pair finally spoke to each other again.

"Ivy baby, I hope I didn't scare you jumping from the closet like that," John whispered, playing with Ivy's long golden locks.

"No John, you didn't, like I said, I've wanted you for a long time, I know you watch me from your window," she answered.

"Yes, I've been watching you for awhile, Ivy," he confessed.

The 2 new lovers smiled at each other and kissed, rolling around on the bed.

"There's just one thing, Ivy," John began, "We can't let my wife know about this."

Ivy froze for a second.

"Your wife?!"

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