tagIncest/TabooPoke Her Night Ch. 02

Poke Her Night Ch. 02


It was now almost 1030 and unbeknownst to anyone, a car was pulling up to the driveway. All the cars were recognizable to Anne as her friend's mom parked next to the house. She quickly got out of the car. Her and her friends were into their own worlds that she didn't realize what time it was. She was half an hour passed her curfew. Now, seeing the cars on the driveway and out on the street, her dad is still playing poker with gramps and the others so she'll probably get off with another warning.

By now, Heather has been fucked by her dad Mark, grandfather, Paul, and one of her uncle, Tom. And all three had rammed her the same time. An hour before, she had been a virgin, saving herself for marriage. But a fight with her boyfriend had brought her back from her date early, quite upset, and to 6 half drunk and horny men. Four of which were related to her. Her mouth, pussy, and ass had been violated and she had loved the experience. Now she's being banged by 3 more hard cocks. Her other uncle, Tim, was laying on his back, his cock being straddled, while Bob fucks her cum-filled ass. Jim, his cock being expertly sucked by Heather, had unleashed an amount of cum in her mouth, some leaking from the corner of her succulent lips.

Mark, still naked with cum drying on his cock, peeked out the window after hearing a car door slam shut over the moans and groans of his daughter, Heather. Seeing Anne walking towards the front door, he asked Jim to muffle down the noise coming from Heather. He responded by grabbing his hardening cock and shoving it deep down her throat for the second time, immediately lowering the noise a few decibels. Mark quickly told Paul and Tom about Anne's arrival and told them to join him in the kitchen.

As Anne turned the front door knob and began to walk in, she could tell something was strange. She could usually hear her noises coming from the dining room on Friday nights when she returned from one of her friend's house and there wasn't any to be heard tonight. She had seen all the cars in front of the house, including Heather, her older sister but heard no voices from inside the house. After taking her shoes off, she heard the first sounds from inside the house.

"That's my girl, get it really deep down and I'll give you some more," she heard a male voice say to someone. Anne froze. What she heard was not one would say a conversational response. She waited and listened. "That's it Heather, You are sucking it real well," was the next line she heard from the same voice. The voice sounded familiar but she couldn't put a face to it. It couldn't be her boyfriend, Steve. She'd easily recognize his voice. Besides, it was what the voice said that made her more curious.

As Anne tiptoed from the front door, her eyes scanned right to left to the dining room, living room, and finally the family room. Out of the corner of her eye she spotted someone standing in the middle of the family room behind the couch, naked. She gasped after seeing him and what he's holding. Her gasp would have been heard in the room if it didn't coincide with the naked man's moan. In between his hand was Heather's head, her lips sliding in and out of his cock. Anne's knees began to get weak and her nipples began to get hard as she watched the cock of the man she now recognized disappear in and out of her older sister's mouth. It was one of her dad's friends, Jim.

Anne stood there, mesmerized by what was happening in the middle of the family room. As she watched her sister being face fucked she began to get excited herself. Anne slipped her hands inside her shirt, fingers kneading her right breast and tweaking her left nipples. She backed up into the dining room and sat down on a chair. As she did, she raised her shirt over her breast and unbuttoned her jeans. Sliding her pants down she began to rub her pussy through her panties. She could still see through the family room where her sister's mouth was being violated. Anne realized that what she was seeing was hot and that her pussy was soaking wet. Her sweet, innocent, and supposed-to-be virgin sister was on her knees, her mouth being fucked by her dad's friend.

Where were dad and everyone else at? Little did Anne know that while she's watching the action in the family room she was also being watched by her father, brother, and grandfather. They were standing behind next to the table, Anne's back to them. Mark began to get harder and harder. The three of them watched intently as she started to caress her body. Heather was getting all the attention now and that was fine. He, his father, and brother had her already. Now his other teenage daughter had presented another set of holes for them to fuck.

Anne pushed her panties completely down and took her shirt and bra off. Her whole body was on fire and her clit throbbing. She gently brushed over her clit and worked her fingers in and out the folds of her pussy lips as she watched another naked man reveal himself behind the couch over Heather. Her older sister was sucking Jim's cock and probably being fucked by another man she recognized as her dad's other friend, Bob.

Then as Anne worked herself closer and closer to an orgasm, she noticed someone moving from behind her. "What do we have here?" came a question from someone whose voice she did recognize. At the same time, Heather attempted to pull off the cock she was sucking on lovingly to look back in the direction of the voice, but Jim firmly gripped her head and thrust his cock in her mouth harder and faster. The source of the voice stepped into view and it was her dad, and he was also completely naked. His cock coated with drying cum, hard and leveled in front of her face. Then she realized two more naked bodies approaching from both corners of her eyes, equally naked and equally hard.

"Hey honey, you see something you like?" The voice she knows belonging to her Uncle Tom said, as he approached her, his cock getting bigger as it moved closer to her face. Anne was still in a trance like state from fingering herself and rolling her nipples. Tom stopped in front of her and continued saying, "Here let me help you with that."

He pulled Anne up from the chair and sat her up on the edge of the dining table. He spread her legs open and admired glistening cunt. Tom grasped his younger niece's hand and moved them down to his hard cock. Her hands fumbled around his engorged manhood, while he moved his hand down under her legs and begins to raise it over his shoulder. Although her older sister Heather, Anne would later discover, had started experiencing having multiple cocks in her cunt only an hour ago, this would not be the first time for "little sister" to have cocks around her.

On her 18th birthday, she went out with two of her friends. After a late night of partying they retired to one of their home only to find her friend's dad and brother drinking, a bottle of liquor and a case of beer sitting on the coffee table. All five of them ended up drinking and it went on for quite some time. Her friends passed out and the father and brother ended up taking them in the bedroom while Anne went to the bathroom. When she came out she found the two of them naked. Not only were they naked, both had huge erections. Both undressed her with their eyes until their hands took over and did the rest. Anne tried to resist, but they were strong. When they got her on her hands and knees, it was the father that took her virgin pussy while the brother took her mouth and vice versa. While her two friends slept in the bedroom, she spent the end of her birthday in the father's bedroom being fucked in the pussy and ass by both.

But for the moment at hand, or hands, with a cock moving back and forth in her hands, and the owner, her Uncle Tom, Anne knew what was required of her. Moving between her shapely legs, Tom placed his niece's heels and ankles on his shoulders, spreading her thighs wide and exposing her unprotected cunt for penetration. As Heather moaned and groaned in the family room 20 feet away, being fucked by Bob and Jim, Anne placed the head of her uncle's swollen monster on the opening of her already wet pussy.

With the bulbous head of his cock now kissing the moist, pink entrance of the teen's fuck hole, Tom gently pushed forward. Anne's body responded almost immediately her cunt making sucking noises while she moaned. Her hips began to fuck back, rotating gently to allow more and more of her uncle's rock hard cock to slip into her. Her moans became more louder, her breathing rapid. Tom couldn't believe how hot Anne's pussy was. Her cunt almost seemed to suck on his cock as he fucked her slowly. Anne began to moan and thrust back against her uncle with increasing urgency while her head moved back and forth from side to side. Tom kept the pressure up and looking down on Anne's trashing body. Tom leaned forward and sucked her right tit and kept fucking her pussy.

Suddenly Anne's whole body began to shudder as she began to climax. She was cumming! She was cumming on her uncle's fat cock!! Tom kept pumping into her as he watched her body spasm out of control. There was no way her could control himself anymore. Tom felt his balls tightening and knew that between Anne's hot, tight pussy and the perverse thought of fucking his brother's second daughter was causing him to come faster. Pulling Anne a little more off the table, Tom positioned his body in such a way that her hips were automatically lifted up, allowing his cock to thrust deeper into her pussy. Tom grunted loudly as his cock shot off a thick load white hot cum deeply into the sexy teenager. Anne's beautiful blue eyes rolled back into her head as her sex juice flooded her cunt mixing with her uncle's thick cum. Tom continued to thrust until his niece's cunt had milked his cock dry.

Pulling out of Anne's pussy with a sucking "pop", Tom got off the teen and asked, "who's next?"

Mark could not believe how turned on he was as his youngest daughter laid before him, her pussy red and swollen with white cum draining out and down to her ass crack. Pulling Anne off the table, Mark turned her around and had her bend down on the table. He placed his hands on his daughter's well rounded buttocks and spread them wide, her wet cunt separating. His legs between Anne's and his cock very hard, the huge head of his rod slipped easily in her cum-filled pussy. Mark groaned with pleasure as Anne's hungry cunt grasped her father's swollen cock. He couldn't believe the pleasure his daughter was giving him.

"Damn honey, your pussy is tight just like Heather's." He grunted. He could feel his daughter push back with her ass and take his thrust deeper into her pussy. Anne could feel her father's grip tighten on her hips as he began to fuck her like a whore, calling her a slut and that she wanted to be fucked by her own father. Her perfect breast dangled heavily from her chest, swaying every time her dad's hips thrust forward, slamming against the back of her thighs and butt causing her to lean up against the dining table. He released his grip on Anne's hips, only to reach around and grab her tits. The lust-filled teen pumped forward and back to meet her father's long cock firmly implanted in her pussy and she moaned with lust at the pleasure she's receiving from Mark. He grunted as he drove 8 inches of hard cock into Anne's cunt. Spurts of thick cum flowed from his cock head while his daughter moaned passionately as her cunt was getting filled again. Finally drained, Mark leaned against his naked daughter, hands still on her breast and pulled out.

"You like getting fucked by older men's cocks, don't you Anne?" Paul, her grandfather asked. Anne simply moaned louder. "You wish you had more cocks around, don't you?"

Anne moaned some more, resulting in her mouth to form an "O". As her body began to trash out of control, Paul began to move forward the young woman. She felt her dad remove his hands from her breast only to be replaced by her grandfather's mouth. Paul sucked on her nipples for a few seconds before moving up to her face where he kissed his granddaughter's lips and then slipped his tongue into her mouth. He looked into her eyes and whispered, "I want your mouth first."

Paul stood up. He towered over her. Anne wrapped her hands around her grandfather's cock while he moved his hands up to her shoulders and gently pushed her to her knees. Anne slid to her knees and began to dab her tongue on the head of the cock sticking out towards her. Anne swabbed Paul's dick with her tongue and worked it in and out of her mouth. She knew how to suck cock, thanks to her friend's father and brother, and she knew how men wanted it sucked. She worked her grandfather's cock in preparation for what hopefully be another delivery to her still dripping pussy. After several minutes, she heard the first thing from his mouth besides a groan.

"Anne, as much as I enjoy having my granddaughter suck my cock, and you are fantastic at that, I want to hit that pussy of yours," he said. "Bend over the other end of table again and pull your nice tight ass cheeks apart."

Anne did as she was told sending charges to her nipples as it touched the cool surface. She was now facing her older sister, Heather, now sitting on Jim, with her back to Anne, bouncing up and down, while sucking her Uncle Tim's cock. Heather was totally oblivious to her little sister's presence. As Anne watched Heather impale herself on Jim's cock, she felt her grandfather slip the tip of his cock through the outer folds of her pussy and began to push into her. Paul continued to feed his granddaughter his cock while asking how she liked it.

"It feels so big and I think it's going to split me," she replied, "but it feels so good. Please don't stop grandpa."

With that he began to pound her harder. After a few minutes he began to go deeper and then Anne began to gasp and cry out. "Fuck me harder grandpa," she begged. After a series of thrust that had him bottoming out deep inside her, Anne couldn't take it anymore. Anne's orgasm exploded with her grandfather still hammering deep inside her. He kept hammering while she kept shaking.

Anne looked up over to the next room. Uncle Tim had just blasted a load down Heather's throat and had finished on her face. Jim was still pounding her pussy. Heather had a contorted look on her face as she looked forward into the dining room. Anne's eyes locked with Heather's as she began to orgasm from Jim's thrusts. Heather realized that she was seeing Anne, being fucked by her grandfather, while her dad looked on. As Heather reached orgasm again, Anne was being sent into another series of orgasms by grandpa. And then Paul put together one last series of jackhammer like thrust that lasted nearly a minute without stopping. The final thrust unleashed a torrent of seed deep within Anne's pussy. As she felt the rush of cum mix with her dad's and uncle's, she looked up again at Heather who was receiving the same final thrust and filling. Both sisters collapsed in their respective location. Both fucked by relatives that pounded them and then filled them with their seeds. For Heather, being a virgin almost two hours ago, tasted and taken in six different men and lost count how much load was deposited into her. All she knows is that her three holes are leaking cum. And she wanted more. For Anne, she had found her sexual bliss.

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