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I've kept in touch with you all night by phone, while you've relaxed with the guys. Between barely suggestive and blatant "fuck me" text messages I have done my best to keep your mind on what is waiting for you later. Dinner, drinks, exotic bars, more drinks and poker... Now I need you to be back in our room ravaging me. I'm ready for you and ready to surprise you - wearing nothing more than my red chiffon robe and the leather cuffs you made me around my wrists and ankles.

My cell rings. "What? B-bbbut I'm not really dressed for leaving the room... Ok, I'll throw on a coat and get a cab. I promise I'll be right there. Don't drive." Apparently you've had a little too much to drink - not that it usually stops you.

I arrive at the conference center where you were earlier and are now just finishing your game. I call your cell to let you know I'm here and you can come down. You tell me to let the cab go because the real reason you needed me, was that you need help cleaning up from the game and getting the room ready to present in again in the morning. Frustrated, I do as you say - I realize that your job probably depends on me coming up to help you clean this little mess.

I make sure my coat is buttoned completely before I come in. Once inside the building, I take the stairs to the second floor and find your room. I walk right in to see the room full of your colleagues. In a quick scan, I count 14. Then I wonder why you just didn't have them all help you clean up. The board table is scattered with cards and beer bottles. I grab a garbage can in the corner and start towards the table.

You grab me by the shoulder and turn me to you. You instantly plant a sloppy deep kiss on my lips. I blush, wondering how many of these men know who I am. Don't you realize they are watching? Do they assume I'm your wife? Do they know otherwise?

"You're going to need to do one more favor for me before we leave." You tell me under your breath.

"Anything, just as long as we get back to the room tonight while you can still fuck me." I whisper back at you in my coy way with a smile.

"It's not like that. I lost my last hand and the stakes were a little unique... I'm sorry, but Daddy needs his good girl to suck Bill off before we can leave."

"No way! You are just fucking with me, right?" I say as I insist you follow me to the other side of the room to continue this discussion...

"Actually, no. I am very serious." You insist.

"Oh my god! Who do they think I am? Your personal hooker?" I say wondering how this all came about.

"Well the truth sort of came out when they started reading all of your messages over my shoulder tonight. But I have their sworn secrecy. They are actually intrigued what it is like to have my own eager cock whore. Just finish cleaning, suck Bill and give the other boys a nice show and we'll get out of here." You finish with another little kiss on my forehead and grab the base of my neck to turn me away from you.

I head back to the table speechless and thinking then finish cleaning it off. Surely you are just fucking with my head and showing off a little... I pick up your bag and coat and walk over to you and motion for us to leave. "Relax and take your coat off.", you tell me in your serious voice.

"But..." is all I can mutter, before you have emptied my hands of your things and started unbuttoning my coat.

You now see why I was hesitant to remove my coat as I stand before you still wearing nothing more than my see-through robe. For a moment we both blush realizing we have a rather large content audience, but I can see the delight in your eyes over the shock on your face. It always gets me so hot to know I'm pleasing you. Now I'm noticing that I am getting very damp between my legs and at this point am loosing all hesitance to please you with whatever you have in mind. At the same time, I am so hot for you that I can't help but to reach out and clutch your thick cock through your slacks. It thumps under my touch and suddenly there is no one else in the room but us.

Instinctively, I fall to my knees and reach for your zipper. I must have all of your cock now. You help me to help you by pulling it out for me. Without another thought, my lips seal around your head and slide down your rapidly growing shaft as far as I can go. Mmmmm. I always bask in the first taste of you as it wets my appetite for what I hope I will get more of. I tease your cock with my mouth and tongue as saliva drips from your cock. You take it away from me and slap me across the face with it abruptly. "Get up bitch and give that to Bill!" you insist as I come back to reality and this room full of men.

Part of me hesitates knowing you have all that is needed to please me while all of me complies knowing that pleasing you is more important and personally satisfying. If I have to do this, I must make you proud. My decision to please you is made. I stand up and say "Bill? Please come here, my Daddy wants me to show you how good I can suck your cock."

Effortlessly, Bill approaches and before I can get back to my knees, his pants hit the floor and he is waving his less than average little dick in front of my face. Of course, I oblige and begin sucking it. This is nothing like your wonderful cock... whom I try to imagine instead so I will better enjoy myself.

Before I have convinced my imagination of this, I realize that I am now surrounded and being closely watched. I pray deep in my mind that you are still near and planning to help if needed... That thought dissipates when I feel my ankles being grabbed from behind me. I feel something being tied to the rings in my cuffs, that I forgot I was still wearing. I take my mouth off of Bill's dick and turn my head to see that it is you who is tying me. You have taken what looks like phone cords to use as makeshift bindings on me. I see the disappointed look in your eyes and assume it is because I am not attending properly to my task.

You save me from guilt and Bill's hopeless dick as you grab me tightly and lift me to my now bound feet. Before I can get my balance you pick me up in your arms and carry me over to the table. "Be a good little cock whore for Daddy and you may get to have some of me later tonight." is all you say as you lay me over the edge of the table - face down.

I am now standing feet apart, yet tied. My torso is bent over and resting on the edge of the table. You lift up the back of my robe fully exposing my bottom and pussy and drape it backwards to cover my head. I keep myself focused on the situation. I try not to over analyze. Pleasing you is all I have to go on at this point.

While these thoughts feel my head - I feel a sudden hard slap right across my ass, and then another. I flinch more than usual because I was not expecting this. You've never punished me in front of others before. I feel another sharp sting and gasp in a deep breath. Again and again in the same place, more and more of your insistent blows land on my already bruised ass. You are showing me no mercy tonight. Just as I was considering yelling out I feel your warm hand fall upon the welt. You briefly massage the mark you have made on your property.

Again, I start to forget there is anyone in the room but us and long for your cock to impale me. "Please fuck me Daddy." I beg muffled and breathless.

"Oh, you will be fucked my little one." you confirm with a tight grip around my neck and another hand tightly taking control of my breasts.

"Alright Guys! Go ahead but stay away from her pussy - that is all mine."

One by one, I am invaded by these strangers' cocks - in and out of my ass. I'd scream if it weren't to please you. I am comforted because you hold me tightly - although uncomfortably. I know you are watching every guy rape your girl's little ass and hope that you are pleasured by this.

My pussy is dripping wet and I have squirted all over the floor multiple times. I am so shamed and embarrassed to have received any physical pleasure from this - especially in front of you. I have lost count of how many cocks have ripped open my ass and how many times I have cum.

You tighten your grip around my neck and I know what you are doing. You are showing me your control. You are showing me that you are still here. You are keeping me from slipping into a trance so I will face and remember all of what you have put me through. "Thank you, Daddy." I utter and you let go of me.

I realize that my ass is now empty but gaping and begging for your cock still. I feel another body come up behind me and soon feel the head of a huge cock against my wet pussy. "Wait!" I shout.

"Settle down. It's me." you assure me as you pull back the robe from over my head. I can now look around a little and notice the room is finally really empty.

I deeply exhale and push back onto your cock. It enters me without effort and you pound deep inside of me pounding so hard that your balls are slapping against my clit. I take every inch of you and every drop of your seed as I feel you thrust and grunt your release into me - so relieved to finally have earned you.

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