tagHumor & SatirePole McCoy and the Gubbins Twins

Pole McCoy and the Gubbins Twins

byUncle South Loop©

Maw rousted me out before the sun'd come up. She was all fired up to gets her cannin' in early 'cause it were gonna be a hot day. The two of us worked like beavers and finished a bit after noontime. Last for me to do was takin' the rinds and peels down to slop the hogs with. Them hogs was a lollin' round and keepin' cool in dirty water and mud. Everyone knows that hogs is smart animals and theys gives me an idear to keep my own self cool like them.

I lit out fer Cripple Creek. Weren't a soul around sos I gets nekked and dives right in. It didn't take much splashin' around before I wased feelin' fine. The water was most refreshin' and when I gets out, the sun and wind on ma bare skin was mighty pleasin'. Instead a gettin' dressed agin', I stretched out on top of my clothes, closed my eyes and wased 'bouts ta drift off when I hears some talkin'.

It sounded like womenfolk and I was reachin' fer my drawers when I done stopped. It'd been a few days scincin' I'd been o'er to Pine Ridge and played 'tickle and tuck' with Bessie Conkers. I figgered there wased a chance that I might have some fun if'n I played possum instead.

I quick laid back down and set my private alayin' off to the side in full view. The voices grows louder and then all a sudden gets kinda hushed but not sos quiet as I couldn't make out words. One of 'em says, "Lookey Eulie, there's a nekky man over theres."

"Ethel, you's is right. That looks like Pole McCoy. Ya think?"

"You's right, Eulie May. Oh, land sakes! Does ya see the size of his dangler? I ne'er knowed thats why they call him Pole."

They starts gigglin' and I fights not to move a muscle. I knows that they's the Gubbins twins - Ethel and Eulie May. Theys awfully purty gals. Maw always says they's like two peas in a pod and folks has trouble tellin' one from ta other. Theys looks alike, talks alike, acts alike and even gots hitched on the same day. They's two cabins is only a stone's throw apart and I always wondered how their hubbies tells 'em different.

Then, I hears one whisper, "I sures would like ta see how big he gets when he gets 'cited."

"Me too. I bet it gets powerful large. Hey, if'n it does, I wonders what it feel like inside of me?"

Theys giggled some mores softlike and then one of 'em says, "Shush, he's a' restin' deep. Let's sneak down younder a bit, takes us a dip and then come back and maybe find out."

It were all I could do to lay still as what I hears sounded mighty promisin'. Weren't too long befores I hears the grass swoosh and then some breathin' right close. When I feels something touch my privates, I jest stirs slowlike. They didn't stop the two of 'em rubbin' my pole and nuts. My private starst ta risin' up sos I actses like I wakin' up slow and be surprised at openin' ma eyes. There weren't no way I could keep from grinnin' any longer and sos I props myself up on my elbows and says, "Afternoon, ladies. Find somethin' you be alikin'?"

The two turns some sos I sees four lovely tits, each one as purty as the other three, pointin' my way. Both them giggles and smiles. Their four hands starts rubbin' a little harder with one of 'em answerin', "Pole, the two of us always thought you was named 'cause of your bein' so skinny as a young'un. Nows we knows the real reason."

This time when they giggled, it were kinda wicked like and I laughs in same way. When they stopped, they each bends over ta start kissin' and lickin' ma

growin' peter. It weren't long before I wased full gorged and one of 'em yelps, "I's wetter than a polecat in a flood and just gotta try gettin' this inside my putang."

"No Eulie, I wanna try first."

"No, me!"

"Not Fair!"


I fears they feudin' is agonna ruin all, sos I fesses up, "Ladies, no needs fer fightin'. I rekons I bes able to please you both. And, I gots an idear to makes the one that does the waitin' have some fun too."

One of 'em asks, "What that be?"

"One of ya could move over and hunker down over my face whiles the other mounts up me."

One twin's eyes gots bigger and she says, "Eulie, no reason we can't shares Pole just likes we's always shared everthin'. You can be first and I'll squats down on his face."

"Ethel, can ya help me get situiated first? Line me ups some?"

I almost hoorayed feelin' as relieved as a coon that done ditched a pack a hounds. Eulie steps a leg across ma hips. I lifts ma knees together makin' a slant fer her bottom to lean agin' sos she canst line her center up ta me. Ethel offers sis her arm for steadyin' while she grabs ma pole with her other hand and bends it back. Eulie puts her soft buns agin' ma thighs whilst usin' Ethel's hand ta steadyin' herself. She spreads open her sopping pink openin' with the her fingers and slinkers on down.

The red knob of ma cock slips into Eulie an she says, "I's gots it started in now, Ethel. Thankey, Sis."

Eulie starts lowerin' herself slowly lettin' my rod plow into her hot, slippery inners. Her eyes is all wide and 'cited like as my hard pole creeps up inta her soft, sweet putang. I's bout half disappeared when Ethel done cuts my view by ahaunchin' down wit her smooth thighs on either side of ma head.

Ethel's shiny, sweet-smellin', pink furrow comes straight down on ma face. I starts alicken' and suckin' likes I wased a bear wit a pot full o' honey. When I's sticks outs ma tongue, she pushes onta it and then drags herself back and forth sos it slides between her two ridges. She stops fer a while when ma tongue tip finds a hard bud up top her crease. I flicks it, sucks it with ma lips, scrape it with ma teeths and she moans low like.

Meantime, Eulie works herself down slippin' all of ma swelled pole inside. I can't see nothin' buts I hears one of 'em say, "Oh yesss, you pinch mines and I'll pinch yours some."

The three a us gets apantin' and amoanin'. Ethel is a grindin' inta ma face, Eulie is astrokin' herself ups and downs on my peter an' I's tryin' best ter swaller in the sweet, stickey juice thats flowin' all over ma face. I knows I's agettin' near to poppin' whens one of 'em yells, "Switch!"

Them twins hurries up and changes spots lickety split. Ethel saddles up on me much faster than her sis while Eulie quick commences ta grindin' herself onta ma face. The two of 'em starts awhoppin' and yellin', "Yehawwwww!" and "Hot damned!"

Eulie rolls her hips and I stick ma tongue full out into her openin' and twirls it arounds. She stops sudden like and then squirts her hot juice all over ma mouth and down ma chin. I follows by gushin' up inta Ethel an I's keeps 'ruptin' untils she's so full, both a our hot, stickey jism backwashes out over my balls . All three of us bodies freezes but fer our spoutin' and ashudderin'.

It be a spell befores we alls able ta catch our breathes and they's gets enough strength backs to their legs ta get up offa me. They's each takes one of ma arms ta pulls me standin' and the three of has one big hug with lots kissin' whilest expessin' double rounds of 'preciat'ns.

Then Eulie grins some and fakes ta poutin', "Pole, Ethel gots the bestest havin' you shoots up inside her. I wants my turn."

Ethel giggles sayin', "I reckon Pole be liken' to even things out if'n hes given a little time fer restin'."

I says, "I'ma athinkin' thats only fair seein' hows the two of ya is so good 'bout sharin'. Let's all swim some first and I reckons I just might'n be able ta even things out."

We all dives back into the creek and splashes 'round. We starts in rubbin' an' grabbin' each other's nubs and buds. When we starts a game of 'Suckin' Nipples', my private gots ta stirrin' agin'. We ups ta the bank for some more fun and this time I lets go inta Eulie May ta make evrythin' fair and same 'tween 'em.

That afternoon were just the beginnin' of ma fun with them Gubbins twins. We sees each other lots more times. A couple times, theys decided to each have a turn with me alone. I always 'membered the manners Maw done teached me and say 'much oblidged' when sayin' bye. Once, when there but two of us and twice when we's all three together.

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