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Politics Behind the Curtain


Miss Teen of Kalhoosa County 2005 walked onto the stage. The lights were flashing, the music roaring and the crowd was on their feet... or so that was what Tabitha Adams wanted to see. What she really saw was the local photographer snapping her picture as she walked up the steps and onto the floor of the newly constructed stage, that had just been put together last weekend in her Father's barn. Also, what she heard was not an orchestra playing the Miss America theme song, but the school band playing the High School fight song. Lastly, it wasn't a roaring crowd that Tabitha saw greeting her with cheers and whistles, but a group of about fifty elderly and middle-aged folks along with a few of the more popular girls from the area. The more she saw what really faced her, the more she knew she was not in Hollywood, California or New York City. She was in Springdale, Michigan located in Kalhoosa County. It was with that thought in mind that she plastered a smile on her face and began to introduce the contestants for the weekend event, that would take place in hopes to find the next Teen of the County. The only real requirement was being eighteen or older. Beauty wasn't part of the equation, though everyone knew it was the only part.

Rebecca Henderson watched the bubbly blonde, Mindy Owen walk to the center of the platform and wave to the group of onlookers. Rebecca let her eyes wonder over the tight ass, tiny waist and small breasts. She sneered inwardly as she thought of losing to the blonde. She wanted the cubic-zirconium and glass bead crown. She kissed the girl's cheek, as was customary, when coming back to the contestant line. Rebecca had already been introduced and was now waiting for the procession to end. She watched the next girl be introduced.

Samantha James, a perky brunette, was actually only in the contest for the scholarship money. Rebecca glanced briefly at the full busted beauty and glared at the woman when she did a spin on her toes, showing off a gorgeous mane of curly locks. When the two women were face to face giving the routine kiss on the cheek Rebecca smelled a touch of booze and was taken back by the realization that Sammy had been sipping on something before coming out.

More girls were introduced and then it came down to introducing Desiree White. Desiree, or Desi, a redhead with enough ample ass and breasts too out show any woman in the pageant, was known as the town slut and openly admitted her sexuality to that of open and explorative. Once she got the beauty pageant kiss and finger shake, Rebecca's thoughts shifted to the first event of the day, Demonstrating the Proper Technique of First Aid.

The crowd dispersed and Rebecca walked off the stage, stood for a few shots with the Mayor and the town Sheriff, before slipping into the Legion and changing into a pair of cut offs and a tank top. The day would be full of carnival type escapades and until the evening's scores were given she was free to roam and play until it was time for her to show her skills. Her first stop was to check out the competition. Her eyes immediately went to Mindy and her shoulder length blonde hair. She ran her eyes once more over the slim woman and sighed.

Mindy pulled back her ponytail and looked at the plastic dummy laying on the ground. She thought of how stupid all this was, but she knew the money would help her out in the long run. She closed her eyes and bent down to demonstrate how to give CPR in an emergency. As she did she felt someone besides the judges and the guests watching her. She sat back on her legs and waited to get the okay to move on when a movement to the edge of the small group caught her attention. She looked up and saw Rebecca looking back at her. Mindy got the go ahead to move on and stood up, giving the next contestant her place.

"Hey Beck. Enjoying the day?" she asked. She'd closed the distance between them and was now looking at the Miss Teen 2006 wanna be with fake interest. "I bet your looking forward to Sunday morning's crowning. Who do you think will win?"

Rebecca slipped a stick of gum from her front pocket, flicked the wrapper into a nearby trash can and then slid the gum into her mouth. "Don't know. . .don't care," she told her, though it was a lie, at least the not caring part was.

"You're mom's a judge surely she'd know? You know they always know ahead of time, at least that is the rumor," Mindy said.

"I don't know. Mom really never said. She hinted around last year, but honestly I didn't know Tabitha was going to win." She turned to leave, but was stalled when Mindy gripped her shoulder. "What?"

"Don't you hold some sway with your mom?" she asked.

"Sway? No. What gave you that idea?" Rebecca studied the other girl and saw she was serious. "Look, mom tells me nothing. So I can't help you." She shrugged her shoulders and left. Mindy watched her as she walked away.

Rebecca continued onward, the day growing more boring and more uneventful. She suddenly found herself looking at 5:00 and wondering how she was going to stomach another day of events. Saturday was the busiest and the big dance was that evening, too. She pushed back her dirty-blonde curls and headed back to the Legion to see if her mom was ready to take her home. When she got there it was practically deserted, just a few folks milling about. In the corner was her brother Seth and her cousin Jake. She walked over to them and looped her arms around theirs. "Hello boys," she said to the two men, two years older then her nineteen.

Jake and Seth looked down at Rebecca and grinned. "Mom asked me to hang around and take you home," Seth told her. His eyes moved over the collar of her shirt and she blushed.

Jake smirked and added, "I of course told her, we'd both make sure you arrived home safely."

Rebecca chuckled. "I'm sure you did." She winked at her handsome cousin and watched his eyes roam to the valley of her breasts. "Gentleman. . .if you keep ogling me like that, people will wonder about us." She laughed and her voice echoed through the abandoned Legion. "Hey is anyone around here besides us?" she asked after noticing the room was very quiet.

"No, why?" Jake grinned. His fingers moved away from her arm and slipped to the underside of her shirt, to skate up her back. "Got something in mind?" he asked. His eyes shifted to Seth and smirked. "I'm only in town for a few more days. It's been a while since we've all played together."

Seth agreed and leaned into his sister's side. "It has been a while," he whispered, his tongue sliding along the curve of the soft flesh. He chuckled when he heard Rebecca's intake of breath and her soft sigh. "Come on Becky. There's no one here, but us." He nodded to his cousin and Jake left the group. He locked the door to the Legion and then shut off the lights and closed the blinds, when he turned around his cousins were already in a very passionate lip lock.

As the three played, no one noticed the young beauty contestant watching from the small window in the kitchen door. Her eyes grew wide as she watched Rebecca go down on both men. Thoughts and plans worked inside her mind as she began to stroke and fondle herself. When the group left, she grinned wickedly, cleaned herself up and headed for home.

~ ~ ~

Rebecca showered away the scent of her cousin and her brother. She was a bit perturbed at having fucked at the Legion when they had perfectly good beds at home, but she got over it and headed downstairs for supper with the family. As the night wore on Rebecca kept to her room. She set up her camera and began to take a number of nude photographs. It wasn't long before her fingers, that had been gliding over her nipples and cunt, aroused her and she was moaning and thrusting against her hand. That was how things always ended up with her, but by the time she was done she had a ton of come shots and a sexy video.

She wiped her hands dried and sat up, her come flowed freely down her legs and she smiled at the fragrance that filled the room. She rolled to her belly and began to work on her laptop, downloading the pictures and later the video until she was ready to log in and open up her little store. Jake had helped her set up her little side business during one of his visits. She now serviced several adult porn sites with her luscious figure and wet cunt. Her fingers moved swiftly over the keys and eventually it was time to turn on her web cam and do a few live shows. There were a few clients she viewed coming with her, but most just bought her service and she never saw their faces.

She answered one chat window after another and just when the show was about to begin her eyes locked in on a sentence.

[B]Hey Miss Kalhoosa wanna be. Can you make me come? [/B]

Rebecca's jaw dropped and her face went pale, then her show started. She was still for several minutes until the blinking lights of customers brought her back to reality. She started in on her manipulations and when she had enough, she faked her orgasm and "came" for her fans. She watched only one window, knowing her regular customers were bitching and complaining because of her lack of enthusiasm, but she didn't care. She was only interested in one window.

[B]You're as fake as your mom's tits, Becky.[/B]

The chatter logged out and Rebecca was left there pale and frightened. She cleared off her bed and tried to think about who would know her that visited the sites she worked. Jake came to mind, but he was quickly dismissed, after all she'd come for him at the drop of a dime; he didn't need to play games with her, neither did her brother. She chewed on her lip and when she went to bed that night, thoughts of who had watched her play online filled her mind, making it impossible for her to sleep.

~ ~ ~ ~

Rebecca stretched and yawned, her eyes adjusting to the poor lighting inside the school hall. She could hear the commotion of people inside the pool area a few feet away and she sighed. Her arms rested behind her back when suddenly she felt a grip on her wrists. "Hey Becky," the voice whispered in her ear. Becky jumped and turned around. Her eyes met those of Samantha James, another beauty queen contestant. She immediately thought of last night and bit her lip.

"Hey Sammy," she said with a hint of suspicion in her voice. "What do you need?" she asked. She took in Samantha's appearance and saw that the young girl was ready for the swimming contest. She eyed the soft skin and the beautiful chestnut highlights that were blending in with the thick, long locks of brown.

"I was just wondering if you'd mind walking with me to the pool. I wanted to talk to you about something." Samantha looped her arm around Rebecca's and started off. Her fingers lay gently across the other woman's flesh. "So. . . how's your cousin?" she asked.

Rebecca sighed. Samantha wanted to talk about Jake. That was cool. Samantha had always had a thing for Jake and so the thought of Samantha knowing about the online fiasco from last night left Rebecca's mind. She grinned, "Jake's fine. He's engaged though, so sorry doll he's off the market."

Samantha growled low and stopped their walking. "No. . . you're off the market. Arrange for me to fuck him, or I'll spill the beans about you sucking his cock and your brother's." She smirked and dropped the woman's arm. "See ya doll...oh and by the way. You need to talk to someone about the video that's making its rounds to us girls. Seems someone is showing off a bit more pussy to somebody besides their family."

Rebecca's lips started to shake and she reached out to Samantha. "That was you?" she hissed, fury building inside her.

"No. But damn sweetie, if you ever want a girl to fuck that cunt of yours I can hook you up," Samantha licked her licks and walked away. "Bye sweet cheeks."

Rebecca watched the girl walk away and felt her world shift. "Fuck," she muttered and then took several deep breaths. "Okay, think," she told herself.

She obviously had to find out who downloaded the images of her online and see what they wanted. "Probably the damn title, want me to drop out. I can't do that though." she stopped talking. "Mindy," she groaned. She immediately went in search of the blonde assuming that Mindy was behind all of this in hopes she'd win.

She didn't find the blonde, but she did find another contestant, she could tell by the look in Desiree White's eyes and face that she'd seen the video too. She spun around to leave, but it was to late Desiree had her arm and was dragging her towards the Girls' Locker Room of the gym.

"How the fuck did your cunt get pictured all over the place?" Desiree hissed into Rebecca's ear.

Rebecca groaned. "I don't know," she answered. She looked into Desiree's eyes and felt a tear escape. "I need help and I don't know who has the tape, or made it. . .or whatever. I think it may be Mindy."

"It wasn't Mindy. I was fucking her last night," Desiree said, releasing the other woman and backing up.

"What? You were fucking Mindy, that blonde cunt?" Rebecca's face fell in disbelief. "I thought you hated her."

"Pussy is pussy. You were to busy bumping and grinding with your brother and with Jake in town I knew where you'd be. Obviously it was 'See me come night' at your place so I got it from someone else. Damn you Becky!" Desiree pulled a cigarette from her locker and lit it up. "You're such an idiot."

"Look Desi, I don't know whose behind the video, but..." she sighed. "Sammy knows about Jake and Seth, too." She jumped when Desiree slammed her fist into a locker. "I don't know how she found out. She had to have been in the Legion last night when I was with them. We thought everyone was gone."

Desiree rolled her eyes. "This gets sweeter and sweeter. So someone is running around with the video giving out copies. Sammy knows your fucking your brother and your cousin. Have they asked for your mom's vote?" she asked.

"No. Sammy wants me to hook her up with Jake. Mindy asked me about judging and all that, but she hasn't said anything about blackmailing me. I can't help them. Mom's already under pressure for being a judge and having me in the contest."

Desiree sighed and leaned against the lockers. "It's okay babe. I'll help you figure it out. Come 'er." She snuffed out the butt of her smoke and opened her arms. Rebecca melted into them and the two women kissed and shared the taste of each other. As they slowly peeled away clothing, exposing perky nipples and glistening cunts, a figure moved away from one of the windows that had been opened earlier to allow steam to escape. The sounds of moans and squeals barely noticeable as they were muffled by pussy lips and velvet come.

~ ~ ~ ~

By the time the Saturday's Evening Gown and dance competition rolled around Rebecca was physically exhausted. The girls in the Pageant were constantly snickering behind her back or openly ogling her. Several times she'd cornered Mindy only to hear she had no idea who had the video tape and who was doing what to who. When she changed into her evening gown, she plastered as much make-up as she had to in order to hide the puffy, red cheeks and eyes that were evidence of her tears. She was mentally wore out by the time she was in the arms of the local librarian dancing and pretending to like his humorless jokes.

After a spin on the dance floor she found herself sipping punch and standing beside Tabitha Adams. She said nothing to the woman, secretly wishing she could be anywhere but in Springdale. "Becky," Tabitha whispered. "Got a minute. I wanted to tell you I know who was spreading the ummm...well you know."

Rebecca turned to the reigning queen and sighed in relief. "Oh God Tabby do you? Do you really? Who is it?" she asked. Her eyes full of hope.

"Come on. I'll tell you in Dad's office." Tabitha led the way through the City Mayor's home, leaving the dining room, that had been converted to a ball room, behind. They passed well wishers and eventually made it to Tabitha's father's office. There at his desk was the Mayor and Sheriff Tate.

"Oh I'm sorry," Rebecca said. "We can talk somewhere else." She turned to go, but Tabitha was already closing the door and looking back at Rebecca.

"Sorry. I think you'll have to stay awhile," she said.

Rebecca looked around nervously. "What's going on?" she asked. She looked at the three faces and wondered how she had ever gotten herself mixed up with what was circling her life now. She slipped onto the small sofa and took a seat on the edge of its red, plush cushion.

Tabitha walked over and joined her. Her fingers toying with Rebecca's curls. "Well... its like this. Dad here," she pointed to the Mayor. "He likes to watch online porn. Imagine his surprise when there you are pumping your fingers in and out of your cunt." She chuckled against Rebecca's ear. "Sheriff Tate, he happened to be walking past the locker rooms this afternoon. Got quite an earful too. But I think you can help him with that in a little bit." Her finger ran down Rebecca's neck. "Now. . .in my case. I had a very intense orgasm while you sucked your brother and cousin off."

Rebecca was stunned. "I thought. . ."

"You thought that Mindy was making the video and that Sammy had seen you doing the 'incest is best' fantasy and you're cunt love affair was private. Well... wrong. I told Sammy about the extracurricular activities at the Legion. Sheriff Tate came today knowing how much fun he was going to have fucking me since you got him so hard, but I wasn't here. I was helping filter out videos to folks with the help of Mindy. . ."

"What do you want?" Rebecca asked her eyes full of hate for the three people in the room.

Tabitha laughed. "Well I don't want to fuck you. . .though it looks like half the town does. Nope. They want to fuck you," she said, pointing to her father and the sheriff. "I'm just here to watch, so you can't holler rape. I'm here to witness it all. Sure I'll probably come, but I'm not tasting your pussy. I like cock."

"Why would I fuck them?" Rebecca stated already seeing the outcome before Tabitha's words left her lips. She had suddenly remembered who the other two judges were. "Fuck," she hissed.

Tabitha and the men laughed. The other two judges, Sheriff Tate and Mayor Adams rose from their chairs and started to disrobe. Tabitha smirked and got off the sofa and found a place to sit where she could see the center of the room without anything blocking her line of vision.

Rebecca glared at the two men and the one woman. Her eyes were slits and she felt as if her skin was on fire. She stood up and disrobed. Her gaze went from the girl who was pulling her panties off and rubbing her pussy to the two men that were naked and as hard as rocks. Her bottom lip trembled and she hissed for them to tell her what they wanted. Before they spoke she looked at Tabitha. "I do this and you stop all rumors right? And my Mom NEVER hears about it right!" she asked.

"And, let's not forget, you'll be the Queen of the County." Tabitha smiled and winked at Rebecca. "Let's get this show going. . . I want to come."

Mayor Adams, Will to most folks looked at his daughter's cunt and then over to the other pussy in the room. He couldn't have Tabby in his bed anymore that was the deal. She deliver Porn Star Beck and he stopped fucking his daughter's pussy. He watched Tabitha pull a toy from her bag and start to slide it over her wet lips.

Tate walked up to the future Miss Teen of Kalhoosa County and stepped behind her. His fingers ran down her back and he felt her tremble. "You just let us fuck you and we call it even." He kissed her neck and shoulders as Will cupped her twin globes and began to knead the soft flesh.

Rebecca bit her lip as she felt the first stirring of arousal streak through her. She swallowed the moan and stood still as the two men began to tease her flesh. Will moved his lips to the opposite shoulder that Tate was sucking. They both slid their hands up and down her sides. Tate made a path of butterfly kisses and bee sting bites down her spine as he settled himself to his knees and began to lick her ass cheeks.

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