tagMaturePolly Has More Than Her Daughter

Polly Has More Than Her Daughter


"Hi mum, I have brought Ian back from uni. He lives in the next village. Isn't it strange we never met when we were growing up."

"Hi darling, hope you had a good week. Nice to meet you Ian. Now you must stay for dinner and we have spare room so my husband will run you home in the morning," said Polly.

"Thanks mum."

"Yes thanks Mrs ..."

"Polly, call me Polly. Now darling, pop to the shop for some wine for tonight and call in on Aunt Mary for 45 minutes. I said you would. Your father will home by then and we can have dinner. I will help Ian settle in."

"Thanks mum, see you in an hour, both of you."

The door shut and Ian turned back to Polly. She was arching her back as if stretching whilst holding the base of her jumper down. Suddenly her huge firm tits which Ian had noticed the moment he walked in were stretching the fabric as they tried to burst out of their tight confines.

Without saying anything Polly walked upstairs and Ian followed nervously, carrying his bag.

Polly opened the door to the spare room and stood in the doorway as she signalled Ian to enter. He tried to ignore her huge boobs as he squeezed past her. As he went past her she said:

"I hear you play rugby. I also hear you like the ladies and they like you."


"Erm, smooth talker too. Do you think you are too good for my daughter?"

"Um, no, not at..."

"I do" Polly said turning away and firmly clenching her arse with both hands in her tightly clad jeans as she walked across the landing to her room.

Fuck she is hot thought Ian, his cock straning in his jeans.

Ten minutes past and he just sat there on the edge of the bedthinking of the hot babe he had just met. He then heard a thud from across the landing. He rose and hurried across to see what the noise was.

He arrived to see a high heeled shoe in the hallway outside Polly's bedroom, clearly the noise he had heard was the shoe being thrown against the door.

He looked up and into the room. He was snared.

He found himself staring into the deepest, sexiest cleavage he had ever see. Shiny sexy sparkling green eyes, painted lips glistening, her sexy deep tanned skin, her strong long legs now on show, a tight denim dress clinging to her arse. But Ian's eyes were transfixed on her huge tits. He had fucked some sexy girls but this woman was leagues apart.

The dress had 2 clip on fasteners up the front and they strained to hold together as her round full firm boobs strained to be free. Her breasts did't need support but Polly was in full tease mode and the black lace wonder bra lifted her mounds even nearer her chin and deepened her awesome cleavage.

Ian had no idea how long he stood there.

She whispered: "42 double F. Do you think the dress can cope?"

Ian didn't know what she meant until she walked over to the back of the chair by the dresser and looking directly into his eyes, just 5 feet away and bent forwards over the chair.

Ian felt his aching cock take on a life of its own in his jeans. He had to touch it to relieve the pain and he tried to relieve the pressure by moving it but it only increased his problem. Polly bent forward further and Ian could see the strain on the dress as it struggled to contain her assets.

Her hands cupped her tits suggestively and she then allowed her elbows to press against the sides of her full round tits. Pop went the top clip of the dress loadly. Ian was startled but he could now see even more cleavage.

"I am sure you and my daughter will become close friends and you will cum round here regularly," Polly said huskily.

"Oh God," Ian muttered.

Polly frowned and said:

"Oh so you don't want to, well maybe I can encourage you to cum."

Her dress was straining impossibly not to pop open the other button.

She bent over the chair and pressed her huge boobs up and together. Deep tanned full firm tits pressing against one clip. One clip working to keep her dress on her body. She smiled at him:

"Does my daughter's flat chest get you that hard and excited in your jeans?"


Polly remained in the same position but seemed to arch her back and thrust her tits forward.


The front door opened and Polly's daughter shouted into the house:

"We're back."

Polly looked at the fast growing dark spot on Ian's jeans.

"I'll be down in a minute. Ian I hope you are settling in. Are you cumming now?" she called with a wicked smile.

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