tagMaturePolly Has More Than Her Daughter Ch. 03

Polly Has More Than Her Daughter Ch. 03


Ian felt drained. Two days of solid fucking. His dream woman was underneath him, her huge solid tits pressing into his chest as he relentlessly drove into her. He had lost count of the number of times she had made him cum and the number of different ways she had teased him to the point of ejaculation. Now though, this was pure animalistic fucking.

The only problem for Ian was that the woman under him was the fantastically sexy mother of his girlfriend. He wandered how he would cope when this holiday was over and the two of them were reunited with Polly's husband and daughter.

Polly had with her a series of incredibly sexy outfits which she teased her young lover with. She loved the way she could make him cum just by flirting with him and letting her great boobs bulge out of her various tight tops. Ian would find no difficulty in staying hard after he had cum all over her top, the huge upper slopes of her tanned melons and her smooth tanned pretty face and neck. The initial release of desire was followed by lengthy sloppy blow jobs and tit wanks resulting in further copious releases of cum which Polly either swallowed or allowed to spray again over her body. By the time her top came off it was normally clinging to her body as it was full of cum. The thrill of fucking the sexiest woman he would ever meet meant that Ian had no difficulty fucking her tight pussy and cuming relentlessly into her. He grabbed her solid, muscular torso and arse and ploughed into her, all the time praising her amazing body, her tight pussy which worked his cock whilst it drove into her and most of all worshipped her perfect breasts.

Polly felt that she had hired a cum machine for the week, he meant nothing to her but this sure was fun.

The third evening saw Polly lying in bed chatting on her mobile with her husband whilst her young lover pleased her by fucking her arse. She chatted casually for 10 minutes as Ian took the older man's hot wife.

"Are you not embarrassed that your hot wife beat you up that rope" she laughed down the phone and thrust her tight arse back down on the young big prick.

"I think Ian held onto you more tightly than he did for me," he laughed. "I hope that you are behaving and that Ian hasn't noticed what a full figured woman you are."

Polly laughed to herself. Not noticed!! Full figured made her sound like some buxom overweight frump. She held the phone in the crook of her neck and took Ian's hands and pulled them from her slim waist to her gigantic firm tits. His palms were filled with her solid tit flesh and he groped her eagerly.

"Well Ian, have you noticed that I am not quite as flat chested as my daughter, your girlfriend? My husband wants to know. Bernard wants to know if you think I am a hot wife. Well Ian?"

She thrust herself down on his throbbing cock as he mauled her tits.

Polly flicked the phone to speaker as she fucked her young lover.

"Well Ian, answer my husband."

"Uhhh, God," he groaned as he started to cum uncontrollably.

"What are you wearing to get that reaction, Polly. I mean it, don't tease him Polly. Behave," he said sternly -- the laugh suddenly gone from his voice and replaced by concern.

"Don't tell me what to do Bernard. Just enjoy your holiday, we are, aren't we Ian."

"It has been great. Please say hi to Vicky from me."

"Ok lad, now Polly, what are you wearing?"

"Oh Bernard, stop being so insecure and grow up. You would think the young man had never seen a big pair of tits before. Have you seen tits this big before Ian?

"Polly," Bernard shouted. "What are you saying? What are you wearing?"

Ian felt the tits press into his face, his young cock stiffening again:

"I have never seen anything to compare to them," he mumbled.

"Oh well, I guess Bernard is right. I will go and change darling. Maybe this white bikini is a bit too revealing; you know the one, don't you Bernard."

"You can't be wearing that in front of Ian. Polly, I think Vicky and I should come up and we should spend the holiday together. Vicky's just walked in, what do you say we meet up with them Vicky?"

"Yay, can we dad."

Polly interrupted to say firmly down the phone:

"Sorry guys, the pilot said no visitors so you are stuck with me Ian." She winked at him and offered up her boobs to him."

"Hi Vicky, you have a great time and we will see you at the airport," Ian called.


"But be no buts," Polly said. "Don't worry, Ian is taking care of me. See you soon. Bye."

Polly turned her attention to Ian's aching cock:

"They are not the reason I came on this holiday, you are," she said in a husky voice as she slid her lips over his cock.

"When do I see you in this white bikini your husband is so worried about?"

"Tomorrow, now shoot another load all over me," she cooed.


On the final morning of the holiday/romp, Polly pulled a white cashmere sweater over her head and smoothed the tight top over her boobs.

"Today you dump her at the airport but make it clear you want to stay in touch with me so you will still come round to the house. Compare her with me, be brutally honest." She smiled at him.

"I love you Polly."

"I know."


Floods of tears from Vicky followed Ian's nonchalant dumping of her at the airport. Bernard was furious and it was not helped by the fact that Ian had said that Polly was a million times the woman Vicky was and that she should be ashamed to be compared with her mother.

Polly took Ian to one side and told him that whilst she has enjoyed the week, she was back with her husband now.

"But I need to keep fucking you. I adore you, you are so hot."

"Oh sweetie, it was fun having you worship my giant cans this week. They are watching us so give me a hug."

She pressed her tits into him as she whispered:

"One day she will watch you fuck me but my next adventure is to snare her next boyfriend as easily as I hooked you."

She turned and without waiting for a response click clacked on her high heels across the floor to her husband and daughter.

"Mum, I hate him. I think he wants to fuck you."

"I do too. Well forget about him honey, I will help you find a new boyfriend."

"Oh thank you mummy."

"I missed you dear," said Bernard.

"Of course you did Bernard, but you weren't really jealous of Ian spending the week with me, were you?" she said.

"Uh, no."

"Good, I think we will do the same holiday next year then."

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