Polly Lolly Sprifts a Braunchus


The newborn bumbia considered the pegamolp. She blinked her big blue eyes at him before pushing him down with her finger. The panicked pegamolp made her giggle.

The Meathead tried to dust himself off, but found he was snatched up by Polly Lolly before he could finish!

Polly Lolly stood up and flapped her wings. Her powerful, untested wings tore sands from the road as they gathered strength for flight. She held on tight to the pegamolp and flew herself into the air!

"My mistress! Return me to my mistress!" The Meathead moaned in Polly Lolly's hand. He was certain that Ancha could restore him. It was her magic that was responsible for his sad sack state!

Polly Lolly flew high above the trees and higher than any pegamolp could go. She flew over a mountain and could see the whole of Feebalon! When she flew as high as she could, Polly Lolly was surprised that she could fly even higher! She made excited noises in the winds she found there.

"No! Please!" The Meathead wept in the deep blue sky. "Take me down! Take me to my mistress!"

Polly Lolly flew herself so high in the sky, that the clouds looked like specs of sleece splattered over a fertile land!

It was then that Polly Lolly found Feebalon's the giant moon!

"What's this!?" The Meathead shouted. He was awe-struck with how far they had come!

Polly Lolly swooped in for a closer look and what she saw made her smile. She saw that the sun was phering the moon with its own giant grumpus!

The moon's seeping swarly dropped tiny rocks around the sun's fiery yangus!

Humongous hands of fire slapped the moon's rock-solid borces. The craterous lips of the moon sighed little pebbles and bits of cheese with each slam of the sun's jumbo yangus. The mountainous halops on the moon's flat planes shook with the joy of a superior sprifting!

"That's why the sun hasn't moved in the sky," The Meathead said in surprise. "It's been phering the moon this whole time! But why not move!? Unless there's something right under his nose that he wants to go on watching..."

The eyes of the sun peeked out from behind the moon and down at Feebalon far below.

Polly Lolly could see what the sun could see and she grinned.

Polly Olly hadn't gotten to the market yet. She was phering a giant monko! The monko's great grumpus was slamming in and out of her willing yingly!

And that's what the sun was watching!

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