tagMaturePolly Plans Her Next Game

Polly Plans Her Next Game


Polly was just finishing her workout in the gym. Every pair of male eyes was glued to her body. She had just finished 50 stomach crunches, she loved to keep her toned tanned stomach flat and firm. Her mountainous firm solid tits bulged against her tight lime green licra top and the men in the place were rock hard and mesmerised by her tiny sexy waist and those big tanned orbs that strained against her tight top as she worked her stomach muscles.

Her solid toned legs glistened as her tight black shorts clung to her muscular bubble shaped arse. She had rubbed baby oil on her legs just so that they shone and kept the guys transfixed. Her big green eyes sparkled as she surveyed the young hard dicks that saluted her in their gym shorts. She dabbed the perspiration from her brow and unclipped her dark auburn hair and let it tumble over her sexy tanned shoulders.

One of the instructors called Todd started ushering the guys out of the gym, a smirk on their faces, they knew what he intended. Only Polly remained and Todd walked confidently up to this married babe, a large lump bulging in his shorts:

"Is there anything you need Mrs Urquhart?" he asked staring into her green eyes.

"My legs feel tired, please massage them whilst I call my husband."

She flicked her phone into operation and whist it rang she casually added:

"Oh and if you still have your load in your balls when I am finished the call I could do with a good fuck! Oh hi honey, I have just finished my workout and I am getting a massage."

This was true if you could call sliding your hands up and down her immaculate tanned legs a massage, the baby oil made them so smooth as he groped her strong thighs.

"I hear Vicky has a new boy, only 19, top of his class and plays chess apparently. They are staying the weekend but Vicky seems reluctant on bringing him. Speak to her Bernard, it is important that we have a close relationship and can trust each other."

As Bernard replied Polly bent forward and pressed hew awesome chest into Todd's face and reached into his shorts to grasp hold of his throbbing cock. The combination of his hands on her legs, her massive tits crushing into his face, her nonchalant phone call with her husband and the skilled fingers on his thick cock, wanking it slowly meant he erupted.

"What was that?" said Bernard as his wife made Todd groan as he filled his shorts.

"Just Todd the instructor honey, I told you he is giving me a massage."

"Oh ok," said Bernard, still puzzled by the noise.

"His name is Malcolm and he is arriving tomorrow evening, I am out tomorrow evening but I will meet him when I get in," said Polly, milking the last few shots from Todd's cock.

"Where will..." Bernard started before being interrupted.

"Go and get some nice stuff for the weekend. I will be home in a bit."

"Why, what are you doing?"

"Oh honey, don't you listen, Todd is giving me a massage, he is focusing on my legs at the moment," she said crossing one leg high over her other thigh to show off her glistening sculptured legs to the young stud. She felt his dick stiffening in her hand, God she loved young studs. "That's it Todd," she said slowly before clicking off the phone.

"Oh God," groaned Todd. "You are incredible, so hot."

"You failed to keep it for me, so sticky," she said, wanking him slowly with a mischievous grin.

Before he knew it, she was on the phone to her daughter.

"Looking forward to meeting Malcolm tomorrow honey. Give me his number and I will make arrangements with him."

"Why do you need to speak to him? Mum, it worried me what happened with Lance. I need this to work for my confidence. Please don't do anything to ... please say you will be... I don't know, conservative, good. Like a mum."

She removed Todd's cock from his shorts and started sliding it over her tanned legs.

"Vicky, I promise I will be good, I will be the best. You do trust me, don't you, you trust your own mum?"

"Of course, it's just..."

Polly lowered herself onto Todd and slid down him until his aching cock rested between her deep, deep cleavage. His balls ached but he knew she had him again, the sight was incredible a wall of smooth deep tanned, firm cleavage, the licra emphasised the full size of her cans. They surrounded his cock and he grunted and pushed up through her awesome boobs.

"His number honey?"

"What was that noise?"

"Just my personal instructor, you know how these young guys get excited around me. Don't worry I told dad about Todd massaging my body. Text me his number now."

In the background Vicky heard a load groan and a male voice say: "Fuck, Mrs Ur..." as the phone snapped shut.


Polly settled into the driving seat of her showy sports car and smiled. A text had just arrived from Vicky. It read: "I am not sure I can trust you like I did before. I don't know what to think. What was that instructor doing. I just want you and dad to be happy. Please help me to make it work with Malcolm. He and I are so alike and he is shy but really clever. I have attached his number".

Polly wiped the last drop of cum from her tits, cum that had spewed over them from her over excited young lover. She called Malcolm:

"Malcolm honey, it is Mrs Urquhart, Vicky's mum. Meet me at the station tomorrow at 7 pm. Tell Vicky you have directions from me and will make your own way from the station. It is a surprise."

"Oh, ok Mrs Urquhart, how will I recognise you? What is a surprise?

" What a sensible question Malcolm. Well I have amazing tanned legs so I will wear a very short tight miniskirt so that you can see them, hopefully that will help you to identify me. I have huge big firm tits so I will wear a tight low top to emphasise how great they are for you. My young lovers say I am the prettiest sexiest woman they have ever seen, does that help?

"Wow, uh well..."

"Wow is right, remember the arrangement, our little secret darling. Life is a surprise," she purred and snapped the phone shut. Malcolm adjusted the erection in his trousers, she sounded posh, well educated but what she had said, what did she intend, was it a test? ..................... Polly arrived outside of the vicar's house. Only Mrs Steel, his prudish wife was home but that was all part of the plan. Mrs Steel had suspicions about the character of Mrs Polly Urquhart but her job was to be kind and charitable. She also couldn't help admiring Polly's amazing body, Mrs Steel had often thought she could have been a lesbian if she had not married the vicar, God she would love to grab those big tits. After a cup of tea during which Mrs Steel wandered why this visitor had come at all other than to flaunt her great body, as they had little to talk about, Polly asked if she could leave a message for her husband who would be worried about her. Polly explained her mobile had died and she needed to borrow their phone.

Polly tried it and said that it was engaged. Actually she knew no-one was in yet. She turned to the Joan:

"I need to powder my nose Joan, please can you try and if it rings he struggles to get to the phone in time because it is upstairs, can you leave him a message that I am at your house having a cup of tea and I will be home soon."

Mrs Steel repeated the message into the answer machine and looked up, surprised to see Mrs Urquhart smiling broadly, standing on the stairs above her. She had unbuttoned a couple of the top buttons from her cardigan and her ripe tanned huge melons were bulging out of the top of the confines of her top.

Mrs Steel stopped, she just held the phone, staring at the awesome big tits which Polly seemed to be offering up over the balcony..

"Tell him how much you enjoy our meetings." She did, almost like a robot repeating Polly's instructions into the phone.

Polly walked down and laughing next to the phone said loudly:

"Tell him he should trust his pretty wife more."

Mrs Steel hesitated as the tall busty woman towered over she shrivelled frame. "Tell him" she said emphatically as she toyed with the button which held her tits in.

"Bernard, you should trust Polly more" she said quietly. Polly smiled . "Tell him I am wearing a nice cardigan" she said slowly.

Why? Tell him yourself!"

Polly unbuttoned the cardigan and her huge tanned cleavage bulged toits maximum capacity. Tell him and I will undo the final button."

"Your wife is wearing a nice cardigan. There I said it."

"Say I look nice please" as she held her tits up for close inspection. Say my tits look huge in this cardigan, especially when I undo a button or 2." Polly flicked the final button and her huge tanned tits in their licra top burst free. She stepped over the top of her and pressed her huge melons in her face. "Say it, you know you want to, you little dyke."

"She looks so nice in this top Bernard, so huge, especially with a button undone. Now tell me what is going on? Please Polly. Have you slept with my husband? Would you ... let me suck them too?" Joan pleaded. "I don't understand."

Polly shouted:


Toby the dog bounded into view barking.

"What is going on?" said Joan Steel, totally bewildered.

"What do you mean Joan, I am just letting hubby know where I am." She put her hand on the phone, ending the message. "Well I should be going Joan."

"Tell me Poly," Joan asked: "Have you ... with my husband? I said what you wanted me to, now please tell me. You are so sexy."

Polly leaned in close to Joan, Polly's athletic tanned frame contrasted with the withered small woman next to her, it was as if she spoke through her cleavage which heaved between the 2 women's faces. She cupped her huge mounds and whispered:

"42 FF, I try to keep them caged but they love to come out to play."

"With my husband?"

"That would be telling. If my husband or daughter ask you about tomorrow night, I was here with you and you spoke on the phone to them. Otherwise I will not come again."

"I feel so guilty, please come again, tomorrow would be fine, bye Polly."

Polly jumped into her car and raced home. "Gullible, ignorant dyke" she thought, her husband has been fucking me at every opportunity for 20 years and she still wants these puppies, probably more than her husband does.


Polly arrived home and pulled a portable Dictaphone from her bag; carefully she recorded statements from Joan's phone message onto the Dictaphone and then deleted the message from the answering machine.


The front door clicked open and then thudded shut:

"Mum I'm home, Malcolm said he was making his own way here so should be here soon. When are you going out."

Polly completed oiling her legs with baby oil and looked at herself in the mirror. Her tanned sexy face and sparkly green eyes looked immaculate, her tousled hair looked stunning. White calf high boots, golden shiny legs, tiny tight mini skirt revealing all of her shiny muscular sexy thighs and clinging tightly to her pert toned bubble shaped arse that just sat so high that it just begged to be groped. Two inches only of flat toned tanned stomach were visible before a tight white top which clung to her like a wet t shirt but had 3 large black buttons down the front. It was low cut and with the top button undone, plenty of tanned cleavage bulged into view.

Polly grabbed her bag which held just her keys, her purse, her phone and her Dictaphone, all she needed she thought with a smile.

"What the hell are you wearing mum, where are you going looking like that?"

"Like what darling?"

"Like a whore, a tart. Dad should know, who are you meeting? I am glad you are out so Malcolm will not meet you. It is embarrassing."

"No need to be embarrassed honey, you can't help it if your mum is sexier than you and that you are flat chested." She smiled arrogantly at her daughter, "I always get what I want. You do trust me don't you Vicky? Get daddy to call me if you are so concerned honey. Oh and baby, do you think Malcolm would prefer to fuck me than you? Is that what is worrying you?" The door slammed shut and Polly was gone.

Vicky sat stunned, what had happened. She couldn't trust her mum. An hour later she heard the door:

"Malcolm, is that you?"

"No, just me love," called Bernard as he stumbled through the door.

"Oh dad, Malcolm isn't here yet and mum went out dressed to the nines and I don't understand what is happening. I have tried to call Malcolm but there is no answer. Please call mum, I need to know what is happening," she cried.

"What on earth are you suggesting Vicky? Calm down."

"Dad, I think mum is having an affair, I don't trust her."

"Vicky, what are you saying? That is ridiculous, I trust your mum, we have been married for years. I will call her, you will see. I trust her."


Polly saw a lost looking young man coming off the platform. She turned, bent over the bonnet and pretended to write a note on the bonnet of her sports car whilst pushing her tight toned arse, encased in a tiny white skirt up into the air. A minute later she herd footsteps:

"Uh ... Mrs Urquhart?" said a very nervous tentative voice.

She turned with a bright smile and admired the young slim man in front of her. Her first thought, nerdy. Nerdy but sweet.

"How did you know it was me, honey?" she asked with a knowing smile.

"Um well ..."

"Oh, do I match my description?"

"Yes, wow, umm"

"Oh thanks, I think." She stepped up to him and looked into his eyes. "Am I prettier than her Malcolm. He stared at her, his mouth frozen, his dick throbbing. His eyes flicked down to her mountainous curves.

"Oh God, yes, so incredibly..."

Polly rubbed herself against him and tweaked his hard cock in his trousers.

A minute later and standing in a quiet railway public car park the young man could feel this incredibly curvy sex bomb hugging him and sliding herself against him whilst having unzipped him and casually tossing him off quickly against her hip.

"So nice that you are pleased to see me honey."

"Uhh fuck, God" he groaned and she felt him thrust against her remorseless hand and buck and spew his load.

She looked casually over her shoulder at the streaks of cum on the bonnet of her car.

"I hope you didn't mind me unzipping you but I always think it is better when my daughter's boyfriend meets my husband that he doesn't have the contents of his balls spattered all over his trousers or all over me."

Malcolm was speechless.


The phone rang. Polly smiled. Malcolm had already ignored 2 calls from Vicky, well he was busy with her mother who was thrusting her powerful hips down over his aching cock. She was still fully dressed, Malcolm was underneath her, pinned with his back to the steering wheel as Polly writhed on top of him, her bulging tanned cleavage in his face and her tight pussy milking his young cock. They were parked off the road in a quiet spot, Polly loving the control she had over the inexperienced youngster as she rotated her hips over him and he thrust himself a foot into the air to bury himself inside of her. He had lasted 2 minutes the first time before blowing his second load of the night, this time straight up his girlfriend's hot mother's pussy

She was talking to him, making him compare her huge tits to Vicky's flat chest, Polly's melons still bursting to be free of her white top as she pressed her tanned firm flesh into his face. He simply groaned and thrust ever more desperately into her.

The phone, Polly picked it up from the seat and smiled, it was her husband. She whispered in Malcolm's ear:

"Just keep fucking me honey and say nothing, everything will be fine." She smiled and answered the phone, starring into the young man's startled eyes.

"Hi honey."

"Polly where are you? Vicky says you, well she is worried that neither you nor Malcolm are here."

"What are you suggesting Bernard?" Polly said her haughtiest and most indignant voice as she again plunged her hot pussy down on her daughter's boyfriend's throbbing 6 inch cock.

"Nothing Polly, of course but..."

Vicky grabbed the phone. "Yes we are, you dressed looking like a tart, where is Malcolm?"

"I have no idea Vicky where Malcolm is," she said holding the phone in the crook of her neck and grabbing her massive tits in her tight top and pressing them into Malcolm's face whilst grinding herself hard on top of him. "I am with the vicar's wife if you must know."

"Dressed like a tart, a slut, I don't think so," Vicky hissed.

Polly smiled at Malcolm and said politely: "Joan dear, please tell them where I am this evening."

Malcolm looked puzzled, what the hell was he supposed to do, Polly reminded him by lifting her hips off her young lover and plunging her pussy down on his aching cock. That's right, he had to keep quiet and keep fucking this awesome woman.

Polly reached across and picked up a device from her bag. She held it to the phone and pressed play:

"This is Joan, your wife is with me this evening, we are having a cup of tea. She will be home soon." Polly pressed stop.

"Thanks Joan, I hope that puts your mind at rest darling."

"Well, I ...", Vicky was thrown. Her mum had almost advertised the fact that she was going to fuck her boyfriend and that there was nothing she could do about it. She was dressed to show off her outrageous body and now she was having a cup of tea with a prudish little woman she hated.

"You don't even like her, dad something doesn't add up."

"I think you owe your mother an apology Vicky," Bernard said.

"Of course she doesn't honey," Polly said "but I am surprised at how little you trust me Bernard. You know how much Joan and I enjoy these evenings." She clicked play and stuck her tongue deep into Malcolm's mouth and French kissed him.

" I do enjoy having your pretty wife over to see me. Bernard, you should trust Polly more," Joan's voice droned.

Polly pulled her tongue out of Malcolm's mouth as she pressed stop:

"Oh thanks Joan, and I don't know what Vicky thought I was going to wear when I came round here but I have a nice cardigan on, perhaps the buttons are a bit tight." She toyed with the top button of her white top, her tits straining to burst free. Malcolm's eyes transfixed to her cleavage, his cock thrusting in a warm tight smooth vice. He fought to silence a groan and Polly just lent back and emphasised her huge tits more.

"She wasn't wearing a cardigan dad, it was a tiny top that well you know," said an exasperated Vicky.

"What am I wearing Joan?" asked Polly. She pressed play

"Your wife is wearing a nice cardigan".

"But I do admit Vicky that if I undo this button my tits do look rather big, don't they honey" she said unbuttoning the top button of her white top and allowing Malcolm to view more of her incredible tanned wall of tits. She felt Malcolm losing control underneath her and smiled and held herself still for a moment and pressed play:

"Huge" gasped the vicar's wife.

"Well thank you Joan, I am going now, bye Toby", she pressed play and the unmistakable sound of the vicar's dog yelping was heard down the phone."

"I'm sorry for not trusting you mum," said Vicky quietly.

"Vicky, I will go and pick up your boyfriend and I will be home soon."

Bernard took the phone: "Make sure you keep your top on love, Joan sounded like she was about to have a heart attack," he laughed. We wouldn't want Malcolm getting over excited honey. See you soon". He passed the phone to Vicky

"I am sorry mum. I should trust you"

"You didn't ask Joan about my tiny mini skirt and my oiled tanned legs" she said grinding herself on her girlfriend's boyfriend's dick as he groped her incredible legs and locked them on her arse as he spurted his third load of the night into Polly's hot pussy.

"Oh, ok mum I get the point, I said I trust you and I'm sorry" said Vicky laughing as she hung up.

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