tagLoving WivesPolly's New Adventure

Polly's New Adventure


Vicky's new boyfriend pulled up outside her parents' house. Bernard and Vicky went out to meet him. They explained to Lance that unfortunately Bernard's mother was ill and Polly had gone to stay with her and that Vicky had agreed to go and look after her when Polly returned that evening.

"My wife insists that you still stay with us and get to know us whilst Vicky is away," Bernard said. Bernard looked at Lance, he was taller than Vicky's first boyfriend, Ian, had been and was clearly a strong athletic guy. Vicky was very much in love with him and they locked arms and walked inside.

Lance had been one of Ian's best friends and had heard all about Ian's holiday with Vicky's hot mother. If the reports were true, Lance was looking forward to meeting Polly. She was a hot busty babe, according to Ian. Ian had quit university to return home just to be able to fuck Polly occasionally. If she liked Ian, she will prefer what I have to offer, Lance thought arrogantly.

Bernard quickly found that he didn't warm to Lance. Ian had seemed a nice lad but Lance was cocky, he seemed to look at Bernard with a mixture of contempt and pity. What really worried him was the lack of interest Lance paid to Vicky, despite her best efforts.

Polly called at 8 pm to say that she was leaving but that Bernard should drive Vicky across now so that the ill relative was not left alone for too long. They said bye to Lance and drove off. Ten minutes later Lance heard a car pull up in the yard. He looked out of the car to see a white 2 seater sports car pulling up. He opened the door and saw a tanned pair of legs and a tight firm butt in a pair of denim shorts pointing out of the car at him as the woman leant back into the car to get her bags. What an incredible arse, thought Lance.

Tumbling dark, auburn hair, sunglasses, a very sexy tanned face met him as Polly turned to face him. She wore a white jacket but she slowly unzipped it and her huge firm boobs created a massive deep cleavage as they bulged out of the jacket and were held in (just) by an impossibly tight maroon halter top.

"You must be Lance. Vicky has told me about you. I am Polly, I trust Ian has told you about me?"

"Yes, but his description didn't do you ju..."

"Yeh yeh, my tits are bigger and firmer than you expected, my tiny waist and bubble shaped arse are the hottest you've see.. I know that Lance, I know all that. What I don't know is what you have in here."

She reached for his groin and spent time exploring his hard cock which ached in his jeans. She estimated he had a solid 9 inches before moving her fingers around his big balls and exploring them.

"Ian would have cum for me by now."

"Well I am not Ian. I think you'll find I have what you want," he said arrogantly. "Enjoyed your week having your old man's mother being sick on you. Very glamorous!"

"Would it surprise you to know that she is heavily drugged and was oblivious to the fact that her daughter in law has been fucked by 5 of her son's best friends this week. The doctor, the policeman, the vicar, Bernard's banker and his oldest school friend all paid a visit. One a day, I am just a busty slut, Lance. But I pride myself that I have never had a man say no, however married or loyal he thought he was. If I want a man, I fuck him. Which reminds me, I want your cock buried in my pussy tonight when Bernard comes through that door, because Lance ... I love to take risks!"


Lance was a powerful, arrogant man and there was no comparison to be had between the fun Polly had enjoyed teasing Ian and the dynamic fucking she enjoyed from Lance.

Firstly, over the bonnet of her sports car she was fucked. After a week of teasing middle aged men out of their cum, this was more like it. A huge 9 inch cock drilling up into her as this good looking young stud worshipped her body.

The bonnet of the car was replaced by the back of the sofa but when the door opened and Bernard strolled in the scene was as follows.

They were on the marital bed. Polly's tiny waist and tanned tight arse gyrated above Lance, his cock pistoning remorselessly into her tight pussy. Her toned tanned thighs snaked round him pulling his cock deeper into her.

She allowed her huge cans to slide across his face as he sucked one nipple and then the other before mauling her giant firm melons and slobbering all over them.

"You have the face of a sexy headmistress and the body of the hottest porn star," he grunted.

"Ooh stallion, which pornstar do you think I resemble?" she gasped as she pressed her huge boobs into his face.

"I, uhh, think you are soo hot," he grunted as he drove his cock up and deep into her. "I think you have tits as great as Ava Divine, probably bigger though and you can suck big cock like she can too."

"I am a respectable married woman," she said, thrusting her tight pussy down on her daughter's boyfriend's large cock and groaning with pleasure. Polly then really started talking dirty to Lance:

"Are you saying you have seen a woman whose tits compare to mine? Mine are much bigger than Ava Devine's, firmer, sexier!" she said pushing them together.

Lance moaned as his big hands mauled and worshipped her massive chest. Her tiny tanned waist and curvy tight arse continued to ride his cock and her pussy contracted along its length, teasing him towards ejaculation.

"Oh God Polly, you are perfect. You have the sexiest body I have ever seen. I think I am going to cum."

She slid her cans across his face and pressed a nipple into his mouth. He sucked it eagerly.

"Most young men I meet cum long before they start fucking me Lance. You must be used to fucking hot women?"

"Not as hot as you Mrs Urqhart."

"Shall we speak to Mr Urqhart," she said reaching for the phone.

"Jesus, you are hot," Lance said grabbing her tight buns and marvelling at how firm, how sexy she was.

"Bernard, honey, we were just wandering where you were> Have you left Vicky at your mother's?" she asked into the phone.

Lance drove his cock into her tight tunnel hard, hoping to force a reaction from Polly but she simply smiled at him. She was used to being drilled.

"Polly, I am actually home." The next thing Polly heard was the front door opening downstairs.

"Oh where are you Polly?"

"I am upstairs, Lance has just gone to his room to unpack his stuff," Polly said calmly.

Lance was panicking. He couldn't believe how relaxed Polly was. Her husband had just walked in and she was naked upstairs with her daughter's boyfriend's big schlong stuck up her.

"I thought he had already unpacked," Bernard replied. "Oh well see you in a second."

"See you downstairs in a few minutes," Polly said smiling down at Lance and rotating her hips slowly, grinding herself onto his cock."

She heard footsteps on the stairs.

"Fancy a quickie whilst Lance is unpacking" Bernard chuckled as he reached the top of the stairs and thought about fucking his sexy wife.

Polly had seconds to think. "Bernard honey, how would you like to go camping with me this weekend? Share a tight sweaty sleeping bag with your hot busty wife?"

"God yes," replied Bernard, thinking through his stiffening cock.

"Well go to the garage now and load the car with the tent and I will meet you up here in 5 minutes to start the fun."

Bernard was 2 strides from the bedroom door which was ajar, one stride from having a view through the door of the mirror in the room which would reflect back onto the marital bed where his wife lay naked on a very anxious Lance.

"Go now," Polly said firmly. For the first time Lance sensed stress in her voice.

"Ok, ok, I'm going," said Bernard and headed for the stairs. Polly smiled. She mouthed at Lance: "Fuck me stud."

Lance couldn't believe what had happened.

Polly let Bernard chatter away on the phone to her but all her concentration was on the pistoning she was getting from young Lance.

"I'm going to cum" Lance grunted.

"Of course you are dear," said Polly.

"What was that?" asked Bernard.

"Lance heard us talking about the camping trip and asked if he could cum. I said of course, he must cum."

Lance was so hard, so turned on that he thrust up into Polly and flooded her pussy with young hot cum.

Polly smiled at him whilst Bernard gabbled his disapproval in the background. "What about our plans?"

Polly wasn't listening, huge spurts of cum were still being released into her.

"Stop moaning Bernard, Lance and I will be down in 5 minutes. Wait in the car."

That gave Polly another idea and she smiled at her new lover as she hung up.

"That was so hot. I have never cum that hard," Lance gasped. "What a woman."

"Oh babe, you ain't seen nothin' yet," she giggled.


Bernard was really pissed off that Lance was coming with them, especially when he saw his wife stroll out of the house in a blouse that strained its way over and around her big melons and had 2 or 3 buttons undone. Her tight white jeans clung to her arse, she looked hot.

They drove for 45 minutes before stopping for a pub meal.

"What a lovely evening, shame Vicky isn't here," Polly said.

"Yes, then they could have their own tent. How are we all going to fit in one 2 man tent Polly?" asked Bernard.

We will manage honey" she said.

They arrived at the small camp site which was really just a field. The 2 man tent was quickly assembled and Polly explained that she and Bernard would share the sleeping bag whist Lance had a blanket. She whispered to her husband:

"How hot are you for me?"

"Very, I want to explode. Why did we have to bring him?"

She grinned but did not answer.

"You boys get ready in here and I will change behind the tent."

Lance and Bernard were lying in the tent when the zip of the tent slowly opened and more and more of Polly's hot body came into view. She was wearing a tiny red negligee. She bent forward to move through the door and the view of her huge firm tits was truly spectacular.

"What the hell are you wearing Polly," spluttered Bernard. "Lance is here."

"What, don't you like it dear," she said pressing her elbows against her firm tanned globes.

Lance watched her hot body slide into the sleeping bag, her tight tanned arse and sexy legs sliding against Bernard's body as she entered the sleeping bag.

Her hand grabbed Bernard's balls as his short cock throbbed in agony.

"Good night Lance" Polly cooed but at the same time she pressed her finger into Bernard's balls at the foot of his cock. She knew her husband's pressure point and she felt his cock spurt his cum in one or 2 streaks across his stomach.

"Bernard, can't you control yourself? I am not sleeping against your splatter tonight. Get in the car!"

"But Polly..."

"Come on, it is not my fault you can't control your balls."

Polly ushered her husband out of the tent. She bent to pick up Bernard's car keys out of his trousers. Lance stared at her hot body as she bent over in front of him.

"I'll be back" she mouthed at him as she jangled the car keys in her hand.

She walked out and over to an extremely crestfallen and humiliated Bernard.

"You have embarrassed me in front of our daughter's boyfriend," he said.

She looked at him for a few seconds before replying:

"It is not my fault the moment I touch you, you shoot your dribble. Get in the car." He stepped into the back seat. "You know this car has the feature that it can be locked using this button so that you can't unlock it from the inside?"

"Yes, I never understood the point of that," Bernard replied.

"So that you can be punished for being an incompetent husband," she said swinging the door closed and locking it.

Bernard tried the door and then the window but neither worked. He looked panic stricken.

"I need the toilet Polly," he called through the window.

She smiled mischievously at him and pointed to a polystyrene cup in the front of the car.

He watched her turn and, dressed only in a skimpy negligee stroll back to the tent 20 yards away. Her amazing legs and sexy toned hips swayed as he stared at her body. He stared at the side profile of her body from the car as she bent forward and her huge tits, straining at her sexy lace outfit spilled out of sight and into the tent. He saw her smile warmly at Lance and enter the tent. He felt uneasy but he trusted his wife.

Lance had moved into the sleeping bag.

"Oh God Polly," he grunted, wanking his big cock at her.

She stretched the negligee off her oversized tits and let it fall to the floor. Lance gawped at her sexy body.

"I always get what I want," she said and slid her tits over his hard body. "Hello Lancelot," she said. "Do you want to lance me, a lot?"

To be continued.

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