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Pool Boy


Vanessa opened the gate to the apartment complex pool. The sun was beating down pretty hard, but she didn't mind. After all, she was hoping to be able to get a little bit darker. Although her natural complexion was tan, she had decided that just one shade darker would really elevate her looks to the level of slightly slutty hotness that she wanted. Vanessa had been riding a bit of a cold streak lately. Work had consumed most of her time lately and did not leave much time for a social life, which is part of the reason why she had decided to take a couple of days off from work. She hoped to get out to the bars that night and maybe find some young stud to flirt with and give her the proper fucking that she needed.

Recently turned 30, she realized that work had really gotten in the way of getting her sexual needs filled. She worked hard to be able to be as independent as she was, but turning 30 had made her yearn for the days when she had fewer responsibilities and she had the time and the energy to be sexy and get any man she wanted at any time. She had little time to go out to meet someone, and all the men at work that were her age were either married or pathetic losers, who although were nice guys, she wouldn't have touched with a ten foot pole. She had no problem keeping herself satisfied with her fingers at night, but it had been so long since she was able to feel another man's skin against her body. No tonight was going to be different. It was going to be like old times. She was going to go out, flirt with the hottest guy she could find and then take him back to her apartment, get naked and have hot nasty sex until she and her partner passed out. So she wanted to be sure to send out the vibe that she was on the prowl tonight and little sun always help set that vibe.

She unwrapped the towel draped around her chest and walked to the edge of the pool, where she could see her reflection in the water. She thought to herself, "Well, at least the reason I'm not getting laid is not because of my body." The reflection displayed the results of Vanessa's dedication to working out. She worked out mostly to relieve the stress of her fast paced job, but she was also happy of the added benefit of keeping her body tight and toned. The bright red string bikini that she wore sat snugly against her lithe frame. Her top nicely supported her breasts, but was little enough to show off a good deal of her nice full breasts. Her little bikini bottoms showed off her long firm legs and her full ass. "Nice," she thought to herself, "those little 20 year old sluts have nothing on this hot body." She admired herself for a few seconds more, and then she dove in. She figured that she'd get in a few laps in since she wasn't going to stop off at the gym after work like she usually would.

After a good swim, she got out of the pool and toweled herself off. She then sat down on the lounge chair and grabbed her suntan lotion. While applying it to her chest, she looked around at her apartment complex. "What a waste," she thought. Her apartment complex consisted mostly of families and older people. There was no one around on this Thursday afternoon to be able to admire the sexy scene of her oiling up her hot little body. She couldn't even get a little eye candy at her apartment complex! She sighed, put in her Ipod earphones, and laid down on the chair. She began to think about how if everything went as planned, she'd be on her hands and knees tonight, two big hands on her rocking hips, with a nice thick cock hammering her pussy home to orgasm. She got flush thinking about it and she noticed her nipples straining against her bikini top as she began to get excited. But by now, the sun was really beating down, relaxing her sore muscles. Eventually, with Prince's "When Doves Cry" echoing in her earphones, she drifted off to sleep.


With waves crashing over her, Vanessa is lying on her back. The weight of another body on top of her, she can feel his long cock slide in slowly, filling her up. Every inch of her pussy walls contracting around the hard member inside of her, while it pumps in and out of her. The cold chill of the waves provides a nice counterpoint to the absolute fire that she feels emanating from her pussy. She can't see the face of her lover, but she doesn't care, she just cares about the electric waves of pleasure that shoot from her pussy straight to her fingers and toes with each thrust.

Vanessa then heard the sound of metal clanking against concrete, jarring her awake. She opened her eyes to find a tall man, with his shirt off, emptying the contents of a net onto the pool deck. Her eyes were still bleary from the short nap, but she could make out that his body was glistening with sweat. He stopped banging the net against the concrete and raised his arm to wipe the sweat from his brow. Vanessa's eyes began to focus and she made out a young handsome man, probably in his early twenties with a swimmer's body. Just then, another Prince song, "Cream" begins playing in her ears..."U got the horn so why don't u blow it/U are fine/Ure filthy cute and baby u know it" and Vanessa mind started to race. The sight of him stretching his muscles sent a wave of pleasure through Vanessa's body. Luckily for her she was wearing sunglasses, so the man could not see her ogling his body. He resumed skimming the pool with the net, further showing off every muscle in his upper body, contracting with each stroke. She then heard the sound that the net makes while being dragged across the surface of the pool, and she realized that it sounded like the waves that were crashing in the erotic dream she was just having. "So that's where that dream came from," she thought to herself.

Vanessa looked around and then saw a white polo shirt draped on one of the chairs on the other side of the pool, where the man is standing. She squinted to better make out the logo on the shirt and sees that it says "Bob's Pool Care". "Ah yes," she thought to herself, "This looks like the new staff member. Vanessa had met Bob a few times and had flirted with him, but he generally seemed uninterested in risking losing the apartment complex as a client by dating one of the tenants. He had mentioned once that his business was doing so well that he would need to hire some help soon.

Vanessa's eyes returned to their original subject, the hot piece of man meat in nothing but khakis and flip flops removing junebugs from her pool. She didn't dare move though in fear of alerting her erotic show, by making any noise, that he was being watched. Instead, she pretended to be asleep under her sunglasses and continued to enjoy the display of young masculinity before her.

As the Prince song shifted to the chorus, she watched him and thought about how nice it would be to just be able to take him into her apartment right now, rip his clothes off and just skip the bar scene altogether. As Prince implores her, "Cream, get on top", she surprised herself with the dirty thoughts she was thinking. She didn't even know this guy's name! So she decided that she would just have to be happy that she could witness the pool boy flex his muscles when he would lift the net out of the water. She definitely knew who she would be thinking about as she masturbated in the shower before going out tonight. She pictured the pool boy roughly grabbing her hips from behind and bending her over in the shower, then grabbing her hair, and shoving his rigid dick all the way inside her dripping wet pussy. Her nipples began to stiffen again as she thought about her face pressed hard against the shower wall, as the warm jets of water assault her clit. She thought about squatting on her shower floor as he grabbed the side of her head and moves it back and forth as he fucks her mouth, forcing it all the way to the back of her throat, where her throat relaxes and takes in the length of his cock without any resistance.

Her fantasies were again interrupted, as the pool boy put away the net on the hook on the pool house next to the pool. He then proceeded to peel off his khakis to reveal a bright red speedo, the same color as her bathing suit. And she silently gasped as the outline of cock was visible against the skin-tight lycra. She hoped that she could find someone as well put together as her new pool boy tonight.

He then jumped in the pool and began swimming. He wasn't doing the freestyle stroke, but a slow deliberate breaststroke. She now could see his whole body moving in rhythm as he made his way across the pool. Her pussy was on fire right now and she wanted so badly to shove a couple of fingers right up her cunt and get off now. She looked around to see if there was anyone there. With no sight of any other person, she wondered if she can sneak a few rubs of her clit without getting caught by anyone. Vanessa then reached down to begin fingering herself, but the pool boy had reached the end of the pool and made his turn, now headed towards the end where she was laying. Sighing in frustration, she moved her hand back to over her head, and she admired the hot body swimming right for her. She figured that it was probably for the best since she would hate to get kicked out of her apartment for public indecency.

Then, the pool boy reached her end of the pool and then headed out to the other side of the pool. Swimming away from Vanessa, her head began to spin with lust and desire. She felt the warmth starting deep in the pit of her stomach, and then slowly spread across her lower body until pussy felt like it was on fire. Her hand seemed to have a mind of its own as it traveled slowly down her body to her crotch. She kept her eyes fixated on the object of her lust until her hand reached her inner thigh. She began to rub against the top of her bikini bottoms but when her fingers get there, she realized that the fabric of her bikini bottom was completely wet! Looking down, she could see that the entire crotch of her bathing suit was covered in a dark spot caused by the juices oozing from her pussy. She took a breath and realized that she the smell of her own excitement was thick. While it caused her to blush, the added sense of smell only added to her feelings of desire. Embarrassed and aroused, she quickly got up from her chaise and headed to the showers on the other side of the pool room, where there were showers for people to rinse off the chlorine after they get out of the pool.

Luckily for Vanessa, the shower section was on the opposite side of the pool house, shielded from view of the pool, but open to the rest of the apartment complex. She had hoped that by rinsing off under the shower, she could get the rest of her suit wet, concealing the fact that her pussy was leaking like a faucet now. At which point, she could grab her things and head back to her apartment and rub herself to an orgasm to the thought of the pool boy's sexy body . But as soon as she turned on the shower, the feel of the warm water splashing on her skin only heightened her arousal. As the drops of water rained down on her, her whole body began to tingle as she finally had some something to feel against her already sensitive skin. She quickly looked around to see if anyone was watching. She knew that she really should just go back to her apartment, but she needed relief now. She then leaned up against the wall with one hand and bent over slightly, with her ass sticking out. Facing the wall of the shower, she immediately brought her other hand to the source of her desire, and found that her index and middle finger slid into her waiting pussy without any resistance. She did not waste any time and began to furiously pump her hand, fucking herself as fast as she could. Her thumb reached up to her clit and began massaging around the hood delighting in the pleasure it brought her.


The pool boy, after finishing his fourth lap, felt that he had gotten in a good enough workout. He felt refreshed enough to head to his next assignment, another apartment complex on the other side of town. When he got out, he looked over to where the hot woman had been sleeping before. He saw that she was gone and was a bit disappointed that he would not be able to sneak another look at her amazing body glistening in the sun. He did see that her sunglasses and her Ipod were still laying on the lounge chair. He thought to himself, "Hmmm, maybe if I take my time putting away my stuff, she'll come back and I can strike up a conversation." He then shook his head as he realized how implausible that that scenario he was dreaming up of a hot single woman appearing out of nowhere wanting to fuck his brains out would play out like that. He dismissed the idea and was thankful that he had had some eye candy to help make cleaning the pool a less tedious task. He had been cleaning pools for about a month now, and while at first he had visions of seeing women in bikinis at every pool, he soon realized that his appointments were scheduled for times when the pool was most likely to be not used. He sighed and headed over to the showers to rinse himself off before putting his uniform back on.

As he approached the showers, he heard what sounded like moaning, but was difficult to hear because of the sound of the shower jets. As he turned the corner to the shower area, he realized that there was someone else in the shower, and he hoped that he wouldn't get in trouble for using the pool. But when he got to the shower, he was shocked at what he saw. There, with her ass jutting out towards him was the hot lady who had been sleeping by the pool. The unmistakable bright red bathing suit outlined her ass nicely, as she was bent over facing away from him. Even thought the water splashing down on her ass slightly obscured his view, it was clear what she was doing. He could hear her moaning clearly now, and he could tell that they were moans of pleasure. The hot lady sleeping by the pool was fingering her pussy.

Without thinking about it, his hands reached into his shorts to find a hardening cock. He looked around to see if anyone else was around. He knew that he would be fired immediately if anyone reported this to his boss, Bob. He knew that he should just leave immediately, but he was transfixed by the sight of this beautiful woman moaning like an animal in heat. He could see the outline of side of her breasts swaying as her body rocked in time to her fingers. His cock was rock hard now, and he needed relief. He looked around one final time, and abandoned any thoughts other than to get himself off. Pulling out his cock, he began stroking it. He figured that he was in a position to see her, but could get out of sight if she stopped or turned around. He figured that the sound of the shower would muffle any noise he would make, and he began pumping his fist around his now throbbing dick.

She looked amazing from his point of view. The bikini bottom had been pulled down slightly to reveal just the top of her crack, the shower jets splashing down on them, slowly pushing them down further. Her arm was moving furiously and her moaning grew louder. Her back arched and her wet hair thrashing about as she leaned the side of her face against the wall of the shower. Her moans became more clipped and he could make out a few words, "Oh God Yes, Oh that feels so good". He didn't want to wait any longer and his own stroking matched the rhythm and speed of the woman in front of him. "Oh baby, that's it, give it me...Oh pool boy, fuck my pussy good!"

He froze. His mind raced and he tried to piece together what she was talking about, and in a few seconds, he realized that she was fantasizing about him while masturbating. Something snapped inside of him. Any misgivings about sticking around had disappeared. There was only one thing that he wanted to do. One thing that he had to do. One thing that existed, the wet pussy in front of him that needed his cock. It was almost like the pussy was calling to him, begging him to do what he knew needed to be done. Hard throbbing seven inch dick in hand, he walked quietly towards the pussy.


Lost in ecstasy, Vanessa could feel the orgasm building up inside of her. Her mind was filled with visions of the pool boy pounding her pussy, saying dirty things to her, as the complete stranger who she had never seen until an hour before had his way with her pussy. She was on the verge of coming, but then she felt two large hands pull her bikini bottoms down. Momentarily, she was shocked and could not move. Fear overcame her as the red bottoms were pulled to her knees. She forced herself to turn around, ready to defend herself, but was shocked to see that the hands belonged to her pool boy. Her mind did not hesitate for a single second. Instantly, she knew what was going to happen, and she didn't fight it. She didn't want to fight it, because she knew that she wanted this, and that she needed this. She knew that despite the fact that she had never even entertained doing something so brazen, so wanton, that she wanted it more than anything else in the world right now. She knew that she was going to get fucked by a stranger, and she wanted it. She didn't care how slutty it made her feel. In fact, she embraced it. All of her anxiety about work, about not meeting any men recently, about her social life, had disappeared from her mind completely. She gave in to the feeling, and it only increased her arousal as her body relaxed itself from the tenseness that had enveloped her when she first felt his hands on her. Her body instantly prepared itself for what she knew was coming. Only one thing consumed her thoughts now, getting fucked good and proper like the horny woman that she was. This was exactly what she wanted. And when he thrust his throbbing cock inside of her, she was overjoyed that she was finally getting what she needed.

Vanessa had been fingering herself for about five minutes, so his cock met no resistance as he pushed the entire length of his cock inside her wet pussy. Her mind exploded as her pussy, that had already been on fire, somehow got hotter. She pushed back on him to make sure she had gotten every last millimeter of his manhood inside of her. He knew that she did not need any further provocation, and began pumping his hips hard and fast inside of her. Vanessa had already been on the edge of orgasm when she first felt him touch her, so after only a few thrusts, her pussy spasmed in quick succession. The pleasure started in her pussy but then spread out to every square inch of her body, the feel of the water jets only adding to her pleasure. She could feel her pussy grip his cock as it tightened around it. He felt it too, but it did not stop him from his task, to fuck the brains out of this woman. Her orgasm, caused her knees to buckle, allowing the bikini bottoms to drop from her knees to the floor. Instead of easing up, however, he stood her up so that she was standing more upright and so she could put more of her weight on the wall. And then, he even began to speed up.

All Vanessa could feel was pure ecstasy. This felt better than she could have ever imagined sex feeling. She loved that she was having sex with a complete stranger. She loved that she was doing out in public, and she loved that she did not care if she got caught. Her orgasm overwhelmed her, but instead of slowly subsiding like it usually did, it only swelled as the pool boy continued his frenzied assault on her pussy with his hard cock. And even though he was fucking her as fast as he could, it felt almost like it was happening in slow motion to Vanessa, as she could feel every inch of him sliding in and out of her. She could feel his balls slapping against her pussy lips, adding another mini-jolt of pleasure with each wave of orgasm. He abruptly moved on hands from her hips and reached one hand to her chest, and slipped it underneath her bathing suit and reached directly for her nipple. With his thumb and his forefinger, he pinched it and pulled at it roughly. The other hand reached around to her clit and began rubbing it as fast as she had ever had it rubbed. This took her to yet another level of orgasm that she did not even know existed. Both of her hands were on the shower wall, and her face was pressed flat against the shower wall. She could feel his hot jagged breath on her neck as he tried to press his body as hard as he could into hers.

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