Pool Boy Gets Dressed Up Ch. 02


Debra was rubbing my head, watching me; coaxing me to make love to her cock, "OOHH Ya, that's it enjoy the feel of my cock. That's it take it in slowly. Run your tongue over every inch of my cock. You look so hot sucking my cock. You really do love cock don't you baby? You are my sweet little tranny pussy slut aren't you baby? This cock was made special; it is a replica of Don's cock."

Debra's voice can always make me drip. I was so into sucking this cock, Don's cock, that when she started to call me names it sent me over the top. "OH god I'm going to cum." Debra grabbed me by the arms and lifted me into her, hugging me tight. My little cock pressed into her big massive man cock as I shot my load all over her cock and between our stomachs.

Debra gently guided me back to the bed, joining me at the same time. We lay on our backs staring up into the mirrors. Debra turned to me, "You made such a mess. Look at my cock dripping with cum. All good sluts clean their mess, now get down there and suck my cock clean."

I didn't have to be told twice, I didn't even have to be told once, I couldn't wait to lick my cum off her cock. Now it really was like sucking a man's cock. Would Don's cock feel just as good? I wonder what Don's cum tasted like? I was sucking a cock covered in cum. I was such a slut, and I was never happier. "Ya baby, lick that cum up, clean my cock you slut. Get me nice and ready to fuck you good and hard. You like having a cock in your tight little pussy? Well, today I am going to really break that pussy in. I am going to fuck you so hard and deep you'll be cumming until next week."

I was humming on her cock with anticipation. My ass was up in the air wiggling, waiting to be fucked. "Look at you, you slut. You can't wait to get fucked can you? You want my cock deep inside?" Debra pushed me off her cock and flipped me over onto my stomach. Debra crawled between my legs, grabbed hold of my hips, and pulled my ass up into the air as my head fell down onto the bed. I felt the cool lube being applied to my tight hole. I pushed back against her finger. I needed to feel something in me now I was so fucking horny.

"Slow down you horny little cunt. Look at you; you can't wait to get fucked. I have created an insatiable little whore." With that Debra pressed the head of her cock to my entrance. I let loose a big sigh of pleasure waiting for my big cock, for Don's cock, "MMMMM, oh yes fuck me Mistress."

Debra held my hips tight as she guided her cock to my hole. The head was much bigger than anything I have had, but I was determined to have that cock in me. I took a deep breath and then let it out bearing down on that cock head as it pushed into me. The cockhead slipped into my ass sending a sharp pain throughout my body. It was the best pain I have ever felt. I couldn't wait for Debra to feed me more cock, so I pushed back hard swallowing half its length with my pussy. "OOOHHHH!!! MMMMM, that is so big. Fuck me Mistress. Fuck me good and hard. Fuck me with Don's cock."

Debra took me for my word and slammed all nine inches deep inside. The latex balls literally slapped against my little peas hanging between my legs. The feeling was exquisite. I didn't think having your balls slapped could be such an added turn on. Debra pulled out eight of the nine inches from my ass. I thought my insides were being sucked out of me, then all at once everything was forced back in as Debra rammed all nine inches back into me. "Yes. Oh my god, yes. Fuck me hard, it feels so good, don't stop." I was in tears, the feeling was wonderful.

Debra started fucking me with long steady strokes that never let up. All of those laps in the pool were paying off with her endurance. "Is this what my slut likes? You like the feel of Don's cock fucking you? I bet you want Don to fuck you don't you slut? You want to feel a man fucking you now don't you? Ya, you're ready to fuck real men, suck their cocks, and drink their cum?"

Debra sent us both over the edge as she grabbed my hips and held me tight to her, fully impaled on Don's cock as her body convulsed in a massive orgasm. The pressure from inside set my orgasm off as well as the insides of my pussy was filled to the brim with Don's cock. By cock started to spew wads of cum all over the bed linens. I wished Don's cock was in my pussy filling me with his hot cum.

Debra pulled her cock out of my ass and gave me a hard slap. "You made such a mess, lick that cum off my bed. Then we need to strip the bedding off and send it out before your cum stains it." I quickly lapped up my cum, but I could see that it was already absorbing into the linen.

We gathered the linens and brought them down to the laundry room. "I will have those sent out for cleaning before Don comes home. I have a new set I wanted to bring out anyway, the change will be good."

We went back upstairs, made the bed with the new bedroom set, and cleaned up. Rather than go back and put my boy clothes back on, Debra escorted me back to the wardrobe room. "We have all day, let's get dressed up and go out."

"Out? Dressed up?" I felt the blood drain from my face. Debra looked at me and laughed at what must have been the most shocked look she had ever seen.

"You are so funny. Brandy, when you are dressed up I guarantee you are one hundred percent passable. I bet Don could walk in the door and would not figure out who you are." Hearing Don's name made my face flush. Only moment ago I was begging to be fucked by Don, Debra's husband.

Debra could see me flush red as I looked down with embarrassment. She consoled me out of my funk, "Oh Brandy you are so cute when you blush. Don is one good looking man; I can't blame you wanting him. His cock does feel good buried deep inside doesn't it sweetie?" Debra lifted my chin so that I could look her in the eye. "Don't you worry; Don and I have a very strong relationship. It is so strong that if he wanted to fuck you I would let him in a heartbeat. Of course I would have to be there as well. I wouldn't want to let those oral skills go to waste while you are getting fucked."

My eyes opened wide; did she just offer her husband to fuck me? Can I really make love to a man? Don and Debra are the perfect couple. I think I was falling in love with Debra and in lust, at least for now, with Don. "Let's get dressed Brandy and go have an early dinner. I will take us to a place out of the area where no one will know you."

I nodded to her, still in shock about going out in public and dreaming of Don's naked body.

I was still skeptic, but allowed Debra to prepare me for my first outing.

To Be Continued...

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