Pool Days


The sun beats down and he watches her over his laptop. The splashing of people in the pool in the midday sun. He stares at the long length of back, dimples just showing above her bikini bottoms. He sucks in a half breath, his fiancée is beautiful and he reaches to lazily run a finger from the waist band of her bikini, along her spine, stopping at the ties that stretch across, just below her shoulder blades. He moves them aside and frowns at the white strip, stark against her tanned back.

He unties the top, flipping the strings to either side and watches as she leaps up from the chaise, her eyes burning brightly with anger as she yells at him, "What in the hell do you think you are doing?"

"Just trying to help you get rid of those tan lines." he frowns at her as her face turns crimson.

"You are crazy, there are people out here, who might see, and get the wrong impression." she reaches back, putting her top to rights, tying a knot so that he can not do that so easily again.

Taken aback by her outburst, and a little embarrassed as several people stop to see what is going to happen next, he sets his laptop aside and rises, his 6 foot frame towering above her. He stares down at her, watches as her lower lip does that little tremble it always does just before she cries. Frustrated, he blurts out, "You are such a prude, you even like to have the lights off when we make love. What is wrong with you? Damn it, this isn't high school!" He turns and stomps off, keeping his eyes straight ahead. He enters the hotel, not even giving a glance back to see the tears in her eyes.

She stands and watches him leave, waiting for him to turn around, to apologize and as his ass disappears through the door, she starts to shake. Is it anger or something else that makes the tears flow over her cheeks?

He enters the room, dropping his clothes along the way and steps into the shower. He lets the spray stay cool, washing the anger from him, taking away the edge that momentarily flared up as he thought of his near naked fiancée being ogled by the men at the pool. Damn it! He has needs and desires ... and all she seems to have are rules and limits.

She looks up at the window of their hotel room, and starts to smile as she realizes it has an unobstructed view of the pool. She licks her lips, anger giving her a fortitude she didn't know she possessed. She reaches down and grabs the lotion, turns and squares her shoulders. Marching up to the life guard stand she peers up at him, her eyes squinting in the sun.

"Excuse me, but my fiancée just left and forgot to put lotion on my back, I don't want to burn on National Nude Day. Could you help me please?" She holds the bottle of lotion up in the air, standing on tiptoe and flexing the muscles in her ass. She knows she looks good, her long legs accentuated by strong calf muscles.

He tips his sunglasses up and looks down at her, a slow smile spreading, "Of course!" He descends the ladder and stands mere inches from her. He peels the bottle from her fingers and spins her around. The sensation of his fingers on her shoulder making her shiver in the heat of the day. She is embarrassed as she feels her nipples tingling, and looking down she gasps aloud to see them jutting obscenely at the thin fabric.

She gives a languid stretch as he leans against her, his cock, his hard cock pressing to her lower back. He is so tall, he casts a shadow over her. She is a little nervous, quivering as his hands start to spread the lotion, up and down, small circles, sensuous as he lingers, his fingers pressing lightly at the sides of her breasts. His voice husky in her ear, "I don't want you to burn."

Telling her not to move, she watches as he scans the pool, and then he moves to the gate, sliding the bolt in place. She dares not move, just letting her eyes dart back and forth, taking in the few people in the pool. All adults, all men, eyes turned to her now. Smiling she grins a wicked grin as she reaches back, unties the strings holding her top in place and with a slight shrug of her shoulders lets it drop at her feet.

She can feel eyes on her, her flesh turning pink, even where the sun has not yet kissed it. The lifeguard returns, grabs her hand and leads her back to her chaise. He slips off his trunks, his cock springing free, tip glistening. He lays down and tells her to climb on top. With the merest of hesitation as she chews on her bottom lip, she glances up at her hotel room window, the room where her fiancée showers, then straddles the lifeguard. His cock slides easily into her already wet pussy, filling her, stretching her, she gasps and closes her eyes. His fingers reach up to pinch those pointed peaks.

She slides up and down on the well greased pole, gasping for breath, the thickness stretching her, making her pouty nether lips engulf that cock. A hot breath on her shoulder as lips nuzzle at her. Her eyes flying wide, looking down at the lifeguard. He smiles up at her as she feels a hand spanking her ass cheeks, first one then the other, and a voice growls "Fuck him harder, faster, fuck him!"

She can feel a second cock nuzzling along the crack of her ass, the weight of another body pressing at her back, driving her down onto that thick impaling cock. The lifeguard winds the cord of his whistle around her wrists, then puts her hands behind his neck, trapping her between the two men.

That second cock pushes at her pussy, trying to gain entrance at the same time as the lifeguards. A scream explodes from her mouth, the second cock forcing its way in, past her tight pussy entrance, driving forward in time with the other cock. She is filled, her cunt convulsing wildly on the two cocks, and as she dares to look up, at her hotel window, she sees the curtain move, and she knows that he is watching her.

Watching her take two cocks in her tight cunt, naked, bare breasts bouncing as the two men batter her pussy with their long, thick tools. Panting as she is fucked, her clit rubbing with every movement, her orgasm perched on the brink, she looks down at the lifeguard as the man behind her starts to spank her ass, "Cum for us, cum all over our cocks!"

The lifeguard thrusts upwards, the other down, speared with two throbbing hot rods, her scream starts, as the orgasm explodes inside her. Sweet girl cum splashing out, forcing its way past the cocks that seal her entrance.

Then, over the fence, scaling it like Spiderman, her fiancée appears, his arousal evident in the tenting of his shorts. He leans in to take her face softly in his hands, plants a deep kiss on her lips, then wriggling out of his shorts he replaces his lips with his cock. "Suck me, do it!"

As the orgasm crashes, she sucks that most familiar cock, growling, her lips stretched as much as her pussy, the climax keeps on rolling. The sound of that hand slapping her ass, the grunts of three men as her body demands to be fed their spunk.

With a trio of screams, and her muffled moans, they cum, deep inside her, filling her, overflowing with heady male spunk. She swallows her finance's load as her cunt devours the cream of the other men.

There is a round of applause, a standing ovation from the pool, as the men's cocks tent eagerly from their suits, and from the balcony of the hotel. There was an audience, watching them, eagerly feeding on the sight of their sex, as her body fed on the thick white cum. Two fingers slide down catching the spunk and as she brings it to her wanton lips, showing off for the men, she thinks what a wonderful start to National Nude Day!

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