tagNonConsent/ReluctancePool Girls Ch. 02

Pool Girls Ch. 02


Tess got out of the cab and made her way up to her apartment. She had slowly started to come around during the jostling of the cab ride, She still felt drained, but at least her mind had begun to start working.

She looked at the clock, it felt like it was late but it was only 7PM, too early to go to bed. She could smell the sex and sweat on her body so she decided that the first thing she needed was a shower. She went into her bedroom and took off her clothes, only noticing then that she wasn't wearing any panties. Then she remembered Alice and the scissors.

She turned on the shower and looked in the mirror. She had to admit that she looked well fucked. Her nipples were red and swollen and her pussy looked the same. She could even see her clit poking out, something she'd never seen in the mirror before. Her eyes were blood shoot and half closed.

As she stood under the hot water in the shower, she couldn't help but to replay what had happened. The exciting feel of her first day at her new job. The fun and chatty lunch with her new co-workers. The meeting with the Pool girls in the basement, where they made her cry with their kind words and hugs. Everything had seemed so perfect.

And then the unexpected turn of events. Strapped and cuffed to a table while the girls brought her to five straight orgasms, each getting more intense until she had literally passed out with pleasure!

She still could hardly believe that it had happened. Five orgasms? The most that she had ever cum before was twice in one night with her vibrator. She usually came once or not at all with her prior boyfriends. Today, each of the five Pool girls had made her cum one after the other.

And it had been lesbian sex! Never in her wildest dreams had she imagined something like this. Even when she was drunk at a high school party and some of the girls had started to kiss, she hadn't even watched, slipping away to find some boys to talk to. She just had no interest, and especially no desire, to be with a girl.

She got out of the shower, dried and put on her robe. She decided that she would have a glass of wine, poured one, and sat of the couch. She had some thinking to do before tomorrow.

OK, time to be honest with myself. First, this was by far the best and most exciting sexual experience she'd ever had. She couldn't deny that even if she wanted to. Maybe it was the thrill of being chained down and forced to do it. Maybe it was the fact that the other girls were experienced with lesbian sex and really knew how to drive a girl to orgasm. Maybe it was the domineering way that the gorgeous Alexis controlled things. Ah shit, face the facts. It was all of these thing combined that had turned Tess into such an orgasm machine.

Second, what about the fact that is was lesbian sex? Did she like it because of that? Upon reflecting she could honestly say no. That had actually repulsed her. She hadn't wanted these girls licking her, and she was constantly struggling to pull away from their mouths and fingers. If she hadn't been restrained, she knew for certain that she would have jumped up and ran away. She would have fought the whole bunch of them with fists and teeth if she could have freed herself. If one of them had stuck their pussy in her face, she would have bit it right off. No, I can truthfully say that I'm not a lesbian, and don't want to be one.

So that left Tess with the third thing. What about her job? Alexis had made it quite clear that if she wanted to be a Pool girl Tess had to play along with their games. In fact, even if Tess stayed and tried to reason with the girls that she didn't want to join their "pleasuring," according to their dumb rules she already owed each of the girls an orgasm! What did they expect, that a straight girl was going to eat all of their pussies? That was insane!

What Tess should do was tell Alexis's supervisor what was going on and blow their whole game out of the water. Tess could probably even file a law suit. But then everyone, including Tess's parents and friends, would know that she had been raped by five girls. And what would happen to the other girls? All five of them were really nice people. Tess truly liked all of them and would hate to ruin their lives. They were only trying to find a way to cope with being young and single with very demanding work schedules. And Alice was her best friend's cousin, there was no way that Tess could cause such pain to her friend Kate and her mom and dad.

The only option was to go in tomorrow and tell Alexis that Tess wasn't the girl for the job. Let them find some other lezzie to join their pussy licking club!

Then another reality set in. Tess would be unemployed with no prospects. Shit, shit, shit. She'd have to start from scratch and find her own job. She had depended so much on Alice's help, and now that would be gone. And Tess didn't know another soul in her new home city. But that was what would happen, because she had no choice but to quit tomorrow.

As she stood, Tess realized how sore she was. Her whole body was stiff from all of her struggles and, she had to admit, from all of her thrashing in orgasm. Well, this would be her shortest job, and one that she would never forget.

Tess went to bed, but tossed and turned as her brain seemed to be on overload. Every time that she rolled over, her sensitive nipples sent jolts to her pussy. Without thinking, she found her hand between her legs, and with only what seemed like a few hard rubs she quivered as she came again, then finally fell asleep.

Tess dressed nicely in the morning, thinking that she'd stop by the Human Resources office and inquire about any other opening after she told Alexis that she was leaving. She was waiting in Alexis's office at 8AM.

Alexis came in a few minutes later, glanced at Tess, shut the office door, and sat at her desk.

"Good morning, Tess! I take it that you'd like to talk about your future in the Pool." Alexis had a friendly but business-like tone in her voice.

"Yes I would." Tess gave her a steady look. "OK, Alexis, I'll just spit it out. I think you, Alice, Jackie, Carli, and Liz are really great people, and I hope that I can remain friends with all of you. But I can't be your new Pool girl."

"Yesterday was the best and the worst day of my life. I'm flattered that you five desire to admit me to you're little club, I really am. I'm sure that you'll find some pretty girl who will jump at the chance. But that girl isn't me. You're all beautiful, sexy, smart, and friendly. If I was even the least bit inclined toward girls this would be a dream job. But I'm not. I'm a straight girl from a small town that just wants to meet a nice guy."

"So, I'm here to officially resign from my new job as a Pool girl."

Alexis smiled sincerely and said "Thanks for being so honest. I really hope that you find the guy that you're looking for. I know that what the girls and I do here is way off of the beaten track, and most girls wouldn't want to be involved. We girls want the same thing that you do in life, only we're willing to go about it in a different way. And I'm sure that we all absolutely want to remain friends with you. You're a special, one-of-a-kind girl."

"I accept your resignation. I only have one thing to ask. We're swamped this morning. Alice can't come in till around noon, and I know that you'll want to say goodbye to her before you go. Liz and Jackie have to go to the west office for a couple of hours this morning. Could you stay for at least part of the day and help us out? Or all day? You'd be doing all of us a great favor."

" Of course," Tess smiled. "As they say, I'm all dressed up with no place to go! What do you want me to do?"

They both stood, and Alexis came to Tess. with her arms out. They gave each other an affectionate hug, and Alexis gave Tess a kiss on the cheek. Alexis whispered into Tess's ear. "I'll miss you, sweet Tess."

With that, Alexis told Tess of four things that needed to be done right away, and they both went to work.

The morning flew by for Tess. She didn't see any of the other girls except Alexis, who kept giving her things to do and places to go. They both skipped lunch, and then even Alexis disappeared. At around 2PM, Tess finally had time to sit at her desk and eat a quick sandwich from the vending machine.

Tess's Instant Message window popped open. It was from Mr. Walker upstairs. "Tess, could you please find me a black cartridge for my printer? It's cartridge number 6251. I can't find any of the other Pool girls. Sorry, but I need it right away." Tess responded. "No problem, I know that we have some, I'll bring it up right away."

Tess headed for the elevator and down to the basement. She felt a little shiver as she snaked through the corridors. Sort of like returning to the scene of the crime.

She turned her key and slowly pushed the door open just a crack. The lights were off this time. "I've got to quit being so paranoid," she thought. She pushed the door open and stepped in, holding the door open as she reached for where she expected the light switch to be.

The door slipped from her fingers and slammed as someone grabbed her from behind, putting one hand over her mouth and the other around her stomach. Other hands grabbed her arms as the lights came on.

All of the Pool girls had a firm hold, and they dragged the kicking and struggling Tess toward the padded table. Tess fought like a lion this time. She tried to bite the hand on mouth, she landed a hard kick into Carli's tummy, and she managed to pull an arm free and punch Liz a glancing blow in the face. Carli let out a roar and grabbed Tess around both legs and lifted them from the floor. Liz recovered and twisted Tess's arm painfully behind her back. They threw Tess hard onto the table, and Carli threw a hard punch into Tess's mid section. Tess felt the air pushed from her lungs, and suddenly she couldn't breathe.

As Tess tried to draw air back into her lungs, two girls grabbed her left arm, yanked it above her head, and she heard and felt the cuff snapping around her wrist. She twisted hard and kicked out, but the two girls got her other arm pulled up and cuffed. Jackie and Liz each jumped up and sat on a leg. Tess felt a cuff snap around each of her ankles at the end of the table. As Tess pulled on her restraints, the strap went across her belly and her hips were pulled tight to the table. The two girls who had been on Tess's arms now grabbed her head and held it while a strap tightened across her forehead. Her tormentors stepped back and watched Tess struggle and scream.

The girls were laughing and commenting. "Man, she's a wild one! " "I can't believe that she actually hit me in the face!" "Yea, she kicked me in the stomach and it hurt!' "Shit, she was trying to bite me!"

Alexis stepped up and put her hand on Tess's check, just like yesterday. "Are you done yet? Or are you going the really hurt yourself this time? Come on, we've got you, don't you think that its time to stop your foolish fighting?"

"Fuck you, Alexis, And fuck all of you!" Tess pulled on her restraints wildly for another minute, then suddenly lay still. "You know what, Alexis" she said calmly, "Mr. Walker is waiting for me. You won't get away with this."

"Mr. Walker? Oh, I'm sorry, Mr. Walker isn't in today. Good thing he writes his password on a slip of paper that he leaves in his desk drawer. No, my dear Tess, that was me who sent you the message to come down here. We have some unfinished business before you resign. As I recall, you had five orgasms here yesterday, one delivered by each of us. And as I told you, orgasms are the one thing that we keep track of."

Tess turned red with rage and her body shook. She tried to express her anger, but she couldn't form the words. After a minute, she slumped back onto the table and began to softly cry. The soft crying turned into full scale weeping, then she lost it and began to sob and cry as hard as she had ever cried.

The girls all moved close around the table and began to touch Tess and try to comfort her. Alexis and Alice leaned in and kissed Tess's cheeks and whispered softly into her ears. "Don't cry, sweet Tess. We love you." "Tess, please don't cry sweetie."

Liz, Jackie and Carli all leaned into Tess and kissed her face and whispered their own soft words. All five girls licked away at Tess's tears. Tess hardly noticed as Alice and Alexis each quietly released an ankle, removed a shoe, slid each foot back to Tess's ass, and attached cuffs to the ankles. Finally, Tess began to settle down after she couldn't cry anymore. As she relaxed, the girls all stepped back.

Alexis stepped up to look Tess in the eyes. "OK, Tess honey, we all know what is going to happen here. You are going to bring each of us to orgasm. Since we can't trust you to use your hands, you'll have to make us cum using only your mouth."

Tess was regaining her strength after the hard cry. "Alexis, I won't do it! I told you, I'm not into girls! Just let me go and you'll never see me again."

"I'm sorry that you feel that way, Tess, I really am." Alexis unbuttoned Tess's blouse, snapped open her bra, and pulled the halves to the sides. Alice appeared with the scissors again, pulled Tess's skirt up to her waist front and back, cut the sides of her panties, and pulled what remained of the panties away.

Tess was confused, and her anger returned. "Why are you exposing my body? Is it just to get your kicks while you sick bitches humiliate me again?"

Alexis turned to the other girls. "Carli?"

Alexis retreated and Carli stepped forward and spoke to Tess.

"I had a boyfriend for a while who was into some different things. He liked to spank me and you know what? I found that it really turned me on! I discovered that I liked sex to be a little rough. I let him tie me to the bed and paddle me, amongst many other things."

"You'll remember that when I fingered you yesterday, it was hard and rough. I was hoping that in the future you'd fuck me just the same way. But, now I guess that won't be happening."

Carli turned and picked something up from the table. She held up a long, thin shaft with a handle on one end and a leather flap on the other. "Do you know what this is?" Tess tried to shake her head no, but the strap on her head held her in place.

Carli smiled. "This is a riding crop. It was originally used by a horse rider to incentivize his horse by slapping it on the side. The little sting got the horse moving faster. Today, most of them are sold in sex shops. They're used in the same way. A few slaps with one of these will get your sex partner to do almost anything."

Carli moved closer. Before Tess even knew it, Carli had given her a quick, perfectly aimed slap on each nipple. Tess screamed more in surprise than pain.

"Oh, come on, Tess, those were just love taps!" laughed Carli.

Carli moved her face right into Tess's. The laughing smile was gone, replaced by a truly sinister one.

"You ARE going to eat five pussies today. I'm going to enjoy making sure that you do as you're told. Let me demonstrate what happens if you don't." She stepped back, looked into Tess's eyes, then turned her gaze to Tess's tits. She slowly raised the crop high, then brought it down hard on Tess's nipple.

Tess sucked in a breath to scream, and immediately Carli landed a hard, stinging swat to the other nipple. Tess howled as the stings made her nipples feel like they were on fire. Her body jerked as she screamed in pain.

Carli leaned over and gently licked one nipple then the other as Tess calmed down. Tess began to speak, but Carli held a finger to her lips to silence her.

Carli continued. "Those were pretty good snaps, but I can do them at least twice that hard if I want to. There's really only one thing worse."

Carli moved down the table. "What really, really hurts is a hard slap on the pussy, especially on the clit." She slid the end of the crop along Tess's pussy lips.

"No, please don't, I believe you!" cried Tess. Carli just smiled, raised the crop, and delivered a vicious blow that centered right on Tess's clit.

Tess's body jerked wildly as she shrieked in pain. Tears came to her eyes as she howled again and again. Carli began to gently lick Tess's clit and pussy to ease the pain. Tess slowly slumped back down.

Carli moved back to the head of the table and looked into Tess's eyes. "Tell me, are you going to eat five pussies today? Are you going to do your best to make them cum hard? Tell me."

"Yes," Tess whispered.

"Yes, what? And let the other girls hear you."

Tess looked around at all five girls, then said "Yes, I'm going to lick your pussies, and I'm going to do my best to make you cum hard."

Carli put her nose an inch from Tess's and said "I'll be watching you. If your enthusiasm lags, I'll be giving your pussy a reminder." She then reached up and took the strap off of Tess's forehead.

Alexis stepped up and said "We all agree that Liz is the best no-hands pussy eater, so she'll go first and give you a lesson. Just relax, Tess, and it'll be much easier. Oh, and try not make Carli mad!"

Tess watched as all five girls stripped and set their clothes on another table. The five naked girls crowded around Tess. They all began rubbing their pussies with one hand and caressing their tits and bodies with the other as they smiled at Tess.

Tess couldn't help but stare at their bodies. Alice, the tall red head, had smallish breasts with long red nipples and a small patch of red hair above her pussy. Dark haired Liz had beautiful large breasts with almost brown nipples. Her long, slim tummy led to a hairless mound that was full and protruding.

Carli was stunning. Her body was lean, hard, and coiled almost like a tiger that was ready to pounce. She had a barbell in one nipple, and a patch of fine blond hair below. As Tess looked at her, Carli spread her labia to show Tess her piercing, the gold ring reaching down to lay on the tip of her clit.

Jackie was the shortest and had the most curves. Her bulging breasts were capped with large, thick nipples. Her tummy was soft, and led to wide fleshy hips, She had a dark landing strip above her hairless pussy.

And Alexis, the classic beauty. Long blond hair laid past her thin neck onto flawless shoulders. Her breast were absolutely perfect, large and firm with big nipples. She was thin enough that her ribs just showed, yet soft enough to have curves. She, too, spread herself to show Tess her large clit and hanging pussy lips.

Tess could smell the excited women. She felt her nipples harden and her pussy weep as she admired the girls from up close. "My God, I've never seen such beauty," she thought.

Liz gave her a soft, loving kiss on the lips, then climbed onto the table. The other girls came close to watch the show while still rubbing themselves. Liz straddled Tess's head, held her pussy a few inches from Tess's mouth, and used both hands to pull her pussy wide open. Tess could almost taste the strong aroma.

"OK, sweet Tess, I'll start with the basics and go from there. My clit is at the top, just peeking out at you. If I pull back the hood, like this, it peeks out even more. The more excited I get, the bigger it will get. When you can't use your hands, licking and sucking the clit is the main way to make a girl cum. It's best if you lick and gently suck it, but when I'm close to cumming, suck it hard between your lips and flick your tongue rapidly across the tip."

"Below that on the outside you'll see my inner pussy lips. I love it when you suck and nibble on them. Pussies are quite tough, so never be afraid to suck and pull hard on them."

"Near the top of my pink insides is my pee hole, or urethra. Don't worry, I'm clean, you won't be tasting any pee. But my pee hole is sensitive, and I love it when you lick it, and even push your tongue into it. I'll bet you've given blow jobs to guys and they love it when you lick and probe into their hole. It's the same for girls. It feels good. Also, if a girl is a squirter, which I'm not, the squirting will come from this hole."

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