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Pool Party


I always hated being a single dad until my daughters 17th birthday party. My daughter Stacy wanted to have her friends over to my place for a pool party, and being a So Cal native, we knew the weather would be very nice.

"Please daddy!" she begged me with pouting lips. She looked so much like her mother when she did that, and she knew I could not resist it. To bad her mother was not sweet like Stacy, I thought. Too bad she was a cold hearted bitch.

"Ok." I sighed. "But keep it small, and it has to be next Saturday, since this weekend is the weekend you stay at your moms."

Stacy leaned up and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek, mumbled something about having so much to plan, and immediately got on her cell phone to her friends.

The time went by so quickly; I was so wrapped up in my job as a Realtor, Soon it was the Saturday morning when Stacys' party would be. She showed up at about 1 pm, with balloons and banners and 2 close friends, all dressed in skimpy bikinis.

"Hi Daddy!" Stacy said as she leaned in to give me my greeting kiss. "You remember Anna and Kim, right? They are going to help me with decorating for the party tonight."

Anna and Kim were both a little older than Stacy, and had fully matured as beautiful young women. I needed to remind myself that I was much older than them and I should not be checking out my daughters friends anyways.

After a quick hello to them, I turned and asked Stacy "So how many people are coming tonight? And you didn't invite any boys did you?" I tried my best to be a good parent.

Stacy put the party supplies on the couch, and turned to me quickly. "Dad, you are such a kidder!" She socked me in the arm and it actually kind of hurt. "I only invited 5 girls, and no boys, just like I promised you I would."

Stacy and the other two girls moved out by the pool, and I went upstairs to my office to try to get some paperwork done. It was sure hard when I saw Anna and Kim teasing each other and playfully splashing the still lukewarm pool water on each other.

It was going to be a nice night, in the upper 80's, for the pool party. I hoped the girls would have a good time. I went downstairs to offer the girls something to eat , but they all declined. Anna called me Mr. Parson, which made me feel really old.

"Stacy, can I get a quick word with you for a sec?" I asked her as they finished the decorating. She turned to her friends who were now laying out on the lounge chairs and working on their tan while the sun was still up.

"Be right back guys" she yelled over her shoulder to her friends as she came in the house. Once she closed the slider behind her, she surprised me with a quick tight embrace.

I could feel her nearly naked body against me, and had to remind myself that this was my daughter, and I should not get excited over this.

"Daddy, thank you so much for letting me have this party here. You are the best!" she squealed in delight as she kissed my cheek again.

"Your welcome, doll. Just because you live with mom most of the time doesn't mean this isn't your house too.

" Now there are a couple of rules." I continued. "No drinking since you are all too young to drink. I don't want any trouble here at all or this whole party is shut down." I put on my best stern face.

Stacy mock saluted me. "Aye Yi, captain my captain." She giggled at me. "Is that all?" She began to move back toward the slider door.

"There is one more thing." I said as I casually sipped my lemonade, a sneaked a peak out back at the sunning beauties by the pool. They were giggling about something like most young women do.

"Who else is coming to this today? You said 5 people? Do I know them all? We didn't really get a chance to talk about that."

Stacy sighed. Here it comes, I thought. "Oh Daddy. You trust me right?" she asked with a coy smile.

"Yes..." I slowly said, almost as a question, waiting for the rest of the story to come.

"You don't have to worry. Anna and Kim, of course, and then Becky, Tanya, and Shelly." She replied. "No boys at all. It's just your typical all female pool party"

I knew all of the girls as long time friends of my daughters except for one. "Who is Shelly? Have I met her?"

"No. Not yet. You will tonight." Stacy said as she nibbled on a baby carrot. "I work with her at the mall. She is my floor manager. But she is cool dad, I promise"

I relaxed some immediately. "Ok sugar. You girls have a good time. I will stay upstairs and out of the way in my office if you need me for anything,"

I went back up to my room, and tried my best to think of how young these beauties downstairs were, and how old I was as I watched them lather them selves up with tanning oil, rubbing it all over each other.

Anna was a year older than Stacy, and her birthday was a couple months ago, so I was pretty sure she was 18. Kim was younger then Stacy by a couple of weeks, so I knew she was younger. So, I reasoned, I will just have to keep my eyes to myself or at least just look at Anna. Not that that was bad.

Anna was about 5 10, mostly legs, and tits. She carried around at least D cups on her chest that always made me think she was going to have back problems when she got older. Unless, of course, she found someone who would help her to hold those big boys up.

I pulled the shades down on my window, but upturned just one of the slats so I could see the pool without being seen. Soon the other girls arrived. Becky and Tanya were both 17, and arrived with the new girl following right behind. I heard Stacy squeal with delight and run over to give Shelly a big hug. Shelly hugged back, and began to pull off her clothes.

It was all I could do not to drop my pants right on the spot. First of all, she was a red head. I have a major thing for redheads, and it was quickly growing to its full length of 7 inches when I saw Shelly slide her t-shirt over her head.

Under the shirt was a set of tits that made Anna look flat chested. They were bound up in a super tight red strapless top. My cock jumped when I saw that, and I began to rub it through my shorts.

Next Shelly slid out of her shorts, and revealed the ass of my dreams. I t was a little wide, and round, and it was barely covered at all. My hand slid down the elastic band of my shorts and found my cock, and I began to lightly stroke it.

Shelly did a couple of bend over and put your palms on the ground stretches, and I almost came right in my shorts. I would have had not my lovely daughter called to me right at that instant.

"Dad!" she yelled. Panicked, thinking she had seen me jerking off to her friends through the blinds, I froze.

"Dad!" She called again. I adjusted my shorts back, and pretended to be just moving up to the window. I opened the blinds fully. My cock was still half hard, and I hoped no one would see it.

I pulled the window open and called out. "Yes?"

"There you are." Stacy cried out. "Come down here. I want you to meet my friend Shelly."

"Hi, " I offered weakly as I waved from the window. Seeing Shelly through a wide open window was more than my cock could take and it was getting hard again.

Stacy put her hands on her hips and grunted. The other girls laughed at me, making me a little bit embarrassed.

"Come on Daddy!" Stacy pleaded. Come down here and met her for real!"

The other girls began to wave me over to them, and called out to me "Yea Mr. Parson. Come down here and say hi." Anna was jumping up and down and giggling, whispering something to Tanya.

"Ok, be right there." I waited as long as I could, and finally my cock went down most of the way. I went down the stairs and out toward the pool. The closer I got to Shelly the more I could feel just how much she was turning me on.

"Hello Shelly." I said as I came closer. "I am Dan Parson." I extended my hand toward her to shake hands.

She reached out her hand to me, and gripped my hand. Her hand was very soft, and the touch of her skin sent shivers up my spine.

"Pleasure to meet you, Dan." She cooed. Her voice had just a little bit of little girl sound to her, but there was no doubt she was all woman. "I have heard so much about you from Stacy"

"Really?" I said amazed. "I have not heard anything about you yet!" I laughed realizing how awkward I sounded.

"Well," Shelly laughed, "What do you want to know. I am a 19 year old student at Community College majoring in Science. I work with your daughter at the mall on the days I am not in school. And I am holding hands with you it seems." She laughed.

I quickly released her hand and turned bright red. "I am so sorry." I mumbled

"Its ok." She beamed a huge grin at me.

"Ok. Now you know everyone. Come for a swim with us Daddy!" Stacy beaconed. Anna dove into the water and the other girls followed soon after.

"Oh no," I stuttered. "I really need to get back to work. You girls go ahead."

Stacy shrugged and jumped into the pool. Shelly just looked at me. Was it just me, or did she have an evil little grin on her face. It must be just me, wishful thinking, I thought. After all, I am old enough to be her dad..

"Hey, Dan." She moved in closer to me, giving me a delightful view of the tops of her enormous tits. "Do you think you could show me where there bathroom is?"

"Uh, sure." I said, prying my eyes from those big melons on her chest. "Follow me." I turned to go inside.

Shelly turned to the girls. "Hey, I will be right back. Gotta use the potty" she called out as she followed me into the house. I don't know if anyone heard her as all the other girls were too involved in jumping in the pool, and dunking and splashing each other.

I led Shelly through the kitchen to the main downstairs bathroom. "Thanks." She said as she went in, and turned to look at me. She just stood there for a moment, looking at me. She didn't close the door. I tried not to stare, but I could not pull my eyes off of her.

"Uh, Dan" she said, snapping me from my daze. She smiled a little, knowing she caught me in something I knew I shouldn't be doing.

"Sorry!" I stammered, and moved to close the door. But as I reached for the door, she reached for my arm, and caught it. Quickly, she pulled me into her, and kissed me. Her lips were smooth, and her kiss was beyond belief.

I slid my tongue into her waiting mouth and she sucked on it slightly, and then countered with her own tongue. My hands went around to her beautiful round ass, and I grabbed a cheek with each hand and squeezed. They felt like heaven. Her hands went to my back and shoulders.

She pulled back from me and moaned "Take me to your room!" Her hand circle down and around to my cock, which was now fully erect and leaking pre cum. She stroked it a a couple of times, and then moaned again for me to take her to my room, kissing me as she talked.

I broke away, grabbed her other hand and led her upstairs to my room. We were all over each other as soon as we got up the stairs. I pulled on her bikini top and heard the pop of the clasp as it broke and her tits came bouncing out.

I could not believe how big they were! I reached a hand up and weighed one for a moment and popped it into my mouth. I flicked her huge hard nipple with my tongue.

She pulled my shorts down revealing my cock. She moaned in delight and began to rub my balls. "So big and hard" she moaned into my ear. She squeezed my balls and I could have cum right on her hand.

My hands found her bikini bottoms and I ripped them down to reveal her sweet young pussy. It held a perfectly manicured red landing strip. I loved everything about her. From her big full tits, her nice bubble butt, and her sweet little strip above her pussy, she was like heaven to me.

I quickly pushed her on the bed, and spread her legs. I dove into her wet waiting pussy like a starving man. I began to lick and suck her clit and felt her whole body shake as she pushed my face into her twat.

"Oh yes!" she moaned. "Oh fuck yes! God yes!" she cried out over and over as I gave her delicious pussy a good tongue lashing.

Soon I felt her shudder and knew she was about to cum. I tasted and felt as her body tightened and released, and her cum came gushing out and all over my face and down to her asshole. I licked up most of it, and even circled around her tight pink asshole.

"Oh fuck! Oh God yes" She cried out. "Oh Dan, I want to fuck you right now."

I wanted more than anything to feel her wrap her lips around my cock, but I knew that I would never last very long if she did that.

I crawled up her body, stopping to bite her nipples and kiss her neck, and I pushed my cock head against her wet waiting pussy.

"You're driving me wild!" She moaned at me as she bucked her hips trying to force my cock in. "Fuck me already! I need your big cock in me!"

Not wanting to disappoint this beautiful young woman, I drove my cock into her full tilt. I went all the way into her until our hips slammed together.

"Oh God!" was all she could say. I slowly pulled my dick back and began to fuck this beauty in earnest.

Every time my cock would slam into her, her tits would roll up her body in a convulsion, like a wave. She moaned and grunted and cried out, and I knew she was cumming again. I slammed her over and over again, and felt her cum two more times, each time screaming out in pleasure.

Now I felt my balls tighten up, and I knew I was so close, I could not resist any longer.

"Oh fuck baby, I am about to cum!" I cried out.

She tried to sit up quickly and a look of alarm came on her face. "Pull out!" was all she could manage, being driven over the edge toward another orgasm, and being out of breath from the pounding I was giving her.

I slid my cock out and layed it on her landing strip. She looked at it and licked her lips, and suddenly a huge wad of cum shot up from the end of my cock.

My knees buckled and I almost collapsed on her, but more and more cum flew up her body. The first squirt went to the bottom of her tits, and the second squirt went over them somehow and landed on her chin. More and more cum flew all over her beautiful body.

She put her fingers up to her face and wiped my fresh cum on them, then slipped them into her mouth and sucked them clean. Then she wiped cum from the bottoms of her tits and her belly up onto her nipples and pulled one into her mouth.

"Mmmmm." She cooed as she sucked my cum from her tits.

I collapsed down on top of her, finally spent and unable to stand. I had not fucked a real woman in 2 years, and I had never fucked anyone this hard before. I was exhausted.

Shelly smiled and kissed me open mouthed. I could taste the saltiness of my own cum in her mouth as we kissed.

"Ummmm, Mr. Parsons?" I heard from behind me.

Startled, I jumped up and turned to see Anna standing in the doorway. In our hurry to get into the bedroom, we never did close the bedroom door!

Anna blushed a little, and then slowly looked me up and down. I was suddenly aware that I was naked in front of my daughters best friend. My cock began to rise again without a second thought. Annas' eyes never left my growing cock.

"Uh, I was just looking for Shelly since she had been gone for a while, but.." she stammered as she looked at my cock. "I wasn't spying or anything like that.." she trailed off again.

I walked slowly toward her. I heard a soft moan and saw her lick her lips. Her eyes never left my cock, which was now fully erect again and leading the way.

"Its ok, Anna." I whispered in her ear as I came up close to her. I felt her hand go around my cock and begin to lightly stoke it.

One hand reached for her huge tits and the other slowly closed the door behind her.

"Actually, I am glad you found us." I said as I popped her tit out of her bikini top and went down to suck it.

Shelly sat up on the bed, on her knees, and beckoned for us to come to her.

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