tagIncest/TabooPool Party

Pool Party


His daughter Zoey had her high school friends over for a frolic in the pool. His wife had left the two of them about two weeks earlier so he was home and trying to make ends meet. It was a lovely day and the young ladies, 6 of them, swam, sunbathed, and talked about boys.

As he watched them from his bedroom window, he had to admit that he got turned on seeing them rub suntan lotion on each other and strut around the pool. His favorite part was watching them adjust their little thong bikinis that all the girls are wearing these days. The material kept creeping up their tight little asses and pussies. Knowing he was alone and couldn't be detected behind the dark paned glass of his upstairs window, he unzipped his swim shorts and let them slide to the floor. His manhood stood out away from my body and pointed in the direction of the young ladies. He stood in just a white t-shirt and stroked himself as he watched the little ladies carry on downstairs in his back yard.

He spotted the cute tall blonde, Ashley, smooth out her bikini bottom in front so it wouldn't show her delicious camel toe and stroked his cock and dreamt of licking her little slit until she moaned with passion. Amber, a little brunette, was on her back getting a suntan and decided to roll to her stomach. Wow, he thought, she had a lovely ass and as she settled on her belly, her right hand swung around her back to pull the cotton fabric of her pink bikini out of her butt cheeks. He knew he could get used to burying his face in her ass cheeks and eating her snatch from behind as she pushed her hips back against his tongue. He was really working his cock when the door to his room swung open and his daughter stepped in. She closed it quietly behind her and leaned back against the door, locking it as she looked at him.

'Wow, someone's really enjoying the party aren't they?" she stated as she stared at his cock. She was shaking her head from side to side as she came forward and kissed him on the cheek. "I'm so glad mom left," she started to say but he cut her off.

"Shsss," he told her, holding his right index to his lips and then put his hands up on her shoulders. His hands cupped her there and he pushed her to the floor.

"Well, well, well," Zoey giggled as she knelt down quickly to keep from falling to the floor. She laughed as his left hand cupped her head and pulled it to his lap. Wide mouthed, she took in the head of his cock. She wanted to tease and taste his cock but he had other ideas. His cock was rock hard from watching the young teeny bobbers in the pool and he wanted to explode. Taking either side of his daughter's head, he roughly fucked at her mouth with abandon.

Zoey giggled and sucked and tried to breathe through her nose. She had her face fucked by him numerous times before and knew it was best not to fight him and try her best to breath and relax between his mad pares into her mouth.

"Grab my ankles you little slut," he told her as I quickly bobbed her head in his lap. Zoey did as her father asked, not because she was afraid to make him mad but because she loved him and would do anything for him. He had taught her the joys of cock sucking and she had wanted to please him in every way, ever since.

"Take it all the way down," He told her now as she clung to his ankles and opened her mouth wide. Her nose felt the familiar tickle of his pubic hair and she sniffed his manliness as he held her face against his pelvis and wiggled his hips to move his 7-inch cock around in her young throat. He grunted and then let her up for air.

Zoey knew to catch her breath but not to wipe her face as he liked what he called a 'Juicy Blow Job". He had taught her all his favorite things during Christmas break after she had turned 18 and her mom was away on one of her many business trips. With mouth wide open, she felt her dad's hands grab a hold of her hair and pull her face into his lap again. His cock jabbed at her mouth but missed and the head slid along her cheek and wiped pre-cum from her upper lip to her forehead. She giggled as it caught her off guard and seemed comical. Her dad would laugh later but not now when he was trying to get off and fucking her face.

"Put it in your mouth," her dad told her and she moved her hands to grab his cock.

"Put your hands down," he told her and she opened her mouth wider and tried to catch it with her mouth. Her dad's serious nature waned when this happened though as he liked to play with Zoey and her mouth. As she opened her mouth to capture his hard on, he swung his hips so his long shaft and wet head smacked playfully on her cheeks and nose. Zoey liked it too. Her mind flashed with the memories of when she gave her dad her first blowjob during the holidays. She thought about how she was delirious for days afterward as she fell in love with the texture, smell, and warmth of her father's cock in her mouth and against her skin. She felt herself get wet when she rubbed his manhood against her skin, lips, and tongue.

"Can't catch it, hunh?" her dad said as her stood over her and stroked his cock. Zoey frowned and shook her head, 'Naw'.

"Do you want it?" her dad asked her teasingly. He knew she wanted it, she had always wanted it, she had told him that before. It all started when she caught her parents fooling around and saw her mom go down on her dad. Her mom could suck a great dick and as her dad sat on the couch, he bobbed her mom's head in his lap as they were supposed to be watching some late night TV. Zoey had come home unannounced from a friend's house. She was supposed to sleep over but had got a stomachache and decided to walk home rather than call and worry her parents. Slipping in the house she watched them from the hallway and was enamored by how her mom's mouth could bring such pleasure to her dad. She had always had a crush on her dad so when she saw them she knew that is what she wanted to do for him. She didn't really know what a blow job was or really seen a penis but she was willing to learn and do anything to please her dad. When her mom left for a two-week business trip after Christmas day she put her move on him. The rest was easy because her dad was such a pervert and her hot little body and mouth could break down even a saint's will power.

Zoey made a pouty little face and shook her head 'Naw' again. She looked up at her dad and smiled. His hand was pumping his cock and his eyes diverted from her face to the backyard. She wondered what girlfriend had gotten him so hot and bothered. She hoped it was herself but she knew her dad and his eyes loved to stray.

"If you want it, I want you to beg me for it," he told her and watched as two of the girls and gotten in the pool and one was climbing upon the other's shoulders. They were challenging the other girls to join them in the pool for a game of 'chicken fighting'. He looked back at her and she was bringing her two hands together to beg.

"Oh please, please let me suck your dick," Zoey said with a grin. She loved her dad's games. He loved to play all types of games and she was always willing to play along because they pleased him and she always got off.

"I don't want you to tease me, you slut, I want my cock sucked good," he told her playfully. He didn't have to tell her how to suck him, she knew how; she had learned all of his favorite things during those days her mom had been away and ever since.

"I will, I will, suck you good," Zoey said and rose up on her knees to try and put her mouth on his cock.

"Are you going to swallow?" her dad asked her as he grabbed her by the hair on top of her head and looked at her quizzically. It was yet another question he didn't need to ask. Zoey would swallow if he wanted to her to swallow; in fact the first time she blew him she had swallowed him before she knew it was called swallowing. She had gotten down on her knees like he asked and licked and played with his cock until he told her to take him in her mouth and suck while he stroked himself. She looked up into his eyes and felt the warm gooey man juice bathe her throat as he spent himself into her mouth. She enjoyed her father's facial expressions of ecstasy as he got off. She had found the taste to be strong but not unpalatable. She liked it but mostly she liked it because it seemed to turn her father on so much when she did swallow it.

"Yes," she answered with a smile as her eyes moved from her father's to his cock. Pre-cum pooled on his slit and she became enamored with it. Her dad saw it too and told her to lick it clean. With a flick of the tongue she lapped it up and sat back on her haunches and smiled.

Her dad smiled at his little prize. Zoey was any man's dreams and she was his for the taking. His wife had grown too old and too tired for his wanton desires so he had broken her in. Zoey would contend it was her doing in seducing her dad but he knew better. He had been dreaming of the day when she would turn 18 and he could show her all of his favorite things. How he liked to be sucked, what he liked a girl to wear to turn him on and how he liked for her to act. He asked her to be his little fuck doll and he didn't have to ask twice. She would do anything for him, like arrange this little pool party so her lecherous dad to check out her girlfriends and maybe explore the idea of getting one of them to join in on their little games.

"You are not going to toy with me are you girl?" her dad asked as he pulled her face close and began rubbing his warm, hard rod on her cheeks and lips. Her mouth opened slightly and she licked at his member as it moved across her face. His smell and its warmth were intoxicating to her and she moved her right hand to her pussy. She pulled aside the fabric of her thong and she moaned as her fingers delicately rolled her moistening lips. The sensation was so great that she rose and fell back on her ankles.

"No, I won't toy with you," Zoey moaned as she rubbed on her clit as she split her lips open.

Her dad noticed her hand and noticed how she had wiggled when her hand toyed herself. He loved getting her off and loved how she would go breathless whenever she was close. Pulling his cock up, he planted his hairless balls on her face. She continued to lick and her tongue twirled under her ball sac and around the base of his penis.

Taking his right foot, he moved it between her bent knees and pushed his foot against the back of Zoey's toying hand. She picked up on it and pulling her hand away she cupped his heel and pulled his instep against her clit and warm, wet pussy. She moaned as his foot's rigid ness sent shock waves through her body. Her dad knew what her was doing and a little pressure and a little wiggle was just right to send her over the top.

"Oh fuck oh fuck," she whispered moaned as her mouth massaged his ball sac and cock. The sight of her orgasm and trembling coupled with the sound of her cumming began to push him over the top too so he pulled back her head and pushed the head at her lips. She was taken by surprise and her closed mouth caused his cock to crash into her lips and slide against her nose. She flickered her eyes and opened her mouth to his second pare and it slid in a few inches.

"Open," he told her and rocked his hips forward a third time. His cock came out and slid a few inches deeper and she gagged. "Suck," he instructed, undeterred and Zoey began sucking for all she was worth as her dad's foot caused her to wiggle to a second wave of orgasm.

"Oh yeah, keep doing it, keep doing it," her father coached her as he held her head in his hands and rocked her forward and back on his cock. Zoey's eyes watered but she was in heaven. Her father's cock was in her mouth and he was throat fucking her. Her eyes looked up at him and waited for the 'look'. Her dad always came the same way. His face would freeze and his eyes would roll back in his head and he'd forget to breathe until he had to to stop from collapsing. It was the same look he had gotten when he was being blown by her mom that time she walked in on them.

"Oh you little mink," he called her as he began to feel his balls erupt, "Oh fuck, yeah." His face was awash in delight as he ejaculated hard and long into her sweet throat and his lovely doll sucked him for all she was worth. She smiled to herself as another wonderful mission was accomplished. She continued to suck him as he jerked out the last remains of his love juice and watched the young ladies frolic in his pool. He patted Zoey on the head as he watched her little Asian girlfriend, Ming, get upended off the shoulders of her partner in the Chicken fights. If he could only choose one girl to add to his harem, she'd be the one. She was tiny and had the softest skin and most spectacular jade eyes. It didn't hurt that she seemed to be into guys much more than any of the others. He had watched her study him when she thought he wasn't looking and she dressed far trampier than the rest. She was into short belly shirts, leather mini-skirts, and knee-high boots.

Ming came up for air and realized she had lost her top. Her tight and firm b-cup titties were beautiful. She was a little cold or slightly turned on as her young nipples pointed for all to see. She was comfortable with her body, as she seemed undaunted as the other girls' teased her for losing her top.

"You'll have to go save Ming," her dad said to her as he helped Zoey to her feet. Zoey looked out where he was looking and laughed. The girls were surrounding Ming and flipping her lime green top around and over her. She laughed at them trying to get it without really trying.

"Looks like it is getting interesting," Zoey said as she stepped in front of her dad. His strong arms came down around her and he rubbed his semi-hard cock on her beautiful backside.

"Come on you dorks," sweet little Ming chided, as she grew tired of her friends' sophomoric teasing. She knew as small as she was and how difficult it was to move in the water that she'd never get the top back from the four girls so she chose to do the next best thing. She jumped on the girl closest to her and pushed her head under the water. Crystal was that girl, a cute little blonde that Zoey had told her dad was a ballet dancer and that wasn't hard to see. She had an incredibly tight little body and the fullest bosom. Zoey's dad kidded she'd never make it because most ballet dancers are dainty like her but not that stacked. Her dad said she must look like every guy's wet dream in a leotard.

Crystal's head went under water and as she fought to get Ming off of her, Ming tore her dark blue bikini top off of her. Zoey and her dad laughed as the tables had turned at least for Crystal. She came up from the water screaming in surprise and her C cups rose and fell in the water. The other girls saw her large chest and their eyes went wide with smiles and gaffs.

"So that's what they look like uncovered," her dad joked as he ran his right hand down between Zoey's legs and rubbed her little cookie. Zoey leaned back into him and sighed. She turned her head to the side and kissed her dad on the neck. Her dad's cock was warm and hard against he butt and lower back and she liked the feeling of it. Sticking her ass out she playfully wiggled her hips against it.

"I better go down there and help," Zoey said as she moved to get around her perverted dad. The girls had begun to jump on each other and a bikini top free-for-all was under way. Ming was topless and wasn't going to give up Crystal's top. Ashley and Amber had jumped on Tina and had her stringy pink top off in seconds. As fair game they allowed her to get theirs. As they all realized they were topless, they figured 'why not' and decided to dunk each other instead worrying about their nudity.

"Naw, they'll be just fine without you," her dad told her as he held her in front of him.

'We don't have time," she told her dad and tried to wiggle free.

Her dad had a glazed look over his face and pushing her shoulders forward, bent her over at the waist and quickly pulled aside her delicate bikini bottoms and pushed his cock at her still moist opening.

"Ahh," Zoey squealed as she felt his cock slip inside her from behind and bury itself in her warm, soft quim. His cock was so thick and hard that she gasped as he fucked her. Her dad could be gentle and patient or he could be rough and unrelenting. This was not the warm and cuddly daddy. He was turned on by all her hot little friends and just wanted to fuck her hard. She loved both daddies. Sometimes she wanted him to just hold her and play gently with her little pussy and other times she wanted to be his little fuck doll and give herself up to his animal urges and perverted tastes. At times, she liked not knowing what he was going to force her to do and make her wear or say.

Her dad pulled her hands behind her back and pulled on them like reins as he pumped his hips at her sweet backside. His cock pistoned in and out of her with abandon. She spread her legs wider to keep from falling and wrapped her wrists on his forearms.

"Oh yeah, fuck me daddy," she moaned as her pussy began to feel all creamy inside. She couldn't pull her head up to see outside as her head had dipped under the windowsill. "Oh yeah oh yeah," she continued as he felt his semen boiling up in his loins. He wasn't worried about her being heard as the girls were screaming and carrying on outside, so he fucked at her harder. She was such a hot little fuck and he loved how she liked it hard and nasty.

Taking her two wrists, he put them together in his left hand and held them tight. Taking his right hand he reached to the back of her head and pulled her hair snapping it back. She groaned as she breathed through her agape mouth. He was punishing he pussy in all the right spots as his cock filled her up.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck,' she moaned and tilting her hips, rolled to a powerful orgasm. "Awww, awww," she groaned as her body was wracked by one after another. She involuntarily tried to bring her legs together to control her spasming and nearly toppled over.

Her dad was right behind her as he felt the warm flush of her pussy juices on his cock and he began spurting his warm, gooey white liquid deep into her cunt. Letting go of her hands, he took both of his hands and grabbed her shoulders to hold her onto his draining cock. Her tight little body was screwed onto his hard member and he felt so content as he convulsed with each and every spurt. Taking his hands off of her shoulders, he grabbed her neck and turned her face to him. Squeezing her breathless, he kissed her pushing his tongue into her mouth. Zoey's little pussy wiggled in delight on his now softening rod and she kissed back at him hard. It was times like this that made her feel so loved. No young man could make her feel so much like a woman as her dad.

They broke their kiss and regained their composure. Zoey stood in front of the full-length mirror in her dad's room to check her bikini. She had to dap her pussy to clean up her dad's spunk as it leaked from her wet hole. Smoothing out her bikini thong was difficult as her lips were still so engorged and full that they didn't want to stay covered. Her dad went to his dresser drawers and found a pair of swim shorts. He watched her play with her bikini and smiled. After cumming two times, he began to feel the stirrings of another hard-on just watching her wiggle her little ass in front of the mirror. He knew it would have to wait. Zoey couldn't keep her friends waiting that long could she.

Satisfied that her pussy was dry and covered up enough, Zoey turned from the mirror and walked over and gave her dad a kiss o the cheek. Her small right hand reached out and playfully squeezed his semi-hard cock through his swim shorts. "Thanks dad," she told him and sauntered off to the door. She unlocked it, opened and stepped through the doorway, pausing to look over her shoulder. She always did. She wanted to see if her dad was looking at her ass. He always was.

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