tagLoving WivesPool Party With Friends

Pool Party With Friends


It was the middle of July and as hot as hell when my friend Steve invited my wife and I over to his house to have a barbeque and go swimming. My wife Jolene is tall, blonde and built to kill. I knew that Steve had the hots for her and I asked her to wear something sexy.

Jolene slipped into a short summer dress that barely covered her panty-covered pussy. She did not wear a bra and her nipples were outlined against the thin material. Jolene asked what suit she should bring and I suggested her new white thong bikini. I had bought it for her just a few days earlier and she had not had a chance to wear it.

When Jolene and I arrived Steve and his friend Tom were smoking some weed and drinking beer near the pool. We grabbed a couple of beers from the ice chest and joined them. Both of them were glued to my wife's thighs as she sat down across from them. As we visited Jolene's skirt crept up her thighs until her panties could be seen between her legs even with her knees tightly together.

We had several beers and Steve suggested we all go swimming. Jolene and I went to change into our suits. As we were changing we kissed and felt each other's bodies. I slipped my finger into her hot pussy and told her how sexy she looked. My wife mentioned that both of my friends kept staring at her crotch and that she noticed that Tom had a hard on. Jolene started jacking me off while she told me her fantasy to fuck several men just might come true today. Just before I was about to blow my wad she squeezed my dick and told me to hold on.

When Jolene slipped into her bikini I was quite surprised. Her other bikini was small but her existing tan line was apparent as her cheeks were accented by the tan, the thong disappeared into the crack of her fine white ass. Her neatly trimmed pussy was barely covered by the thin white material, the thong bikini rode quite a bit lower on her stomach than her other suit. Jolene has size 38 tits and they just squeezed into the cups of her suit. Jolene was excited and her hard nipples pressed against the material. I put my suit on and we went to join my friends.

When we reached to pool both of my friends began clapping and whistling. Jolene made a polite curtsey and turned around so they could view her fine body. Without missing a beat she walked to the end of the diving board and dove in the pool headfirst. When she surfaced in the shallow end her dark brown nipples could easily be seen through the now transparent material of her suit. Jolene stood up and tossed her hair back giving the three of us a fine view of her breasts.

The three of us guys watched my wife swim a couple of laps as we finished our beers. Jolene swam up to me and gave me a long deep kiss, my cock was as hard as a rock. She asked if we needed more beer and swam across the pool to the stairs. As she walked out of the pool the water flowed down her long hair and off her tight ass. All the three of us guys could do was stare as we watched her wiggle away to the ice chest. When my wife returned with the beers she walked around the pool to where we were still standing. The neatly trimmed patch of her blonde pussy could be seen through the thin material as she approached.

Jolene leaned over and handed us our beers as her tits almost spilled out of her top. The three of us were speechless and watched as she sexily walked back to the diving board. Jolene dove in again and swam under the water to where we were standing. She came up right next to me and felt my cock under the water as she asked me to get her lip-gloss from her purse in the house. I had a hard time hiding my erect cock as I left the pool and headed for the house. I found her lip-gloss after a few minutes of looking and headed back to the pool. As I neared the glass door I stepped aside to watch what was happening.

Jolene was standing between my two friends, her tits were about out of her top, and she was splashing them both. They in return splashed her and tried to dunk her under the water. When Jolene popped up out of the water her right tit had come out of her top. Steve and Tom stopped splashing and were a little embarrassed. Jolene then noticed and quickly covered her tit with her bathing suit. With a quick jump Jolene was out of the water and sitting on the edge of the pool. The cool water was glistening in the sun against her hard, tan body. Jolene sat with her legs slightly apart revealing her pussy through the transparent suit. My wife leaned back on her elbows and tipped her beer in the air.

The sight of my beautiful wife mesmerized both of my friends. Jolene stood up and walked to the diving board. With all the grace in the world she dove in and swam to the shallow end to Tom and Steve. This time when she surfaced her bathing suit top was nowhere to be found. Looking across the pool I noticed it floating in the deep end. Jolene stood out of the water letting the water fall off of her erect nipples. Steve nervously looked at the house watching to see if I was coming out. Jolene waded to Tom and began fondling his cock under water. Tom wasted no time in feeling her tits and pulling her closer to him. Jolene broke the kiss and playfully pushed away.

About this time I had to join them and headed for the pool. Before I could reach the pool Jolene had gotten out and laid on a towel on the deck. Tom and Steve welcomed me with a nervous laugh, wondering what was going on. I knelt next to Jolene and handed her the lip-gloss and gave her a kiss while running my hand down her stomach and squeezing her thighs. I went for more beers while Steve and Tom joined me. They asked if everything was all right. I told them it was alright with me and asked if they were O.K. They both smiled and assured me everything was O.K. with them.

We headed back to the pool and found Jolene leaning up on her elbows with a bottle of tanning lotion. As we approached she asked Tom if he would help her out and rub the lotion on for her. As she handed him the lotion she turned over and laid on her stomach. Tom started at her feet and worked his way up to her thighs and ass. Steve and I watched as he began fondling her thighs and then her ass, never quite making it up to her back and shoulders. While he was feeling her ass he began kissing one cheek and then the other. In the middle of this Jolene turned over and began pulling on her nipples.

Tom took each side of her thong in his hands and pulled it down her legs and tossed it into the pool. My wife looked at Steve and asked if he would like to join in while motioning me to her side. Tom was down on his stomach and began licking her hot pussy while Steve moved to her and began feeling her breasts. Jolene reached up and slipped her hand in his swimsuit and began tugging on his cock. Tom stood for a minute and removed his swimsuit then knelt down next to my wife again. Jolene began jerking his cock as he began sucking on her nipples. Steve quit sucking her pussy for a minute to remove his suit.

At this time Tom moved into a 69 position and my wife sucked his hard cock into her mouth. In just moments Tom's ass began to tighten, as he was ready to shoot his load. Jolene was moaning heavily as Steve was really licking her clit. Steve could hold out no longer and began pumping his seed into my wife's mouth. Jolene was bucking against his face in an intense orgasm. Steve pulled his cock up as Jolene licked it clean, her face was covered with cum. Tom and I were sitting next to them with our hard cocks pointing to the sky.

Jolene excused herself for a minute explaining she would like to use the restroom. Steve laid back in the hot sun panting while thanking me for coming over with Jolene. Just a few minutes later Jolene came out of the house and dove into the pool, swimming across the pool and getting out where the three of us still sat. Jolene crawled across to where Tom was sitting and began French kissing him and playing with his hard dick. Jolene pushed him onto his back and began licking his cock and sucking his balls. My wife's tight ass was in the air and I wasted no time in moving in behind her and slipped my cock into her freshly fucked pussy.

Holding her hips I began pumping as she began sucking Tom in earnest. Tom was first and started shooting his load into her mouth, Jolene pulled up and let him spray into the air as I thrust deeply into her snatch. Jolene began licking Tom clean as I shot my load into her pussy. She was panting and moaning like I had not heard for a long time. I removed my limp cock as Jolene rolled over onto her back. My cum was oozing out of her pussy and Tom's cum was on her face and tits. Jolene was just smiling as Steve brought her a wet towel to clean off with.

In just the last twenty minutes she had sucked off two men and I had fucked her also. Jolene was hot! She leaned back against Tom's chest and began fingering her pussy. Soon Tom and my wife were locked in an embrace while Steve moved in to suck on her pussy. Tom was twisting her nipples as the kissed. Jolene broke the kiss as she started another orgasm, taking Steve's head and holding him tight against her heaving pussy. Steve was hard again and laid my wife down on her back while shoving his cock into her. Tom and I watched as Steve fucked my beautiful wife, thrusting to each movement of her bucking hips. Steve lasted a few minutes and pumped her pussy with his second load.

After they finished fucking we all sat back and finished our beers and sparked up another joint. I asked Jolene if she had enjoyed living out her fantasy of multiple fucking. She replied that the day was not over yet and gave me a long deep kiss.

Steve suggested we start the barbeque and went to the kitchen to get the food and other condiments. Jolene joined him and brought out the dishes, silverware and such. Tom and I had moved the chairs to the table and were sitting there having a drink. We watched as Jolene moved around the table, naked as a jaybird. As she was leaning over the table next to Tom he began fondling her ass and slipped a finger into her pussy. Jolene stood in front of him and spread her legs as he continued to finger her pussy and suck her nipples into his mouth. Jolene was squirming on his hand and when he pulled his fingers out of her pussy she lowered herself onto his waiting cock. Jolene grabbed him around the neck and rode him like a wild horse. Tom began grunting as he came inside my wife, giving her a long deep kiss as they both calmed down to an even rhythm of fucking. Jolene sat on his lap for a while as he fondled her breasts and kissed her some more.

Steve was at the barbeque complaining he was out of beer. Jolene ran to the ice chest, her tits bouncing all the way and delivered him a beer. Steve slipped his tongue into her mouth while fondling her tits and ass. Jolene began pumping his hard shaft while they kissed. My wife broke the kiss and knelt to take Steve's cock into her mouth. With some expert sucking Steve was soon shooting his hot jism down my wife's throat, she was enjoying the hell out of it.

Jolene came to the table and sat on my lap, kissing my neck and jerking my cock. She slid down my chest, biting and sucking on my nipples, until she had my hard cock in her mouth. While feeling my balls and sucking my cock she kept telling me to shoot my load into her mouth. Only a few minutes of this and I was draining myself into her mouth. She took every drop and licked my cock clean. By this time we had worked up quite an appetite and the barbeque was just in time. We sat at the table, all naked, and enjoyed the meal.

After dinner the three of us went into the living room to relax and enjoy some more fucking. Steve slipped a porno movie into the tape player and we sat watching the orgy on screen while smoking another joint. Jolene was leaning against my chest and I was feeling her breasts while she slowly played with her pussy. Steve moved into between her legs and began sucking on her pussy. Jolene pushed Steve away and moved to the center of the room on her hands and knees. She spread her legs and Steve wasted no time in moving in behind her and slipping his cock into her waiting pussy. Tom moved in fStevet of my wife and offered her his cock. Jolene began sucking on his balls and cock while Steve continued to fuck her from behind.

I moved to the floor and slipped under her so that I could lick her pussy while Steve's cock drove in and out. It wasn't long before Tom shot his load down my wife's throat. Jolene couldn't get enough and pulled my cock into her mouth. We were doing a 69 while Steve was fucking her yet from behind. At almost the same moment Steve grabbed her by the hips and shot his seed into her pussy and I shot my load into her slurping mouth. Jolene cried out in a rocking orgasm and met each thrust of Steve's cock until it was soft. It was getting late and we were all exhausted. After watching the movie end Jolene and I excused us and left. Before leaving Steve and Tom both thanked my wife and I for a great time and told Jolene that she could come swimming any time she wanted.

On the way home Jolene thanked me for not getting upset and for enjoying her fantasy of multiple partners. I assured her everything was all right and that I was turned on watching her fuck my friends and act so nasty. I explained how my fantasy was to watch her fuck other men and this was a perfect day. Over the next few weeks we discussed the events of the barbeque and other related fantasies, each about my wife and other men.

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