Pool Payments Ch. 10

byTx Tall Tales©

"Oh," she groaned, "Oh, GOD!" The blasphemous cry signaled my success, and I rubbed her clit hard, while my hips pounded her like a jackhammer. I was watching her face, watching her eyes roll up, and her skin flushing bright red. Her mouth opened in a silent scream and she released her legs, to my hands. They were trembling, shaking like a leaf in the wind.

She stayed on the edge of cumming for so long, muscle spasms tensing her abs and legs, while she cried out over and over again. It felt incredible to tear these enormous orgasms from my new curvy sex toy.

"You come so sweetly, Andrea." I told her, slowing down to a nice easy screwing, feeling her tight twat pulsing against my cock.

She was gasping, breathing hard through her nose, slowing coming down. I leaned over her, giving those big tits a squeeze before I kissed her. "You are a sweet, sweet fuck, angel."

"God, that was incredible," she gasped, clinging to me. "It's never been like that, never."

I pulled back and out of her. "Now roll over for me."

She sat up, hesitating. "Do we have to, like that?"

"Like what?" I teased.

"Like animals."

"Just do it, Ok? You're going to love this. Have I lied to you so far?"

She finally got up the nerves and got on her hands and knees. "This is so filthy, so ugly," she whined, burying her head in the pillows.

I spread her cheeks open and licked her bright pink pussy. She moaned and reached back. "Don't. Don't, that's dirty."

"It is. Dirty. Sexy. Hot." I grabbed her ass cheeks tightly and licked her thoroughly. I spread her cheeks wide and poked her little brown star with my tongue, getting her to cry out.

"No! Oh please, not there, not there," she moaned.

But she didn't fight me and I tongued her ass thoroughly, pushing the tip of my tongue into her. She looked too good to just eat so I got up on my knees and eased my cock back into her. With a few good shoves I was buried in her once again. Grabbing her hips, I fucked her, once more pushing her hard, fucking her deep, letting her feel the full experience.

After a minute or two she was pushing back against me. I let go of her hips and just used my hips to get a nice steady motion going. Each stroke came all the way to the edge before thrusting back in. I could tell I had her, from the moans and the way she was pushing back.

I stopped.

"Oh, don't. Don't stop, not now," she begged.

"Fuck me. Fuck yourself on my cock." I ordered her.

She rose up on her hands, and rocked back and forth, harder and harder, thoroughly screwing herself with my hard cock. She was gasping, and I decided to help her, thrusting in counterpoint to her movements, pushing hard against her. Her butt cheeks were quivering, and I wanted to press the boundaries again. I pulled out of her sharply, slapped her ass, and then held her still.

She continued to try and push back against me, "No, don't stop, don't stop, please."

"What do you want me to do, my little fuck-toy?" I asked her, squeezing her ass cheeks and caressing her butt.

"Put it back in," she pleaded.

"Put what back in?"

"Put your thing back in."

"Tell me. Tell me what you want. Where you want me to put it. What you want me to do. Tell me, or get dressed and go home."

"Please, just put it back in," she whined.

"Tell me!" I smacked her ass hard, then stuck the head of my cock just barely inside her, and pulled it out again.

"No! Just stick your dick in me. Do it. Fuck me, fuck me hard."

I eased my cock back inside of her, while she moaned deliciously. "Say something dirty. Tell me what you really want. Make me want to do you."

"Please, fuck me. Fuck me with your fat cock. Fuck my pussy hard and make me cum for you again, please. Fill me with your hot cum." It sounded like it pained her to say it but that was good enough for me.

I grabbed a couple of pillows and slipped them under her hips. Then I pushed her down hard, her ass raised, and pounded her exposed pussy like a piece of cheap meat. I leaned over her, pushing her shoulders down into the bed, slamming into her.

"Is that what you wanted? You wanted to be fucked hard, stuffed full? Is that it?"

"God yes, yes, yes! Fuck me!" she gasped.

I pulled out of her, to her vocal disappointment. I pulled her legs together and straddled her, then pointed my cock downward and started fucking her again. In this position she was even tighter, and I could plow straight down into her, once more targeting that elusive g-spot.

She loved it and it wasn't long before I had her coming for me again. While she was still trembling I settled back onto my heels, taking it easy. I reached down and played with her ass cheeks before I spread them wide and nudged her butt-hole with my thumb. My steady fucking was distracting her enough to allow me to bury my entire thumb in her tight little ass.

"Please don't. That's so filthy," she gasped.

"No. It's sexy. Very sexy." While I fucked her leisurely, slowing down to stop myself from coming, I replaced my thumb with first one, then two fingers. She clenched her cheeks around my fingers, and I just twisted them around, stretching her.

"Time for something naughty again, Andrea." I warned her.

"What?" She asked forlornly.

"I'm either going to stick my cock in your butt, or you're going to suck me until I come for you. Which will it be?"

She was quick with that one. "Let me suck you. Please, I'll suck you."

I eased out of her ass and her pussy, and climbed up the bed next to her. "Do it. Suck me now, I'm so close to coming for you. Playing with your ass got me so hot, I almost couldn't stop."

She turned sideways, took my sticky cock in her hand, and licked it tentatively. "Do it good, or I swear I'll split your ass open," I warned her.

She opened her mouth wide and took me deep, sucking me strongly on the way out. She bobbed her head up and down on my cock, doing a pretty good job. "Use your hand and stroke me while you suck. Stroke me fast and suck me good."

She was obedient, her small hand following the movement of her mouth. She took me too deep a couple of times, choking a bit, but stuck with it. I was proud of her. In the end the thought of coming in her virgin mouth was too much. I held her head in my hands and fucked her mouth, careful not to go too deep, until I could hold back no longer. "I'm going to come for you, hot lips."

I groaned, and let go, filling her mouth. I held her head steady while I shot into her warm, wet opening. "Swallow. Swallow all my cum. Do it."

She did, gagging a bit, and then getting the feel for it, taking the rest. I left my cock in her mouth. "Go ahead, suck it more. Clean me up. Make me hard."

She looked up at me with fearful eyes. I released her head from my tight grip, and she went back to sucking me. I reached for her thigh and pulled her sideways where I could play with her a bit. Reaching between her legs, I diddled her, playing with her hot young pussy.

"That was so nice. I loved coming in your mouth. That was incredibly sexy and hot. You shouldn't hold that back, your mouth is wonderful, really."

I was really enjoying everything she was doing, and getting off on her sexual innocence. Once more I felt for her butt-hole, and worked my fingers into her while she sucked me. She turned a little, bringing her butt closer and making herself a little more accessible.

I could feel the steel slowly returning to my shaft. The thought of fucking another virgin hole was working wonders on me.

She pulled away from my cock, gasping. "Oh God, you're getting hard again!"

"I told you I would. I won't be done with you for a long, long time." I assured her.

"Did you really like being in my mouth that much?" She asked, before sucking me again, a little better now.

"I loved it. Given a chance, I'd fuck that sweet innocent mouth of yours every day."

"Do you have to come in my mouth? I almost choked," she asked hesitantly.

"That's just inexperience. With practice you'll be able to take my entire cock in your mouth, take me down your warm throat, and suck me dry without losing a drop. We'll make you a blow-job queen. Men will fight for the right to have you suck them. Won't you like that?"

"I don't want them to fight for me, I just want them to want me," she said softly.

"Do you think I want you?" I reminded her, pushing her head back down onto my cock.

She sucked me for a few seconds then pulled off. "How do I know you're not just some big-dicked freak?"

"I can get on the phone right now, and have another man begging to fuck you within 10 minutes. Would that convince you?"

She looked scared. "No one else, please, just you." Then she went back to sucking me. She was already developing a talent.

I pulled on her legs, getting her to straddle my face. She came along slowly holding herself too high for me to lick easily. So I played with her pussy, tugging on her lips, squeezing her clit, sliding several fingers inside of her, while she moaned and sucked me harder.

That virgin ass of hers was too strong a temptation and I switched to playing with her butt, slowly opening her up, stretching her, putting two, then three fingers into her butt. She was moaning and whimpering and the sounds were just energizing me, making me want her more. I had two fingers on each side, pulling her open and when she'd stay that way for a second or two, I figured she was ready.

I pushed her off of me. "Open the drawer and get out the blue bottle."

She leaned over and got the bottle of lube and passed it to me. "What are you going to do?" she asked nervously.

I put her on her back and put two pillows under her ass. "Pull your legs back for me, now. Pull them way back."

She did, opening herself wide and exposing both her pussy and her virgin ass to me. I squirted some lube on my fingers and eased them back into her butt, adding plenty of lube and working it in well.

"My God, you're so nasty," she murmured, hugging her legs.

A little lube on my cock and I was ready. I pressed the head against her tight little opening and pushed, using my thumb to guide it in. I entered her more easily then I had thought I would, and was able to slide a couple of inches into her before she winced.

I leaned over her and stared down into her pretty face, while I slowly stroked my way, inch by inch into her.

"Are you Ok?" I asked her.

"It's uncomfortable," she moaned.

"Does it hurt too much?"

She looked up at me, those big green eyes almost glowing. Then she slowly shook her head.

"It feels incredible," I explained. "You are so tight, so fucking tight." I was able to pull back and push almost the full length into her, forcing a gasp from her lips, seeing her wince a bit.

It was perfect. I was fucking her cherry ass, and she was able to take the whole damned thing. "You're so big," she gasped. "So fucking big. I feel so full."

"You feel wonderful. What you're doing is amazing. I know grown men who would kill to be where I am now, balls deep in your sweet, tight ass."

"Fuck me," she gasped.

I started in a little more forcefully, fucking her harder, then leaned down and stuck my tongue in her open mouth, raping her mouth while I abused her poor ass. She sucked on my tongue, then forced her own into my mouth, groaning.

"You are an amazing girl, Andrea. All these things we're doing would have any man hard for you on demand. You are incredible. Let yourself be the sexy creature you are."

"You really like this, don't you? Fucking my poor butt," she asked.

"I love it. Any man would. Are you still Ok?" I asked.

"I'm fucking fabulous," she gasped. "It feels so nasty, and so good."

"Good." I slowed pulled out of her ass, and she trembled. "Get on all fours for me. I'm going to come in your sweet butt."

She rolled over for me and lifted that cute little ass up, inviting. I grabbed the lube and lathered up my cock again, then slid back into her ass. I was able to bottom out almost immediately.

"Let me know if it gets to be too much," I warned her, knowing full well there was little chance I'd be able to hold back once I got going.

"Fuck my ass, Alex. Pound my virgin ass and fill me with your nasty cum."

I grabbed her hips and fucked her ass like there was no tomorrow. Fast, hard and deep, I wanted to come inside of her, let her feel me fill her, claim her tight ass as my own.

"Fuck me, Fuck me," she moaned, "fuck my ass, fuck my mouth, use me, take me, own me."

I loved the sound of her submission, and I pounded her thoroughly, until I could hold back no longer. With one last hard stroke, I buried myself and unloaded, blasting her insides.

I rolled off of her sweating, gasping for air. She leaned in and rested her head on my shoulder. "Wow! You really seemed to like that."

"In-fucking-credible," I assured her, wrapping my arm around her. "How about a quick shower, and then some sleep before I fuck your brains out in the morning?"

It was nice to play with her body under the pulsing hot water streams, and I wish I was able to get up for her again, but my cock was raw and my balls were aching. It had been one intense fuck session.

We had barely gotten back into bed, and were cuddled together, when Traci finally made her appearance.

"God, I can't believe I fell asleep up there. Did I miss anything?" she asked, sliding into bed beside our guest.

"I'll let Andrea tell you in the morning. It was nice."

"Nice?" Andrea mumbled. "Unbelievable."

"Good, I'm glad," she said.

I fell asleep holding Andrea's tit, and pressing my wilted cock between the cheeks of her naked ass.

I didn't think being 'desirable' was going to be a problem for her any longer.


What next? What will the morning bring? I'll give you a hint - things finally start to clear up for Alex. Stay tuned! And Vote!

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Best in series

In the Pool Payments series this story was by far the best. I have read quite a few of your stories, and many are just straight 5 stars all the way, but this one started with 3 for me, then went to 4,more...

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I thought I had read all of your stories. They are very well written and super hot. Then I found this string that I had not read before. Well done sir!!!

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