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Pool Side Sex


During the summer my friend Cali and I spent everyday at the pool. Both our parents were part of a very prestigious country club, meaning we had access to the nicest pool in our city. We both stood by the fact that we were straight, although I'm pretty sure she's not, she's always looking at me, and grabbing me. Honestly I don't mind it, I love attention and Cali is very attractive; she's the exact opposite of me though. She has short dark hair, glowing brown eyes, ridiculously long legs and tiny perky breasts. I, on the other hand, have long bleach blond hair, bright blue eyes and very large breasts.

One day at the pool, while Cali and I were tanning, I noticed there was a very cute new pool boy, Cali saw me looking at him.

"Holly, don't tell me you find him attractive!" Cali whispered.

"Chill, Cali! So what if I do." I responded. I could tell she was a little jealous, so I turned my head and gave her a little smile. She laughed backed and continued her tanning. For some reason I didn't though, I laid there, with my head turned starring at her chest. The moment I realized I was doing, I said, "Cali, lets get in the pool." She agreed and we made our way over the stairs, halfway there she linked her arm in mine and I felt me stomach do a flip flop. What's going on, one minute I'm starring at a pool boy and the next I'm getting butterflies from my best friend. Luckily that day was really slow, because when we got in the pool Cali kissed me on the lips. I forced her off and swam away. The rest of that day wasn't so exciting. When we got in the showers at the club, I had forgotten all about our kiss.

For some reason, whenever I swim I get amazing horny. I don't know why, but I do. So whenever I swim I have to shower after. You see, I have a bit of a routine. At the club they have really nice showers, with extendable shower heads, amazing water pressure, and massaging settings. I of course, took full advantage of this. I thought it was kinkier to leave me suit on since it was a pure white bikini that was about two sizes too small. After I shampooed my hair and what not, I take the shower head and run it over my body, pausing on the most sensual parts of my body, my nipples, my inner thighs and eventually leaving it on my clit. The only problem is, I have to be quiet.

On this particular day, I was even more turned on. It was hard to control myself, with the water pulsating on my hot, wet pussy. I let out small moan. About a minute or two after that my shower curtain flew open.

"I can hear you, you know. If you need help, why not just ask." Cali said.

I removed the shower head from inside my bikini bottoms, stood up and said, "Cali^� I^� I'm straight." I couldn't look her in the eyes when I said, I didn't know what she would too. But with in seconds of my response, she forced herself on me. Taking my top off and shoving her tongue down my throat all at once. I fought her at first, until she put her free hand down my bottoms, found my clit and starting massaging and pinching it. Once she did that, there was absolutely nothing I could do, I was hers.

I really started getting into it then, with her suit off already, I didn't have any work to do before I could pleasure her. I reached down while keeping my lips locked with hers and picked up the dropped shower head, still pulsating and separated her pussy and put it on her clit, I felt her jump a little, then moan into my mouth. She had one hand on my chest, pinching my nipples and rubbing my tits and the other one pinching and massaging my clit. Then she pulled away, and walked out of the shower.

I stood there confused, wanting more. And I got it, she walked in, caring a strap on. She got in the water, put it on, and immediately picked me up and pushed me against the wall. God, it felt good. She was thrusting so hard, with me on it, jumping up and down on the dildo. My tits kept hitting her in the face.

"BITE THEM, BITE MY FUCKING NIPPLES!" I screamed. And she did just that, I screamed wit pleasure. Again, the shower curtain opened, it was the cute pool boy. I looked at him and he said, "The real things better, you know." And he stepped in the shower, fully clothed. I gave Cali a begging look and she let me down off the strap on. I walked over to him, undressed him, and started making out with him. All of a sudden I felt him push against me, I looked behind him and I saw Cali had put on not only the strap on, but the pool boy as well! I chuckled a little and told him to get on his hands and knees. He did as I said, and Cali kept thrusting from behind. I laid down, my pussy inches away from his face.

"Eat my out," I ordered. He obeyed. God it felt. But I wouldn't let myself climax, and slid farther down. "Fuck me!" I told him. Immediately, I felt his hard shaft enter my pussy. With Cali thrusting behind him, his pressure and rhythm was outstanding. I arched my back and screamed, "STOP!" with that, the pool boy pulled out, as did Cali. I kissed the boy, and said "You know, I've never had an actual orgasm, but I want Cali to be the cause of my first one."

She gave me a huge smile, wiped off the dildo, and crawled on top of me. The pool boy came around by my head, he had a disappointed look on his face. I reached up and grabbed his throbbing cock and immediately started sucking him off. I tickled his balls with my tongue, which he apparently enjoyed, because second after he started to blow his load, so I grabbed his cock and pointed in the direction of my tits.

When he was done, my chest was covered in jizz. Cali instinctively started licking it up, with cum all over her face I pulled it close to me and we started making out. After a few minutes of that, I climaxed, but I wanted more. I couldn't get enough. But then I realized, the pool boy was gone. Oh well, I stood up and picked Cali up. I took the strap on off her, and put it on me. I pushed her against the wall and fucked her. I didn't think I would get any pleasure out of it, but I did. I started biting and licking Cali's little tits, she was going crazy. Her ride me, was almost better than riding her. Causing her to moan like that was such a turn on. I bit harder and thrust deeper. She moaned, and screamed. I started kissing her, I bit her lip, her neck, back to her nipples. She was in heaven, she fell against me, her face in my neck, she bit down, so she wouldn't scream so loud. I loved feeling her screams against me. Then her hand reached down, and went into my vagina. My knees gave out and we fell to the floor. One finger, two fingers, three fingers, then her whole fist. This was better than anything I felt before! I spasmed on the floor, her own flesh was inside me, I climaxed so fast! She removed her fist from my throbbing pussy and I grabbed it and started licking it, then I kissed her.

Again, we were disturbed, this time by the manager. He just looked at us, so I started eating out Cali. He started pulling me off, so Cali got up, pulled me away, and naked we ran to the pull, with the strap on. Running, she put it on. By the time we were in the pool, we were fucking again. Soon the police were there and we were ticketed for indecent exposure. Cali and I blame the pool boy. But oh well, it just made it easier to come out to our parents, and now he have sex all the time, and we've gotten into real kinky stuff, nothing with boys though, only us.

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