Poolboy Benefits

byTx Tall Tales©

"Sure. There's one in the garage."

"I'm going to grab my sump pump to start the draining. Plug in the extension cord, and bring it here."

It took about 15 minutes, but we had a fat hose slowly draining the pool, and I was ready to attack the main pump again. I looked over at my partner and I could see color on her cheeks from the sun. "Amy, your face is getting red. You better get some sun-block on."

She reached up to her face, then I saw the realization hit her. "I'm so sorry. I promised to, um, dress down, didn't I? And you should be the one putting the lotion on me."

I took her by the hand, and drew her over to the shade. "Let's get you out of the sun for now. I can't have you burning up on day one, can I?"

"I can't help you from over here," she argued weakly.

"Let's make a deal. I can handle pulling out the pump on my own. I might need a little help disassembling it and replacing the motor. Why don't you relax for a few minutes, and dress down for me? When I'm done pulling the pump, I'll lotion you up. That should be all the incentive I need. Once the motor is replaced, you can do a little something for me. And when it's back installed, you let me reapply the lotion. How's that sound?"

"Can we get all that done before 6:00? That's when Dale gets home."

"If I don't, I guess I forfeit the payment."

"That wouldn't be fair!" she practically whined. "You've already worked so hard."

"Incentive. I think I'll get it done."

"You better get going then," she told me, giving me a little push, and the cutest little smile.

* * *

Removing the line to the pump at the multi-port valve made the job a whole lot easier. It didn't take me 20 minutes to get the pump removed, including documenting the wiring. I carried the heavy pump into the shade of the porch where I had a table set up and my tools. I also had my printout for replacing the motor. I was surprised, and more than a little disappointed, to find that Amy wasn't there.

I walked over to where the bare faucet exited the side of their house, and washed my hands and face the best I could, and giving myself a quick spray-down to cool off. When I got back to the porch, Amy was standing there, looking awfully nervous, next to a tray with drinks. She wasn't topless. She was naked as the day she was born.

"I didn't think you'd be done so fast," she hurried to explain.

"Incentive." I looked her over slowly. "Damn, you are one beautiful woman."

She smiled shyly, her hands crossing over her crotch. "Thank you."

I took the Bud lite off the tray and downed half of it. "God, I needed that. It's a scorcher today."

She watched me quietly.

I saw there were several different bottles of suntan lotion on the table. I started looking them over. I looked back at Amy and her very clear tan lines. "You don't sunbathe nude much, do you?"


I selected a bottle of SPF 50 sensitive skin sun-block and an SPF 30 Hawaiian Tropic lotion. "Looks like you didn't get too burned this morning, this should do the job. I'll put it on you now if that's Ok."

"That's the deal," she said softly.

I grabbed the SPF 30, and squirted a liberal amount into my hand. "I'm going to start with the areas that are already a little tan, and afterwards we'll protect those areas that aren't used to being exposed to the sun." I walked behind her, thankful her hair was tied up. I put my hands on her shoulders and started working in the lotion. Jesus help me, I was touching Amy Daniels' naked body. I took my time, carefully coating each slender arm and the entirety of her back. I bypassed where her skin was whitest across her back, and on her butt. She stood still for me, barely moving.

"How hard is it going to be replacing the motor?" she asked.

I was kneeling behind her working her toned legs. "Spread your legs a little Amy, please." She opened them a little more than shoulder wide, and I felt her tremble when I coated the inside of her thighs up to her crotch. "I'm not sure. I've done it once before, on a different model. It should be a little easier this time. Figure on less than two hours."

"Before 4:00 then? That would be good."

I completed down to her ankles and rubbed some lotion into the top of her feet. Then I moved in front of her, watching her eyes tracking me. "Hold your hair back from your face and close your eyes."

She caught her breath when my fingers touched her face, and she tilted her chin up. I carefully covered her face and neck making sure to get her ears and the top of her cheeks. She looked so damned pretty, I forgot myself and pressed my lips to hers. She jerked away for a moment, then leaned back into me, letting me kiss her, her eyes held tightly shut.

It was a soft tender kiss, my tongue barely outlining her lips. Her mouth opened slightly, and our tongues met briefly. "We should get some chap-stick on your lips, gorgeous."

"It's on the table."

Sure enough. I held her chin still and painted her lips with the cherry lip-balm. I went in for another short kiss, tasting the difference. She responded sweetly, opening her lips to me quicker, her tongue grazing against my teeth.

Again I broke it off, grabbing the tanning lotion and traversing her front, still avoiding those areas I'd most like to be rubbing. I did a thorough job, exploring every square inch of her tanned skin.

"Ready for the rest?" I asked her, putting the 30 aside and reaching for the 50.

"I guess so," she said nervously.

I dipped my finger into a pool of lotion and drew a line across her back, just a little wider than her existing bikini top line. Loading up my hands with more of the cool cream, I dropped to my knees and placed my hands on her nice round butt cheeks. They flexed cutely under my touch. It was beyond comprehension, and my brain was in imminent danger of sensory overload shutdown. My hands grasped her white globes, squeezing gently, getting a feel for the flexibility, softness, and texture. I moved them, in small slow circles, gradually growing larger, exposing her most private parts to my hungry eyes.

I blanketed them completely, spending as much time on her butt as I had on her complete back and legs. I carefully traced my fingers down her crack, brushing across her sexy little pucker repeatedly.

"That's a little much, Alex," she said softly.

"Don't want you getting your beautiful skin burned. Open your legs," I told her.

She was trembling as she spread her legs and leaned over, her hands resting on the table. I rubbed the lotion along the sides of her pussy, over and over again, slowly opening her up a bit. Her lips were swollen and I leaned in close, my face inches from her. I traced a finger up her slit, then into her, just enough to feel her silky moistness. She fought a losing battle to stifle a moan.

"Alex, please," she gasped.

I had three days and countless opportunities ahead of me. That reminder to myself was enough to endow me the patience and restraint to finish without getting too carried away.

I got up and she slowly straightened. I saw a hint of a smile. "Pretty damn thorough," she observed.

"Always." I turned her away from the table, lathered up my hands and went at her remarkable tits.

Again, I enjoyed myself, feeling, kneading and fondling her full breasts, leaving no part of them untouched. Her nipples stood bravely at attention, and I played with them a fair amount. She was breathing hard by the time I was finished.

I dropped to my knees, loaded up on sun-screen, and took care of the smooth white flesh down below. I behaved better this time, covering her thoroughly, but only spending less than a minute on her pussy, once more fingering her lightly before declaring my work done. I managed to stop before any more warnings.

I was hard as a rock, my dick sticking straight out, tenting my bathing shorts obscenely. Amy was keenly aware of it, and reached down, grasping my shaft. "Sure you don't want your payment now? You look like you really could use it."

"I want it. Desperately. So let's hurry and get this motor swapped out, before I lose my mind."

She giggled. "Got you a little worked up, did we?"

"A little? You've got the greatest body I've ever been close to. Touching you like that had my heart racing like a NASCAR winner."

"I guess we better get started." She leaned closer, "I'm looking forward to paying you off," she whispered softly.

The difficulty lay in removing the pump assembly from the outer shell. Amy was leaning over the pump, her hands braced against it, all of her weight pressing down on it, to hold it still. Her tits were squeezed out between her upper arms, driving me crazy. I was tugging on the pump, pulling from side to side, trying to wiggle it out, and her tits were responding to my actions by shaking like crazy, making me want to throw everything to the side and gobble them up.

I kept looking up at her as the plastic separated, a few millimeters at a time.

"What?" she asked, catching my eye.

I was honest. "Your incredible tits are driving me crazy."

She giggled and gave a little shimmy. "Oh, these old things?"

"Damn you're hot, woman."

She smiled, then leaned forward, her weight still pressing downward, but about a foot closer. "Hot for my pool-boy."

She was killing me. With a growl I yanked hard and the two pieces separated, almost landing me on my butt.

She laughed out loud. "I see what you mean by incentive. If we get this done by four, I'll let you play with my tits while I'm paying you off."

She left me, with the excuse that she was going to clean up. I started the disassembly, and watched her lay out in the sun, chatting on the phone, completely naked. I wanted to throw the tools aside and jump on her.

At 3:44 I was attaching the last of the bolts. "Done. Now to see if it was done right," I called out to her, mesmerized as she walked toward me, her body glistening in the sun. She was wiping herself down with a towel and casually wrapped it around her waist.

I pulled out my test wiring harness, and plugged it in. With a flick of a switch, the pump came to life. "Ta-da! Three-hundred thirty two dollars, and 3 hours later, we have ignition."

She smiled for me. "The pool company wanted $1600 parts and labor to replace the pump."

"I guess you're getting your money's worth."

"And I imagine it's time to make sure you're rewarded for coming to my rescue."

I didn't have any witty response for her, and thankfully didn't need one. She lowered my shorts, freeing my aching erection. Within a few moments she had me reclining on one of the loungers, sitting next to me, her hand holding my cock.

Her hand glided up and down my shaft, silky soft against my tender skin. She grabbed a bottle of tanning oil, and drenched me, her hand sliding freely. I closed my eyes, as near to heaven as I was ever likely to get. "God, please, let me die now."

She giggled. "Now that would be a shame, since we still haven't gotten to the good part." Her fingers gripped a little tighter, as if trying to draw my essence outward. "I've felt so guilty for the last few hours, seeing you working so hard, that huge bulge in your shorts never going down. You've been hard for me since you got back from the store, haven't you?"

"A lot longer than that," I confessed. "Years longer."

"Then it's about time I did something about it, isn't it?"

I groaned for her, thrusting back against her hand. "This is incredible. Just like that."

"Hard to believe I let you talk me into doing this for you every week for the rest of the summer. Can you even imagine anything like it? Now every single week, I'm responsible for making sure that first we prime this monster of yours, and then we milk it dry."

She moved up the chair, until she was sitting beside my waist. "You've always liked my titties, haven't you, Alex?"

"Always," I managed to groan.

"You can touch them, if you like."

I reached out and cupped her tit in my hand. So beautiful. So perfect. With a loud groan I came for her. She continued stroking me, drawing forth every last drop. "Wow, Alex! You came a lot! Been saving up for me?"

I twitched when her hand cupped my sensitive head and twisted softly. "Since last night."

She reached for a towel and wiped me down, before handing me the rest of my Bud. "I hope I didn't disappoint you. But you better get going if you're going to finish in time to give me another lotion treatment."

It took a good bit longer to get the pump reinstalled. Close to an hour, including wiring and testing. I stood up and called out to Amy who was laying out under the late afternoon sun, watching me, when she wasn't texting her friends. "Done. Time for the test."

She got up, and walked toward me, her naked body still an amazing vision. She giggled as she got closer. "Hard again? Already?"

"Still," I laughed with her.

I leaned over and hit the filter button. The pump kicked on, and I heard the tell-tale hum and rhythm of the priming before the water from the bottom of the pool started to flow into the pump.

"Phase 1 is done. You've got a working pump again."

"Not a moment too soon. I'm overdue for another layer of suntan lotion." She walked over to her lounger, straightened out her towel, and laid down on her belly.

I peeled off my sweaty shirt and walked over to the faucet so I could clean my hands and face. I splashed the water over my body a bit to cool off, then retrieved the suntan lotion from the porch.

Once again I started with the SPF 30 and applied it to most of her back and legs, enjoying the feeling of her skin under my hands. She was quiet, small sounds of satisfaction escaping her on occasion. Then I had the SPF 50 in my hands and I went to work on that beautiful ass.

Her cheeks were full and soft and felt magical in my hands. After a minute or two when I started down her crack, she spread her legs for me, bending one knee outward to expose herself.

I rubbed her soft pussy, feeling the light stubble at the top, teasing her, playing with her. I opened her up bit by bit, tugging on her fleshy lips, slowly insinuating a finger into her. She moaned for me, and I started pressing a second one in with the first.

"Enough, Alex," she managed to gasp, bringing her legs together.

I pulled out, rubbing her sweet butt cheeks one last time.

She rolled over, her eyes intense. "Somehow I don't think that last part was purely necessary. I don't see much chance of getting sun burned there."

I grinned. "You know I like to be thorough."

She gave a small shake of her head, then leaned back for me to finish my job.

I started with the SPF 30 again, working the lotion into her skin, thorough as ever. She was relaxed, eyes closed, letting me caress and fondle her. When I reached for the SPF 50 she opened one eye, watching me. "Not too crazy, Ok?"

I leaned over and gave her a soft kiss. "Maybe just a little?"

"A little, that's all," she murmured, closing her eyes again.

I started with her breasts again, leaning over her and playing with them to my hearts content. Her nipples got hard almost instantly, and I tugged on them lightly, wrenching a soft gasp from her sexy lips. I tongued her nipple.

"Alex," she softly warned.

I sucked the nipple into my mouth, ignoring the taste of the sun-screen.

"Alex!" she barked, a little sharper.

I heeded her warning and went to work down below. I made sure her pale white skin was well protected before I moved between her legs. She opened them for me, and I rubbed her softly before venturing to insert my fingers back inside of her. I heard a soft whimper escape her lips, driving me crazy.

I climbed onto the lounge next to her, stretching out beside her, my fingers never leaving her warm nether embrace. She turned and looked at me, as I brought my face closer to her.

"You're being very naughty, young man," she whispered.

"Kiss me."

She closed her eyes and leaned her head closer. I pressed my lips to hers, and kissed her long and deep, my mouth claiming hers, my tongue exploring, while my fingers worked their magic inside of her. "Alex, this is bad," she said softly while she squirmed under my touch.

"I want to taste you, Amy," I confessed.

"Down there?" she whispered huskily.

"I could live down there, my tongue buried inside you."

She moaned, clamping her legs over my fingers, coming for me so sweetly. I eased back, stroking her lightly, showering kisses over her beautiful face.

"We can't Alex. Not now. Dale will be home soon."

"I know. Just remember that when you're thinking of ways to reward me when this is all done."

She gasped slightly as my fingers slid back inside of her. Then she chuckled. "Reward you? That's a reward I'll have to work hard to earn for myself."

She reached out and pushed me away, closing her sweet legs. "Enough. That was very, very naughty of you. I think you'd better get back to work, and I need to start getting ready for his Highness to make his appearance."

She sat up and put her bathing suit back on. "Oh. I guess I didn't need all that lotion after all." She smiled her dazzling smile, and broke my heart for about the thousandth time.

I had disassembled the big filter, and the grids were a mess. I made a quick trip to the pool store for 8 replacement filter elements, another $180 down the drain, and was finishing installing them when Dale Daniels came out to see what I was up to.

"Hey Alex," he called out, walking forward with his hand outstretched. I wiped my hand on my shorts and shook his. "How's school been treating you?"

"Not bad. Got a 3.8 GPA, and making some new friends," I told him.

"Not to mention all those young girls looking to expand their horizons, right?" he laughed. "God, I loved college. Freshman girls. Yum."

I laughed along with him. "Nothing to complain about there."

"I bet. You really think you can get this mess cleaned up in time for the party?"

"I think so. I'll give it my best."

"If you need any help from Aims, let me know. I'll make sure she does her part. Can't believe she let it get like this after all those promises to take care of it."

I felt the urge to defend her. "It's not that bad. The filter and pump are back in top shape. I should have the water cleaned out by tomorrow evening."

"That'll be a miracle. I hope she's paying you enough. This is coming out of her household money, but if she can't cover it, let me know. I'll make up the difference and settle with her. Take it out of her cute little ass if I have to, if you know what I mean."

The man was a pig. "I'm pretty sure we'll be fine, but I'll keep that in mind."

He slapped me on the shoulder. "You do that. Good job here. Keep it up, and I might find some more work for you around the place."

"Thanks. I appreciate it."

I had the chlorinator soaking in a diluted acid bath, cleaning the cells, when Amy made her appearance. She was dressed in shorts and a blouse, but I couldn't help but think of what was hidden underneath it.

She pulled up short, while I rinsed off the chlorinator. "Jeez. Now I know what a sheep feels like walking into the lion's den. You look like you're ready to eat me alive."

"Given half a chance," I told her with a big smile.

"Shhh. Behave yourself."

"You started it."

She shook her head at me. "How are we doing?"

"Pretty much done here. Tomorrow we clean the lines, empty the pool, and scrub it down."

"What time are you going to be over," she asked.

"I figure around 9:00. Got a lot to do."

"Make yourself at home. I'll leave the gate unlocked. I've got a couple of morning errands to run, but I'll be back to help you as soon as possible, Ok?"

"Perfect. I should be able to get a lot done, without a Goddess distracting me."

She rolled her eyes at me. "Whatever. I've got to go in. See you tomorrow, poolboy."

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