tagFirst TimePoolside Ch. 03, Pt. 3

Poolside Ch. 03, Pt. 3


Note: This story is a continuation of "Poolside: Ch. 03, Pt. 2."

Originally appearing on Literotica on 09/04/03, but recently edited to correct several typos and other careless errors.


Saturday finally came. I had Katrina take my entire shift that day, and I drove to Aunt Karen's, arriving in the middle of the afternoon. Uncle Jack was out-of-town, and Karen took plenty of time to explain all of the details she felt I needed to know about that evening and the following day. Then she gave me a keycard to a hotel room at the best hotel in town. I wrote the name of the hotel and the room number on a note for Angie.

"If anyone asks, you're registered as Bill and Susan Wilson, and you're my married niece and nephew. You won't have to sign anything, and you can order your meals from room service. Everything's arranged and already paid for. I'll drive Angie there. Remember, she thinks this is all your doing!" This was VERY good news! I would be able to drive Angie away from the hotel when we were done, thus getting her away from her mother!

She glanced at my crotch and remarked, "You don't seem to be nervous!" She giggled and I'm sure I blushed. Everything felt really strange. Here was Angie's aunt, working with Angie's mother, conspiring to get me to have sex with Angie. Did other families do this, I wondered? As Doris had said, it beat the hell out of doing it in the backseat of a Volkswagen!

I went to the hotel room around 4:30 p.m., since Karen told me that Angie would be arriving about 5:15. The "room" was actually a luxury suite, with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a huge sitting room. I unpacked the few things I had brought and then laid out a sexy negligee on the king-sized bed in the bigger bedroom. Doris had purchased it with me at a lingerie store on Friday morning. Doris had also gotten me a pair of silk shorts and a satin robe. I was starting to imagine what kind of mother-in-law she would become once I managed to marry Angie! I took a shower and put the robe and shorts on and waited anxiously for Angie to arrive.

She arrived right on time. I heard a gentle knock on the door. I opened it and Angie came quickly in, carrying a small bag and my note in her hand. She even had a wedding ring, courtesy of Karen. "Hello, Mrs. Wilson!" I said as I kissed her.

Angie kissed me, and she was clearly extremely excited. "I can't believe we're actually going to do it!" She exclaimed.

I finally broke the kiss and showed her around the suite, ending with the big bedroom. She giggled when she saw her new negligee. I was kissing her and helping her out of her clothes, when the phone rang.

I picked up the one next to the bed, and it was room service, asking if we were ready for the meal "we" had requested for 6:00. I didn't know what was ordered, but I told him that six was fine.

In the meantime Angie had removed all her clothes and was looking at me with lust in her eyes. Her nervousness was completely gone. "I just did something stupid!" I said. "Dinner will be here in a few minutes. Why don't you put on that cute little outfit and wear it while we eat?"

"Shower first! It's brand new!" Angie giggled and strutted into the shower, giving me lots of tit-shaking and ass-wiggling. I truly didn't know if I could get through the meal without making love to her!

I decided the only way I would be able to let room service in was to get rid of my erection, so I didn't join her in the shower. Instead I went out into the sitting room to wait. Even though I could hear Angie in the shower, my penis gradually relaxed enough that it wasn't tenting my shorts. It was still pretty hard!

Promptly at six there was a discrete knock on the door. As soon as I opened it, two waiters brought in the food. There was a plate of sliced fillets, two huge lobsters, assorted vegetables, a tray of oyster appetizers, and two bottles of chilled champagne. They set everything out, then departed without even gesturing for tips. Obviously they had clear instructions. I set the security chain.

I called Angie's name and she floated into the room in her negligee. She looked at the growing tent in my shorts and smiled. She knew she was driving me wild, and she clearly enjoyed it! Except for one tiny, little, temporarily-intact membrane, she was already a woman!

Angie was in a dark red negligee. The bottom was a skinny bikini panty, so narrow that Angie's thick crop of pubic hair poked out erotically on both sides. The top was a braless drape hanging just to the top of the panties, held together with a bow at her neck. Her back, arms, and sides were almost completely bare. Two thin panels of nearly transparent material hung down her front. As she moved, the gap in front gave me glimpses of the bare valley between her breasts, all the way from her neck to her navel.

"If we don't eat now, I don't think we'll get back to it!" I said. Angie blushed and grinned. She pulled off my robe and rubbed my erection through the silky shorts. "Nice!" she purred and kissed me. "Even smoother!"

The waiters had uncorked one bottle of champagne, and I poured two glasses. "To an unforgettable night of love!" I toasted, and we each took a sip. I pulled Angie to me and kissed her, hard. We were both breathless when we parted. We finished our glasses, and I poured more.

I had turned on the sound system, and we enjoyed romantic music as we ate. The fillet was easy to eat, but we were both laughing at the mess we made while eating the lobsters! Our butter-smeared mouths made for slippery kisses as we shared pieces of lobster, each of us holding one end in our mouths and then eating until we kissed. I ate most of the oysters - just in case!

We washed our hands and faces after dinner, then we began to dance in our butter-splattered, sexy clothes. I was soon naked, and Angie no longer had her bikini panties on. We went out onto the balcony and danced together as it got dark, staring down at the city several stories below us. If anybody saw us, we didn't care. We were in love and soon to become real lovers. I could feel our sexual tension rising higher and higher, but we were in no hurry, now.

Finally we returned to the suite. I picked Angie up and carried her to the bed and laid her gently upon it. She opened herself by spreading her legs and putting her arms over her head. The top of the negligee fell apart, revealing her red, erect nipples.

I tried to spend an hour kissing and teasing her. I don't know if I lasted that long. I did kiss her from her toes to her forehead several times, and I brought her to the brink of orgasm at least a half dozen times. Her nipples were erect and hard, her clitoris was moving out from under its hood whenever I kissed near her pussy, and there was a growing wet spot on the bed between her thighs. Angie was clearly ready and had been for a long time.

My penis was throbbing. Its head was dark red, and pre-cum had left a trail down the shaft. My balls were aching, and I could feel my heart pounding in them. I slowly moved up Angie's body until I had my mouth against hers. My hands were rubbing her breasts and hard nipples through the fabric of her negligee. My penis was pressing against her hymen.

I kissed her passionately and gently rubbed her rigid nipples. I could feel her wet pussy as she moved her hips. "Whenever you decide. It's up to you." I said.

Angie rocked back on her hips. "Now! I can't stand any more waiting!" And she wrapped her arms around me and squeezed me against her breasts. We stared directly into each other's eyes. I gently pressed my penis between her labia until they allowed me to slide in. She was incredibly eager and wet, and I gently slipped in until I felt resistance. I kissed her and then we looked into each other's faces for several more seconds. She smiled, radiating love. "We've waited long enough! I want all of you!" She whispered.

I pushed and her maidenhead immediately gave way, and I went a couple of inches into her. Angie flinched and let out a little cry, "OW!" and then I began to move in and out of her, gradually going deeper. She was extremely tight, hot, and slippery. Before I could get all the way into her, Angie erupted into orgasm. "OOOH! OOOOH! OOOOOOOOOH!" I watched her face as her first orgasm as a woman began and then consumed her.

She dug her fingers into my back until it hurt. She held me inside her until her climax subsided.

"Angie! Watch!"

Angie sat up and looked down her body. I began to slowly move my penis in and out of her. I could feel her vagina expanding and contracting as I did so. My penis glistened with her juices. I couldn't see any blood. "I can't believe how that feels! I can feel you all the way inside me! I want to watch as you do it some more!" She was so delighted she laughed. Everything was fun to her!

I moved faster, then stopped all the way inside her."Oh Don! Oh Don! OH! OH!" Angie cried and she lay back on the bed.

I began to move again, this time twisting against her clitoris when I was fully inside her, and she climaxed again. "OOOH! DONNN! AAAAH! EEEEAYYY!"

"God! Ohmigod! Oh! God!" She moaned after she recovered. Twice more I brought her to orgasm but then my own tension was too much to handle. I felt my penis swelling, and I shot pulse after pulse of cum into her. Andie grunted with each burst, and when I pressed myself hard against her when I was done, she exploded in yet another climax. This time we both screamed. Her body's tremors shook the entire bed - and me!

It took a long time for us to come back down. Still joined, I rolled over so that she was lying on top of me. We kissed for several minutes and then we both slipped into sleep, holding each other as close as two people can ever do. I had never experienced such uninhibited, natural, physical and emotional coupling. I was completely swept away by the feelings I felt for Angie. It was as if there had never been anyone before her.

I awoke quickly when I thought I heard something bump loudly in the room. It woke Angie too. We held each other and listened, but there was no further sound. The clock said it was just after 3:00 a.m.. It was dark in our room, with the only illumination coming from the adjoining bathroom. I slipped out of bed and checked around the suite. Nothing. "Must have been our imagination," I murmured as I got back into bed with Angie?

I rolled her back under me and moved down to her pussy. Her juices and a lot of my cum were matted in her thick pubic hair. I couldn't see any blood although there was a tiny bloodstain on the sheet beneath her.

Angie's eyes were carefully watching me. "This is the only time we'll ever be able to share the taste of your first time. Your woman's secretions are intermixed with my cum."

I gently lapped up a mouthful of our juices, and carried it to her mouth. Angie hugged me and opened her mouth. We shared this special treasure, passing it from tongue to tongue until it was gone. I moved back and forth from her pussy to her mouth until I couldn't lick up any more.

Angie's eyes sparkled. "That was incredible! Thank you, lover! Now it's my turn!" She giggled, rolled out from under me, and pushed me back on the bed. Angie began to lick and suck on my semierect penis and balls.

I pulled her legs back toward my head. "We can do this at the same time, Angie!"

With her lower legs under my shoulders, Angie leaned back and I kissed her labia. "EEOW! That tickles!" She cried, then giggled in her joy.

I pulled her thighs back, pressing her pussy against my face, and I began to gently lick her clitoris. "OH! MMMMMMH! YES!"

Soon we were licking and kissing each other. Angie started to giggle again.

"What's so funny?" I asked.

"Everything's backwards! Your balls are on top, and I can feel your nose inside me! This is fun!"

Yes, it was fun, particularly with an eager young woman who was willing to try anything I suggested. Angie came twice, nearly smothering me when she clamped her legs around my head during her climax. I was just lifting her to a third orgasm when her stimulations caused me to explode into her mouth.

Angie worked her lips around my penis, gathering in my cum. I didn't feel her swallow. I was still trying to suck her to another orgasm when she pulled away from me and turned around. She looked like a chipmunk with her cheeks bulging out!

She flopped down on top of me and when I opened my mouth, she pushed a huge wad of cum onto my tongue. Angie giggled as we passed it back and forth. More fun, the way sex should be!

When it was gone, I suggested a shower to rinse the sweat off our bodies. We climbed off the bed. Angie turned on the light and looked closely at the faint trace of blood in the midst of the other stains on the sheet.

"That's exactly how I feel!" She said.

I gave her a puzzled look, and she explained. "A teeny bit of blood in a huge pool of our combined juices! I felt so little pain and so very much pleasure and passion and love!"

I was standing beside the bed and Angie jumped on me, wrapping her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck. She began to kiss me, break away and talk, then kiss again.

Kiss. "Thank . . ." Kiss. "You . . ." Kiss. "For . . ." Kiss. "A won . . ." Kiss. "Der . . . " Kiss. "ful . . ." Kiss. "First . . ." Kiss. "Time!" And she kissed me for a long, long time.

I untied and removed her tiny negligee top. I carried her into the shower as she clung to me. Angie was making little buzzing and purring sounds against my neck.

We played for a long time in the shower. Angie was already aroused, and my fingers almost brought her to orgasm several times as I rubbed her. She stopped me. "I want your penis inside me! I want REAL sex again!" .

I pushed her back against the wall and lifted one of her legs onto a built-in seat. Then I entered her as she stood there. As I thrust in and out, Angie moved her hips with me. After only a few moments Angie's legs began to tremble and she screamed and fell against me, still standing, impaled on my penis. "OOOOOOOOH!"

I could feel her vagina pulsing all around my penis, and her orgasm trembled down her legs and up her body. Her legs were so tightly pressed around me I could feel every tremor.

Angie gradually calmed down. I was still inside her, with my hands holding her up by her bottom. Her feet were off the floor. I let the shower run down our bodies.

"Can I put you down? My legs are getting tired!" I asked.

"Wait! Hold me just a little longer! Please! This feels neat! And my legs are still shaking!"

My legs were just starting to tremble when she said, "I think I can stand now!"

I squatted down until Angie was standing, then pulled my erect penis out of her. "But you're still hard! That isn't fair!" She kissed me passionately.

We dried off and Angie pulled me by the hand back into the bedroom. "Angie, there's another bed! We don't have to sleep in that one!"

"I want to! It's my first-time love bed, and I don't care if it is gooey and sticky and smelly!"

She shoved me onto my back right in the middle of the gooey and sticky and smelly first-time love bed. I lay there with my erection pointing toward the ceiling.

Angie's eyes sparkled. She straddled me and wiggled the head of my penis around on her labia. She teased me by sliding most its head in, and then quickly pulling it out again. Her manipulations were affecting both of us. I could feel my penis getting hot, and her pussy made little popping sounds as she pulled the head of my penis out of her.

Finally she slowly lowered herself all the way down my penis. She watched my penis disappear inside her with a look of pure joy on her face. She bent forward and back, testing the sensations inside her. I could feel the head of my penis sliding back and forth across her cervix. I reached up and began to caress her breasts and rub her nipples.

Angie squeezed my penis with her vagina. She wasn't as strong as her mother, but she still had time to learn! Then she began to go up and down and twist from side-to-side, finding the movements that most excited her. And me.

She teased us both. When she got almost to orgasm, she would stop and wait, then begin again when her breathing changed. She kept her eyes wide open and she was carefully watching the expressions on my face. Finally I couldn't stand it anymore and I began to thrust myself against her movements, and this time Angie kept going. We both exploded, screaming as her climax shook her whole body and as my penis pulsed several shots of cum deep inside her.

Angie flopped down on top of me and we wrapped ourselves around each other. "I could feel every burst from you! Inside! It felt so good! Mmmh!"

As we held each other in the afterglow of our passion, an unexpected feeling bubbled up from deep within me. "I want this woman to marry me!"

Before I could put this feeling into words, Angie whispered, "I want to make babies with you!"

"Now?" Was my brilliant reply.

"Not now, silly! I want to practice making love to you for YEARS, first!"

"Me too!" I said and kissed Angie. Her vagina squeezed my partially-erect penis which was still inside her, and we clung to each other as we drifted off to sleep. I could feel her entire body on mine, and I felt a feeling of complete joy spread over me as we drifted off to sleep.

Light coming in the windows caused me to wake up and my movements woke Angie. "Hi, lover!" She said and kissed me. As she slid up me to my mouth, my flaccid penis slipped out of her.

She hit me playfully on my chest. "I'm starved! I want breakfast! I need something to eat!"

I pointed toward my groin. Angie hit me again. "I need more than that, lover!" And she hugged me and giggled.

Angie crawled off me and told me what she wanted, and I called room service while she scampered to the shower. They told me it would be thirty minutes, and I carried that message into the shower with Angie. I started to fondle her, but she stopped me. "No time for that! I've got to shave my legs and you've got to get cleaned up and dressed to let them bring our breakfast in!" As soon as I was cleaned off, she booted me out of the shower. I could hear her singing a happy song as she shaved. Would married life with Angie be like this? God, I hoped so!

I shaved my beard at the sink, rinsed, and just managed to get the robe on before they arrived. As soon as the two waiters left, I opened the bedroom door and called Angie.

She came out naked and proud. I took off my robe, and we ate breakfast sitting side by side, kissing frequently. We explored each others bodies with our eyes. We spent long moments just looking into each others faces and grinning at each other.

After we finished, I stood behind Angie and rubbed her breasts. "Bend over!" I ordered.

Angie did as I asked, and I gently slipped my penis into her from behind. She slowly pulled off of me, and with a look of complete wonder on her face, said, "Let's do that on the bed!"

We mated doggy-style for a few minutes, then lay on our sides with me entering her from the rear. That proved to be the best position for her, and as she began to climax, I exploded into her. We talked, giggled, cuddled, and took a nap. The kind of sex we were having really took all our energy! It was completely uninhibited, natural, and incredibly energetic!

We awoke just before Noon. I had slipped out of Angie as we slept, and she twisted around so that she was facing me.

"I like all the neat ways we already made love!" Angie exclaimed. "But are there other, err, positions or things we could try, too?"

"Angie, you sound like a kid in a candy store! You're insatiable!"

Angie grinned and blushed. "You know, like I mean . . . as long as we're here, and . . ."

"OK! I get it! Yeah, there are a few more athletic things we could do, but they're mostly just variations on stuff we've already tried. Not that they aren't fun, too! But with just the two of us, love, the only other really different thing would be anal sex."

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