Poolside Ch. 04, Pt. 1


Other than her turns, she wasn't moving particularly fast, so I was still confident I could beat her. After all, she had to do three miles to my one - and those three after she had already swum one mile and would be starting to get tired. I cooled off from my run after about ten minutes, and I went back to the pump room and changed into my swim suit.

It took Katrina about twenty minutes to complete her first mile, sixty-four laps, and then she climbed out. "That's a mile! Let's do it!" I usually swam my mile faster than that, so I was extremely confident. She stood about three feet in front of me, stark naked and dripping wet. Her lithe, muscular body was beautifully rounded into an incredible female form. She was completely shaved. Even her pubic hair was shaved, and I could see the front of her slit as she stood there. I was already hard from watching her swim, but now my penis began to ache. "Unless you're afraid to skinny-dip with me, take your suit off, Don, and let's go!"

I untied my drawstring and dropped my suit. Katrina laughed. "This is swimming, not the pole vault! Bet that log slows you down!" Then she turned back to the pool. She had an incredible behind, too! "Ready? GO!" We dived in and swam in adjacent lanes.

She had suckered me, big time. Her pace was at least twice as fast as she had been swimming before, and she completed her first turn before I was halfway down the pool. I stupidly picked up my own pace to try to catch up to her, and by the end of the first 100 meters, I was having trouble getting my breath. Katrina began to swim even faster. I realized that her first mile had just been a warmup. Now she was really pushing herself.

I couldn't keep up with her and I couldn't recover my breath. Katrina finished her 192 laps before I had done 55. She climbed out, yelled that she had won, and began practicing naked racing dives while I slogged my way through my final nine laps. When I finally finished, I was too tired to climb out of the pool, so I just pulled myself around the side of the pool to the shallow end where I could support myself on my knees while I got my breath back. It was my fastest mile ever, and she had done three - in less time!

Finally I dragged myself out and flopped onto my back, still breathing hard and gasping for air. I had a headache and my whole body felt like jelly. My heart was pounding hard and much too fast. I kept trying to take that one, deep breath that would shift my heart to a lower gear, but it wouldn't go. I began to sweat profusely, but I was too tired to crawl back into the pool to cool off.

My eyes were closed. I heard Katrina do some more dives, then silence. Suddenly water began to drip onto my chest and face, and I opened my eyes and looked up. Katrina was straddling me, looking down at my face. I stared at her shaved pussy directly above me. There was just enough light from the pool for me to see it clearly. Beautiful! But then I have always liked looking at pussies!

Katrina squatted, and leaned down until her face was close to my groin. "You're in worse shape than I thought!" She said, then giggled. "You can't get it up, but at least you're looking in the right place to put it!" Her pussy was only inches in front of my face. Her outer labia were open.

Suddenly Katrina frowned. She squatted down and felt my pulse in my carotid artery. "C'mon! Get up! Your heart is beating much too fast! You can't just stop exercise like this! Let's walk it out!" There was a sudden tone of concern in her voice. Katrina dragged me to my feet and she swatted me on my bare bottom to get me walking. We walked around the pool several times. Katrina stayed behind me, and smacked my behind whenever I started to slow down. I felt myself starting to recover. Swat! I finally felt my heart drop to a slower rate, but still beating hard. I no longer felt so hot.

Swat! I was finally almost back to normal, although my breathing was still really deep. I started thinking about Katrina walking naked behind me, and I felt my penis rising! Finally! As we passed the deep end of the pool, I slowed down. Katrina stepped closer to swat me.

Swat! I whirled, caught one of her arms, and threw myself into the pool, pulling her after me. Katrina tried to pull away, but I outweighed her and I held on. She was yelling something, but I couldn't hear because of all the splashing. Once in the water she pulled out of my grasp and lunged toward the shallow end.

I threw myself at her, and landed on her legs just as she kicked. I grabbed her right ankle as she kicked me in the chest with her left leg. I felt the pool bottom under my feet. I pulled myself up her right leg keeping my body between her legs. I wrapped both arms around her back and crushed her naked pussy against my waist. I stood up. My face was between her bouncing breasts. Katrina was jerking her legs and pounding on my back with her hands, trying to get away.

I opened my mouth and sucked as much of her left breast as I could get into my mouth. Still sucking as hard as I could, I rubbed my tongue rapidly back and forth on her nipple. Katrina abruptly stopped struggling.

I was still short of breath, so I had to release her breast to breathe. I looked up and Katrina was grinning at me. She wrapped her legs around my waist, then reached under her buttocks and grabbed my penis. It was completely hard. "Welcome back, Elevator!" She giggled.

She lifted her left breast and examined it. "I know it's a little bigger than the right one, but now it's also got a big, red hickie and the right one feels left out!" She pouted at me, but there was an excited sparkle in her eyes.

I gave her right breast the suck and lick treatment, too. Katrina giggled and hugged me, and I started to giggle too. When we stopped, Katrina stared at me until our breathing was more normal. Even in the pale light inside the pool, I had that same strange feeling I had felt in the afternoon. Her eyes hid nothing from me, and I could almost read her thoughts. As if she had willed it so, I felt my penis get even harder.

Katrina slowly lowered herself until her pussy was pressing against my fully-erect penis. Her face was directly in front of me. I kissed her. Her tongue darted between my lips and began to explore my mouth. I'd never kissed a woman whose tongue was so long! Her lips pulled and played against mine, and it was perhaps the most romantic and sexy kiss I'd ever received.

Katrina broke our kiss, stared into my eyes, and reached down and guided my penis into her. She was tight, but I could feel myself slowly going deeper and deeper into her. I hit bottom with an inch or so of my penis still outside her. Her eyes never left mine.

Katrina giggled. "Guess you're not used to girls whose abdominals are firm, huh, Don? You just push your dork in and shove stuff aside, right? Well, my muscles are in shape, and I have to sort of relax and rearrange things!" Katrina twisted herself and flexed her hips, and she slowly took me the rest of the way in. "You're just a little thicker than my boyfriend at college! God! This feels really neat!"

Katrina began to slide up and down my penis, twisting her body and clenching her vagina as she did so. "I thought I'd never get laid this summer! I really needed this! Oh fuck yes! Yessss! AH! OH! YES! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!"

Katrina pulled me hard into her as she climaxed. I could feel strong, pulsing contractions rippling up her body from her crotch to her chest.

As they subsided, Katrina lay back, almost floating, breathing hard. Just her face and breasts were above the water. My penis was still hard and completely inside her. I began to slowly twist and turn my penis. Her vagina was so muscular she could almost squeeze me out of her pussy!

I moved in and out. My strokes got longer and faster, and Katrina sat back up and wrapped herself around me again. "Gonna do me again, Don baby? This time I'll bring you off, too!"

Again she did her up-and-down slide with the twisting, but her vaginal clenching was now completely synchronized with my thrusts. I started going long and fast, and she kept up. I could feel she was at the brink, but she kept looking at my face with an open-mouthed smile on her face. I could feel her eyes boring into mine, pulling at my thoughts and feelings.

Katrina knew when I started to get close. She began to squeeze harder as I pumped, and I felt heat spreading out from the base of my penis and spreading through my body. Her vagina felt incredibly hot around my penis! I felt my penis rubbing against her cervix and I began to cum. It had been a long time since Angie, and I ejaculated at least a half-dozen times. Hard.

I think I moaned loudly with each ejaculation, but Katrina's screams drowned me out. When I was finally drained, my legs were so weak I had trouble holding both our heads above water.

As my erection faded, Katrina slipped off me. I held her, and we kissed and cuddled for several minutes. Then she jerked herself away from me, swam to the side, and hopped out! "You're goin' home naked, Elevator man! This I've got to see!"

I followed Katrina back to the pump room and watched her get dressed. As I had mentioned, she didn't wear a bra, and her nipples were magnificently defined through her T-shirt. She gathered up my clothes, including my sandals, and grinned at me. I was again fully erect. "That was pretty good for a charity fuck! I'm kinda glad I gave it to you!"

"CHARITY FUCK! Gee, thanks, T-Kat! You sure know how to make a guy feel important!"

"Well, I knew you were pretending you were fucking Angie, and that was my gift to you."

"T-Kat, I wasn't thinking of anyone but you. I assure you I've NEVER felt a pussy like yours! Hell, most of them are covered with fur!"

She laughed. "I apologize! So it wasn't charity - this time. But I really tried to give you a pump-room quickie on our joint birthday 'cause you were looking so bad, but you just excused yourself and walked away. Thanks for building up my ego!"

"But I walked in and caught you dressing! I didn't know . . ."

"Do you have any idea how long I stood there naked, waiting for you? You took forever to get from your car to the pump room! I kept pulling on my nipples to make them hard, and you didn't even notice!"

"Difficult as it may be to believe, I wasn't in the mood. My reaction surprised me, too!"

"Reaction? Your lack of reaction is more like it! Well I'm dressed and it's getting late, so point that nice, stiff penis up the stairs and head on back to your apartment!"

"I'll need my keys, T-Kat!"

Katrina dug my car keys out of my shorts, and tossed them to me. Then she hooted and hollered as I slowly and painfully walked naked and barefoot across the gravel lot to my car. As I drove away, she was right behind me in her car. She followed me all the way back to the parking lot for my apartment. Her headlights illuminated the interior of my car, putting my nakedness on display.

Several people were moving around the building when I arrived, so I stayed in my car, figuring I'd have a better chance of getting to my apartment unnoticed if I waited for a few minutes. Katrina jumped into the passenger side of my car. "How're you going to get in, Don? I don't think this . . ." And she grabbed my limp penis, ". . . will work in the lock! I've still got your apartment key." She rubbed my penis until it was stiff, then released it and grinned.

She was right. I felt more than a little stupid. "OK, so can I have my door key, please?"

"Sure! But you'll have to come to my apartment to get it!"

"Your apartment? I thought you were living at home."

"Nope! After a year at college, I got used to lots of things, and I told Mom that I might be bringing guys home to sleep with me whenever I wanted sex! She talked Dad into helping me get an apartment!"

"You were bluffing, right?" She grinned at me. "How many guys have you actually brought back to your apartment this summer?" Was I jealous? Maybe I was beginning to recover from losing Angie! I was certainly able to screw again! And I was hard!

"Unfortunately you're the first. I'm in B 23, right over there." She pointed at a nearby building with a big B on the side. "That's B, like in my cup size, in case you forget!" She grinned at me.

I grinned, too. "Good! Your building's a lot closer to the car then mine! Hey, I didn't know we were neighbors!"

"Nice of you to notice! We have been all summer! And tonight I'm the neighbor with your clothes and key!"

"So what do I have to do to get them back?"

"I'm going to take everything to my apartment. As soon as I'm inside, I'll wait exactly ten minutes. If you don't show up by then, I'll take your stuff outside and start scattering it around in the most public places I can find!"

"Katrina, are you serious? Can't I just wait here a few more minutes? It's like rush hour! People are coming out all over the place! It's the time people go out on Saturday night!"

"Ten minutes! Heck, in an hour or so this place will be deserted! I want you to enjoy the challenge of avoiding people! Bye!"

Katrina hopped out of my car, grabbed my stuff from the front seat of hers, and headed for her building. Just as she got there, I saw a group of at least a dozen people come out. A few seconds later, several more came out.

I waited a couple of minutes, and there was no more activity from Building B. But I didn't have my watch - Katrina did! - so I didn't dare waste any more time. I slipped out of my car and dodged from car to car, crouching down to try to stay out of the lights. I managed to avoid people, too.

There was a thirty-food sidewalk leading from the parking lot to her building, and I decided it was time to make the run. I took off. My penis was erect again, and it flapped as I ran . . . I was just reaching for the door when three college-age women came out. When they saw me, they froze, completely blocking the doorway. I came to a stop almost touching them with my erection, and they giggled. One of them stepped directly in front of me and asked, "Who are you, excited naked guy?"

"Rent-A-Dork! We deliver!" I replied as I pushed her aside and ran into the building. I could hear all three laughing as I ran into the stairwell.

I ran up one flight, then peeked into the hallway. All clear! I ran down to Apartment 23 and knocked. Nothing happened. I knocked again. Still nothing!

Surely I hadn't taken ten minutes! I pounded on the door. "Katrina! Let me in!"

The door slowly opened, and then Katrina's grinning face appeared in the doorway. "Yes? May I help you? Are you here for a delivery or a pick-up?"

I pushed my way in, and turned around. Katrina was standing behind the door in a short, nearly transparent, yellow robe. She closed the door, grinned at me, and wrapped herself around me. Her long tongue quickly found its way into my mouth and began to move around.

I finally broke the kiss. "T-Kat, what's going on? I mean I'd love to make love to you some more, but how come you're so . . . interested? You never let on that you wanted . . ."

"To fuck you?" Katrina finished. "Hell yes! I've had a crush on you since I was fourteen! Are you dense or stupid or both?"

"T-Kat, you were just a kid four years ago! I never . . ."

"Yeah, yeah, you never did anything improper then, and I finally got over it. At least you copped a feel last year! But let's break training and have a couple of beers and I'll explain my problem."

I watched her body move under the robe as she got the beers from the refrigerator. We sat together on her couch and I ran my eyes up and down her body as we drank. "Well, one problem would be a big one. What if I get you knocked up?" I asked. "Hell, what if I already have?"

"Your exceedingly generous deposit is still dripping out of me, thank you very much, but not to worry! First, I just finished my period yesterday. And second, I'm going to be in training every day from now until the summer's over."

That I didn't understand. "What's training got to do with not getting pregnant? Don't you have sex when you train?"

"Stupid! When I start seriously working out, my periods stop. Completely. It's something to do with the intensity level of the exercise or something. But it also makes me hornier than hell! My ovulation stops, but my desire for sex increases!"

"So you're inconceivable, but not insurmountable or inscrutable?" I joked?

"Hah! Cute! But you're right. I found this out as soon as soon as I started training hard last season. My roommate was into girl-girl sex, and we tried that for a while, but I needed something more. That's when I shaved my pubes, by the way. For my roommate. Then one of the guys on the men's swim team asked me out, and ever since we've been a number."

"So why not go visit him? Whadya need me for? Not that I mind, but . . ."

"Look! We're not engaged or anything! We just sleep together, every night except just before swim meets. I LIKE the feeling of a penis ejaculating inside me, but I don't want to sleep around. I LIKE waking up and finding a man wrapped around me in my bed. I'm used to it, and I miss it! He's not here and I won't see him until we get back to school. And I'm horny. That's what you're for!"

"So you don't want . . ."

"I DON'T want another boyfriend! I DO want someone to fuck me! And I picked you since, well, I thought you could get it up more than once a night and you looked like you could use a little pussy!"

I stared at her body so beautifully displayed through the nearly transparent fabric of her yellow robe. I could even see the hickies I'd sucked onto on her breasts, and as I stared, her nipples stiffened and pushed against the thin cloth. Katrina reached over the began to fondle my balls and erect penis. She was smiling, "Do we have a deal, Don? We screw each other as much as we can until we both go back to college? Just purely athletic sex at least twice a night, with no romantic strings attached?"

"Hell yes! But how long are we talking here? I have to go back . . ."

"I know! I checked the guarding schedule! You have 29 more days, but I have to leave after 25 more. My team workouts start the Saturday before classes."

"So twice a night. Fifty times. You want us to do it fifty times before the end of summer. How do we count them? If I get you to climax twice, is that a double? Like earlier in the pool?"

"C'mon, Don! You're the weak link! We count your ejaculations as long as I get off each time too!"

I usually ejaculated several times when I had sex, so this was going to be easy! But then Katrina saw me grinning, figured out what I was thinking, and said, "Let me amend that! If you shoot your wad several times a few seconds apart, that counts as only one fuck! Like in the pool! Agreed? Are you back from the doldrums? Can you get it up and fill me with cream twice a night? Are you a Don Juan, or a Don One?"

"Nice one, T-Kat! But forget twice a day! Let's go for a century! Four times a day for the next twenty-five days!"

"Hah! And you're the one who thought he could out-swim me! You just don't know your own limitations, Elevator Don! Four times a day? For more than three weeks? No way!"

"Wanna bet?" I asked and grinned at her. With her competitive streak, I doubted she would turn this bet down.

"Sure. But what are the stakes? We'll have to settle before we go back to college 'cause then we'll be several hundred miles apart."

"Maybe not! Grab a calendar!" I said. We found that our Christmas breaks coincided, extending to the January 4. I grinned at her. "If I win, you agree to the following terms. First, we both lie to our families, to our lovers, to everyone - and tell them that by December 31 we have to be somewhere else - back at school or home or whatever. Second, I'll get us a hotel room in . . . (I named a large city about halfway between our two colleges.). Third, we'll each drive to the hotel and we check-in as man-and-wife on December 31. Fourth, except when we leave the room, you will remain completely naked. Fifth, we'll tease each other, but we will not screw until just before the new year begins. Sixth, at midnight we'll bring in the new year while fucking our brains out. Seventh, thereafter we'll have sex as many times and in as many ways as we can manage until checkout time on January 4. Now, what do you want if you win, T-Kat?"

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