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Poolside Slutwife

byR Taylor©

It had been a while since Ann Marie fucked another man for me while I looked on. The last time was a year or so ago when an old high school buddy of mine visited from out of state. We went to dinner, had a few drinks and smoked a joint, and then he proceeded to fuck her fast and hard until he came all over her beautiful ass. She had fucked him a couple of times before, and had always loved his huge cock. You see, my cock is not what you would call “huge”. Ann Marie has always told me that it is “average” in size and that it is quite enough to pleasure her. She does however seem to appreciate when I let her have a nice big one (usually one of my friends). All I know is that after my high school buddy fucks her, for a week or so whenever we have sex, I have a hard time keeping my dick inside of her because he stretches her out so much.

Ann Marie is 38 years old, but she looks 28. She has brown hair, brown eyes and a beautiful face. I mean she is model gorgeous. Her body is spectacular. Long legs, great ass, nice firm breasts. I found out after I married her, that she was quite the slut. What can I say, the girl just loves to get laid and she loves to suck dick. I have gotten her to confess to fooling around with a couple of guys in the town we used to live in after we got married. She tried to deny it, but I had heard from a few people that she was sort of passed around by some of the local cops. She is a sucker for a guy in uniform.

After I confronted her with indisputable evidence she broke down and told me that she had played around with a few of the policemen that I had heard about. Of course she thought I would be furious, but when she saw how turned on it got me, she changed her tune. Now, many times when we have sex, she tells me how big these guys cocks were, and how good it feels to have “a little bit more” than what I can give her every now and then. I have a feeling that there have been others that she hasn’t told me about yet. I figure she has kept some secrets because it probably involves guys I know pretty well. Anyway, I’ll get it out of her one of these days.

Anne Marie’s latest exploits took place while we were on vacation in Miami. On the plane ride into town, Ann Marie got a real devilish gleam in her eyes. When I asked her what was on her mind, she whispered in my ear that she thought that it was only fair that she be allowed to find herself a guy with a big cock while we were on vacation. I told her to “go for it’, there would be no rules for the next week. Whatever happened in Miami would stay in Miami.

When we got to Florida, we spent the first two days just laying on the beach and the first few nights partying at some of the awesome nightclubs in South Beach. Ann Marie flirted with a number of guys, and even danced with a few, but she didn’t find anyone who she just “had to have”. That all changed on day three. We were staying in a great little hotel on Collins Avenue, and on the afternoon of our third day, we decided to hit the pool and do some drinking at the pool bar. We were hanging out with the bartender and Ann Marie was drinking a whole bunch of Margaritas, and getting herself pretty looped. She was strolling around the pool area in a tiny thong bikini that I had bought her and she was most definitely becoming the life of the party.

As the afternoon wore down, most of the people at the pool had left to either get ready for dinner or to go down to the beach, until it was only Ann Marie, me, the bartender and two guys who my wife had been flirting with for most of the day. They were about ten years younger than us, and were in town on business. I could tell that Ann Marie was attracted to both of them.

The first guy was about 6’2” with a very defined body. He had a dark complexion and long black hair (definitely her type). The second guy was a bit shorter and slimmer. He too had long black hair and a great tan. Ann Marie and I were sitting at the bar, and the guys were lying on lounge chairs about 30 feet away. As we were talking to the bartender, he commented that the guys weren’t ordering much to drink.

Ann Marie (devilish look back in her eyes and quite tipsy by now) said “I’ll fix that” and immediately got up and walked over to them. They both sat up and the three of them began talking and laughing. The bartender and I were too far away to hear what they were saying, so we talked about how hot Ann Marie was and how lucky I was to have such a sexy wife.

About ten minutes later, the two guys and my lovely wife got up and came back over to the bar. Ann Marie said “Jimmy and Rob are going to buy us all a couple shots”. I thought that was great, and had the bartender line up four shots of tequila.

With that, Ann Marie hoisted herself up on the bar and said that Jimmy and Rob and you (pointing at the bartender) had to drink the shots off her body. They all looked to see what my reaction would be, and I just shrugged and said “knock yourself out”.

Jimmy (the shorter guy) didn’t waste another second. He took the tequila and very slowly dripped it on Ann Marie’s stomach. He then bent down and licked from her belly button (she wears a belly ring) to the beginning of her bikini bottom. My wife squirmed a little under his tongue, but you could tell she was just getting started.

The bartender was next, and he pretty much copied what Jimmy had done.

When Rob was up, he took a little different tact. He ran his hand up her belly and when he came to the bikini top, he pulled it over her head releasing her perfect 34 B breasts. He drizzled the tequila on one of her rock hard nipples and bent down to suck it up. He had her nipple in her mouth for what seemed like five minutes when he started to kiss up her neck and finally reached her mouth. She opened her mouth and took his tongue deep inside.

As Rob was French kissing my wife, he reached his hand inside her bikini bottom and started to play with her pussy. I could not believe that my wife was going at it like this on top of the bar.

The bartender said “Guys, although this is about the greatest thing I have ever seen, you’ve got to at least take it into one of the cabanas.”

With that, Rob scooped her into his arms and started for a cabana on the other side of the pool. She turned back and looked right at Jimmy and said “Aren’t you coming?” He almost fell over himself getting off the bar stool, but the three of them were soon closing the curtain of the cabana.

For the next 45 minutes, the bar tender and I could hear my wife taking these two guys every way you could imagine. The curtain on the cabana was semi sheer, so we could sort of see the silhouettes of the three in the throws of passion. I could just about make out Ann Marie on all fours, one of the guys behind her and the other in front, and then Ann Marie kneeling in front of them both, obviously giving them the best head they had ever gotten.

Thank God no one else came back to the pool that night. When they were finished, the guys came out of the cabana first, and just waved at us and took off into the hotel (I never saw them again). Ann Marie came out next. She peeked out of the curtain making sure no one else was around and still buck naked, jumped right into the pool.

I brought her a towel and wrapped her in it as she climbed out of the pool. She said “I love you, I owe you, and thank you.” And we both laughed. She then whispered to me that they both had big, beautiful cocks and that she let them both come in her mouth, and could we please go back to the room and make love all night.

Needless to say, I answered in the affirmative and we did the whole room service thing and yes, we fucked like maniacs all night (Ok maybe not ALL night). I was so turned on by the fact that no matter how hard I tried, I could not keep my cock from slipping out of her. She must not have been lying when she said they were realllly big.

Sitting by the pool that day was by far one of the most erotic experiences I have ever had. We had such a great time in Florida; we are going back next month. Hopefully I will have a new story or two to write about when we get home. Ann Marie did say that she felt a little guilty that the bartender didn’t have a chance to fuck her, so who knows?

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