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Poolside Speedo Fun


I watched him from across the pool. I thought it was pretty brave of a man his age to be wearing a shiny red speedo like that, and of course it caught my eye. Speedos do that to me. It doesn't matter who's wearing them, how sexy they look in them, or how old they are. When I see a Speedo, I do a double take every time. I can't wear Speedos. I'd be a walking erection. Instead, I wear my boxer swim suit and I conceal the erection I get watching the braver men in Speedos, just like him... my latest peep show.

I sat there in the beach chair, dark sunglasses on, watching him talk to the woman serving drinks at the poolside bar. His hair was wet, but drying in the hot Hawaiian sun. His body had a tan like he'd been there for only a few days, unlike mine. The tan of a man who's been living on the island for years. I couldn't help but admire his body. He must have been in his mid to late forties, but his stomach was still taught, his chest was still tight, his legs were still firm, and his ass... sat on his hips like two plum tomatoes in that red Speedo. His package was not in my line of sight, but I knew that wouldn't last. Eventually he'd have to turn away from the poolside bar, and then I'd get a look at that package in his Speedo, something I was hoping I'd eventually get to see unpackaged before the sun started to set.

I saw him sign his hotel tab, and it happened. He turned. I swallowed as I stared from behind my dark sun glasses at his Speedo encased package, pressing tight against his material. I could make out the shape of his penis, arching upwards, his balls being cupped tightly by the glistening red lycra. I swallowed again. I had to have this man.

Being 34, I figured he must have been at least 10 years older than me, possibly more than that, but the erection growing between my legs was continued proof for me that age doesn't get in my way, as long as there's a Speedo wrapped around a male's hips. He moved closely along the side of the pool with his drink in hand. It was one of those cute tourist drinks with the paper umbrella and a piece of pineapple. He had a manly gait. A stong confident stride that shifted his package from right to left and back as he made his way to his chair not far from mine. He came along side it, and turned his back to me as he set his drink down on the table next to his chair. As he bent to lower his glass to the table, my mouth watered as I stared at his ass, his cheeks spreading as he bent, and catching a glimpse of his Speedo encased balls between his legs. Ah what a view! I watched him navigate himself into his chair, and recline himself to bake in the perfect afternoon sun. His pecs and abs soaking in the sun were beginning to glisten with a light coat of persperation, sparkling. I subtly shifted my now raging erection so as to conceal it's size from anyone who may be watching. Seeing him spread out on that chair, I just knew I had to have him.

I got up from my chair and started to walk to the poolside bar; a route that would take me right past his hott reclined body. I walked slowly and got a closer look at this sexy being. He had blond hairs on his legs and chest that had a sublte wave of a curl. The hair on his head, though thinning, was slightly darker than the hairs every where else... I wondered how his bush looked... if he trimmed it, or if it was a tight mass of curls. His package looked wonderful as it relaxed between his legs. He was about the same size as me, from what I could tell. I moved on, and got my drink from the bar. I headed back towards my prey preparing to drop my drink's napkin on his leg as I passed him by. When I got to the foot of his chair, I let it go and it floated down and landed on his shin. He stirred and raised his head from the chair, flexing his abs as he looked to see what had landed on him. I turned to him and apologized as I quickly grabbed the napkin. I let my fingers run along his shin as I grabbed for my napkin, trying to gauge his reaction. My touch didn't phase him, and his gaze shifted to my face from his shin. I pushed my glasses up onto my head and reached a hand out to shake his.

"The name's Joe. What's yours?"

"Charles. Having trouble with your napkin?" he asked.

I gave a quick chuckle, "Heh, yeah, sorry about that."

"No problem. Enjoy your drink."

And with that, he rolled onto his side, and then to his stomach to catch some rays on his back. I swallowed and took a moment to enjoy this close up of his fantastic ass before moving on back to my chair. I sat and drank my drink, keeping a close eye on the man I'd been admiring. Charles. There's a name I could hear myself groaning during a hott fuck.

About 30 minutes later, Charles got up from his chair and made his way back to the hotel from the pool deck. I got up and followed. He headed towards the lobby and wrapped a towel around his waist. What a pity. He made his way to the escalators, stepped aboard, and headed up. I followed him from a ways back as he took the stairs up the the third level. I quietly followed him and watched as he entered his room, propping the door with the security lock. He discarded his towel and grabbed his ice bucket and headed back out of his door to go get some ice. I lingered towards the end of the hall waiting for him to return. When I saw him coming, I headed towards him.

"Hi again. Ah, ice. I'm guessing you have something to drink in there?" I said, sizing him up for him to see.

"Uh. Yes, I have. Joe, wasn't it?"

"Yep. I don't suppose you'd be interested in sharing with a new friend?" I knodded my head towards the inside of his hotel room, and at the same time I reached forward and grazed the back of my hand against his right nipple, and smiled.

He swallowed.

"Come on in." He smiled at me and pushed the door open for me to walk through. I entered into the room and stood at the foot of the bed as he pushed his door shut and locked it with the security latch. He walked to the dresser and set the ice bucket down, then he turned to me.

"What would you like?"

"I'll have what you're having." I said, and hooked a thumb in the waist band of my swim suit.

But he didn't get drinks. He moved closer to me, and using my own hooked thumb, he started to pull down my suit. I moved my hands to his shoulders as he undressed me. I could feel the heat of his body so close to mine, and as my shorts came down, I felt the cool air caress my erection as my suit hit the floor.

Charles stood in front of me, and I reached my arms down his sides to the waistband of his speedo and I started to pull them off of him. He reached for my hands and stopped me. He pushed me back onto the bed, and stood between my legs. He pulled his Speedo off himself, and I saw his cock as it started to harden. I began pulling on my cock while he did the same to his, and before long, his cock was ram hard and ready.

He lifted my legs into the air and rested them on his shoulders. He spit into his hand and started to work my ass to loosen it up. Spit after spit, he got me wet and loosened up. He spit on his cock and aimed it at my hole. Staring into my eyes, he pressed his cock head against my wet ass hole and it slid inside. It felt so wonderful, and big, entering my tight ass. I let myself relax as I felt him pressing forward, trying to bury his cock deep in my hole.

He pulled my hips closer to the edge of the bed without taking my ankles from his shoulders, and he slid into me completely. His balls were nestled at the crack of my ass and his cock was buried in fully. He reached forward and grabbed a hold of my nipple as he started to pull and push his cock. It felt so wonderful to have that tool in me, a tool that only an hour ago I had been secretly admiring from my beach chair. His cock felt so perfect inside me, filling me up, not too big, not too small, sliding in and out with little effort and maximum pleasure.

I got looser, and slicker as he worked his cock in and out of my ass. I'm sure his precum helped lube me up inside. Faster and faster he fucked me until he was ramming my ass at a steady pace that could only lead to one thing; a cum bath deep inside me.

Feeling his balls press against my ass with each inward thrust, my body rocked into the bed, and my own cock began spilling its precum all over the soft hairs of my belly. The slickness rubbing against my cock head as he plowed into my ass. His breathing grew faster and his skin shined with persperation as he got closer and closer to giving me his load.

He started to groan and moan, louder and louder, and faster and faster. I could tell he was about to spray my ass so I started pulling on my own cock. I was so turned on by his hott body and hott fucking that I knew it wouldn't take me long to shoot my load onto my stomach. I was right.

Charles started to pump his load deep into my bowels at the same moment I spurted my ropes of hot silky cum onto my stomach. We both groaned and moaned as we shot our loads together.

When Charles finished cumming, he slid his cock out of my ass and watched as the cum oozed from my dripping hole. He pushed my cum all over my belly with his fingers and worked it into my skin like a lotion until it was gone.

Then he stood, handed me my swim suit, and thanked me.

I dressed, shook his hand, and headed back to the pool. Maybe I'd find another one for this evening.

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