tagLoving WivesPopcorn Ch. 01

Popcorn Ch. 01


Note from Slick: I'm still getting requests for soft swing type stories so check out the following yarn. Have fun. All rights reserved.

Popcorn Ch. 01

It was popcorn that started it.

The two married couples had little money after buying their first houses next to each other. Watching a rental movie on Friday night was their one big entertainment for the week.

Tonight's movie was at Cassie and Carl Robin's house so when she carried the popcorn down the stairs to the basement she stopped. "I forgot to put some of the popcorn in another bowl for Mark." Only Mark and she liked eating popcorn.

"Don't be silly," Mark's wife Robin said while standing. "Why don't you sit here next to Mark and I'll sit with Carl?"

"OK with me," Cassie grinned looking at the tall dark haired man.

"Me too," Robin smiled as she sat on the other sofa next to Carl.

At first they really didn't think much of it since they had known each other for months and spent most weekends cooking out or playing games together. But, when the movie started and Mark turned down the lights they all could feel excitement sitting close to someone rather than their spouse.

To make matters worse the movie had a few nude scenes in it with a few glimpses of naked breasts and bums. Mark and Cassie's fingers kept brushing together while reaching for popcorn, which quickly caused a stirring in Mark's jeans.

On the other sofa Robin turned her body to see the TV screen but it was uncomfortable. Normally she would lean back against her husband for support. "Maybe we should change," she started. "I miss leaning on my husband."

"You can lean on me," Carl said glancing over to see if either Mark or Cassie would object but when neither said anything he turned his body towards the TV.

"OK, but you better behave yourself," Robin giggled. She too turned and leaned back until her back pressed into his left shoulder and side. His hand moved up over her head and rested on the top of the couch.

Cassie and Mark watched their spouses come together and after she picked up the popcorn bowl between them they turned and positioned their bodies the same way. But now Cassie had the bowl of popcorn on her lap and Mark had to reach around her to reach it.

The two couples now matched up physically because both Cassie and Mark were tall and thin and then whereas Robin and Carl were shorter and stockier.

At first Mark made an effort to reach outward without touching Cassie's arm as he reached around her but as the movie became hotter he lightly touched her arm with his wrist. When she didn't object his touch became firmer and firmer until his fingers and bare wrist brushed repeatedly against her bare flesh. It was this light and harmless touching that caused both of them to forget about the movie.

On the other sofa Robin turned and lifted her feet up onto the sofa and leaned further back into Carl. Her head rested directly on his left shoulder while her right elbow dropped down to rest on his left thigh. His mouth was only inches from her ear when he whispered "Are you comfortable?"

Robin could feel the hot breath teasing against her neck and earlobe. Since she had only dated Mark since the eight grade she had never been this close and intimate with another man.

"Yes," she replied while turning her head back towards his. As she did her soft lips accidentally brushed against his left cheekbone. She quickly moved her head back but as she did her elbow moved backwards until she felt the hardness under his pants. At first she didn't know what she was touching but as her elbow moved against she felt the spongy shape of his penis crown. She quickly jerked her arm up and away to rest on her own lap.

The movie lasted thirty more minutes but none of them could have said what was going on. Their minds were on the close body contact and the excitement had caused ragged breathing and sweating. When the movie was over and the credits came on no one moved.

Finally Cassie moved up and away from Mark. "Well, I made some cookies." She stood up and glanced down at the shape of Mark's manhood in his jeans knowing that she had caused it.

Robin joined Cassie upstairs while the men sat trying to calm down enough so their excitement was not noticeable. Finally they too when upstairs and the four had cookies and coffee before Robin and Mark left.

It had been a while since either couple had sex but it didn't take much before they were locked in an urgent need for satisfaction.

"Ohhhh Mark...don't stop please," Robin begged as her legs wrapped around his naked hips to hold him tight. It had been a while since they had been this turned on. Their minds were still on the close contact on the sofas with another person.

Normally Mark would have lasted longer but being so close to Robin and having her accidentally touch his manhood with her elbow was more that he could take. "NOW ROBIN NOW!"

"WAIT!" She cried realizing that he was almost finished. Her fingers quickly reached between their stomachs and rubbed her pleasure button until she too climaxed. "AHHHHHH!"

Next door Cassie's fingers were wrapped around Carl's long hard sex. Her head was lying on his stomach as she watched her fingers stroke him. She wondered if Mark was the same size and thickness.

Carl's eyes were closed as he imagined it was Robin's fingers stroking him. He reached around her body until he cupped her firm but small perky right breast. He knew that Robin had bigger breasts and wondered how they would feel. It was then that her head moved lower until her lips lightly kissed the damp tip.

"OH GOD!" He moaned. He couldn't remember the last time she had gone down on him.

Cassie giggled and while she moved her lips and tongue down his hot shaft her body turned until her open sex was over his face. As she lowered her moist and hairy lips downward her mouth opened and engulfed half of his hard six inches.

Time stood still as lips and tongues went to work. Her fingers cupped and caressed his balls while his middle finger began a slow but very deep motion in and out of her dripping well.

"Baby I'm getting....close," he whispered pulling his lips away. He felt her slow down her motions so he returned his lips and tongue to her clitty and moved faster and faster until she was ready.

"OH....OH!" She moaned before completely swallowing his whole length. She had a thick pole in her mouth so she couldn't scream when she came.

Carl felt her body tremble and knew that she was there so it was time for him to let loose. "I'm coming Cassie!" He warned to give her time to move away. But for the first time her lips remained locked. She took the first load before swallowing and then the second and third blast.


Carl and Cassie were still in bed the next morning when the phone rang. She rolled over and answered it.

"Good morning," Robin said. "I hope I didn't wake you."

"Uh...no," Cassie lied. "What's up?"

"I read in the paper that there will be a meteor shower tonight and wondered if you two wanted to come over and watch it with us?"

Cassie turned to Carl. "Do you want to go next door tonight and watch a meteor shower?"

"Yes," he answered quickly. "Are we cooking out?"

"Carl said yes and wants to know if we are cooking out,"

She heard whispering in the background and heard Robin's voice again.

"Sure, we have some burgers and beer."

"Great and we will bring a salad and some wine."


For the first time the women took more time getting ready. Normally they didn't care about makeup or wearing nice clothes but that day things had changed.

"Are you wearing a skirt?" Carl asked his wife when she came down after a long shower.

"Yes, it will be hot on the deck tonight and a skirt will be cooler." She didn't tell him about the new red thong and matching bra she was wearing under her skirt and top.

Fifteen minutes later Robin looked out and saw Cassie and Carl walking through the small gate separating their back yards. She saw Cassie's skirt and ran back into the house.

"Where is Robin?" Cassie asked Mark who was working on the grill.

"I'm not sure. She was just here," he said turning and looking around.

Robin stood in her bedroom that over looked the deck below. She saw that Mark was wearing loose tan slacks and had his shirt buttons open halfway down his tanned chest. She quickly removed her jeans and tee shirt and pulled out some tissues to dry off the wetness beneath her panties. After quickly pulling on a thin short sundress she ran back down the stairs.

"Hi," Robin grinned coming out onto the deck. She moved over to lightly hug Cassie and turned to Mark.

"Wow, don't you look hot," he grinned seeing most of her tanned thighs.

"Yeah, you look great too," Carl said eyeing Cassie's skirt and tight shirt.

"Compliments will get you everywhere," Robin grinned. As the men took over cooking the burgers the women moved into the kitchen to get the salads and drinks ready.

"I poured a glass of wine for you," Robin said handing her friend a tall glass. Normally they stayed away from alcohol because of the expense but after the fun movie last night they all felt it was warranted.

"I better not drink much," Cassie grinned. "I get kind of silly if I drink too much."

"Mark says that I get loose," Robin said taking a long sip. She walked to the window and checked out Carl's strong shoulders.

For the next hour they had their burgers and salads while finishing off a bottle of wine and two six packs of beer. As the sun went down all four had a good buzz. They wanted to resume their harmless play like the night before but none of them could come up with a way to do it.

The men finished cleaning the grill while the women cleaned off the picnic table. As the guys sat on two lounge chairs with two beers they watched the women leaning over the table. It was Cassie's skirt that moved high enough for both guys to see the bottoms of her pink buttocks.

Mark sat up and shielded the sun from his eyes to get a better view while Carl glanced over at Robin's dress. It too was high enough for him to see the white lace edges of her undies. Back and forth the women went taking items to the house so the guys got at least four good views up under their skirts. However, nothing was said.

"I think the guys were looking up under our clothes," Cassie whispered to Robin as they put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher.

"I know," Robin grinned. "What would you say if I said we should tease them some more?"

"You're so bad," Cassie grinned.

For the next hour the women sat on the table bench across from the guys making sure to cross and uncross their legs. The guys got great views of their panties and smooth thighs. By the time the stars came out the guys were rock hard and the women were moist and swollen.

"They said the show will start around now," Robin grinned as she uncrossed her legs and opened them almost a foot. It was dark but not dark enough for Carl's eyes. "We should turn off all of the lights to see better."

After the house and porch lights were off the women walked to the deck rail and looked up at the stars.

"I guess we should join them," Mark gulped barely making out their shapes along the railing. He put down his beer and felt light-headed as he walked up behind them. Carl moved up next to them and they both knew it was decision time.

Cassie and Robin's eyes were looking up at he sky but their minds were wondering what the men would do. They hoped that the men would pair off like they had done on the sofas last night.

Carl glanced at Mark and moved in front of him until he was behind Robin. He hoped that Mark wouldn't object but when he looked next to him and saw him lined up behind Cassie he knew the night was going to get hotter.

"See any yet?" Mark whispered in Cassie's ear.

"No," she whispered back wishing that he would move closer.

"Was that one?" Carl asked before putting his left hand onto Robin's waistline.

"Where?" she asked feeling his hand and turning slightly.

"There," he said moving closer and pointing his right hand upward over her right shoulder.

"That's a plane," Robin chuckled but stopped when his hand dropped down to her waist and then under her right arm to grab onto the railing. He was completely behind her now and when she felt his right shoulder press into her back she leaned her upper body back until it rested against his strong chest.

Mark and Cassie peeked through the dim light and saw their spouse's bodies together, which opened the door for them to do the same. But when he moved forward she felt his hardness against her soft buttocks. She jerked forward for a second but then returned to his excitement.

No one said anything for the next ten minutes as the bodies slowly came together. Carl's left hand still rested on Robin's waistline and started to slowly rub up and down. He felt the shape of her panties under the dress and knew that she felt his hardness pressing against her round ass.

"THERE'S ONE!" Cassie cried out as she turned and pointed up at a shooting star moving from right to left in the dark sky. "They say you are supposed to make a wish or...."

"Or what?" Robin asked feeling slightly dizzy from the wine and Carl's fingers moving dangerously lower on her hip.

"Or..." Cassie hesitated. "Or you are suppose to kiss the closest person to you."

All four realized what was about to happen and froze. It was Cassie who turned her head and closed her eyes to offer her lips to another man for the first time.

But Mark was nervous and turned towards his wife and friend. "What happens if we don't do it?"

"I think we have bad luck," Carl lied.

"We...uh..don't want bad luck do we?" Robin said as she turned her body and closed her eyes. Seconds later she felt Carl's lips touch her own.

Mark watched his wife kissing another man and felt mixed feelings. He was jealous but when Cassie turned and moved her face in front of his he forgot about his wife and pressed his lips forward.

The kisses only last about five seconds and tongues were not involved but it was enough of a taste to make them want more.

Carl marveled at Robin's larger and softer lips and when she turned her arm had fallen downward until her forearm pressed directly into his hard bulge. His eyes opened and saw that Mark and Cassie had stopped kissing and had resumed their search for more meteors. He moved back and frowned when her arm moved from his manhood. Now as they looked upward their bodies moved tighter than before and Carl's left hand dropped downward until it covered most of Robin's left buttock.

They all saw the next meteor and didn't blink as the women turned and offered their lips again. This time the kisses lasted almost thirty seconds and the tips of their tongues moved out and lightly touched together.

Cassie turned and when she rubbed along the length of Mark's hardness she realized that he was a lot longer than what she was used to. When they broke apart both were breathing heavily as they looked for the next moving star.

It took almost five minutes before the next one appeared so they were all very ready and decided to make up for lost time. This time the women turned completely around and pressed their soft breasts and flat stomachs up against the hardness of the men. Their hands moved up around their shoulders and pulled the guys lips to their open mouths. This time their tongues moved out between the lips until they tasted the wine and beer.

They forgot about the meteors and took their time French kissing someone besides their spouse for the first time. The kisses were so much different from what they were used to so they tried new techniques and were all losing control.

Robin was lost in lust when she felt cooler air on her right thigh. It was when Carl's fingers moved up under her dress that she quickly reached down and grabbed his wrist. Her mouth moved to his ear. "Not that," she whispered as she started nibbling and licking.

Mark too was getting too brave with his right hand, which had moved up Cassie's side until his thumb pressed into the bottom of her left breast. As she suckled on his tongue she pulled his hand back down. Tonight was kissing and that was it. However none of them wanted it to end so they leaned against the rail and sucked and licked for another twenty minutes. It might have been longer but Robin's cell phone on the picnic table went off.

"Let it ring," Mark begged but Cassie pushed him back and ducked under his right arm.

"It's my mother," Cassie said. "I think that we should probably go home." She saw that Carl's hand was still cupping Robin's butt cheek.

"Call her back later," Carl pleaded but Cassie moved over and took his hand that was resting on Robin's rear.

"Let's go."


Sex that night was the best it had been since their honeymoons. Both men managed to last two times, which had not happened before they were married as 18 year old teens.

It was too late to go to Church when they rolled out of bed to eat some breakfast. Carl was sipping on his coffee when he glanced up to see Cassie wearing only panties when she walked into the kitchen. "Nice, I don't think I've ever seen you only wear panties around the house during the day."

"I take it that you like it," she giggled before grabbing a cup of coffee and sitting across from him. It was ten o'clock when they heard footsteps on their wooden patio. "OH GOD!" Cassie gasped when she saw a figure walk up to the kitchen door and stop. Her hands cupped her bare breasts when she heard the knocking.

Carl laughed and moved to the door to see who was there. He saw Robin in her housecoat smiling back at him through the window. "Come in," he said figuring that Cassie would run to the bedroom to put some thing on. But as Robin walked in they both looked at the blushing woman with her hands on her titties.

"Oh God, did I interrupt....?" Robin asked not telling if Cassie was naked or not. "I should go.." She started to turn but Cassie smiled and dropped her hands. Her perfect 36D mounds with large perky nipples were on display.

"We weren't doing anything and since we are both girls it's not a big deal," Cassie said trying to be cool, but to be topless in front of another woman while her husband was in the room was very exciting.

However Robin was speechless as she looked at the large breasts. "Uh...I guess...it's OK." She looked at Carl to escape the bare boobs but then saw that his cotton shorts were pushing outward. She quickly looked up at the ceiling. "Mark wants to know if you two want to go to the lake this afternoon. We can go out on his father's boat."

"Sure," Carl answered quickly. He had seen Robin in a bikini once before and still remembered her sweet ass. "Are you both going topless?"

"No," Robin said quickly before smacking his arm. "And you and Mark had better be good. If you bring some drinks we will bring some food. We are leaving at noon." She smiled at Cassie's boobs before turning and walking out.


Both men wore loose swimming trunks because they were already semi-hard just thinking about the day ahead. The drive to the lake was twenty minutes and it only took another twenty minutes to board and take the boat out on the huge lake.

Cassie moved from the bench seat next to her husband and walked up the short set of stairs to the small bridge where Mark was driving the boat. The speed was all out so she had to hold onto the railing until she grabbed onto his waist and moved up behind him. "Need any help Captain?" She whispered before pressing her soft mounds covered by a thin white bikini top into his back.

"Definitely," Mark grinned before shifting aside and allowing her to move in front of him. "Take the wheel and hold her steady," he whispered. Seconds later his hard-on pressed into her soft bum.

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