tagErotic CouplingsPopular Girls Ch. 2

Popular Girls Ch. 2


The early morning sun was bright as it pierced the window of my bedroom. Jessica's body felt warm as she rested her beautiful head against my chest. She looked so serine as she slept, her beautiful black hair falling down to her thin shoulders. I softly moved my hand over her arm, which rested along my abdomen. Her skin was silky soft, her face was angelic. I was constantly in awe of her beauty. It had never really bothered me that she was a dancer; she brought home quite a lot of money, and I knew that she was very faithful to me, but the thought of being able to never have her dance again was something that appealed to me. I loved her more than anything in the world, and I knew that she felt the same, and I wanted nothing more than to be able to live the rest of my life comfortably with her.

Jessica and I had met in high school, in about the tenth grade. She was the most beautiful girl in school who no one noticed. She had moved to our town from South Carolina that year and by chance her family had purchased a house only a few doors down from where I lived with my mother and my younger brother. We became friends quickly; I was her ride to school because I had a car, and she was my date when I wanted to go to a school dance. Through our high school years we never dated in the technical sense, but we were together as much as was possible at the time. In our senior year, on my eighteenth birthday, Jessica gave me a present above all others, her virginity. That night will live on forever as one of the greatest of my life. I knew then, as I always have, that she was the one, the only. She had taken the job at the Green Room only a few months after we had graduated high school in the hope that it would boost her acting career. For almost three years, she had been dancing in that club, taking the money of horny men who ogled her goods.

When I graduated college and was promoted into my current position, we decided to move out of our parents' homes and get a condo; what began as a warm friendship had become a fiery, passionate love affair. And since that time, our love had grown to the distant reaches of the universe, so to speak.


The events of the night before were still somewhat blurry to me, with Matt calling me so late, and with me falling asleep before Jessica came home; I tried to sort things out as I lay there, next to the love of my life. Matt's interest in starting a website had spurred my thoughts into a whirlwind of 'What if's. I knew that we could probably pull it off, but what if we didn't? This would cost a lot of time and money to do, and I wasn't sure if I had the time, money, or patience to go through with it. I knew that I would have to discuss it with Jessica. I attempted to put it into the back of my mind and fall back asleep, but that turned out to be a failure.

I looked up at my alarm clock, which read ten o'clock. I was due in to work at one, and I would have to let Matt know if I was really in or not. Anxiety was beginning to tear me apart. I didn't know if I wanted to do this or not.

At that opportune time, Jessica began to stir. I looked down at her as she opened her eyes, smiling up at me.

"Good morning." I said to her with a smile.

"Good morning, love." She replied sweetly as she stretched her arms out. She then moved her body up to my level, kissing my passionately. She tasted of something divine, just as she appeared. "I love you," she said, breaking our embrace.

"I love you, too," I replied. I kissed her again, giving her a small token of my affection in the form of a caress.

When she broke away again, she flipped onto her back to stretch again, still trying to awaken the rest of her body. "So, darling, what time do you have to work today?" She asked.

"I have to be in at one, but I don't want to go," I answered. "I just want to lay here all day with you."

She smiled warmly again, giving me a quick kiss on the lips. "I know me too."

I yawned, "Do you work tonight?"

"No," she replied. 'I told Mickie that I wanted the rest of the week off, and he said yes."

What a surprise. "Really, it's only Tuesday."

"I know," she giggled. "But I really want to have some time to myself and some time with you."

"That's excellent," I said, kissing her forehead. "I am going to go in and tell David that I am never coming back again."

"Oh don't do that, he knows you would be lying."

I laughed, she knew too much about me. "Ok, ok, but I will ask to have Friday off, that will give us all day Thursday and Friday to ourselves."

"It's a date," She joked.

"Okay then," I played along. Her face was remarkably perfect as we lay there, talking as we always did. "There is something I wanted to talk to you about before I left, though."

"What's that, sweetie?"

"Well, Matt, Justin, and I were talking the other night at the club, and we were talking about starting our own website," I explained.

"Really," she said without expression.

"Yeah," I continued, trying to figure out how I was going to tell her. "We were kicking around some money making ideas and we were thinking that there was a lot of money out there, and most of it was going into the internet."

She nodded her head, "That's true; but what kind of website were you thinking about making."

"Well," I swallowed hard. "Probably an erotic website."

Her face remained blank as my heart dropped down into my lower region and my testicles shot up into my throat. I was scared to death of the ramifications that this conversation could cause.

"Well," she said finally. "That's a pretty good idea."

I died right there. "Hmm… say that again," I stated in shock.

"I said I think that would be a good idea," she clarified.

"So you aren't mad?" I questioned.

"No," she laughed. "I think it is a good idea, and I hope we make a lot of money with it."

I did a quick double take. "Wait a minute. What do you mean 'we'?" I asked.

"You didn't think that you would be able to leave me out of this, did you?" She states.

"Well, no, I guess not," I replied.

"Good, then you're saying that I can model for the site…" she was beginning to put words into my mouth.

I had to catch myself before falling off of the bed. "Well… yeah, sure. I guess so," I agreed.

"Are you sure about that?" She inquired, her demeanor turning a little seductive.

I felt her hand as it slowly caressed my left leg, moving toward my now awake member. "Well…" I stammered as her hand grasped my limp cock.

"I mean, I want you to be sure that I am website material," she said with a seductive grin.

"Well," I began to play along, "I guess I am going to have to test the merchandise before I make my final…" Her hand began to stroke my ever growing cock, her other hand massaging my balls gently. It was over for me, she was in total control, and I was her property. I reached out, placing my hand at the back of her neck, bringing her in for a passionate kiss.

As we kissed, my hands began to slowly slide down the straps of her night gown, freeing her beautiful breasts from their silk prison. Her nipples were hard to the touch as I fondled them between my nimble fingers. I broke our kiss so that I could give her wonderful, quarter sized nipples the attention they truly deserved. I brought her sweet skin to my lips and savored every moment of licking her sweet breasts. Her chest began to heave as her breathing became deeper. Softly moaning and enjoying my talents, she continued to massage my now engorged cock, paying attention to my very sensitive balls.

As my mouth worked its magic on my lover's breasts, my hands worked their way over her firm abdomen, down to her wonderfully trimmed bush. I ran my fingers through the very small patch of hair which accented her wonderful pussy. She was wet to the touch as I sent shockwaves through her body, my finger coming in direct contact with her engorged clit. She caught her breath as I took her clit between my index finger and my thumb, gently applying pressure.

"Oh god," she cried softly into my ear before licking my lobe. "Don't ever stop that." I wasn't about to disobey her, especially with the magic that her hands were making with my stiff cock.

I gently continued to stroke her clit while inserting my ring finger into her sweet cunt. She gasped with pleasure, applying more pressure to my cock. I couldn't let another moment go by without claiming the ultimate prize…

To Jessica's displeasure, I removed my fingers from her pussy and pulled her hands from my cock. With one look, I told her what I wanted. I lay back on my back as she methodically began to mount me as if I were her noble steed. She placed my throbbing cock at the entrance of her sweet pussy, teasing me for a second before she began to lower herself. I placed my hands on her sweet breasts as I felt the warmth of heaven engulf my cock. The tightness was familiar, but exceptional nonetheless as she began to ride me slowly. She leaned forward, our eyes meeting, hers burning with inexplicably passion as my cock sank deep into her sweet cunt. The fire in her deep blue eyes was almost more than I could handle as her sweet lips met mine.

"Mmmm…." She moaned into my mouth as I felt her pussy convulse, her juices flow, and her body cry out as she came with a wonderful fury. Her pussy squeezed my cock wildly as I sucked her tongue into my mouth. I could hold back no longer, the throes of her powerful orgasm caused my cock to explode deep within her, my seed blasting deep into her delicious cunt. Her mouth never left mine as her orgasm peeked, her juices running down between my legs as my cum pumped deep into her womb. I felt as if I would black out from the immense pleasure that I was feeling at the height of my own orgasm… the clouds seemed serine as I passed them by on my way up.

She broke our kiss one last time as she leaned back, smiling sweetly in the wake of a powerful sexual experience. Her smile then turned to one of warmth and genuine love as she slid off of me, lying down at my side. I rejoiced in the love that I felt for her as she went back to resting her head on my chest. Life was good, and I was hoping that it would get better.


Later that day, after convincing Jessica to go along with the website, I went to work to see what, exactly Matt had in mind.

"So, here is the theme," he explained eagerly over lunch at a local restaurant. "We call it Popular Girls dot com. The theme is every girl that is popular in the world. That includes stuff like cheerleaders, school girls, nurses, lesbians, you know, shit like that."

I was impressed with the thought he had already put into this. "That sounds good," I assured him. "I think it could work. With your web authoring knowledge and my business skills, we could make this happen." We ate some more, letting the thought of what we were going to do sink in before I broke the silence. "So, I talked to Jessica about the website this morning."

"Oh really," Matt smirked. "What did she say about it?"

"Well," I hesitated. "She wants to be a part of it."

"Really," he said, astounded.

"Yeah, she wants to model for us."

Matt damn near fell out of his chair; "Shit, dude. That is fucking sweet." I began to nod, trying to calm him down. "This is great."

"Yeah, it is," I affirmed. "We now have our first model."

Matt grinned from ear to ear as he corrected me on that, "Check that, we now have our second model."

"What?" I questioned. "Who?"

"Well," he smiled. "Let's just say I know this girl…"

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