tagSci-Fi & FantasyPornworld 03: Rules?

Pornworld 03: Rules?


The delivery girl, whose name turned out to be Tina, gathered her clothes and quite sweetly said "Thank you!" for the sex. She stumbled out of the bathroom still basking in the afterglow, and David watched her wander out his apartment door still stark naked and soaking wet while carrying her equally wet clothes. She walked down the hallway and knocked on a neighbour's door. A tall, thin black woman answered wearing only a gauzy green neglige.

"What can I do for you, honey?" the tall woman asked.

"I'm all wet and I lost my package."

"Oh, come on in. I'll get you sorted out!" The taller woman put her arm around the blond and lead her inside. Before she closed the door, she looked over her shoulder at David, who was still watching, and she winked at him and kissed the air. That, he though, was an invitation. At least here it was an invitation. But he needed time to think.

He closed his door, finished his shower, and put on the one suit in his almost bare closet. It was tacky, the kind of thing that someone with absolutely no taste or judgement would buy because it looked expensive. Pornworld, he thought. It all fits. He would have to figure out the rules. The real world had rules, so this one must have them, too. They just weren't the same rules. Water seems to make clothing instantly invisible, if his little adventure in the shower were any indication, but maybe it was just women's clothing? So far, he seemed to be in a straight pornworld, but that could change. Maybe he'd turn a corner and find himself surrounded by butch lesbians with buzzcuts? It would be an exceptionally small price to pay, of course, but still. He would have to figure out the rules.

What about pregnancy and STIs? Would they even have those here? They don't have them in porn, of course. Most porn doesn't even involve condoms, but if the whole world is constantly fucking like this, then there just can't be serious STIs or else everyone would be dead, and if they could get pregnant, women would be constantly pregnant. The fact that he'd fuck Tina in the ass notwithstanding, there wouldn't be any non-pregnant women in a world like. It stood to reason that there were not STIs and that pregnancy happened some other way. He'd have to keep his eyes open, play it a little safer until he learned more. For now, no more fucking. This whole thing could be the greatest give the universe ever gave him. No reason to screw it up right out of the gate. That said, that gorgeous, tall, Black woman had invited him over. There was no reason he couldn't just wander by and take in the show. If this were pornworld, he thought to himself, then surely those two women were going at it like minx right now.

He wandered down the hall in his suit but no socks. The hallway carpet was soft and squished between his toes. This was not his world. As he walked past the apartments, he could hear all sorts of sex sounds: what sounded like a straight couple fucking so hard that their headboard was banging against the wall, the clear sound of two men doing something that they were both enjoying very much (that answers that question!), and one apartment with a chorus of at least five voices. And then there was his beautiful neighbour's open door and the blond delivery girl, Tina, who was surely doing something to her hostess's moist crevasses by now.

He walked into the apartment and found that it looked vaguely like a ski lodge from a movie in the seventies. There was a ludicrously large fireplace with a bear-skin rug and a padded bench in front of the fire. This whole world consisted of porn-movie sets. Everywhere he goes will look just a little cheap and tacky. Might as well get used to it. Oh, and the tall, Black woman was riding the blond's face as she, Tina, lay on her back on the padded bench and four-fingered herself up to the third knuckle. To be fare, David identified that feature of the apartment first before making mental notes about the décor.

"Hey there, hot stuff! I'm Sandra," she said, pronouncing it with a long "a" sound. "Glad you could join us. Tina's got her tongue up in me right now, but what do you say she switches to my click so you can fuck me from behind?" David's neighbour grinned at him, a beautiful, shiny smile.

"No thanks. I think I'll just sit and watch," David said, instantly regretting his "take it slow" decision from ninety seconds ago.

"Suit yourself," she said, and closed her eyes while Tina's tongue snaked up inside her. Actually, she didn't get past the "e" in "self." It turned into a long, tenor moan instead as Tina reached one hand up to cup her hostess's ass and then started running the flat of her thumb up and down her ass. David's cock popped up so fast he heard a cartoon "boing!" sound in his head. In pornworld, he seemed to have two settings: on and off. His cock just sprang into life and stayed that way as long as he liked. Women must have an equivalent, he thought. They get wet instantly, and if his trip in the shower with Tina were any indication, their ass's had their own natural lube.

Which was helpful right that moment since Tina was slipping her thumb up the taller woman's bum and frigging it with all her strength. Sandra's little chocolate-coloured nipples were spinning pirouettes as she rode Tina's face, rubbing her clit against the smaller woman's tongue and lips. Sandra came with a shudder and a squeal, all the time running her fingers through Tina's short, blond hair.

"Oh god, that was great..." She panted for a few seconds. "You liking what you see, hot stuff? What's your name, anyway?"

"David. You mind if I...?" he said, pointing at his cock straining in his pants.

"Go ahead, man. It's a waste of hard-on that could be in me, but knock yourself out!"

David did just that as Sandra stood up, turned around, and started kissing Tina where she still lay on the padded bench. She worked her way down Tina's face from lips to cheeks, from to chin to neck, then collar bone and chest, one soft, round breast and then the other, and down Tina's ribs and stomach until she was face to face with the tiny landing strip of bleach-blond hair just over her clit. By then, Sandra had climbed onto the bench and, of course, spread her legs over Tina's face.

"You don't have to if you're tired, but I am definitely getting you off after what you just gave me!" With that, Sandra dove into Tina's little pussy, spreading her lips with her fingers, stretching the flesh as she licked her pink clit, tasting the sweat and the pussy juice, slipping her wet fingers into Tina's cunt and curling until she was pressing against the g-spot. Meanwhile, Tina had reached her hands up to Sandra's pussy and was rubbing her soft flesh in gentle circles. Sandra's bush was all in tight curls, and her dark-brown pussy lips glistened with sweat and juices. Tina played with her lazily while Sandra furiously licked the shorter woman's cunt from top to bottom. The blond girl's legs started to shudder and kick up in the air uncontrollably, and her gentle rubbing turned into uncoordinated finger-fucking as she came, driving her pelvis into the air, or at least that space where air would have been if Sandra's face weren't pressed against Tina's pussy.

A few moments later, Sandra was gently kissing Tina, both their faces covered in sweat and pussy juice. Tina still lay on the bench, functionally unable to move, while Sandra knelt next to her, back straight, firm little tits bouncing as she spoke and laughed. "Hey there, David. You still don't want to join us? I've got another round in me, easily."

David was mesmerised. He'd gotten as far as getting his cock out and wrapping his fingers around it, but watching these two gorgeous women have remarkably enthusiastic sex wasn't the "no big thing" he'd pretended it was. He was living in a world where he could just wander into a stranger's house and watch her fuck. His mind was starting to get the concept, but his body was constantly behind. He'd catch up, but I would be a while.

"Oh, I'm fine," he lied, and jacked his cock a little to keep up appearances. "You two just amuse yourselves. I'm good."

"Okay, hot stuff. I guess we'll just have to make do with a strap-on. That okay with you, Tina?"

"Ooh, yeah! Get it!" Tina's halting... manner of... speech seemed to have disappeared. Was this a different "scene"? Did some people have malleable personalities, or were they just bit players? Lots of questions. Relatively few answers, and who cared anyway since Sandra came back in with a large, purple dildo sticking straight out of her coffee-coloured cunt?

"This thing's got another, internal dildo that keeps in place. Want to see?" she asked the room. The room nodded enthusiastically.

Sandra bent over the bench and spread her legs. The dildo extended out and a little bit up, just where and how a cock would on her body, but at the bottom, it flattened against her skin and one large dildo was clearly nestled snuggly in her cunt while another smaller one was similarly nestled in her ass.

"Don't you just love this thing?" Sandra asked no one in particular. "I want to find whoever designed it and give them head!"

"Me too!" Tina chimed in. "But first, will you fuck me with it until I pass out?"

"Yes. Hell yes. Fuck yes."

Tina leapt over the bench like a cat and started waving her tail in the air while Sandra got down on her knees behind her and ran her fingers over the blond girl's ass, slapping it playfully. She put just the smallest bit of the tip in Tina's pussy, and then pulled back, which caused a very disappointed noise from Tina. Then she slipped it in, just the tiniest bit deeper, and pulled out.

"Tease! Fuck me already."

Sandra just kept on slipping a tiny bit of the plastic cock into Tina's now quite eager pussy, but then pulled out again almost right way. She was going deeper every time, though, and taking just a little longer. Tina was aroused in a way that was also incredibly frustrating. She started begging, truly begging. "Please fuck me! Oh god, please. Just put that thing in my cunt and fuck me!" After minutes, full minutes, Sandra had finally worked her way up to full speed and was sliding smoothly into Tina's pussy, and incidentally driving her dildos into her own pussy and her tight little ass. The first few minutes had been to drive Tina into a sexual frenzy. Now, though, was Sandra's turn to fuck herself using this beautiful blond woman's cunt. She started thrusting hard, jamming that cock into Tina, wanting the feel of her thighs slapping against Tina's ass.

She was working up a sweat, now, with her hands gripping Tina's hips just like David had in the shower, fucking her pussy hard and fast. Tina moaned, gasped, writhed. Sandra was fucking to come. She wanted those dildos inside her to bring her over the edge. She lifted her hand to her pussy and started roughly rubbing at her clit with thoughtless abandon. She ground her fingers into her cunt as she slammed her body into Tina. More full minutes passed as she just kept fucking. She was getting tired, sweat rolling off of her back and thighs, but she did not relent. Tina had gone past responding to individual thrusts and just lay across the bench with one low, continual moan flowing past her lips. Finally, Sandra thrust and thrust and thrust until her whole lower body shook, shuddered, convulsed, really. She rubbed her clit. She ground her hips against Tina's bum which ground the dildos that were in Sandra. Sandra was coming, hard, and taking a long while to ride it.

Afterwards, the two of them lay in a sweaty heap on the floor. They'd fallen asleep with Sandra's head resting on Tina's ample tits, the plastic cock sitting next to them. David decided that even in Pornworld, these women deserved some privacy. He suspected that they'd just become very close friends. There was something quite warm about the whole encounter, as opposed to his experience with Tina in the shower, which was like animal fucking just to come. He'd have to think about what he wanted out of this world now that he'd observed something different than what he had.

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