tagSci-Fi & FantasyPortrait Of A Lady Ch. 03

Portrait Of A Lady Ch. 03


The Marquess of Ravenstone roused himself at first light and glanced down at his hands. He had posed for the portrait with an expensive Indian rug beneath him and now, he could barely see it. He was becoming flesh. At one o’clock, after midnight tonight, he would be whole. And he would have Angelica. For there was something about the apex that she didn’t know about. Once every sixth apex, the woman would be fertile and there was a possibility that she could become pregnant. That’s what he wanted. He wanted to bed her, break her and impregnate her with his child. Then, he could put his plan into motion.


He stroked his kid gloves and smoothed the edges of his mustache down while impatiently awaiting his servant. When the man finally strolled around the edge of the frame, the marquess was not pleased with the look of satisfaction on the man’s face.

“You called?”

“Where have you been? Why did you not awaken me when you returned home? Do you have the portrait?”

Russell just listened to Frederick’s ravings, warming the brandy as he swirled it in the snifter. It was a little early for a drink but he figured that he deserved it. Something told him that his untenable position was going to have a major change.

“Why do you want that painting so badly?”

Frederick stared at Russell for a long time, speechless. “I told you why.”

“You told me something but I don’t think you told me everything.”

“I told you what you needed to know.” Frederick spat haughtily, stepping out of the painting and sitting on the chaise. “Nothing more.”

“Well, you’re going to have to tell me the whole story.”

“Mr. Russell, I did not pay you nearly a million dollars to be my confidante. I paid you to retrieve that painting!”

“Yes, that painting. A painting of a woman, right?” Russell refilled his glass, stalking around the chaise and making the marquess nervous. “Just a woman?”

“Yes. Just a woman. A very beautiful woman, nonetheless, but yes, just a woman.”

“Then why is it that when I looked up your history on the Internet, her name was linked with yours?”

Frederick laughed. “I don’t even know who she is. I only know that she is the same as me.”

“Yes, the same as yourself. She possesses the same ability to leave her painting at certain times just as you do. Tell me, marquess, how many others are there like you?”

Anger colored the marquess’ angular features. “I don’t know.”

“Yes, you do. There are only three portraits painted by Hosley. That’s who you used, wasn’t it? Vertis Hosley, painter and practitioner of the white arts? You gave some of your blood to be added to the paints, didn’t you? And you submitted the final portrait to him for blessing?”

Frederick heard Russell’s words but his mind was swirling with a question. A third painting? “Yes, I did.”

“Would it surprise you to find out that the portrait you want so badly is also one painted by Hosley?”

“Is it really?”

Russell didn’t buy the expression on Ravenstone’s face. “But you already knew that.”

“No, I didn’t!”

“Of course you did!” He sized up the marquess with a practiced eye. “Because that wasn’t the only coincidence I found.” He paused for effect. “It was very interesting to find out that the young woman, the beautiful young woman was your intended.”

“What difference does that make?”

“A lot.” Russell sat down across from Frederick, glaring at him with the attitude of a constrictor. He had the upper hand and he was going to make sure that the marquess didn’t forget it. “Why is it so important that you consummate your relationship with this young woman?”

“She’s my wife!”

“Not quite, Ravenstone. You married her on her death bed. She did not utter the required words back. Then you bribed the minister to make it official. Lady Angelica never became your wife so why is it so important that you fuck her?”

“Sir! Your language is most un – “

“Can it, marquess! This is the twenty-first century and fuck is the right word to say. After all, you’re not going to make love to her. She was the one who broke off the engagement, wasn’t she?”

“Mr. Russell … “

“Wasn’t she?”

Frederick huffed angrily. “Yes, she was the one who ended our betrothal.”

“And she was poisoned not too long afterwards.” The man remained silent at that question. “Does this sound familiar? ‘If I can’t have her, no man will?’”

Frederick threw a black look at Russell. “What is it that you want?”

“I want the woman. Angelica. I want her virgin blood on the head of my prick.”

“That is for me to own, sir.”

“Not after what I saw last night.”

This made the marquess sit up in his seat. “Last night? What did you see?”

“A nice pair of breasts, just perfect to tit-fuck. A sweet mouth with a tongue that’s just perfect to cum on and her pussy … “

“Sir! I’m afraid I must ask you to cease with those filthy … “

“Her pussy was ripe and red like a melon.” Russell licked his lips. “And I bet it tastes just as sweet.”

“You go too far, Russell!”

“I saw it, Frederick. I watched her shove two fingers into her pussy and cum, Frederick. And the kid … “

The kid! She wasn’t alone?”

“No, she wasn’t alone.” Russell was beginning to enjoy himself. He swallowed most of his brandy and grinned at the irate marquess. “Your precious Angelica has a lover.”

“A lover?!?” Russell gauged the change in the marquess. So he had wanted Angelica for himself but was it out of revenge or something else? “She can’t have a lover. Not yet.”

“Not yet because she’s not solid, either. Right?”

“Correct.” The redness of the marquess’ face let him know just how deeply his news affected him. “That’s why it’s imperative that you get that portrait. I am the only one allowed to be her lover!”

“And why is that?”

“Because she’s my wife.”

Was your wife. We already discussed that, Frederick. Are there any rules that say that only you can have sexual relations with her?”


“Then most likely, she’s going to have a new lover tonight.”

Ravenstone bit his tongue to keep from roaring in anger. All his plans were going wrong. “Russell, you must get the portrait for me tonight.”

“What’s in it for me?”

“What? I don’t know what you mean.”

“You know exactly what I mean, Ravenstone.”

“Getting greedy, are we?”

“Getting? No. I’ve been greedy for a long time.”

“But I already gave you money.”

“Yes, you did, but I want something else now.”

Frederick glared at him angrily. “And what, pray tell, is that?”

“I want the woman, Angelica. After you’ve finished with her, I want her for myself.”

“You can’t have her.”

Russell threw his head back and laughed. “You have no choice, marquess.” He bit the title off with a sneer. “I’m in the driver’s seat. When you’ve finished fucking your little morsel, I’ll be next in line.”

Ravenstone arose and returned to the painting, exhausted from the energy he’d expended and settled into his painted chair with a huff. “Get the painting.”

Smirking into his snifter, Russell turned towards the portrait. “And Angelica?”

“You may have her after I’m finished with her.”

The marquess watched the man leave and grabbed an apple from the still life bowl at his elbow, biting into it so hard that his teeth clicked together. He hadn’t foreseen this problem but that didn’t mean that he couldn’t handle it. He smiled evilly.

Oh, yes. He’d handle it.


Vertis Holsey was getting old and he knew it. His once elegant hands were now knobby with arthritis and his hip gave him pains when the weather changed. So when the lovely vision in white floated into his studio, he wondered if he had quietly died and that this angel was here to escort him to his maker.

“Hello, Vertis.”

A huge smile spread across his dark features. “Hello, Miss Lady.” He’d always called her that. “I never expected to see you again.”

“Yes, you did.” She gave him a knowing smile as she took the chair next to him and took his hand. “You know everything before it happens. I suspect that that was why you agreed to do the special painting for me.”

Vertis shook his head. “You were always so smart, Miss Lady. I don’t know how I ever got things by you.”

Angelica smiled. “You were the smart one, Vertis. You were the one who knew that I was going to die.” Her voice got small and fragile. “And you knew that I could come back.”

“Yes, I knew.” He shook his head again. “But I should never have done that picture for your intended.”

“Sshh.” She put her arm around his shoulders, laying her head against his and giving him a gentle squeeze. “You didn’t know he was responsible for my death.”

“No, Miss Lady. I didn’t. If I had known … if I had thought that he would do that … “

“Vertis, you told me a long time ago that sometimes there were holes in the visions you saw.” She patted his hand, covering it with her own. “I know that you would have saved me if you could have.”

Vertis swallowed past the orange-sized lump in his throat. “You were always so kind to me, Miss Lady. I would never have allowed any harm to come to you.”

Angelica blinked past her tears, trying to steady her voice. “I know, Vertis. That’s why I’m here now.” She took a deep breath and calmed herself. Time for the leap of faith. “You do know why I’m here, don’t you?”

Vertis smiled, nodding. He had never had so lovely a model for a portrait in his life, especially not one who was titled. At first, he had been concerned that she would be disgusted by the poor state of his home and studio, but she hadn’t cared. In the thirteen visits it took to complete the preliminary part of the painting, he had boards to repair his flooring, a new rug for the living room area and a set of pigments from Paris, France.

And even after the portrait was done, she still came to visit, bringing him hot tea and cookies and books that she thought he’d be interested in. He wasn’t sure how to react at first. He’d never had a beautiful woman as a friend. Angelica had proven that she cared for him and he was grateful for her friendship. So when she asked for the portrait, he couldn’t deny her. And when she asked for his special service …

“Yes, Miss Lady. I know.”

Her smile was sincere albeit it tremulous. “And I hope you know what I’m here for.”

Vertis stood and strode to a storage room of his studio, yet another boon from serving her. He lifted the framed painting that he’d kept for nearly 10 years and tugged it into daylight. Sheets of dust melted from its face when he blew on it and realized that his vision had been unerringly true. He had been terrified when he’d had the vision; now, he was downright petrified because a life-or-death decision had been involved in the dream. Her life or her death.

“Here it is.” He held up the canvas and couldn’t help the tears that ran down his face. “Is this what you’re looking for?”

“Yes, Vertis.” Angelica arose and took the framed painting from his grip. “It’s perfect.”


They had agreed on this. Angelica sat in a cushioned chair, just inches from him, naked and with a leg draped over the arm. Her reddish-blonde curls glinted in the candlelight, cascading over pearly shoulders and hiding the rosy tips of her breasts in shadow. Her long fingers threaded through her shorter curls, casually sliding over her rising clit and lazily slipping into her heated and well-moistened canal, keeping herself prepared for him.

Rik was seated on a chair opposite her, careful not to touch her but as close as he possibly could be. His dark wavy hair was loose, framing his handsome face. One of his muscled arms lay on the chair’s arm, the other was moving slowly, attached to the hand that leisurely stroked his thick tube of meat. The pre-cum glistened in the candlelight, steadily pumping from the large slit and he liberally lubricated himself, using the slick juice to his advantage.

It was almost time. He could no longer see through her flesh. She was becoming solid, just as she had promised she would. Both of them had been so excited to see her wet footprints on the floor after her shower just minutes earlier. It signaled just how close they were to becoming one and instantly added to the sexual tension that already polluted the atmosphere. The apex would last for two days and both wanted it to be two days of nothing but sex. Rik had rented the hotel room so that they would not be disturbed and had selected one with a kitchenette and had laid a good store of food in so that they wouldn’t have to leave. They had agreed that they wanted nothing more than to spend the entire time in each other’s arms.

The clock on the mantel gave a sudden, loud click and a melodious chime echoed through the room. Angelica’s heart thumped painfully in her chest, her eyes locked to Rik’s, almost fearing him as he stood, pushing the chair back and extended his arm, silently asking for her hand. She stood, shakily at first, then took a steady step forward, raising her arm and letting her hand slowly fall …


Frederick was perfect. It was nearly one o’clock and he had scrubbed and preened himself until he was the perfect masculine idol for Angelica. He knew that she would be angry with him, but he knew that once she saw his shiny, golden hair and his spectacular body, she’d forgive him for having murdered her all those years ago.

Russell had bought him a set of silk pajamas and he donned them and pulled the chaise in front of the portrait, his mouth dry while his shriveled prick awoke and lifted, filling with blood. Finally. Ravenstone took a deep breath, trying not to giggle like a silly child as he awaited Angelica’s arrival. She would be so surprised to see him awaiting her instead of that … that … kid. He gave a loving stroke to his cock, licking his lips and thinking about the sweet payoff that lay ahead: Angelica supine below him, her pussy wide open and sopping wet as he plowed into her, breaking her precious hymen and pumping her full of his seed. Her untried womb would accept his offering and soon, a child would grow, his child and with that, he would achieve his greatest dream. Immortality.

The alarm clock rang, a single solemn note and the beautiful woman on the canvas began to awaken and move. Her luminous eyes fell upon him, shining with love and concern. She gracefully stepped out of the frame, her dress billowing behind her.

“You’re here. You’re really here.”

“Yes.” Ravenstone could only watch as she approached him, kneeling between his legs and gazing at his drooling meat. “I didn’t mean to kill you. Can you forgive me? All I want to do is love you and make a child with you.”

“Oh, Frederick! I know that you didn’t mean to kill me.” Her voice was strange, different. It was Angelica’s voice, but not quite … he didn’t know what it was but something … something wasn’t right.

“Uh, Angelica … “

Her smile was sweet as she licked her lips, edging closer to his stiff prick. “And remember all those times that you forced me to suck your cock?” Ravenstone remembered. Angelica had hated to suck his cock but he forced her to learn to like it. She had even learned to allow him to face fuck her, vomiting only twice during their daily sessions. He had even liked the vomit, too, especially when he forced her to continue sucking.

“Yes, I remember.”

“I’ve learned to like it now.” Without another word, she bent and took his aching tool into her mouth, her tongue roughly lapping at his head and swallowing his thick stalk.

“Ah, yes.” His breath left in a stagger from his lungs accompanied by a delicious shudder. It had been a long time since he’d had his prick sucked and an even longer time since it had been his intended. It made it all the more exciting because it was her. She belonged to him and she was finally where she belonged. On her knees, enthusiastically servicing him. He felt her tongue working its magic on him, moving around the head and slipping along the ridge. “Suck harder.”

An involuntary groan escaped his mouth as she increased the pressure. His balls tingled when she took his entire length into his mouth and her soft lips touched his sac. He liked the feel of that and as if she could read his mind, she briefly left his stalk and licked his nuts, sucking them into her mouth and running her tongue over them. Quickly, she returned to his cock, sucking hard on it, bringing him closer and closer to the edge until finally,

“Ah, yes, darling. Yes, just like that. Oh, here it comes. Swallow my seed!”

Stars burst in his eyes as he exploded into her mouth, squirting down her throat and into her belly. He watched her cheeks bulge out, then flex as she swallowed his sperm, struggling for a moment with the size of his load, then easily accommodating the subsequent squirts. He was so proud of her. She didn’t miss a drop.

“My turn.”

Frederick heard her whisper but ignored it. A woman’s pleasure didn’t matter. He was very surprised to find himself on his back, reclining on the chaise with Angelica perched on his chest. “Angelica, get off of me.”

“No.” She moved up, pinning his arms with her legs and pulling the hem of her dress up to expose her musky patch. “You’ve never cared to take care of me. You’re going to take care of me now.”

“Angelica … get off!”

“I intend to.” She dropped her muff directly onto his mouth, rubbing her wet slit across his lips. The marquess squirmed and she reached back and grabbed his now-limp prick. “Now suck me or I’ll wrench it off.” He had no choice but to obey her. He stuck his tongue out and tentatively tasted her. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t something he thought he could learn to like. No matter. He only had to do it this once.

He worked his tongue into the slimy slit, closing his eyes and licking up and down, up and down. Her sighs and moans told him that he was doing well but something changed a few seconds later. At the top of her mound was a tiny bit of flesh that now grew. At first, it was the size of a raisin, then a grape and then with great horror, it lengthened, pressing its way down his throat and threatening to make him gag. Her angelic face only bore a smile.

She sat back, pulling her thick length of cock from his throat, leaving him gazing at her with confused, wild eyes. “Do you like my cock, Frederick?” He looked down and saw that somehow, her slick slit had changed into a man’s cock and two furred testicles swayed just below. Meeting her eyes, he nodded negatively, receiving her smile. “Well, too bad. You’ll have to learn to like it … “ She straddled his face, rubbing pre-cum across his closed lips until he gasped in indignation. Her thick cock slid into his mouth and she flexed her hips, driving down his throat. “Just as I did.”

Frederick’s choke of despair went unheard as Angelica began to face fuck the Marquess of Ravenstone with vengeance.

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