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Portraits For Her Husband


Timidly she pulled the paper out of her purse and stared at the address. She knew it by heart, but reading over it made her feel more assured. Strike a Pose had been recommended by her best-friend Jane and her husband, Todd. She'd confessed her desire to have erotic pictures done for her husband Bill's 50th birthday. Jane and Todd had used Strike a Pose two years ago, when they had wanted a professional to take pictures of both of them in erotic acts. Jane had promised her that the married couple that owned the studio were professionals and were nothing like the photographers she'd heard about. There would be no pressure to pose a certain way; they would however suggest, encourage and coach her; occasionally the wife, Maggie would touch her, but just in order to get the best angle and capture the best light - both Jane and Todd had reassured her of this.

After stepping out of the car and pressing the lock button on her key fob several times, Kara walked around her vehicle, up the sidewalk, and entered the studio's lobby. Sparing a glance at the interior, she took note of the various types of photos that were arranged throughout the room. There were pictures of partially clad men, women, and couples. Some poses showed lesbians embracing, gay males kissing, and touching. There were many that showed three or four adults engaged in different stages of undress. None however looked pornographic and crude, all of them seemed to show the body and the love of another person in a way that made it tasteful, and classy. That is what she wanted.

"May I help you?"

Kara blushed, and turned toward the desk that she had purposely been avoiding. "I'm sorry, I was just captured by all the beauty. These photos are amazing. My friends were here a couple years ago, and they promised me that this place was upscale, but I guess I still wasn't convinced until I saw these pictures."

The receptionist smiled. "These are more demur than some of our work. The more 'in your face' photos are in the back. If you're looking for shock value than believe me Maggie and David are very capable of delivering that as well. You have an appointment?"

"Oh yes. My appointment is at two. I'm Kara Fields," she looked at her watch, "I'm a bit early."

"It's okay, if you like you can have a seat in here, or I can take you to one of the back rooms; you can look at some photos, some similar to these, but also the more extreme ones I hinted at."

She bit down on her lip. "You know that might be a good idea. I'm not really sure what poses I want and I'm hoping for something that will really knock my husband's socks off." Kara hesitated for a moment before adding, "The pictures are for his fiftieth birthday."

"Well, I'm sure he'll be thrilled. Maggie and David really are the best out there when it comes to this kind of thing. They do videos too, in case you ever decide you want to make a film involving you and your spouse."

Kara's cheeks burned brightly. "Oh wow, I don't know about that."

"It's something to consider. Here," the receptionist reached into a drawer, "we designed this pamphlet; it gives you a quick overview about the services. They can be done here, or a small crew can come out to your place, or anywhere else - as long as you have permission from the owners, and it isn't a public place."

She took the information, tucked it into her purse and followed the young woman down the hallway. There were several doors on either side of her; Kara was curious about what was happening behind the doors. Would she be taken into one of those rooms and if she were could the photographer really make her image as stunning as Jane and Todd's had been?

The hallway was decorated in more erotic poses, these though still did not seem overly excessive or extreme. There were color photos, black and white, sepia, as well as mosaics made up of different body shapes and colors. Kara was very impressed. The two of them stopped in front of one door; Kara was gently ushered inside. "Please have a seat, and feel free to enjoy some coffee or if you'd rather, there is probably something for just about everybody in that mini-fridge. Maggie and David will be with you in a moment."

"Thanks," Kara responded, and waited for the woman to leave before walking over to the couch and picking up a photo album that rested on the coffee table. She settled comfortably into the ivory leather and opened the plain black cover. Her fingers caressed the first image. It was of a man and a woman, their bodies joined in the missionary position. It was simple, black and white, easy on the eyes. The next photo was of a woman, her breasts were the main focus of the photographer's light. The hard tips of her nipples were easy to see, the rough ridges, and the engorged points seemed to tempt the camera. Kara ran her finger across the hardened bud. Her own nipple itched from the caress.

Another photo showed a man's cock as it slid into his lover's vagina. She stared at the swollen veins that disappeared into the slippery flesh. The picture was all black and white, with the exception of the woman's clit. It seemed to scream for someone to lick it, the color spoke to Kara. Her pussy tightened and her breath came out in a small gasp. Another page was turned; two women lay entwined together on a fur rug. "Beautiful," she whispered.

"Thank you."

Kara looked up, quickly shutting the album. "You're welcome."

"I'm Maggie."

The woman came forward, hand extended. Kara admired the red dress the woman wore, it had a black belt wrapped snugly around her waist. Her dark hair hung straight down her back, with the exception of her bangs which had been pulled back to expose her high cheekbones. Her make-up was light, allowing her charcoal eyes to be the focus of her face.

"Your stunning," Kara whispered, "sorry I - I just didn't realize until now that many of the women in the photos - they're you, aren't they?"

Maggie grinned. "Yes, they are. It's hard to get people to agree to let us put the photos out in the lobby; however, in our albums, most of those pictures are of clients."

"I can see why people would be a little put off with the idea."

"Yeah, it's definitely not everyone's cup of tea. Are you ready?" Maggie asked, "And did you see any shots that you found particularly enjoyable either in the lobby or the album?"

"If my husband was with me, there is one in particular I'd really want for us."


Kara giggled softly. "That one with the man's penis sliding into the woman's ..."


"Yeah. That one is so beautiful and sexy."

"Well, we can do something similar to that. We have some toys that you can use, and if you imagine it as your husband's cock, we can use your natural juices and not some of the oils." Maggie hooked her arm through Kara's and led her out of the room and down the hall.


Maggie chuckled softly. "Some women really want to do these photos for their boyfriends, or husbands, or even for themselves, but because they don't know us and they're nervous - and I completely understand that - well, that nervousness can sometimes make it hard for them to relax and let nature take its course. The oils give them the lubrication that their bodies refuse to."

"Ah, yeah - I can see nerves kind of bringing on a dry spell."

"Exactly!" Maggie said. They stopped. Maggie opened one of the doors that lined the hallway. "David, this is Kara."

Kara stepped over the threshold and looked beyond the furniture, light fixtures, cameras and various other studio equipment. A man rose from his position on the floor, dusted off unseen residue of the carpet and walked toward her. He was several inches taller than Bill his hair was brown, curly and hung almost to his shoulders. It was obvious that he was the man in the pictures with Maggie. "It's a pleasure to meet you," David said and shook Kara's hand.

"You too."

Her skin was flushed from the realization that she was about to take her clothes off in front of two strangers and then pose for them. She pulled at her lower lip with her teeth. "Relax," Maggie whispered, paused and added, "I know it's easier said than done."

David grinned, gripped Kara's elbow and turned her toward a panel. "Go back there and take off your clothes. There are several robes for you to choose from. I think with your red curls, the green, dark blue, or even the bright red one would work for some peek-a-boo shots."

"Red?" Kara asked, "I was always told redheads don't wear red. We just look like big lobsters."

Maggie rolled her eyes. "Someone's been telling you lies, probably some jealous woman who knew you would look stunning in red."

Kara grinned. "It was my best-friend in high school; she was the captain of the cheerleading squad, the homecoming queen, and of course, Class President."

"Oh yeah, she knew what she was doing when she planted that bullshit into your head. Go put on the red robe," David ordered in a mocking tone.

Kara left the couple alone and moved behind the panel. She removed her pumps, unzipped her skirt, slipped it off, then removed her panties. She touched her mound, thankful she'd trimmed the red curls to a nice arrow cut. It was her and Bill's private joke. He had gotten drunk one night and tried to enter her anally, so the next morning she woke him up and showed him where his cock was supposed to go.

After she slipped off her blouse and removed her bra, Kara picked up the red robe. It was soft and smooth beneath her fingers. She slipped her arms inside the sleeves, tied the silk sash and fluffed her hair. The thick spirals, that ran down her spine, tangled slightly, forcing her to tug on the ends that caressed the small of her back. "All set?"

Kara took a deep breath, tossed back her head and stepped from behind the screen. "Yep," she answered Maggie, and walked over toward the rug. "Are we starting here?"

"Is that what you want?" David asked. He waited behind the camera. "This is all about what you want, we're just here to advise."

"Well," Kara looked around, and spied a long silver pole, "maybe some shots of me and that pole."

"Good idea," Maggie said, her voice sounded encouraging. "Just wrap your arm around here, and lift one of your legs, hooking it like this." Kara watched her demonstrate what she wanted her to try. Maggie leaned back, winked at David and smiled seductively. "Okay?" she asked, before disentangling herself.

"Sure," Kara said before taking up her position on the pole.

"Now I want you to slide and wrap yourself around the pole like it's a lover. Imagine that every part of it is also a part of you - be one with it. Caress it, stroke it, fuck it," David said; his voice was thick and heavy, the tone was seductive, yet Kara felt safe. She did as requested and slowly began to hear the soft beat of music being piped into the room. After a few awkward movements Kara was able to bend her body to the tune that hummed through the speakers. The camera flashed repeatedly while Kara moved. Eventually David called for her to stop and Maggie led her to a black sofa.

"Have a seat on the edge of the couch, spread your legs, lean in and let the robe fall open. I want to see the deep cleavage of your breasts," David ordered, and began taking shots, "turn your head slightly to the left, then the right - okay, now lean back and lift one leg onto the couch - no leave the robe alone - your pussy is barely showing - nice arrow by the way."

Kara blushed, but continued to move into the positions that both Maggie and David encouraged. When they were done with the couch, David asked her to remove the robe, but to do so slowly and with a look of seduction. She eased the silk from her shoulders, down her arms, allowing it to drop and pool at her feet. Kara stood naked before the man and the woman; neither had made any improper moves on her person. Jane and Todd were right and Kara had nothing to fear. Instantly she felt her body relax and her mind clear of any doubt she may have still had.

"Good girl," Maggie whispered, then took her hand and led her to the thick rug, "see we don't bite."

"I wasn't sure," Kara admitted.

Maggie shrugged her shoulders. "It's okay. I could tell you were ready to relax when your spine softened and your laugh lines appeared. David will use only a few of the couch and pole shots; these next ones, they're going to be the ones that really bring out the real you."

Kara sat down on the rug and listened to what David said, and how he told her to move. Every so often Maggie would come around and touch her hair, move it from one shoulder to the other, she would drape curls over her breasts, allowing just the nipple to peek out. When Maggie pinched the short bead, Kara grasped. The hard pearl instantly responded. "That natural blush is going to look great," David commented a second before the picture was taken.

"Now, lay down and open your legs. I'm going to slide between your thighs and get several shots of your vagina. I want you to spread your lips open, and slowly start fucking yourself with your finger. Use one, then use the second. If you want, Maggie can add her finger to your clit, and work that as well. I don't know if you want another woman's hand on your pussy, but this shot is a favored among many of our clients. It gives the impression of lesbian interaction, a popular fantasy among many males and females."

She moved her hand to her pussy and began to slowly slide her finger into her dark opening. She moaned softly as her nail scratched at her flesh. A second finger slipped in with the first and her hips rose slightly. Would Bill want to see her being touched by another woman? He certainly got aroused when they watched two women fucking each on the television, so he would probably enjoy watching his wife get stroked and aroused too. "Okay, Maggie - if you want."


Kara felt Maggie's hand on her abdomen, and then her fingers on her clit. As Maggie rubbed and Kara finger fucked herself, the camera clicked and hummed. Flashes of light forced Kara to close her eyes; immediately her other senses took over. "That's great Kara," Maggie whispered. Her breath caressed Kara's sex, but her lips never brushed her soft skin.

Her body felt alive. She imagined her husband taking his tongue and lapping up her heavenly juices. The muscles of her sex tightened around her fingers; soft gasps and whispers seemed to come out in a heated rush. "I need to - need to stop - before -..."

"It's okay Kara, you can cum. David will be fine, the camera too. Just let yourself cum, and the shots will be beautiful."

Kara blushed at the pun, then giggled at the absurdity of the random thought. "Focus doll," David's voice pushed its way through her subconscious. Kara went back to work, and together she and Maggie brought on a climax that rippled throughout her sex and along the muscles of her thighs. She hummed softly. "Oh my."

She lay there for a few seconds before opening her eyes and looking down the length of her body. David had already removed himself as did Maggie. She lay there slightly spent, but eager to take more shots for her husband. "That was unbelievable. I wasn't expecting that."

Maggie smiled, and handed her a moist towel. "It's okay. We like making our clients cum. It makes for a more realistic shot."

"Do all photographers that take adult shots do that?"

David laughed. "Hardly. We're one of the few. Some people say we give erotic photography a bad name. But I don't think so. We're not fucking our clients, we're just capturing the moment. If you and your husband like this, than you'll probably love doing a video session with us."

"Oh, I don't know; let's do one thing at a time."

The three of them laughed. David changed the angle of some of the lights, as well as switching out cameras. "Maggie was telling me you liked the cock and pussy picture - the close up."

"I did. Maggie said you had toys."

"They're over there," David replied, and went to work readying the studio for the next series.

Maggie and Kara moved to a table where several toys were laid out for inspection. "We sanitize all our toys, but if you want your own we have these same ones for sale in the back."

"I think I'll buy my own."

"Okay, what interests you? Something that looks similar to your husband's or something completely different."

Kara picked up several of the toys, then settled on a clear vibe with a rabbit attached to the center that would rub and pulsate against her clit, while the vibe itself would rotate back and forth against the wall of her sex. "This one," she whispered. She also picked out a small remote bullet that had a long plastic tale dangling from one end, and a thick dildo that was flesh toned.

"Anything else?" Maggie asked.

She eyed the merchandise, thought long and hard for several long minutes then told Maggie, "No."

"Okay then, go ahead and follow David into the other room. There's a bed in there."

"We're not doing the shots in here?" Kara asked, "but David was messing with the lights."

"Yeah, he was just getting them back in place for the next client."

"You guys are like a revolving door, aren't you?" Kara joked before heading over to the doorway that Maggie had pointed out. She stepped through and spied the king size bed that sat squarely in the center of the room. "I think I need a bigger bed."

David laughed. "Yeah, everyone sees this and then I hear from them later that they replaced their queen beds all because of us."

"There's certainly enough room for a gang of folks."

"Yep, there sure is." David winked, and Kara chuckled softly. Maggie soon joined them holding Kara's new toys, fully loaded with fresh batteries.

"The batteries are supplied at no extra cost to you. But I recommend you pick up some rechargeable ones, because you may find yourself using these a lot more than you realize," Maggie suggested. She quickly showed Kara how each one worked and then asked if she would mind if she kept the remote to the small bullet.

"Natural effect?" Kara asked.

"Yep," Maggie confirmed with a smile.

"Alright. I'm set, are you?" David wondered.

"Where do you want me?" Kara asked. She made her way to the bed with Maggie following behind her.

"Maggie will hold the toys and as I call them out, you use them, change it up some, don't just make it all about insertion. Remember to run it up and down your slit, across your breasts," he paused and eyed the flesh dildo, "and we're certainly gonna want that one sliding down your throat. These are going to be great shots. I may just want to put these in our pamphlets and albums. Don't answer now, we'll cross that bridge later - after we see what develops."

Kara smiled softly. "Thanks."

David winked. "Let's have you leaning over the bed. I want to see your ass, and I want you to look back at the camera. Imagine you're a bad girl and you need your butt smacked."

She tried to pretend that she was a dirty girl and she needed punished. Her fingers slid over her rump and her palms massaged her flesh. Kara enjoyed the feel of her hands rubbing her skin; she smacked her ass cheeks playfully and did so harder when David encouraged the act. "I want to see a small pink imprint. Can Maggie smack you? And if you're willing, she can put that bullet in your ass and work the controller sporadically."

Kara shifted nervously and eyed the small oblong bullet. Maggie waited, a tube of lubricant in one hand. "Sure," Kara answered. The woman spread Kara's ass cheeks and pressed the toy into her anal cavity. Kara hissed, felt the tail of the toy and knew she'd have no problem pulling it free if she decided it was too much for her. Once she was comfortable with the invading tool, she indicated her desire to get back on track.

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