tagExhibitionist & VoyeurPosing Nude For An Art Class Ch. 02

Posing Nude For An Art Class Ch. 02


I had spent the entire week looking forward to this day. I was no where near as anxious as I was the first time. In fact, I was more excited than anxious. I arrived at the art room a little earlier than I had been told to, as I wanted to get my nerves out the way. Ms. Becker was arranging the chairs as I came in. "Oh, hello DJ," she said as she glanced up at the clock. "You're a little bit early, aren't you?"

"Yes ma'am, I know you told me 12:30, but I wanted to come in a little early, is that o.k?"

"Of course dear, no problem."

I went to the back room to change and put on my robe, but wait, the robe was gone. "Uh, Ms. Becker?" I called out to her.

"Yes dear?" she called back.

"I cant seem to find the robe I wore last time, do you know where it is?"

"Oh, that's right. I took it home earlier this week to wash it and forgot to bring it back."

"Oh, alright." I didn't really know what to do. I mean, I know I only get to wear the robe for a short time, but I still like having that little bit of security at the start of class. "Should I just start off in my boxers?" I called back out to her.

"Why don't you just stand on the platform naked through the beginning of class?" She poked her head into the dressing room. "I mean, we've already seen you naked now." She was right, I guess I really didn't need the robe. I proceeded to strip out of my clothes. I folded my things neatly as I took them off, placing them on the middle shelf of the old bookcase that was in there. Looking myself over in the large, full body mirror hanging on the wall, I "fluffed" myself, making sure that I was presentable.

I walked out into the open art room, where Ms. Becker had just finished arranging the chairs. She turned to face me. "Are you ready, the class should be arriving shortly."

"Yeah, I'm good." I walked passed her and took my place on the platform. I went ahead and struck a few practice poses. After that, I just relaxed as I stood there, waiting for the class to begin. Ms. Becker continued setting up, taking every opportunity to glance up at my naked body. There was a sound of moving air and chattering voices as the door to the art room opened. I turned to see who it was. It was Wendy, the Asian girl. She set her things by the door, and ran to the semi-circle.

"Hi DJ, hi Ms. Becker." She said in that cheerful voice of hers. She rushed to the seat placed directly in front of me and sat down, immediately taking notice of my nakedness. I felt that familiar rush, and quickly had to distract myself from becoming aroused. She was wearing an adorable little plaid skirt, with short socks and a tight fitting, black t-shirt. The door opened again, and Kat, just like Wendy, rushed in and took her place in the circle. Kat too, was wearing a mini-skirt, but with a tight black, spaghetti string tank-top, which perfectly accentuated her perky, firm breasts.

"Hiya DJ, WOW. Looks like you're certainly ready for class to start." It was almost as though these girls were TRYING to get me hard (which they probably were) by wearing the sexiest outfits possible. I stood there for probably another 10 or 15 minutes while Kat and Wendy whispered back and forth before Ms. Becker stepped forward.

"O.k., I guess its just going to be the four of us today. Ladies, pick up your pencils and lets get started." She walked a full circle around me, looking over every inch of me.

"Is there something wrong, Ms. Becker?" I asked.

"Well, its just that the lighting in here isn't the greatest. You see, the way the light shines down on you, it really doesn't show many shadows, which is what I wanted to try and capture in today's class." She continued to glance me over, which was making me incredibly aroused. I felt myself starting to grow, and had to fight it again. "We just need a little more light, at just the right angle." Her head snapped towards the windows. "That's it!" She rushed over to the windows and opened the blinds. I couldn't believe it! She had just made it so that anyone walking through the open commons area, could look in and see my naked body! "There we go." She walked back over and stood in front of me. "O.k. ladies, lets get started." Wendy and Kat began working on their drawings as Ms. Becker paced behind them, comparing their work to my actual anatomy. After about 5 minutes or so, Wendy began to look frustrated. "Whats the matter, Wendy?" Ms. Becker asked.

"I just can't get the shadowing to look right around his penis." she said.

"Yeah, I'm having trouble with that, too." Kat immediately chimed in. Ms. Becker walked around in front of me and looked my crotch over at every angle.

"O.k., I think I can fix that." Ms. Becker reached out and took firm hold of my penis, and began massaging me gently. Any hope of me staying flaccid was lost now, as I grew in her hand. She pleasured my penis to its fully erect 7 inches, and stepped back. "O.k. ladies, how's that?" Wendy and Kat gazed upon my fully aroused status with much delight. As they went back to there drawings, I turned to look out the now open blinds to see what was going on in the commons area. My view was blocked, however, by the 8 or so female students that had stopped by the window to look in on our art class. I had never felt such an overwhelming sense of excitement and fear as was right now.

The next 45 minutes that crept by were agonizingly slow. I wasn't just on display for these three young women whom I barely knew, I was on display for the 8 other girls outside as well. But I couldn't help but be incredibly aroused by the whole situation. Slowly, I began to relax. My fear gave way to excitement, and I decided to go with it. Ms. Becker took notice of my change in attitude, and stepped forward. "Well, ladies, its getting to be that time again. How close are we to finishing?"

Kat spoke up first. "I think I'm just about done."

"Good," Ms. Becker said. "and how about you, Wendy?"

"Yeah, I'm just adding the finishing touches now." She responded. The girls outside hadn't moved. Ms. Becker walked over to the windows and pulled the blinds shut. You could hear the disappointment from the other side.

"What happens next is just for the art class." She smiled and winked as she walked to the back room. Wendy and Kat both hurriedly put their things away. Ms. Becker returned from the back room with an arm-full of towels. She laid them out in front of me, and then grabbed one of the chairs from the circle. "Have a seat DJ." I sat down and spread my legs slightly. My erect penis twitched with anticipation. Wendy was the first to get to me. She wrapped her delicate little fingers around my shaft and began jerking slowly, but with a firm grip. Kat was giggling as she knelt down in front of me, reaching out to cup my balls in her tiny hand. She began gently tickling them, as she placed her adorable little mouth around the head of my penis. She sucked and blew in a gentle rhythm that made my entire body shiver. This went on for about a minute or so, then Ms. Becker touched Kat on the shoulder. Kat let me out of her mouth, and moved over so that Ms. Becker could join in.

Ms. Becker took hold of my penis, and began jerking along with Wendy's pace. Kat continued tickling my balls, every now and then, making her way to my shaft, where she would give the base a gentle squeeze. I shook in my seat. This was amazing! "All right ladies, lets get him to come for us." Wendy and Kat both giggled as they picked up the pace. Wendy moved her hand over the head of my penis to gather my pre-cum as a lubricant, and began twisting her hand as she stroked, while Ms. Becker squeezed the base of my shaft and shook rapidly. Kat's tickle rub put me over the top and I shot my first load right into her face.

"Oh GOD!!" She shrieked as she fell back laughing.

Wendy took her place and continued to jerk my shaft. "Cum some more for us!!" she cheered with a huge smile on her face. She got her wish as I sank even further into the chair and shot another massive load across her adorable little nose. "Ha ha Ha!!!" she laughed as she rolled to the side.

Ms. Becker placed herself right between my legs and continued to stroke my slippery member.

"Lets wrap things up." Ms. Becker took my penis into her mouth and sucked while moving her head back an forth. I felt my cock shoot one final load into the back of her mouth, and she released me from her grasp. She sat back, took a big gulp, then let out a satisfied laugh. I slouched back into my chair, completely drained. The girls continued to laugh as we all cleaned up. I remained naked the entire time. We were there for hours after class had officially ended. After everything was cleaned up, I finally went into the back room to get dressed. When I came out, Ms. Becker was there by the door, waiting to lock up. "Thank you for being the best life model we've ever had."

"No problem," I said, "as long as every class ends like that." We both laughed.

"I don't think any of my students would have a problem with that." she said. "Maybe we could have some fun OUTSIDE the class room some time."

"I'd like that." She turned off the lights and locked up.

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