tagLesbian SexPossession Ch. 02

Possession Ch. 02


As the morning dawned Kristen awoke looking at Nikki as she slept. A sly smile crossed Kristen's lips as she mentally planned out the day for the two of them. Reaching over she raked her nails gently across Nikki's smooth back and down to her ass, she started to stir under Kristen's touch. As she turned over Kristen propped her head up on her hand and looked into Nikki's deep blue eyes, thinking to herself how shy and innocent, almost virginal her new pet seemed. She whispered one single command to the girl, to which Nikki eagerly complied "Pleasure me my pet."

Nikki immediately started to suck and lick her newfound Mistress' nipples and continued until soft moans began to escape Kristen then she continued downward enjoying fully every square inch of her body. Once she reached Kristen's vaginal area she teased licking around the lips and on the sensitive areas at the juncture of her thighs and torso, trying her best to tease and torment this woman who had taken her over so completely in such a short time. Kristen felt as if she were on fire with lust and so badly needed release, she reached down and grabbed Nikki by her blonde tresses and guided her mouth to the folds of her soaking pussy. Nikki immediately went to her clit sucking on it as if it were a small penis hard and firm to her tongue. She continued licking this center of desire as Kristen ground her face into her dripping cunt moaning" Lick me you little slut, lick up all of that pussy juice!" She started feeling her orgasm approaching and Ground her cunt into Nikki's mouth, that mouth that seemed so intent on giving her pleasure beyond imagination. Kristen bucked and spasmed against that sweet mouth as wave after wave of pleasure overtook her body and mad her writhe in passion from the ministrations of her new pet. Finally after what seemed and eternity she relaxed and lay still as Nikki continued to slowly lick her to clean her of any leftover juices enjoying the tangy taste of her new Mistress. Then moving back up she lay her head on Kristen's breasts and rested from her duties with the rise and fall of Mistress' breathing which finally grew regular and relaxed. Smiling Kristen drew Nikki's face to hers kissing her sweet lips tasting her own juices on her lips and relishing it.

The stayed that way for some time and then Kristen instructed Nikki to go downstairs fix them both a light breakfast while she herself showered and dressed for the day. Nikki only replied "Yes Mistress," and the she was gone. Kristen heard her rattling around in the kitchen as she lay out her clothes and an outfit she felt would fit Nikki. She turned on the shower and adjusted the temperature and stepped in.

Meanwhile downstairs Nikki found her way around the kitchen fixing a breakfast of fruit and bagels and setting the table totally un-self-conscious of being naked in the kitchen she finished and began to feel a familiar itch between her thighs. Leaning against the granite topped counter she pinched her nipples thinking about the events since last night. She continued to play with her breasts as her nipples hardened and her excitement grew. She ran her right hand down her flat toned stomach until it reached her pussy and immediately she ran a finger over her clit and then into her cunt, fingering herself with one hand as she pinched and pulled at her nipples with the other. She felt her juices starting to trickle over her fingers she was so excited. Nikki had gotten so wrapped up in pleasuring herself she forgot all about Kristen until ....

"I see someone is being naughty again," she heard her new Mistress say to her.

"Oh God I am so sorry Mistress I was just so excited from pleasing you I couldn't...."

"You can save the excuses for someone else pet; I am not in the least interested in them!" Snapped Kristen to her.

Nikki lowered her head in shame and waited to see what would happen next. As she stood there submissively Kristen sat at the table and started to eat the food Nikki had prepared for them.

"Come and eat pet, we will talk about this indiscretion later, but we have errands to run and we must discuss your future here with me if you choose to have one with me."

Nikki walked over and sat down to eat but could not bring herself to look at Mistress because she felt she had disobeyed. As they ate Kristen explained things to Nikki" Pet I am fairly well fixed financially as my father left me quite an estate when her died so money is not an issue for me. I attend college mostly to keep myself busy and the rest of the time I do as I damn well please. I have told you that since I first saw you at the club I wanted you, the question at hand is do you really want what I have to offer. You can live here as my pet and lover, I will provide for all of your needs. You would attend college along with me taking courses of your choosing so long as they would benefit you in life. I will set up a trust fund in your name so you would gain some financial stability. All of this is of course on the condition of you giving yourself over to me completely, your body, and mind and & will would be for my pleasure and if I choose those I would share it with. Also understand you will be cherished and loved, never abused other than any punishment you earn as you have this morning by not receiving permission to take pleasure in yourself. I do not want you to answer right away; in fact I insist you live here for one month before you consider making your decision as it will be a lasting one that will affect the rest of your life. Do you understand my pet?"

Nikki listened to all she had to say the finally looking up at Kristen she answered simply "Yes Mistress," hinking to herself she would wait the month out but she knew in own mind the answer would be yes at the end of that time.

As they finished Kristen told her to go upstairs and clean up and dress in the clothes she had layed out and only those while she made some calls. Kristen walked slowly upstairs thinking all the way how her life had so drastically changed because of going to the club when she had not really wanted to. She reached the bedroom and saw the clothes on the bed, a short leather skirt with a sheer white blouse and that was all there was, no bra & no panties. She shrugged since she had no problems with modesty in fact it kind of excited her to think of going into public this way. She went into the bathroom and ran the shower and stepping into the spray she instinctively reached for her breasts but stopped remembering that she was already in trouble with Mistress, no use in adding insult to injury.

Kristen was on the phone in the meantime setting up some very special appointments for her pet, ready to start showing her what would be expected in a more visual way. Bu the time Nikki had finished and walked downstairs Kristen was ready to go and they walked outside hand in hand to Kristen's Mercedes Sport Coupe and getting in drove into the downtown area. As they were riding Kristen smiled at Nikki loving the way her blonde hair shone in the sun blowing in the wind with the top down on the car. When they stopped at a light Kristen reached over unbuttoning two buttons on the blouse Nikki wore so that if she moved a certain way her beautiful breasts would come into full view, then she ran her hand up the skirt enjoying the feel of her naked skin under the tight leather skirt, teasing Nikki with her fingers until the light changed to green. They drove several blocks with Kristen playing with her at every stop. Nikki was absolutely soaking by the time they arrived at a building with a sign that read Laser Hair Removal. She looked over at Kristen obviously wondering what was going on.

"Nikki I want you to know this now, if you are indeed going to be with me there are certain changes you will have to be willing to make, this is what we are doing today. We are here to have all of your pubic hair laser treated so that it will never grow back, this is something I insist on, later we will be going to get a very special tattoo inked on just below your belly button, if these are changes you are not willing or ready to make for me tell me now and I will take you back home and you can leave with no regrets, the choice is yours alone."

Nikki thought a moment and instead of answering she just looked her right in the eyes and kissed Kristen passionately. They got out of the car and went inside where a friend of Kristen's was waiting to the procedure on Nikki. She was a little take aback since it was a man however she was ready to get it done for Kristen. He introduced himself as Bill wrapped his arms around Kristen and hugged her tight " Well, well miracles do happen I haven't seen you since last Halloween at the party, you shouldn't be such a stranger," and grinned at her "what have you been doing with yourself other than corrupting young boys and girls like this cutie pie?"

Nikki blushed when he said that.

Kristen replied "I haven't' really been doing anything you wouldn't Bill you pervert," and with that she slapped him hard on the ass. "And Bill this is my pet Nikki."

Bill eyed her up and down taking in her gorgeous body and apple pie looks the put out his hand to her "Hi Nikki how are you?"

She accepted his handshake also taking him in as Bill was a very handsome guy. He was in his 30's she suspected, very dark skinned black hair, gorgeous brown eyes and very neatly groomed with his pressed jeans & surgical scrub top. He seemed very warm and friendly and seemed to know Mistress in a very personal way as they chatted.

Bill explained the procedure to Nikki and told her she would have to have at least one more treatment. "The only thing you will feel from this is like mild sunburn and even that will pass in a few days". The he ushered the ladies into a treatment room and told Nikki to take off her clothes.

She immediately blushed asking "Can't I just pull up my skirt?"

Kristen shot a look at her that let her know beyond any doubt she was to comply with Bill's instruction to strip. Resigned to this she slowly unbuttoned the frilly blouse the rest of the way allowing her breasts to fall into view. Her breasts were just slightly smaller than her Mistress' but fuller and very perky with no sag whatsoever, dusky pink nipples and very firm to the touch, which Bill took advantage of. Kristen smiled at her obvious discomfort as Bill openly fondled this young girl he had just met, clearly enjoying himself.

"Well Nikki shall we begin," patting the table for her to climb up on it.

Nikki got on the table and as Bill arranged her the way he wanted her to do the laser treatment she found herself getting excited in spite of the embarrassment of being openly naked and ogled by Bill, or perhaps it was because of this her pussy was getting damp. Bill put on some special glasses and handed a pair each to Kristen and Nikki. When they had them on he began the treatment running the laser carefully over her pubic region. This all took roughly 30 minutes and Nikki felt a slight burn as Bill had said she would.

Finally he turned off the laser and said"All done sweetness, except for the payment of course."

She looked at him puzzled then at Kristen who told her" I told Bill you would prefer to pay for this with a blowjob instead of money pet, any objections?"

She shook her head no, though she wasn't really expecting this, at least not this soon. But she complied getting on her knees in front of him and unzipped his jeans to pull out his cock. She finally had to unbutton them and pull them down and as she pulled down the jeans and his boxers his semi-hard organ sprang into view, a solid 8 inches of thick cock. Nikki licked the tip of it while stroking it with her hand and as it grew to its full hardness she thought my God this must be at least 10 inches long and 4 or 5 inches thick.

As she started to take the huge cock into her mouth Kristen sat back in her chair and watched absent-mindedly stroking her breast through her blouse. It was wonderful to see her new pet work her magic on Bill's hard member. As she watched she thought she might as well enjoy herself so she casually stood and stripped off her blouse and pants leaving only her lacy thong panties on. Then sitting back down she pinched and pulled on her already hardened nipples. Then her hands ran down her smooth stomach toying with the navel ring she had, the further down into the panties to toy with her clit.....

Meanwhile Nikki took the shaft of Bill's cock into her mouth as far as possible sucking on it and enjoying the taste of his manhood; while she did this she juggled his heavy balls in her palm. Bill was holding her by the back of her head and started to pump into her mouth as if to fuck her face. Nikki sensing his excitement growing took her mouth off the shaft and sucked one of his testicles into her mouth sucking on it and making him moan "Oh yea you little bitch suck those big hairy balls!" He was in heaven; this girl really knew what she was doing! Then she took the shaft back into her mouth and moving her hand around to his buttocks she worked her finger between them as she sucked him for all she was worth. Slowly she worked a finger into his asshole driving him crazy. As she did this she felt him starting to twitch in her mouth and knowing he would cum soon she took his cock as deep into her mouth as she could.

Kristen watched as she masturbated herself and saw Nikki put her finger into Bills ass and finger him while she was sucking his bi cock and this sight started to drive her over the edge, her approaching orgasm took her attention away from them and she concentrated only on her pleasure and getting off.

Bill started to spray Nikki's throat with his sperm which she hungrily drank all but just a small dribble. He felt his knees going weak and thought he would topple over the orgasm was so intense but somehow managed to stay up as he finished cumming. Nikki kept sucking him until he started to go soft and then letting go of his cock and taking her finger out of his anus she remained kneeling and smiled up at him and Mistress. Bill sat down on the treatment table to rest and regain his sense of balance.

Meanwhile Kristen had gotten off big time watching them and was sitting in her chair and resting herself. She smiled at her pet and told her "You did very well pet, you may get dressed now."

"Well Bill did she do well enough to pay her bill?" She asked Bill with a mischievous grin.

"Hell yes she did, but I will look forward to seeing her in 2 weeks for a follow-up appointment."

Kristen and Nikki dressed and turned to leave and they both kissed him on the cheek.

Kristen smiled and said "See you in two weeks darlin," Then they walked out to the car to leave.....

(Please feel free to leave your comments and vote on my story. And I would love to know if you as a reader want to see the rest of the story)

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