tagNonHumanPossibilities Ch. 04

Possibilities Ch. 04


Charles was finally asleep. Things had been more than a little difficult with him since Kryln's latest transformation. Carolyn was sitting in a big comfy chair opposite her bed where Charles was breathing lightly into a pillow. Kryln was curled next to her in a fetal position, also trying to recover from the recent metamorphosis. All of them were still naked from the previous day's strenuous activities. Carolyn stroked her lover's blue hair and considered what to do next. They had made some mistakes since Charles had arrived, that was certain.

It'd been a fun time in the beginning. As long as he had kept himself to fucking Kryln he'd been able to keep it together, even if he was naked and sexing up his sister's blue haired doppelganger. The idea that Carolyn had been having sex with another woman had shaken him badly and Kryln had seduced him in a misguided attempt to prevent fighting between the siblings. In all of their experimenting with each other the following day, he hadn't been able to bring himself to get inside his sister. He'd been fast enough to get his dick wet inside her new blue haired copy, but even after lying naked in front of him, mewling with pleasure from Kryln's tongue and fingers, he hadn't been able to break his societal conditioning to fuck Carolyn. She could understand his hesitation. She'd never thought of him as a sexual being until she'd walked in on Kryln and Charles mid coitus. He was so fit. Much like her, his body was toned and shaped. His cock was firm and strong. Watching him pound himself into a blue haired version of herself had thrown some kind of switch inside of her. She had to know what it was like to fuck her brother.

Of course all that had been made extremely difficult after Kryln added the new appendage to her physiology. Kryln had decided, somewhere in the haze of lust the three of them had generated, that it would help them all out if she added something male to Carolyn's blue tinged form. To accomplish this, Kryln had changed herself into her original blue goo form and forced herself into Charles' body. She'd chosen to go in through Charles' urinary tract, much to his discomfort, and come out the same way. Carolyn had felt more than saw Kryln's return to humanoid form after the blue haired vixen spewed forth from Charles' cock like so much azure cum. She remembered as that new appendage formed heft and weight between her legs, she'd not needed to see it erect to know its size and shape were exact copies of the impressive piece of meat that Charles had denied her. Carolyn wanted that new facsimile of her brother's cock almost as much as the real thing.

Charles had nearly fainted at the effort of percolating Kryln inside of him. When he'd opened his eyes and seen Kryln with her new cock, he'd nearly lost his mind. He'd begun yelling and pointing at it. It'd terrified him for some reason, seeing the swinging meat between Kryln's legs. He'd been nearly inconsolable. Carolyn had been forced to ask Kryln to step outside while she consoled her brother. She'd managed to settle him down and get him to relax on the bed. She'd pulled covers up over him, avoiding some of the damper spots on the bed. She laid next to him above the covers stroking his head. She shared with him the events that had transpired since Kryln had arrived and the true nature of their shared lover. The incredible tale was met with only a blank stare from Charles. It was in that quiet moment that he had told her a shocking story of his own. It didn't feature any aliens or anything so fantastic, but for Carolyn, it was like learning her brother had a whole other person hidden inside him. She chuckled inwardly at the thought, since only recently Charles had actually had another person inside him.

Kryln stirred in Carolyn's lap. The redheaded Carolyn admired her double. Kryln was identical to Carolyn but thicker at waist and bust. Because Kryln didn't have organs or cells to feed in her alien body, all the food she ate was directly added as mass. It had allowed Kryln to shape Carolyn's form in impressive ways. Adding curves to her trim body and more than two cup sizes to her boobs. Carolyn felt at the fold in the thick flesh where Kryln's thigh joined her hip. She liked the look of her body in the way that Kryln had added to it. Her own body didn't give her the choice of where to add weight. If she'd known you could eat a load of ice cream and add the weight right to her boobs she'd likely have died of ice cream poisoning.

Kryln stirred again, but this time it was that impressive cock that moved about. It rose out of the space between Kryln's legs in aching slowness. Carolyn hadn't really had a chance to examine it since all the excitement. The thick rod of meat showed itself as veiny and a little more darkly colored then the rest of Kryln's pale skin. At its root, the dick sprouted from a small horseshoe shape of blue curly pubic hair. Carolyn gently reached down to feel at the source of Kryln's new cock. Around Kryln's penis, and under the blue hair, there were folds of skin which seemed very similar to the folds of flesh around Carolyn's own pussy. She felt down lower, carefully only letting her fingers graze Kryln's skin so as to not wake her lover. Underneath the cock was a small sack of skin. The scrotum was smaller than her brother's, but seemed to contain all the requisite components. Feeling further down she expected to find only an asshole, but two holes were there separated by a very small amount of flesh. The folding flesh that surrounded all of Kryln's new sex organs terminated in a new vaginal opening, but with very tiny surrounding flaps of flesh. Beyond that the tight sphincter of her asshole was present. Possibilities. Kryln, it seemed, had covered all the angles. She was totally prepared now to experience nearly all of human sexuality. She might even be capable of experiencing it all at once.

Carolyn let her fingers glide lightly back up the rod of meat. It jumped as her fingers reached the purple head of the dick. She let her nails rake slightly under the edge of the purple protuberance. She felt the cock jump again. Kryln opened her eyes and looked at Carolyn with a smoky gaze.

"If we're quiet, you could start playing if you like."

Carolyn wrapper her fingers around Kryln's cock. She pressed her grip around it, trying to touch thumb to forefinger and could only barely do so. She liked the feeling of the soft underside and pressed her fingers into it, feeling the blood filled sacs that kept it so ridged. Kryln had closed her eyes again under the effects of Carolyn's fingers. She humped into Carolyn's closed fist enjoying the friction of her soft dry hands. Carolyn varied her speed and pressure as she jerked on Kryln's prick. After a few moments she could feel her own body start to respond. Her other hand moved down to feel at her wetness. She let her grip loosen so she could move up and down Kryln's full length. As her hand moved up and over the head of the cock Kryln started to moan quietly. Pre-cum began to leak profusely from the slit at the top and in moments both Kryln's cock and Carolyn's hand were wet and slippery.

"Kryln sit up. Let's move into a more...adventurous position."

Carolyn got off the chair and let Kryln sit up, her cock rising up from her lap. Carolyn moved up to kneel over and in front of her blue haired copy. Carolyn allowed her pussy to slide slowly down the length of Kryln's cock. She didn't let it enter her but instead just added a coating of her own juices to the rod of meat. Kryln whined with disappoint at not being able to enter her friend. As Carolyn settled her slit at the base of Kryln's new manhood she leaned forward to wrap an arm around Kryln and pulled her in for a kiss. As their tongues danced Carolyn's hips grinded on Kryln's rod. It bounced and rolled with Carolyn's hips while its tendons pressed back against her cunt. Carolyn felt Kryln's hands reach down to her hips and increase their movements. Kryln's own hips began to work in a counter movement that pressed her cock deeply back into Carolyn's hardening clit. It was wondrous. When they'd had a few moments to get in synch Kryln's hands moved up Carolyn's breasts. Her fingers sank into the tender flesh and the weight of them in her hands added to her pleasure. Carolyn broke their kiss and sighed into Kryln's still open mouth at the continued stimulation. Kryln whispered to her.

"Carolyn. Please let me inside. You're driving me crazy. I want to fuck you so bad."

"You are so greedy Kryln. You haven't even tried this thing out yet and you just wanna ram it in me."

A sheepish look sprung up on Kryln's face before responding. "Well while you were dealing with Charles I might have tried it out a little."

"You naughty little cat. You think I should reward you for trying out our new toy without me? I suppose there's some room in my house drenched in your cum also."

"No, Carolyn. I promise you I was good. Please Carolyn. Please I can't take any more of this torture."

Carolyn pushed off the arms of the chair and let herself slide back up Kryln's length. As she reached the top she paused for a moment and let the tip of the cock touch her tender opening. She pressed down a little and felt the girth of the dick press against her cunt. Already it was stretching and tingling her body. She was as excited and anxious as Kryln, but it made her even more excited to make Kryln wait. She stood up in front of the chair and Kryln's hard dick.

The chair was huge and deeply cushioned, so Carolyn reached out for Kryln's hand. The other woman reciprocated and they grabbed each other's wrists so that Carolyn could drag her to the edge of the chair. Instead of moving back to the waiting dick Carolyn grabbed a handful of blue hair and pulled the other woman's mouth to her pussy. Kryln dove in like a starving child and lapped at the wet folds of Carolyn. Carolyn shuddered in response and looked down to pleading eyes that mirrored her own. Carolyn pushed Kryln down into the cushions then braced herself on the arms of the chair and began lowering onto the quivering shaft of Kryln's cock. Kryln had a look of absolute hunger on her face. Both of Kryln's hands were encircling the base of her cock, steadying it for Carolyn, while also stroking it slightly in anticipation.

The head pierced her, and immediately Carolyn felt her and Kryln's heat mingle in her stomach. She moved achingly slow as her body started to accommodate the rod of hot meat that was invading her.

"Carolyn you feel so good. I'm only half way in and it's the best thing ever. Why are you going so slow you're gonna drive me crazy?"

Carolyn smiled. Instead of moving further down she started to fuck herself on Kryln. She needed time to accommodate the size of this thing. It filled her and pressed against every space of her. She could feel herself stretching and widening. Every minute the sensations washed over her and she had to breathe deeply to keep her knees strong. Underneath her Kryln was mewling while one of her hands came free of her cock to maul one of her own huge boobs. Kryln's long nipples were tweeked at acute angles between her fingers as she quietly begged Carolyn for more with wordless moans.

Carolyn sank down again, stuffing more inches of Kryln into her, until she felt a twinge deep inside her. She knew she was at her limit. She looked down and tried to see how much more there was to Kryln's manhood. She could still see only a smidge of flesh between herself and the hand that held the base of her cock. The head of Kryln's cock pulsed inside her. Kryln had her eyes shut as one hand continued to sink into the flesh of her breasts and the other covered the bit of her cock that hadn't made it into Carolyn. Carolyn lowered herself down on top of her friend and felt the cock move within her. Kryln's hands came away from her breasts as Carolyn's pressed into them. The blue haired woman wrapped her arms around Carolyn and held her tightly as she whispered into her ear. The hot air touching her ear and neck sent her skin to pebbling.

"It's going to be hard to fuck you very effectively in this position."

"I know love. Just give me a moment. You're so big. I need to adjust and enjoy this. Can you just hold me a while?"

"Of course."

Carolyn enjoyed the silence and the presence of Kryln both inside and out. In the few days she'd known her, Kryln had turned her world upside down. Somehow, through all the madness and pleasure Carolyn had grown to trust her completely and had lowered all her guards and told all her secrets to the alien. Now, with Kryln filling her most sensitive places she felt she needed to give up one new secret.

"Kryln. I'm sorry for keeping you waiting, but I have to tell you something. I needed this moment of...intimacy to boost my confidence."

Kryln opened her eyes and shook her head to clear her mind. "You can always tell me anything Carolyn. You're the only one I know here on earth. You and Charles."

"Yes its Charles I want to talk...stop that!" Kryln had started to flex her hips slightly as Carolyn had started talking.

"Sorry. It is hard to hold back. Can't I move just a little? I promise to be good."

"Kryln I'm trying to be serious here."

Kryln looked thoroughly abashed. Carolyn let her anger subside into the warmth between her legs.

"Alright. Just a little. I am being serious."

"Oh goodie." She made slight vibrations in her hips that Carolyn felt like little sparks shooting around her stomach. "I'll be serious Carolyn. What were you saying?"

"I've found out what's been wrong with Charles. Why he reacted so strongly at the thought of us being lesbians and why he nearly attacked you at the sight of this cock. This lovely fucking awesome cock." Carolyn's eyes nearly rolled back into her head. Even the slight movements of Kryln were creating powerful sensations all over her body. Suddenly it stopped and she felt Kryln's hands on her face.

"I'm sorry for that Carolyn. Come back to me. It's important what you had to say. Please continue."

Carolyn regained her composure but had to lay her head down into Kryln's neck. "I kind of don't want to but if I don't get this out now, I'm not sure I will. Charles is gay."

"What!? I kind of doubt that. I doubt a gay man would have spent the last day nearly fucking me to death."

"Yes well, bi at least. He told me, while you were jerking off somewhere in my house, that he had a boyfriend in college. It only lasted a few weeks because that's when my mother found out. Apparently she made a surprise visit and found him sucking his boyfriends cock in his studio apartment. She freaked out and threatened to disown him. The things she said to him, Kryln. It broke my heart to hear him repeat them. My brother can't be who is because of my awful mother. It breaks my heart." Carolyn watched as tears dripped down onto Kryln's face. Kryln tightened her embrace and moved a hand to caress Carolyn's hair. The red and blue hair mingled around them as the sun shone through the windows set in the ceiling. They stayed there and let time move on without them.

Carolyn felt Kryln start to go limp inside her, but the slow movement of gravity, drawing Kryln from her body, only stoked her desire again. That they could share this tender moment only instilled a greater trust with her alien friend. It made her want to be with her more, and more often. She pulled her head up put herself nose to nose with Kryln. The movement also pressed their breasts together and she felt her Kryln's long nipples press into her flesh and begin to harden. Kryln's eyes fluttered open to see Carolyn's face full of determination and hunger.

Carolyn whispered to Kryln, "Why don't you show me what that thing can really do?"

In a feat of inhuman dexterity Kryln straightened at the knee and catapulted her into a standing position in front of the chair. Carolyn's weight bore her down on the rejuvenated cock and she felt the twinge of pain again. She wrapped her arms around Kryln's neck and legs wrapped around her fleshy hips. She stifled a cry into Kryln's neck. Kryln's hands wrapped under Carolyn's tight ass, each holding a muscled cheek while pulling them apart. She immediately started thrusting into Carloyn using her ass as the pivot point. She couldn't move very effectively but it was more than enough to start Carolyn moaning into Kryln's shoulder. She kept her teeth locked onto the flesh there to mute herself. Carolyn tried to move her own hips but she was at the mercy of Kryln's inhuman strength. They were both trying to be quiet but it was increasingly difficult as the pleasure in their cunt spread out into the nerve endings of the rest of their bodies.

"Kryln. I want to feel good. I don't want to be sad any more. Make me feel good."

Kryln lowered her to the ground next to the bed, Charles just above them. She slowly pressed herself into Carolyn until she found the deepest part of her. Kryln couldn't feel anything herself but a little twinge would run through Carolyn just before she reached complete penetration. To be safe she reached between them and wrapped her hand around the base of her cock to prevent her from injuring her friend.

Kryln began to fuck Carolyn. There was no better word for the full thrusting of cock into Carolyn's wet and ready cunt. The wet sloshing sound filled the room as Carolyn covered her own mouth to prevent herself adding to the noise. Kryln felt a boiling forming in her little balls. She pressed hard and fast into Carolyn.

"Carolyn. I'm going to cum. I'm so close. Are you ready?

Carolyn uncovered her mouth and her hand moved lower. One covered her left breast and went searching for a nipple, while the other moved between them and massaged her clit.

"Wait Kryln. I'm getting there. Can't you wait for me?"

"Carolyn I'm so close. Hurry. Hurry. Oh fuck." Suddenly Carolyn felt fire erupt deep inside her. A spurting of hot liquid pulsed over and over deep within her. The feeling was exquisite but it was not her building orgasm. That sweet release was still building up inside her even as she could feel Kryln removing herself from inside her. The sudden emptiness left an aching in her that demanded to be filled.

"Kryln. Please. I didn't cum. Don't leave me like this. Please baby, keep fucking me. I need it."

"Oh now you're the one being tortured. Not so nice is it my sweet?" Kryln let her limp dick fall onto Carolyn's stomach as she straightened up, the fog of her own orgasm causing her to breathe deeply the smell of their sex. The small patch of Carolyn's pubic hair ticked the sensitive underside of her cock. She leaned back to stretch her back and saw Charles staring blankly from the bed. Kryln put on a fiendish look as she spoke.

"Do you want to watch Charles?" He said nothing, seemingly still in shock. "Your sister is so beautiful, don't you think?" Charles nodded slightly, and pushed back into the bed to rise to a slightly elevated seat position. "Do you think she deserves to feel good?" Charles nodded again.

"I want what's best for her."

"That's good." Kryln looked down to see Carolyn smiling at her. Carolyn's hands had moved to her breasts and were tweaking her nipples. Kryln smiled back. "Off we go then."

Kryln scooped up Carolyn and tossed her squealing onto the bed. She bounced once and settled onto a space with her legs hanging off the end of the bed and her head between her brother's ankles, which were under the covers she was laying on. Carolyn reached back and Charles stretched to hold her hand. Kryln had moved between Carolyn's legs, careful not to disturb the small moment between the siblings. With a pulse of blue light Kryln found herself with a full and pulsing erection again. She eased her rock hard cock back to Carolyn's wet entrance. She teased the opening with the angry red head of her dick.

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