tagGroup SexPot Luck Dinners

Pot Luck Dinners


“I see that we have new members,” Jane Johnson whispered into her husband’s ear, as they sat sipping their gin and tonic. All the ladies had helped clean up after the pot luck dinner, and now, as they did every month everyone would have drinks. Then there would be a couple hours of socializing, and dancing.

“I think she is a doll, but it looks like it may be a while before she can be enjoyed,” Frank Johnson replied to his wife, as he gave her a wink.

“ Their name’s are Sally and Tony Carr. He is attractive, and looks easy. I’m sure our hostess will start the process tonight.”


Just then the hostess for the evening, Denise Butler, approached Sally and Tony. “What are you folks drinking?”

“Gin and tonic for Sally, and a whisky sour for me,” Tony replied.

While mixing their drinks in the kitchen, Denise added a third of a dose of ecstasy to each one. “This will warm them up,” she said to herself, as she carried the drinks into the den area, where the Carr’s were standing, talking to two other couples.

The Dayton welcome wagon had become a permanent club for the members. During the last year, a sub group that had become swingers, had one by one brought the rest of the members into the swinger scene.

Their ages ran from twenty-eight to forty. They soon learned that Tony and Sally were only twenty-five.

As the music started, Frank said to Bill Butler, “Think that you will kick her out of the sack?” as he cast his eyes toward Sally. “Hardly. I’m a tit and ass man, and she has got them, in spades. Time to go to work” Off he went to ask Sally to dance. Just as he came up behind her, Susan Davis, the appointed bait for Tony, jiggled up to him. She grabbed his arm and led him to the dance area. When they came together, she pressed both of her breasts to his chest, put her head on his shoulder, and made sure he felt her legs rubbing of his.

With twenty couples dancing in two adjoining rooms, they were soon lost from sight.

Bill had Sally in his arms dancing. Sally thought to herself. “I feel really strange. I’m warm, and every touch sends a tremor through me. I feel so alive!”

As the dance progressed, Bill pulled her close to him, so that her breasts grazed his chest. When turning or dipping, his leg slit up and down her crotch.

Sally realized that she was becoming sexually aroused, but could not understand why. She did not know Bill, and she and Tony had just joined the club, as soon as they got settled in their new home, after being transferred here from Holland, Michigan.

The next dance was a disco. As she moved her arms to the beat, her bra shifted just enough for her now, extremely sensitive nipples, to become fully erect, which gave rise to yet more friction. The ecstasy was doing to her exactly what Denise intended it to.

Tony, with Susan draped all over him, did not have a chance. He had a raging hard on. Susan felt it, so made sure she ran her cunt against it to keep him aroused. Her hands were in constant motion, caressing his neck, back, and when he would return to hold her after spinning her, her hand would catch the top of his ass.

Several other members danced with them both. By the time they left, Sally and Tony were so sexually aroused, that when they got home they fucked like rabbits.

After they departed, the remaining members drew numbers out of a hat to couple up, for the start of some hot sex.

A month later, Sally and Tony were the second couple to arrive at Barbara Floyd’s home, the hostess for the evening. After the meal, the first drink they received had a two third dose of ecstasy. Usually it takes at least three parties For a new couple to be “enjoyed.” There was enough ecstasy to go around, so everyone had some, this night, as well.

Tonight, fate was going to speed things up. Sally and Tony were a couple of small town kids. There had been only twenty-nine students in their high school class. They had started dating when freshmen. The first welcome wagon party had been the most sexually stimulating thing they had done since Tony had taken Sally’s virginity six months before they were married.

Neither smoked, or had ever tried any kind of drugs. Never in his life had Tony had a women in his arms like, Susan, Denise, or Jane. Several times Tony and Sally had masturbated, when home alone, thinking of people that they had danced with.

Sally was excited about coming to the pot luck dinner, because she loved to be with the members, loved to dance, and was in disbelief about how alive, warm, an sexually aroused she had become, at the last party.

Tony had fantasized about taking Susan to a bed room. In his mind, he pictured what he thought she would look like. Not that he intended to do it, but the thought of her pressing her hot tits against him gave him a hard on several times a day. He was very, very happy, that Sally was so eager to come, also.

The Floyd home was a tri-level, with a one thousand square foot lower level that contained the den, and two bed rooms, each with its own bathroom. A third bedroom was on the middle level, and there were two more bed rooms, as well as a study on the top floor. There were a lot of places to find privacy from the main gathering of people in the lower level.

By the forth dance, it was evident to all, that the Carr’s were both strung out tighter then a drum, from their drinks, and the ecstasy. Tony had a raging hard on. Sally could not keep her eyes off the men.

Frank Johnson, who was dancing with Sally, was surprised that when he rubbed his leg up her twat, that instead of pulling herself away, she thrust her self forward to receive more friction.

When he had a moment with Barbara, he whispered, “Give them another half dose, I think Sally can be enjoyed tonight, and tell Susan to take Tony somewhere as soon as he has his next drink in him.

The word spread from one couple to another that there would be new enjoyment tonight. Bill, who had the hots for Laurel Peters, and influence by the ecstasy, got so aroused at thinking of someone fucking Sally, that he took Laurel behind the wet bar, raised her dress, slid her panties off and begin to eat her. She leaned against the wall, and then slowly slid to the floor, with her head back, eyes closed, and moaning. A minute later Bill’s cock was buried in warm woman flesh.

Frank saw them disappear from view, while dancing with Sally. Two minutes later he danced with her close to the same wall, where he could see the withering couple, behind the bar, with Bill’s white ass in steady motion, in the dim light.

He turned so that Sally could plainly see them. He felt her tense up. At that moment, he put his left leg forward, while raising it. As it came to rest on her twat, he ran it forward and back four times. Sally did not move, so he replaced it with his hand, which he cupped, and stirred her clit area with. She continued to stare at the fucking couple. Her legs opened slightly, as a long, low, moan escaped her lips, giving a clear signal that she would allow Frank to fuck her.

Meanwhile, Susan had said to a totally sexually aroused Tony, that she wanted to show him something upstairs. As they entered the bedroom on the main floor, she made him an offer, with her body, that few men could refuse. In Tony’s case, he damn near cum in his pants when she placed his hand on her cunt, as she rubbed his cock. In microseconds, they were naked, with him on her fucking for all he was worth. The ecstasy enhanced excitement was so high that he could not hold himself, cuming in less then a minute. She was able to cum from his second effort, and when Denise replaced Susan for his third fuck of the night. Tony was hooked.

The second bed room on the lower level was known as the Red Room. It was as large as most living room, containing a king size bed, and three large chairs. The members knew that it was where Frank would take Sally. He did.

Walking behind her, as they entered the room, He stopped Sally by reaching around each side of her to fondle her breasts. The ecstasy induced stimulation took her breath away, as she exhaled. She stopped, with her face lifted, and eyes closed.

Frank, aware of how every nerve in her body was alive, blew on the hair of her neck, bringing yet another sigh, and moan. She never moved or opened her eyes as he undressed her.

Carrying her in his arms, he lay her gently on the bed. Eyes still closed, and arms extended, with legs apart and bent, she was lushes to behold. His cock was raging as he stepped out of his pants.

Easing her legs apart, he blew on the matt of her cunt brush. Sally could feel each and every hair as it bent and waved from his breath. She undulated her hips up and down, waiting, praying, for his cock, any cock, to fan the heat of her pussy into the flames of the orgasm, she craved.

As his tongue ran from the bottom to the top of her slit, she could feel herself tighten. As his mouth fastened onto her clit, she screamed out, “Aaaaaahhhhaaaaa!” Her hands roughly took hold of Franks head, pressing it hard to her cunt, undulated her hips with several hard thrusting movements. When his tongue shot into her hole, her back arched, legs straightened, sweat beaded up on her body, and another long “Aaaaaaaaaahhhaaaaaaa,” was uttered, as her smoldering orgasm became an inferno.

Sally had never before had more then two orgasms in one day. Frank had been chosen to be the first to enjoy her due to his cock being the largest of the club members, at just over seven inches, crowned by an unusual large cock head.

Eyes now wide open, Sally saw the bobbing cock as he lowered it to her hole. As he ran the end up and down the slit, she bent forward to grab the cheeks of his ass, pulling him into her. “Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah,” was her way of announcing each of his hard thrusts into her. It seemed that she could feel each vain in his cock, as well as the head of it, as her cervix was bated back and forth. That and the grinding on her clit, caused her second orgasm to explode just minutes after the first.

The forceful griping of her cunt on Frank’s cock, as well as the ecstasy in him brought him over the edge. He was the second man to put his seed in her.

Sally was in heaven. She lay with her legs apart, arms outstretched, and eyes closed, enjoying all the excitement and pleasure of the moment.

Frank rolled off her. Danny Bird lowered himself onto her. She opened her eyes, as this man that she had never spoken to, thrust his cock into her. As each thrust drove home, her chant begin again, “Ah, Ah, Ah, aaaaaaaaaa.”

Denise had taken Tony’s hand. “Come with me. I want to show you something. If not for the grip of her hand, he would have taken the time to dress. Sally was probably still dancing in the downstairs den, he supposed.

Denise took him down the stairs, both naked. As they entered he Red Room, Tony observed, from the feet view, a man laying on a woman, thrusting his cock, hard into her. Her legs were up, and bent with her heels resting just below his ass, on his legs.

“Watch his cock,” Denise whispered, as she got on her knees for a better look. Tony froze. It was such an erotic sight. The ass of the man tightened with each thrust. The piston of the cock disappearing into the woman’s cunt. The woman being moved back and forth by the thrusts.

Only when his gaze caught the color of the fingernail polish on the woman’s toes, did the realization occur that he was watching a man fuck, pound hard, into his Sally. In the room, also watching, was Frank, with a used cock, as well as two other men, and two women. Denise, seeing the look on his face asked, “Is this the first time that you have watched your wife being given a good fuck?” Of course, she knew the answer, but this was the first night this couple was being enjoyed by the club, and she had to distract him. In fact, it was time to lure him away, so that several more of the men could enjoy Sally, as was the custom for a first timer.

“Stand up, Denise commanded. As Tony did, she grabbed his cock, and gave him a deep kiss, while running her tits across his chest. “Lets go upstairs, Jane wants to have you fuck her.”

“Ah, Ah, Ah, ah, Ah, Aaaaaaaaaaaa,” filled the Red Room, as they were leaving. Tony turned for a last look, just as Danny grunted out the delight of cum running out his cock into Sally. It would be four hours before Tony saw Sally again.

With him out of the way, and busy with a succession of women getting him hard whenever he was able, or asking him to eat them, when he was not, the carefully crafted ballet of expanding their enjoyment of Sally continued, as planned. Man after man had his way with her, until they decided, after the twelfth man had cum in her, that she had enough for this evening.

Sally had experienced nine orgasms. Tony’s balls were drained dry, from cumming five times. He had been in bed with six different women, enjoying their tits, and licking their twats.

Not a word was said by either of them during the drive home, or when they showered and dressed for bed. As they lay down, Sally, who did not know that Tony had seen her being fucked, said, “Tony, I have something to tell you. Promise that you won’t be mad?”


“Tony, something happened to me tonight. I got so aroused. Then I saw a couple fucking one the floor. That guy, Frank, rubbed my, you know, my cunt, and then he took me to this room, where I had sex with him. I could not stop, as several other men just got on me. I had orgasm after orgasm. I had to tell you.”

In a flash, Tony realized that Sally must think that he was dancing, or out, drunk, while she was fucking. He leaned over to kiss her. When he did, he slid his hand under her night shirt. As his finger entered her cunt, her hips thrust up hard, so that his finger was buried in her. She moaned, and thrust several times more.

“Tony, Tony, Tony, forgive me, but this was the most exciting night of my life. Please, please, let me go back next month?”

It was time to tell her the truth, Tony decided. “Sal, honey, I was in bed tonight with six different women. I was going to beg you to go with me next month. I saw some guy riding you.”

Squealing, and laughing, Sally got to her knees, and begin to beat him over the head with her pillow. Tony tackled her around the waist, lowered her to her back, while giving her a deep kiss. Two excited, sexually awakened kids then fell asleep while in an embrace.

Four month later, there was a new couple that had joined the club. Jane Johnson gave them drinks, laced with ecstasy. Sally and Tony were the bait.

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