tagLoving WivesPower Can Be An Aphrodisiac Ch. 02

Power Can Be An Aphrodisiac Ch. 02

byThe Big Bopper©

Sandy was risking her marriage by spending a full day of illicit sex with her husband's boss. Was she completely hooked by Brian's sexual demands or can she still end it in time to save her marriage?


Sandy Murray at last came to her senses after that long illicit 8-hour day in which she let husband Pete's boss feed her fantasies, giving her multiple orgasms and initiating her into what turned out to be the delights of anal sex.

Despite Brian besieging her with calls after that marathon day of sex, she managed to keep him at bay, telling him that since she could not trust him to wear a condom, he would not be allowed to fuck her again until Pete had successfully impregnated her.

It was hard for Sandy to refuse Brian. He was persistent and had awakened something sensual in her. She had so enjoyed the way he made love to her and the way her body responded to him orgasmically. Still, she was determined that the child that she would one day bear would come only from her husband's sperm.

A few months would pass before two momentous events occurred almost simultaneously. As good as his word, Brian had elevated Pete's role in the company. With his increased responsibility, Pete came home one night to tell Sandy that Brian had included him in the company delegation to a major business conference in Hawaii. "Guess what?" Pete told his wife, "you're invited too. The delegates can bring their wives along ... isn't that great, honey?"

"How many are going to represent the company, darling?"

"Well, Brian will be there of course -- Brian and Penny ... oh, and a couple of other managers and their wives too."

"That sounds fabulous darling, when is it?"

"In three weeks, honey, we leave the 24th and will be there for four days. Best of all, the company pays for everything."

Sandy agreed that it was indeed good news. She had good news too, but she wasn't quite ready to share with Pete. She had missed her period ten days ago and had just peed on a pregnancy test this morning to have it confirm that she at last appeared to be pregnant. Sandy was excited, but was it too early to say something, even to Pete. She didn't want to jonah them.

As the date of the conference neared, Sandy missed her second period and now she was more confident that she was indeed pregnant, probably about 5 or 6 weeks, she thought. Yet still she held back from telling Pete ... just in case, she told herself.

She had thought that she had managed to get over Brian, but strangely, a day before flying out to Hawaii, Sandy found that memories of her mad, crazy, sexy day with Pete's boss came into her mind. It seemed like so long ago now. But all day, she couldn't get it out of her mind, even reflecting on how she felt when Brian shoved his erection into her arse. She let her fingers drift back there and trace the line of her anal cleavage through her panties.

After persisting heavily for weeks after, Brian seemed to have given up calling her. While she missed his keen attention, she knew within that it was probably for the best. She realised that she wouldn't be able to maintain that subterfuge for too long, and she would have been devastated if Pete had found out about her cheating. Although her husband had granted her a free pass after his digression with the 18-year-old granddaughter of his previous boss, she preferred that Pete think of her as his loyal, devoted wife.

The three managers and their wives travelled together in Economy on the flight to Hawaii, but they didn't see much of the boss Brian and his wife Penny, who flew up front in first class.

It was only at the baggage carousel in Honolulu that they caught up with Brian and Penny. There was some general small talk until Brian managed to separate Sandy from Pete just long enough to whisper, "I've missed you Sandy, I had been so looking forward to a follow-up -- or two -- to our magic day."

Sandy looked around nervously, checking that Pete was out of range to hear Brian's words. Satisfied that her husband was caught up with others in the travelling party, Sandy told Brian, "We just couldn't keep that up, Brian. Don't get me wrong, I had a fantastic day with you, but if we kept on doing that, it was only going to lead to trouble."

"Nonsense my dear, we could do that often, there is no reason for your husband to suspect anything."

"That's easy to say, but it would be hard to keep things quiet if they continued with that kind of intensity. I mean, I was lucky that Pete didn't catch on after that phone call I had with him while you fucked me."

"Yes, it was intense, wasn't it my dear? And how's your perfect arse, I'm sure there were no after effects. You survived that ordeal well, didn't you?"

She couldn't hold back a knowing smile at his mention of her arse, "That was surprisingly good, Brian," quickly looking around to check again that Pete couldn't hear her discussing anal sex with his boss.

"I just wanted to alert you that you and I will be getting it on again this weekend, Sandy dear, no excuses," he told her very confidently.

She did a startled double take, "What ... good grief, no way ... not here, in Hawaii."

"What's wrong, why not? It seems to me to be the perfect place for some hard-driving sex with the woman I desire more than anyone."

"Don't say that, you mustn't. Anyway, it's too risky."

"No risks at all, Sandy, I'll come to you."

"No, no," Sandy was panicking, "No, we can't do it in our hotel room, Pete will be there most of the time."

"Not all the time, he will be under instruction from me to front up to some specific conference sessions. That will give us a few hours together."

"No Brian, what if he was to forget something and return to the room?"

"Makes it more exciting sweetheart, the thought that he could walk in while I'm driving my Viagra-charged cock into that beautiful body of yours." He paused, seeming to revel in her fear, then he added, "Don't worry, we can put the chain on the door."

Her eyes were darting around, checking on Pete's whereabouts, Penny seemed to have him engaged in conversation, and Sandy wondered if that was pre-arranged by Brian so he could get her aside to tell her of his plans for her.

"What day is all this supposed to happen?"

"I'll leave that as a nice surprise for you, my dear."

Sandy couldn't ask any more questions, because suddenly Pete was back by her side and Brian had drifted away to collect his bag off the luggage carousel.

"What was that all about?" quizzed Pete.

"What ... what was what about?" said Sandy nervously.

"I saw Brian talking to you, it looked like you two were getting into quite a deep conversation."

"No, no we weren't," denied Sandy, "No, I was just asking him about this conference and he was explaining what it was all about, what we should expect."

"Oh, I see," said Pete and Sandy wondered if he really accepted her explanation.

The conference's official opening dinner was on the first night. All 8 representing the company were at one big table. It became obvious that Brian and Penny were regulars at these annual business gatherings with many of the delegates stopping by to acknowledge them.

It was at around 9pm that Pete suddenly gripped Sandy's hand tightly as a man in his 60's stopped by, accompanied by a woman that looked like it could be his wife, and two sensational looking teenage girls, dressed up to kill like they were going to their school formal.

Sandy turned to Pete, "What is it?"

"That's my last boss," explained Pete, "talking to Brian and Penny, and that's his precocious granddaughter standing behind him."

"What ... you mean that's the one that you were caught having sex with?"

"Yep, one and the same."

"There are two girls over there, which one is she?" Sandy checked.

"The one on the left, the blonde."

"Goodness me, she's quite a stunner, isn't she? Not that I could in any way condone what you did, but I have to admit that, as unpalatable as it is for me to picture you having sex with her, I see now why you were tempted. Did you say she was 18?"

"Yeah, on the day I got caught doing her ... oh my God, she was as tight as..."

"Okay hold on, too much information darling ... and does that comment infer that I'm not that tight?"

"No, you are ... you are! Oh God, I didn't mean that, you are tight. I don't know, I guess she just seemed incredibly tight because she'd maybe only ever had sex once or twice before when I had her."

"What do you think she's doing here?"

"I have no idea, but it looks like her grandfather is a buddy of Brian's."

"Well Pete, you just keep your mind on the conference."

"Oh I sure will."

"Do you know what you're doing? Do you have to go to all the sessions?" Sandy probed, curious to learn what day Brian might be planning to visit her.

"No, not all of them, I'll have some play time for us. Brian took me aside this afternoon and circled the sessions that he said are most important, that I'm not to miss them."

"Oh, so when are they?"

"Why do you ask, does it matter that much when they are? I told you that our getting to come here wasn't a total holiday, that I would have work to do."

"Oh, I guess it doesn't Pete, I was just curious. I mean I could go and get my hair done when you're really occupied and not going to be around."

"Oh okay, I think that the two consecutive sessions on Sunday morning are essential for me to be at them. Brian said something about the subject matter being relevant to my new department."

Pete's former boss, and the granddaughter that he had been caught having sex with, both moved on from the table and the rest of the opening night went without further incident. Sandy and Pete did some dirty dancing, had a bit too much to drink and then enjoyed wild sex when they got back to their room. Sandy felt that she was much more uninhibited in her sexual activities since her day with Brian.

Sandy was tempted there and then to tell Pete that it appeared that she could be pregnant, but at the last moment held back for fear of declaring the happy news too soon, before a doctor could confirm it.

On the Saturday, Pete hung around with his fellow managers, learning the ropes on how his behaviour should be at one of these conferences. They attended the morning sessions and over lunch, he got into an interesting conversation with Grant, one of the fellow execs, about the odd behaviour of their boss, Brian. Grant described to Pete how familiar Brian became with each of the managers' wives, including his own. He asked Pete had he noticed anything yet with his Sandy or had she informed Pete of an unwanted approach. "Pete, your wife is a stunner, just the kind of good-looking woman that Brian would hit on. I would be very surprised if he hasn't made a move yet."

"No, she hasn't said anything," wondering even as he said the words to Grant if he was a bit too naïve.

"Pete, I am not trying to cause any distrust between you and Sandy, it's just that Brian's track record with manager's wives is 100 per cent. If she hasn't said anything, I'd be checking it out. I mean, I have to say it, our boss is an out and out lech. He had a go at my Barbara for a while when I first started and I know that Bill and Joanne almost broke up over Brian chasing her."

After Grant's advice and now feeling insecure, Pete skipped the afternoon sessions and went looking for his beautiful wife. He found her sunning herself out by the pool. "Hi gorgeous, how's it going?" he said as he approached her.

She seemed genuinely pleased to see him and Pete's initial fears were allayed.

"Hi darling," she greeted, "what's doing? Are you all finished for the day?"

"Yep, I decided to skip the afternoon session, do you wanna go out and do a bit of touring?"

"Yeah, sounds great!"

They went back up to the room and changed, then went out and just got the last two seats on an afternoon coach tour around the island.

"Can you afford the time to do this?" Sandy asked when they were on board, "Are you sure Brian won't mind?"

"No, I'm good honey, Brian was only really specific about my having to be at tomorrow morning's two sessions."

"So you'll be gone from -- what -- 9 till lunchtime?"

Her seemingly simple comment rang an alarm bell in Pete's mind. There she was, asking again about how long he would be absent from her on Sunday morning. He may not have noticed that she had asked an almost identical question on two separate occasions if Grant hadn't advised him at lunch to watch out for signs. Then there was her deep conversation with Brian yesterday at the Airport, like they knew each other better than he expected.

Strangely, with all of these thoughts swirling around in his head, Pete actually recalled that first night out for them after he joined this company when they went to Brian and Penny's home for a party. He had been searching for Sandy for over half-an-hour that night. When she turned up, her face was flushed and she said she'd been in the garden. But he had spent ages trawling through the garden and he was sure she hadn't been out there. He let it go at the time, but now that Grant had caused him to be suspicious, the memory of it came back to him.

Pete contemplated raising the subject of Brian with his wife over dinner, but she was being very loving and attentive to him all afternoon and they were in an especially romantic state (Hawaii). He just didn't want to spoil the mood. Chapter 7

Pete was up early on Sunday morning. He had thought some more about his suspicions and had decided on a course of action. He caught up with Grant an hour before the start of the business sessions that Brian had directed that he must attend.

"Hey Grant, I've got an MP3 recorder here, would you mind taking it in with you to this morning's two sessions and recording it all for me?"

"Pete, I thought Brian said you had to be there yourself."

"Yeah, he did, but I've got something more important that's just come up. Don't let on to him that I'm not down here if you see him ... although I doubt that you will."

"Has this got anything to do with what I said to you yesterday ... you know, about Brian and the manager's wives?"

"Yeah, could have!"

"Listen I'm sorry man, I shouldn't have said anything."

"No, it's alright ... actually I'm glad you did."

Pete had convinced himself that his boss was putting the moves on his wife, may even have done so already. Would Sandy be a willing participant or was he blackmailing her into letting him fuck her? He needed to know ... he had a plan to try to catch them out.

He went back to his hotel room, his wife was still stretched out on the bed, seemingly asleep. He stripped off and lay down with her, fondling her warm body affectionately, attempting to interest her in morning sex.

"Darling, go away!" she implored in a sleepy voice, rolling her body away from him. "Don't you have to be at that conference session this morning?"

"Yes I do honey, but I'm really horny this morning. I just thought we could get a little action happening before I go down there."

"No ... no way! I'm still asleep, please let me be."

Reluctantly, he gave up, but her rejection only heightened his suspicions. At home, if he ever felt horny as he was about to leave for work, she would always be very accommodating and let him have her even if she was still half asleep ... like she was now.

He went to the bathroom and took a shower, dried off and dressed smart casual in a pair of slacks with a Hawaiian shirt that he had bought on the first day. He walked over to the bed where his wife was still lying seductively in her supposed sleep. He bent down and kissed her bare back and she stirred.

"I'm going now," he announced.

To his surprise, she half turned and opened her eyes to look at him. 'Damn,' he thought, 'if she comes awake and watches me go to the door, I can't go ahead with my plan to go hide in the closet.'

"Umm, you look nice darling, I like the shirt. I saw a few female delegates, you should stay away from them. Oh, and that 18-year-old granddaughter girl that got you into so much trouble, give her a wide berth. What time do you think you'll be back?"

"Oh, not before 12.30, possibly even one," he was trying to make her feel comfortable and give her a false sense of security if she had plans with Brian.

"Oh that's good," she said.

"Why is that good?" he asked, still hoping that he might be wrong about her.

"No, nothing, just something to say, darling. Have a good time."

"Yeah, I'll try ... well, see you then."

Pete took his knee off the bed and turned toward the door. He had come up with a plan overnight to not leave, to instead jump into the closet and hide as he slammed the room front door, but for this to work, he needed for her to be still asleep.

When he got to the door, he turned back to look at his wife and was pleased to see that she had turned her head away again, facing the windows, appearing to drop back to sleep. But she still called out to him, "Have you got everything ... pen, paper, phone, calculator, whatever? You don't want to have to be coming back in the middle of the meeting."

"No, got it all honey, I won't be back," he called, watching her from the door. The closet was over beside the front door to their room. Checking that she was definitely facing away from him, he stepped into the closet just as he let the front door slam closed with a loud bang.

From his hidden vantage point with the closet door only slightly ajar, he could survey most of the room from the bathroom door to the windows. It looked directly across at the huge King Size bed. He was still attaching the wire that he had set up to keep the closet door from being easily opened when he saw her head lift up from the bed and her eyes scanned the room.

'Aha,' he thought, 'so much for wanting to sleep in. Maybe she and Brian do have something planned for this morning.' Pete watched as his wife sprang up out of bed and walked toward him. Nervously, he drew back inside the darker reaches of the closet. She turned into the bathroom door opposite his hiding spot, not bothering to close it since she assumed that she was the only one in the room.

He couldn't see into the bathroom, but he could hear her peeing. As the sound of her stream into the toilet bowl ended, he heard her fart and had to stifle a giggle. She never farted in his presence, probably due to her prudish upbringing. Then he heard the shower being turned on. Pete settled down to sit in the corner of the closet, waiting for whatever he might see happening in this room. He had a gut feeling that something would and now felt it was more likely having watched his wife rush about the minute she thought he had gone.

Sandy did have some dresses hanging in this closet, so if she was heading out, she could spring him in there, but he doubted that she was going anywhere. More likely, if he was wrong and she was going out, she would probably put on a bikini and they were in a drawer. The risk of her wanting to wear a dress was a risk he was prepared to take.

She was in the shower for quite a while, 'Must really need to make herself clean,' Pete thought.

Eventually, he heard the water turn off, then a minute or two went by and he presumed that she would be drying herself off. Soon, she appeared from the bathroom stark naked. In spite of his fear of what she was planning to do, Pete couldn't help but admire what a great body she had.

She turned the radio on, it must have been tuned to an oldies station. The song that came on was Toni Braxton from 16 years ago -- when Sandy and Pete were teenagers - singing "You're Making Me High." Sandy began singing the words happily, much to Pete's surprise.

I'll always think of you

Inside of my private thoughts

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