tagFetishPracticing Cuckold Ch. 03

Practicing Cuckold Ch. 03

byAnal Slave©

We’ll I came home from work today and Amy my wife came into the room wearing thigh high leather boots and a black leather corset. She had a smile on her face and a huge 12-inch strap-on dildo swinging between her legs. Her wetness was seeping down her legs and she said; “ it’s about time you got home I have been waiting for you all day and I am so horny from thinking about fucking you in the ass, now get over here and take your clothes off.

I stripped down to my black panties and cock cage. She then grabbed me by my balls and led me into the bathroom where she unlocked my cock cage and got out a bottle of Nair. She rubbed the Nair hair remover all over my cock and balls. And in about ten minutes my cock and balls were as bare as a little boy. She then took out some red ruby lipstick and painted my lips with it.

She then led me into the bedroom and handcuffed me to the head of the bed face up. She had made me put my black panties back on and my cock was strained against the mesh fabric. She then walked over and straddled my chest, her strap-on cock an inch from my lovely lipsticked lips.

For some strange reason I slipped my tongue out of my mouth and started caressing the end of the big strap-on cock. I licked it for a minute then she rammed it into my mouth and said “ you love to suck cock don’t you whore” And before I knew it her fake balls where resting on my chin.

She slowing pulled the cock out of my mouth and you could see lipstick smeared down the sides of the massive cock. She said “ you naughty little cum whore look what you have done! Clean it off “ I started licking the lipstick off of it and she says” lick it nice and clean, we want it nice and clean so I can ram it up your ass, don’t we cum slut?”

After it was clean she pulled it out and it was resting on my chest. She ask me if I would like to suck a real cock? I knew better than to say no so I agreed with her and told her “yes honey I would love to suck and taste a real cock”. Her reply was good someday you will suck a real cock for me but not today.

She then got between my legs and slapped the side of my ass and told me to spread my legs Slut. I spread my legs and Amy started licking down the sides of my panties she pulled them to the side and started licking my bald balls and between my balls and asshole.

I was groaning and telling her to lick, lick harder She wanted to know what I wanted licked? I told her to lick my asshole and her tongue started fucking in and out of my hot ass. Then she told me to raise my ass off of the bed. I raised my ass and she slide my panties down my legs my cock is pointed straight up in the air.

She lowered her mouth down on my cock and started bobbing her head up and down on it, sucking and swirling her tongue all around the head of it. I could feel my balls tightening up and I was fixing to cum. I ask Amy if I could cum yet and she said “ No you fucking little cum whore, I am not done playing with your cock”. I told her she had better stop or I couldn’t control it and I would cum.

She released my cock from her mouth and yanked down hard on my balls and the sensation of cumming left me as I was screaming in pain. Then she told me she was sorry for hurting me but she could feel the cum stating to pump up the shaft and she didn’t want me to waste it right now.

She then wrapped her lips around the head of it and sucked the pre-cum off of the end. When she was done she un-cuffed me from the bed and told me to get up on my fucking hands and knees she was going to fuck me now. She didn’t have to tell me twice in about 3 seconds I was kneeling on the bed with my shoulders pressed to the sheets and my ass in the air.

I have always wanted a woman to fuck me in the ass but I never could bring my self to ask her to do that to me. I guess now I was going to get what I had fantasized about for so long. She instructed me to take my hands and hold my ass cheeks apart for her. As I was holding them apart she started rubbing Vaseoline into my ass hole.

She greased me up real good and spread the lubricant up and down her strap-on cock, my cock got hard again watching her stroke her big cock up and down. She then took the end of it and wedged it between my ass. I was surprised at how easy it slid up my ass, I had wanted this for a long time.

Then to my surprise Amy said” Oh sweetheart my darling! I’m fucking you. I’m fucking my sweet virgin little boy up the ass!” She then pinched one of my nipples then the other one real hard. Then she started grabbing my balls and stroking my cock. She was fucking me real hard, slamming the fake cock in and out of my ass.

I started spraying cum all over the place, I didn’t even ask her. Hell I couldn’t even talk all I could do was moan very loud. She kept on fucking me. Then all of a sudden my asshole loosen up and it started to feel real good, so good that she stopped fucking me and I was fucking back on her hard cock.

I was taking it in all the way to the balls then I would pull it out till just the head of it was in my ass then I would take it back to the balls. It was wonderful; it was like my ass was made for fucking. Then I came again spraying thin milky cum all over the bed again.

Amy yanked the cock out of my ass and called me a naughty little boy she said” look at the mess you have made, shooting your nasty cum all over the bed. Now get down there and get it all licked up before I have to punish you. Is that any way to be after I have been so good to you?”

I backed up and bent down and started licking it up. My asshole felt real loose when I would move but that was the best fucking orgasm I had ever had. I told my loving wife that I enjoyed feeling her big cock muscle up my ass and that I hoped she would start fucking me this way more often. She said she had more in store for me then I could imagine.

But that will be in Practicing Cuckold Pt 4 Please E-mail me with nasty thoughts I get horny to and don’t forget to VOTE!

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