tagErotic CouplingsPracticing for Him

Practicing for Him


Practice Makes Perfect

Practice sessions begin:

With trepidation my first day of learning what is expected of me begins. For today I begin to practice, as per your instructions Master, that I should practice nearing orgasm but not allowing myself to cum….and to do this at least twice a day.

Oh Master, it is so hard. For I read over the instructions that you left for me and then began to fantasize that you were here with me. Thinking of your delicious cock, of wanting you to fuck my cunt….and…and then Sir, my cunt started throbbing. I went to the ladies room at work and began to rub myself. It felt so good Master, that I knew it would not take much for me to cum. I raised my dress revealing only my thong panties. You would not believe how wet my pussy was and soft whimpers somehow escaped…. oooohhh I needed you Master. I continued to rub my clit…and finally slid only one finger inside of pussy….ahhhhhh I was so so close Sir. My finger was soon joined by another as I came nearer and nearer….but…(smiling)…I stopped Sir. I did not allow myself to cum. However my breathing was so hard that it took a few minutes before I could leave to go back to my office.

When I arrived home after work, I was so hot… for I had thought all afternoon about my next practice session when I arrived home. The anticipation building since my last practice earlier in the day. I knew exactly how I was going to achieve my next goal.

I went to take a shower and my cunt was already so wet….oh Sir…. actually I am dripping wet. I quickly took the shower and then went to get my clit vibrator…you remember, the one you bought me that I can wear inconspicuously when we go out or when you tell me to wear it to work…then I found the small dildo and began to rub it on my smooth pussy lips. My hips began moving as in a slow dance. My clit was being massaged and now my cunt. Aahhhhh how good it felt. I closed my eyes enjoying all the sensations from the afternoon that now threatened to overtake me. I slowly started sliding the dildo into my cunt Master ….aaahhhhhh ….It is unbelievable how wet I am.

I began to caress and tease my breasts…as if you were bringing them to life. My nipples instantly hardened….wanting more…needing more.

As if I could hear your voice, I got up on my hands and knees….trying to picture you with me….telling me not to cum but to fuck the dildo, my toy substitute for you. And fuck it I did….riding it hard…. moaning….calling out for you ….”Yes Master…watch me….watch your slut …your bitch…yes yes that’s it Master… yessssssssss…spank me….oh Master…. Please your bitch…your toy… cummiiiiiinnnngggg.”

But you were not here…and I did not get an answer. Then it happened Master…I could feel it….the inner walls of my wet cunt began to overtake my senses…and there was no way I could stop it Sir…I cried out …..as my body convulsed with an intense and hard orgasm. I wondered if you could hear me Master…for it was a loud moan of ecstasy.

I lay on the bed….perspiration beading my body….as my body continued to tremble from the intensity of the climax….and the clit vibe sending even more tingles through me…and then…and and ohhhhhh Master…please forgive me…but I could not stop the waves that were now out of control. I needed you so much that I ached. I quickly climbed to the bottom of the bed …the bed rail has ridges and is very thick…my cunt fit is so snugly…I continued to rub my nipples…squeezing and pinching them…and as I felt another orgasm nearing…I rubbed harder against the bed rail….as if it were you. Rubbing….faster and harder….moaning….mmmm…holding the bed rail….and then…ahhhhh yesssss…..I cummm harddddd…clutching the bed and calling for you Master. I felt like a demon possessed as I arched my back in total bliss.

My Lord & Master…..I am sorry for I know I have failed you today. I ask that you be lenient with me…for still I have a way to go before I am completely able to control my orgasms.

With respect I give you my report.

Practice Makes Perfect – 2

Practice and more practice: He was not pleased with her lack of control. A lot could be said for learning how to please him but with guidance he was assured she would learn. Thoughts of her ‘training’ entered his mind, of punishing her; but for now he was going to give her further instructions and see how well she could follow through in her efforts to serve him.

He wrote out a note to her and placed it by the bed next to her sleeping form. He stood quietly beside the bed looking down at her and how she came to be in his life…and he smiled. She was awakening to her true self, becoming what every man dreams of. She was so eager to pleasure and please. He looked for ward to this evening…to watch… and to see how well she ‘performed’ for him.

She woke late into the morning. The night had been exciting and quite satisfying but only after she knew he was going to forgive her indiscretions. As she relayed to him of her activities throughout the afternoon, the look on his face made her cry for it was evident she displeased him She had promised to do anything possible to make it up to him. Only then did he take her in his arms and comfort her.

She sat up in bed and stretched and then noticed the note on the nightstand. Her heart quickened as she eagerly read it for she knew it was further ‘instructions’ for her. It showed that he was willing to guide her. Her eyes widened as she read and then she looked over at the chair where he had arranged her evening attire.

The afternoon seemed to drag on forever as she followed the instructions he had written. She ate a very light lunch and then took her shower. As per the note, she then laid upon the bed and began to rub oil over her entire body, moving down between her legs and allowing it to cascade over her clit and smooth pussy lips. She kept her eyes closed and massaged her body…the more she rubbed…the hotter her skin became. She wondered at the oil he had left for her. It was quite evident that it was some she had never used before. Ahhhhh it felt so good. She then rubbed her clit and felt the oil making her grow warmer and warmer….widening her legs she slipped her fingers inside. The oil heated the inside of her pussy making her squirm wanting…needing …more. Her fingers began to move in and out …faster….and faster….as her hips moved in unison….her moaning becoming louder.

Just as she felt the orgasm beginning to start….she remembered her instructions….and withdrew her fingers at that precise moment. Ahhhhhh she softly whimpered. He knew what she would be going through…how hard it would be for her not cum. But she managed as she lay there allowing her body to calm down. She was happy that she controlled this orgasm. She had her doubts about tonight’s instructions however.

Finally it was time to prepare for her evening…to meet him for dinner. She looked at the new items he had purchased for her with precise instructions for their use. First of all, she was to leave the oil on her body which gave her a sensuous sheen. She picked up his ‘new’ toy that was shaped like an egg and blushed. She couldn’t believe he wanted her to actually insert this into her pussy. She lifted her leg on the side of the chair and began to slide it inside and with her finger pushed it as deep as possible. It felt strange and she wondered at why he wanted her to wear this. Then she put on the black thong panties that were really so tiny she might not have had any on at all. Next came the black stockings which needed no garter belt. Hesitantly she picked up the black dress made of satin. Looking around she did not see a bra and looked at the dress again. There would be no way to hide her nipples once they were erect. The color again rose to her cheeks as she stepped into the dress. It was very form fitting with a slight flair to the skirt which also had a slit up to her thigh. Putting on the high heels she looked at her reflection and wondered how she could go out alone like she was dressed.

Then she looked at the small purse and inside there was a small tape recorder. There was another note within the purse. “My dear, once you have finished preparing for dinner, I want you to tell me how you feel…with your new toy inside your cunt. Does it feel good? How do you like knowing that you belong to me this evening…to do anything I say? Yes, you shall, and I want you to tell me here…everything…that you feel. I will see you shortly. Until you see me, no matter what you are feeling, no matter how someone looks at you, remember, you are to talk here…tell me everything.”

A little perplexed by this, she picked up the purse and left. She drove to the address he gave her and walked into the dimly lit lounge. She did not see him anywhere and wondered where he might be. A waiter came up to her as if expecting her. He did not disguise the look of admiration he allowed her to see as he led her to a table near the back, secluded yet easily seen. The waiter took extra pains to assure her needs were met while he admired her cleavage. Remembering what the instructions said, she held up the small microphone in her hand and began to speak into it.

“ahhh The waiter continues to look at my breasts…almost a lusting look that instantly made my nipples hard and tingly. I know this is wrong to allow his staring to get to me like it did. I’m embarrassed and yet….something deep within still stirred.”

She heard soft music playing as she had her glass of wine and waited. Her thoughts continued to plague her as to where he could be. All of a sudden she felt the ‘toy’ inside of her begin to vibrate, very softly and jolting her at the sudden and unexpected feeling. She almost dropped her glass of wine as she quickly looked around. She now realized what this ‘toy’ was for. Her face was flaming red as she squirmed in her seat. It was then that the waiter brought her a note…along with another glass of wine.

“My dear,” it began, “You are supposed to be recording what you are feeling.”

She looked up but did not see him. Was this a game for him? She hesitantly picked up the mic again as her voice wavered.

“I, I ummm, am surprised at this new sensation within my pussy…the vibrations feel so good…and…oh I can hardly sit still. I’m getting so wet.”

She set the mic back down and picked up her glass of wine…finishing it quickly. She looked up to see him standing beside the table as he smiled at her. He took her hand and helped her to the dance floor. He noticed how flushed she was becoming…knew that her excitement level of anticipation had risen dramatically. He held her close and they moved around the dance floor. Suddenly she jumped within his arms but still he held her close. He had increased the vibration of the egg to a higher level. She had no idea it would increase and had tried to pull free. Still he whirled her around the floor as he saw the expressions change within her eyes….saw the desire …saw her need.

She tried to speak but he put his finger on her lips and shook his head. “You are not to speak baby. But most of all…you are not…to…cum.”

Her eyes widened as she fully realized what his intent was. She could feel how wet she was becoming…making it harder and harder to stand on her legs. She saw in his eyes… by the smile on his face, that he knew exactly how hard this was for her. Her eyes pleaded with him.

He softly spoke in her ear, “You are wet aren’t you my pet? You are so close to cumming.” She shook her head as she closed her eyes tight…legs threatening to completely give way. He sensed this and led her back to their table. The egg still vibrated.

As they sat down she continued to squirm without being noticed by anyone. He offered her another glass of wine which she held with both trembling hands. He sat and smiled at her and marveling at how well she was maintaining her control. He leaned over to kiss her and looked in her eyes again…challenging her….yet enticing her further.

As he moved back across from her he waited until she looked at him and turned the vibration up to it’s last level…the very highest. The look on her face made him smile but also made his cock get harder for she was fighting to keep her control with every ounce within her. Her lips parted as she watched him too. She was determined to show him how strong she really was…but she was losing ground now…..and he knew it. As her eyes closed slightly he smiled again….and softly spoke as he lifted his drink.

“Yes baby, you can cum…but you are not to close your eyes….you are to look at me the entire time you do. I want to feel your orgasm through your eyes. Give my your orgasm baby. Do you understand?”

Her intake of breath was quick as she shook her head.

“Now…rub you clit for me….and cum baby.”

She reached under the tablecloth never taking her eyes from his. Her hand quickly moved her dress aside and began to rub her clit. Her pussy was so wet. She knew she had to be extremely quiet and yet she was so close that she was not sure if this could be done. Her eyes began to deepen and slightly narrow as she felt the waves beginning to rise. Small whimpers escaped even though she tried not to let them. Her breathing was quick…shallow…gasping as he smiled and watched the scene before him. His cock throbbing as he enjoyed every detail of her orgasm. Her eyes glowing…sensuous …very erotic as her tongue licked her lips…whimpers again as her body grew rigid. Her arm flexed as she rubbed her clit faster and faster while the vibrations within her finally took her over the edge. Her eyes suddenly widened as she cum hard and moaned and moaned. His eyes never left hers as he felt the emotions that raged through her. Gasping and with a look that told him she was not nearly finished, he moved closer to her. She leaned her head on his arm as tears filled her eyes.

“ahhhh baby…that was beautiful…what do you want now baby?” And with his unanswered question he pulled her dress up further and rubbed her leg. He kissed her softly as he began to slide his finger inside her cunt and felt her instantly cumming again…her pussy juices coating his finger. As her orgasm ended he turned off the vibration and she visibly collapsed from the intensity.

He kissed her and whispered, “You are learning quite well baby.” (c)

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