tagExhibitionist & VoyeurPrankster Ch. 02

Prankster Ch. 02

byParis Waterman©


It was two days before the onslaught of spring break and the high school and college kids descended on their little beach town.

Tony and Pruett were stacking the Girls Gone Wild t-shirts into a footlocker at the rear of the van. The scent of a powerful air-freshener hung cloyingly in the warm air of the van. The air-conditioner was broken. They had Ernie Zimbaugh's promise that it would be running by the following day. It had taken a promise of their own to get him to agree to fix it --- free, in return for permitting him to watch the first week's tapes. Ernie weighed in at four hundred twenty-two pounds, and was not considered a ladies' man by any stretch of the imagination.

"You sure Ernie's gonna fix that A/C for us?" Pruett asked for the seventh time that afternoon.

"Know anybody hornier than old Ernie?" Tony asked philosophically.

"Me," Pruett said with a shit-eating grin.

"You don't count," Tony said, "but I do get your point. I ain't had no pussy myself in three weeks. I could fuck a snake if it held still for me."

"Well, your dick's small enough to manage," Pruett chided.

"Say, Tony?" Pruett continued his tone serious for once.


"Um, wanna run through how we get the girls into the van, again? I mean, we pull up alongside some babe, then what?"

"Huh?" Tony asked in surprise. "What the hell do you mean, then what? We bin over that a dozen times or more."

"C'mon, tell me again," there was a pleading, whining tone in Pruett's voice, very much like a little boy.

"You're like a little fuckin' kid, I swear to God. Like I told you, we need a line, like when you go fishin', something to get them on the hook, and into the van."

"Wouldn't 'hey, baby, wanna fuck' work?"

"Not all that often, Pru; although I will admit it has worked for me once or twice," he slapped Pruett's arm playfully, and skipped lightly away. He paused, reflectively, and said, "I think a friendly hello is good for openers. Then maybe a nice compliment, not anything about her tits, or ass, but maybe how cute she is. Then we might ask her if she likes our sign. She'll have had time to read it by then, and her interest should be piquing."

"She mentions the sign, and we tell her about the t-shirt?"

"Yeah, I guess. But what I expect will happen is we'll figure out a really good opening line after talking to a couple of them.

"We're gonna cruise by the hotels on Ocean, right?" Pruett asked.

"Unless the law starts nosing around, then we pull back, find us another place to cruise," Tony said.

"Might be good if we could find a place and park, you know, let the babes come to us."

"Pruett, that's a great idea. Hobie'd let us, we give him a couple bucks."

"You think?"

"For sure; he's a greedy son-of-a-bitch, ain't he?"

"Sure is . . . I remember . . . ."

"Never mind. Check it out. There's a chick comin' down the block. We could try her out, you know, test our plan and all."

"Right on, Tony!" Pruett called out, totally elated. Pruett cranked the engine and the van roared to life, belching a thick black cloud of oil particles into the air around them.


Betty Ann Murchison, eighteen for all of two weeks, and a senior at the local high school, sauntered down Ocean Boulevard stopping to glance in every shop window.

She had $4.75 in her purse, a fortune to her, and she wanted to make sure she spent it on the right article. Last time she'd had any money --- about two weeks earlier --- she'd spent her money, and a couple minutes later had seen a pin that she'd absolutely fell in love with. The problem was she couldn't return the first article and get her money back. Betty Ann had been so pissed, she'd come back after dark and heaved a brick through the window of the offending store.

Muttering to herself as she remembered the events, Betty Ann didn't see or hear the van as it approached. Pruett was driving slowly, being careful not to attract the attention of the law. "Two o-clock, see her, one with the great chest?"

"Got her. Wow, good spot," he paused, drinking the girl's voluptuous figure in, and then said, "Now what?"

"Now," Tony said, "we follow the plan. Remember; don't fuck it up with one of your gag ideas. We got to be serious about this. The video will make us some serious money."

Pruett, intensely excited, nodded his head and smashed his chin into the steering wheel.

"Ow! God damn it!"

"Pru, for Christ's sake, be quiet, you'll scare her off."

"Sorry, sorry. Am I bleeding bad?"

Tony glanced over at Pruett. "Not so's I can tell, Pru. Try tasting your lip, see if there's any blood."

Tony rolled the passenger window down, leaned partly out of the van and whistled. Betty Ann turned from the window she'd been gawking into and glared at Tony.

"The fuck you want?" she growled, obviously pissed at being distracted.

"Hey, pretty momma, like the van?" he said, oblivious to her surly manner. "We're givin' away free t-shirts to all the girls that flash their titties at us. Wanna a t-shirt?"

"Fuck off, you creep," she said and began looking around for a nice sized brick to throw threw his windshield.

Undeterred, Tony held a t-shirt out the window, shook it so it unfurled and said, "Like I said, here's a genuine Girls Gone Wild t-shirt. C'mon, flash them tits for me."

"You stupid bastard," Betty Ann snarled, and since there was no brick lying about, settled for a broken broom-handle laying in the gutter at her feet. She bent to pick it up.

"Hey, now, pretty lady, you don't wanna be . . ."

But Betty Ann was beyond reasoning with, and a second later swung the broom-handle as smoothly as Mickey Mantle ever had in his long career with the New York Yankees.

A big crack appeared in the van's windshield. Pruett floored the gas pedal and the van took off before Betty Ann got to swing her broom-handle a second time.

"We got to work on our technique," Pruett said later as they worked on their second beer.

"We do," Tony agreed solemnly. "We surely do.


It was Simone, the fortune teller that set the boys straight. Pruett bought her four beers before she loosened up, and gave them her thoughts on enticing members of the opposite sex into their lair. She meant their van, but preferred using the word lair as it represented a nest, or even a kind of hideout to her.

"First off, you got to find at least two women. Three or four's okay, but two's best."

"Find two women," Tony wrote slowly on the beer coaster in a crabbed handwriting that revealed his less than formal education. He would take notes on everything Simone told them.

"You guys gotta remember the girls you want all hail from Georgia, or Florida, or some other Southern state, and there's also a very high likelihood they was born in a trailer, or lived in a trailer for some period of time. You go after some of them college girls, better make sure they're good and drunk. They ain't none of them white trash like the others, but they'll be sluttish like them though."

Simone held her empty beer bottle out to Pruett, who took it and ran to the bar for another. The fortune teller, far from a fool, waited with her mouth closed until Pruett returned and handed her the beer.

"Another thing," she said, after taking a long swig, "Don't use that 'Pretty momma' shit. No wonder she broke your damn windshield. And it might be better if the van was parked as the girls walk by." She noted that both men were all ears, and began to figure out a way to lure them to her place where for a fee, she'd give them additional advice, or tell them a bullshit fortune story.

"But what do we say, Simone? Words, we need the right words."

"You smile, nice and friendly-like. Then you hold the t-shirt out, say, 'Hey, I'll give you a t-shirt, you show me your tits."

"What will they do, Simone?" Tony asked.

Simone gave him a look that would have told him how dense she thought he was if he had a head on his shoulders. Instead she used her feminine wiles, took a deep breath and said, "What they'll do is show you their tits. Well at least one of them will. And you best be quick in giving them that there t-shirt, or they'll have the cops on you quicker than you can curse after steppin' in dog shit."

She bestowed a yellow-toothed smile upon them, and added, "They might notice the camera, and that's all right. They object, you back the tape up and show 'em. Some just can't allow you to tape them showin' their tits. Maybe married, or have a jealous father. Might even be religious reasons, although I kinda doubt it. It don't matter, they holler, let 'em go. But if they holler, be sure and show them there ain't nothing on the tape. It might be a good idea to waste some of it after you finish filming one. That way they can see there ain't nothing on that there tape. Then they won't call the law on you, or sic their boyfriend with his double-gauge shotgun. Y'all hear me?"

"Yeah," Tony replied. A thin veil of sweat had formed across his brow.

"Sure do, Simone," Pruett said, oblivious to the implied threat in Simone's words.

"Say, Simone, how much you charge me for one of them fortune tellin's?"

"For you, Pruett, twenty-five dollars."

"Twenty-five dollars!" he gasped. "That's a fortune!"

"No, Pruett, only the cost of having your fortune told," she assured him. "And Pruett?

It's worth every damn penny, believe you me."


Around one in the morning they parked the van a few doors down from The Barbary Coast, a loud, unruly bar that catered to the college crowd, and didn't pay all that much attention to the age of its patrons. They had decided to make another test run. The Barbary Coast was crowded, as the swarm of college kids had begun arriving early.

With the motor running, Pruett found himself leaning against the front fender of the van. The painted sign was vividly clear to his right. Within five minutes three half-drunk girls piled out of the bar and almost stumbled into Pruett.

"Hey girls, we're with Girls Gone Wild. Show us your tits and get a free t-shirt." To prove himself, he held up a Girls Gone Wild t-shirt for their perusal.

"I want one of them," a dirty blonde squawked. "How much?"

"It's free," Pruett croaked nervously, "just show us your titties."

"Why not?" the dirty haired blonde said amiably enough.

"Hold on, Stephanie," one of the other girls said. But she was too late. Stephanie was already hauling her t-shirt up and flashing her tits at both Pruett and the camera.

"Thank you, that was perfect," Pruett said and handed her the t-shirt.

"Can I get one?" The girl who hadn't said anything until then asked pensively.

"Sure," Pruett said, "let's see those nice titties of yours first."

Her t-shirt told them she was from Georgia State University. Pulling up to her neck told them she had a gorgeous set of knockers.

After handing her prize to her, Pruett swallowed and asked if they'd be interested in winning a pair of Girls Gone Wild panties.

The second girl was in the process of removing her Georgia State University t-shirt, and donning her Girls Gone Wild shirt.

"I don't think so," the dirty blonde answered.

"You're terrible," the third girl said with her arms crossed over her chest as if protecting her tits from popping out for their viewing.

"Um, said the girl wearing her prized Girls Gone Wild t-shirt, "it would make a nice match. What do I need to do?"

Pruett was not really prepared to answer that question, but Tony came to his rescue.

Keeping the camera going, he said, "Pretty lady, all you need to do is show us that lovely pussy of yours."

"Here in the middle of the street?" she asked, more confused than embarrassed.

"No, no. Just hop into the van and take off those jeans and panties. You can even wear the new ones home."

"Oh, I'm not going home. We're here for spring break. We're stayin' over at ...."

"Jody!" the so-called spoil-sport cried out. "Don't tell 'em where we're staying!"

"Oh . . . right. That's private information," Jody said seriously as she climbed into the back seat and began wriggling out of her jeans.

"I just love spring break, ya know? The craziest things are always happening to ya, you know?"

A moment later she was peeling of her black satin thong. "How's this?" she asked brightly, having placed her thumbs at either side of her vulva and spread her labia apart, providing Pruett and the camera wielding Tony with a gorgeous view of her pinkest part.

"Great," Tony managed, "hold it right there for a moment.

"Want me to strum it for you?" Jody asked.

"You want, go right ahead," Tony told her.

Jody was slipping a finger into her twat as her two friends stuck their heads into the van to see what was going on.

"My God, what the fuck is she . . ." The stuck-up one began.

"She's actually jillin' off for them!" the other girl said, and began laughing.

Jody, getting into it now, called out, "No fair. I've showed y'all mine. Show me yours."

Pruett sprang into action, although it took him what seemed an eternity to actually extract his tightly wound dick from his Levi's. Whatever, the sight of his buoyant cock pleased Jody no end.

"Wanna fuck?" she asked him pleasantly.

"JODY!" both her friends screamed in unison.

"WHAT?" Jody yelled back. "We came out looking to get laid. Now that I can get some, you two are trying to be party poopers."

"You don't know them, Jody. They're strangers." That would be the dirty blonde.

"Complete strangers," the alleged party-pooper crowed.

"So go home. Or to the motel, leave me be," Jody bawled out, "I'm gonna get laid, right, fellas?"

Both Tony and Pruett affirmed that was indeed what would be happening shortly.

"We'll be happy to take you right to your door after, too," Tony said gallantly.

"I'm not leaving you with them," the party pooper said sternly.

"Well, I don't give a damn," the dirty blonde said. "I'm tired and I'm going to the motel. You all wanna come with me, fine. You all rather get laid by some disease carrying stranger, go on, do it. Enjoy yourself, Jody. I'll see you all later, Arlene."

"I can't just leave her, Carol. C'mon stay with us."

"No way, Jose, I'm out of here," Carol said, and then began walking in a southerly direction.

There was a moment's silence before anyone spoke. To the guy's surprise, it was Arlene who started talking first. "Jesus, you've got a nice looking dick," she said.

"It's mine, Arlene. I asked him and he pulled it out for me," Jody said fiercely, defending her territory as it were, as she lay on her back, one finger diddling herself, while the other hand was under her new t-shirt massaging a nipple.

"Um, Arlene?"


"Wanna see my dick?" Tony offered.

"Sure, why not? Hey, you guys get t-shirts for waving those dicks around?"

"Never thought about it," Tony replied as he fished his dick out. He managed to keep the camera going throughout this entire exercise, and deserved a great deal of credit for that.

"Hey, Arlene? show me your tits; I'll give you a t-shirt. I mean, we're gonna be fucking in a minute, might as well have one too."

"Hey, thanks," she said and pulled off her shirt revealing a modest, but perky pair to the shaky camera lens.

"Nice tits," Pruett said.

"Yeah, real perky ones, ain't they?" Tony said.

"Thank you," Arlene said, enjoying the compliment, and shimmying out of her skin-tight jeans.

A soft squishing sound was now evident as Jody's fingers had her juices going.

"Gonna fuck her, or what?" Arlene asked Pruett.

Shaken from his trance-like state, Pruett slowly began to mount Jody, who extracted her fingers and spread herself wide to better accept his dick.

Tony and Arlene watched the other couple copulating for several minutes. It was Arlene who started them off, saying, "It would be nice if you kissed me first. I like kissing. Are you a good kisser?"

"You tell me," Tony said, leaning in to press his mouth to hers.

A satisfied moan escaped Arlene's throat a moment later as their tongues got well acquainted.

Jody was panting as Pruett hammered away at her.

Arlene was the one who ended the torrid kissing match, breathing heavily, and telling Tony, "I like it doggy style. That a problem?"

"Woof-woof," Tony said, and giggling they both moved in alongside Jody and Pruett. Arlene presented her rump to Tony, who wasted no time at all in finding her juicy hole and driving his member all the way into her.

"Oh, my god! That felt good," Arlene gasped.

"I'm gonna cum!" Jody yelped.

"Wait for me," cried Pruett.

"Yeah, come together, guys," Arlene called out, appointing herself the lead cheerleader.

"Cummin'" Pruett yelled.

"I'm there! I'm there! Oh, damn, it feels good!" Jody screamed.

"Don't rush, baby," Arlene cooed out to her lover.

Tony, however, was not about to hold back. He had seen too much this night to contain himself, and with a loud groan, he came.

"Oh, you bastard!" Arlene cried out, and at that moment the van door opened and two girls peeked in, one asking, "Is this really Girls Gone . . ." before she realized what was happening before her virgin eyes.

Her blood-curdling scream was heard for blocks.

Tony handed Arlene a t-shirt and then tucked himself in. Pruett gave Jody two pair of panties, paused to kiss her, and then said, "One a them's for Arlene there."

Jody could only nod in shock as the girls at the open door were still screaming.

The door to the Barbary Coast opened and several men rushed out.

Somehow, Pruett got both girls dressed -- well, that was a matter of debate later that night -- and out onto the sidewalk.

No punches were thrown until Pruett asked one of the girls if she'd stop screaming if he gave her a t-shirt.

To be continued

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