tagGroup SexPre-Birthday Treat Ch. 01

Pre-Birthday Treat Ch. 01


As we sit here, we wonder where do we begin... And she says we begin at the beginning... That's always a good start... Today you made mention that you wanted a letter... Well here is your letter, hope you enjoy and can contain your excitement. My two recommendations:

1) glass of ice water,

2) a towel

Now for the rest of the story:

On the pretense we have decided to come down to Tri-Cities for Fridays game and you are not playing, (damn the bad luck or will that be good luck?? HMMMM! One never knows) We have decided that we will meet you with specific rules that must be adhered to:

1) No blabbing this is strictly for you alone.

2) You have to cum alone

3) You must be prepared to enjoy your night

4) You must be willing to experience the unknown

We decide to stay at a hotel that has a pool and hot tub so bring your suit along (we may or may not need it) At the game, you are delivered an envelope with a note and a key, note says...

Dear Birthday boy, since your b-day is coming up soon (didn't think we would notice did ya?) we have decided to give you a birthday present in advance. So take this key, change in the room and come down to the hot tub and meet us at there one hour after the game. And desert is on us.

Hugs and kisses,


Once the game is over we stand out by our guys bus, and watch as you leave, but you can't see us watching you. We go back to the hotel and get ready. We go down to the hot tub and wait for you and watch the clock tic away as it gets closer and closer to the hour till you arrive.. To pass by the time we discuss what we both would like to do and how we want to go about it as we see you pass by; we duck under the water so you can't see us just yet. Waiting patiently until you come down, you open the door, and walk in cautiously not knowing what to expect.. You notice the blinds that cover the window between the pool room and the front desk have been pulled closed. You see there are only 2 people in the room, and they are both sitting in the hot tub, covered in bubbles. We smile at you, and we beckon you to come join us... You walk over, toss the towel to the side, and smile back at us. You step into the hot tub, and sink into the water sitting across from us. You smile and say "Hello, how are you?" We respond with "Hi, how's it going? We are good"

Slowly, I move to sit to your left, while she moves to your right. And we nuzzle up against you and lean our heads on your shoulders while our hands gently start to massage your thighs. I reach with my other hand and take both your hands and set them in your lap, telling you, "do not move your hands just yet or you will have to hold them behind your head for the rest of the time we are in the hot tub" I then look past you at her and give her the evil grin we both understand so very well. So she moves away and gently takes my hands and pulls me to the middle of the hot tub where we stand my back to her front.

Next the show begins, she tells you... "You wanted a story and now it is coming to life, here it is your live story, so sit back relax and enjoy my dear..."

I gently cup both her breasts in my hands and slowly work my way up the front of her top to the thin straps that hold up the top of her bathing suit. Moving my hands up underneath the back of her hair I pull the ties out and slowly let them fall away leaving her sweet breast exposed to your deep colored eyes I toss the bathing suit top in your face and you smile wickedly and pull it from your face. Looking past her shoulder and smile at you then wink teasingly, while my hands retake their place caressing her nipple harden breasts. We can see you take in a quick breath of air as you see the reaction on her face to my touch.

"Nice aren't they" I comment to you, but all you can do at the moment is nod and smile. I continue to play with her breast moving my hands in massaging circles leaving her to sigh softly at my loving and gentle touch. We look at you and see that you're starting to fidget and get a bit antsy, but we don't stop what we are doing, next she says "It's my turn to undress you." And she slips from my warm wet grasp and then ducks under the water and slides between my legs to comes up with the black bottoms of my suit in her hands then just as I did she tosses them into your face. You sit there for a few moments totally shocked at what's going on in front of you. Now that I have taken over the moment, I look past her and smile at you. Wondering what you are thinking, and what you will think for the next few moment as my hands wrap around her waist... They slowly move down her stomach and under the bubbles and caress the unknown in front of you. She moans softly and leans her head back against my chest. Continuing to caress her I whisper in her ear that maybe we should include you in our enjoyment... and her only response is an audible groan.. Moving a bit closer to you, she raises one leg out of the water, resting it on your shoulder, I then remind you, "your hands are to stay in your lap" She gently extends her foot, and rubs the side of your neck caressing it teasingly saying "Wouldn't you just love to run your hand up the inside of my thigh and join hers?"

"Her hand feels so nice playing with the inside of my thighs..." I softly whisper. I push my hips into her hand some which moves my foot by the side of your face giving you an indication of what I am doing under the water against her probing hand. MY head leans against her shoulder and I close my eyes, sighing softly as she plays her lil game with my body.. As my head tilts back it extends my body into a sensual arch lifting my chest out of the water more leaving my ample breasts exposed totally out of the water. I can hear the water move around you as you shift in your seat, I drop my foot and lay it in your lap and say "And where do you think your going.. no one said you could move from under me." I tease. Pressing the flat of my foot to your groin I can tell you have gotten very excited at your story come to life. You clear your throat and say that you are just a lil hot and need to cool off by taking a quick dip into the cool water of the pool. So in that I lift my foot from your lap and tell you, "Sure go on, go for a dip in the pool"

Swiftly you get up, but as you do she and I grab at the leg holes of your shorts and yank saying" But dear THESE stay here with us." Then I look at her and we both giggle.

You momentarily pause as you feel our hands slide up the inside of your shorts and tug them down away from your body. As you start up the steps of the tub, you step out of them and walk over to the pool as if you fully expected us to do such a thing... Not wanting us to know you were actually shocked at our actions you quickly dive into to the pool and swim to the other side... When you turn to come back to our end you notice both of us laying atop the water with our hands folded on the side with our chins resting on our hands. You see that we are quite pleased with our vision of the athlete and his form that is swimming toward us. When you reach our end of the pool you stop, and rest your hands on the side looking back and smile... "Nice, what's next?" She looks at me, and I say, "Is it time for desert yet?" She says "no not yet" I then tell her its her turn to continue your live show...

Nodding to her I arise from the hot bubbling water of the hot tub and saunter to the pool and walk to the edge and smile at you and dive perfectly over your head leaving you to follow the long silhouette of my form as it enters the water just not far behind you. When I come up I am now right in front of you looking deeply into your eyes, seeing as you turned around to watch me. I slide up against your cooled down body with my semi hot own leaving my hard nipple grazing against your smooth chest, I press my lips close to your own and breathlessly whisper "Seeing as it is your birthday I guess the birthday boy should get his kisses, don't you think?" Slipping my long fingers into your soaked hair I pull your face closer to mine and give you a heart pounding kiss, leaving my sensual tongue to slip past your lips to tease your tongue. Like a snake in some heated dance of lust I swirl my tongue around yours teasing it out to play with mine. I can hear your groan as we kiss, that only makes me press my naked body harder into yours. I can feel your hands grab at my hips and pull me closer to you. I push my hips to your groin and wiggle in your grasp, but as we kiss I can see her now leaving the hot tub to come and join us......

Your back is to me and I raise my finger to quiet her so you have no clue I am coming up behind you. I slowly step into the pool and walk up behind you and kiss the back of your neck. As she continues to kiss you, I slowly slide my lips down your spin giving you gentle kisses as I move further south. My hands gently massage your shoulder muscles as I tease your hot wet skin with my tongue. (amazing how your body can be so hot in a cool pool) I swirl my tongue in circles from side to side along your muscle definitions all along your back. My hands roam around you and slide between hers and your chest as I stand up again and rest my chin on your shoulder.. "I think its time, I think he must have a sweet tooth by now" Your response assures us that you wish to have your dessert and with that I smile and jump on the side of the pool and call you over... I then pat the side of the pool next to me, and call her over as well. She walks toward us, reaching down in the water and grabs your hand and turns to lead you over to the steps. I stand and walk to the table where you threw your towel, walk over to you and wrap it around your waist. I then reach for her towel and hand it to her as she strategically covers her body. I then do the same...

We then walk out of the pool room, and to the elevator, push the button and up to the room we go... Dessert is waiting...

To be continued...

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